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Small dog – a home offered

My friends in Marbella are thinking about having a small dog

I told them about the work to rehome many dogs
So I am asking if any one knows of a small dog that needs a

new home
Please reply to Digame as others might see it and may be more

than one will get a new home
Yours Ian
1958ian at gmaildot com



Available now. The beautiful D’Artagnon. 

cat01 cat02 cat03

Introducing D’Artagnon, looking for a loving home and human companionship..

He is handsome, friendly, affectionate, playful, healthy, Spayed, de-flead and de-wormed.

He desperately needs a loving home.

We already have 4 cats and cannot take any more, but if we could we would definitely keep him.

He chirps or rather pirrrrrrppps in a most adorable way.

Please give this gorgeous boy a loving home.

Contact Marilyn 643377325 Mobile or email monkeymagicbunnyfox @ gmail.com

We can bring him to you.



FedEx – Advice Needed

​I need to send some documentation to the USA by Fed Ex but don’t know how to do it nor where Fed Ex has an office . Have any digamites sent anything Fed Ex and if so, how did they do it. I am in Torre del Mar /Nerja area.

Answers please to Digame



Amendment to previous Item  re Movistar

Jan has – quite rightly – asked me to amend her entry yesterday.

I created a heading of “ Movistar Negative Opinion-“

Had I had time to read her entry properly (struggled with 40 entries yesterday !)

I would have realised that it was in no way a Negative Opinion.

My apologies to her (and Movistar)




Tax on House Purchases


We purchased a house in 2013 and also had to pay extra tax.

However, our lawyer had advised us that this was very likely to happen

early in the buying process.

He told us that house values hadn’t been revised since the property slump.

Sorry that my reply doesn’t help you save some money.  Linda


We are facing the same situation; our realtor and our lawyer are helping us thru the process of contesting the charges.  It is quite involved as you need to have pictures of the original conditions of the property and an inspector (perrito) sent by your realtor has to come and take measurements, write a report, etc..,

Should you need more information, you can reach me at                                 norma2kk  @  aol.com

(3)                                                                                                                                      Yes this happened to us based on our purchase 3 years ago. We bought the house at what we considered to be a fair market price, but the tax authorities took it upon themselves to get the house re-valued, and yes, their valuation was about 50% higher than what we paid and they sent us a huge bill for ‘unpaid’ tax.

It’s a dubious practice and according to our solicitor, is of borderline legality. We had the choice of paying the extra tax, or to challenge their valuation. This would mean paying for our own valuation, which together with legal fees to prepare the challenge, came to around 1000 euros. A lot less than the tax we’d have to find. The solicitor thought our chances were good, so we gambled and spent the money.

Then last summer (about 18 months later), the challenge was heard by a tribunal, and they found in our favour.

But the story doesn’t end there… the tax authority in Torrox, even with the results of the tribunal in their hands, decided to ask for a further valuation (note that at no time has anyone asked to be shown around the property), and we’ve just had a bill for 833 euros! It’s not worth us challenging this one so we’ve paid it.

So yes, they’ve finally ground us down!

To return to your question, I guess the decision whether to challenge the assessment depends on the numbers, but even with the recent bill, I think our decision to challenge was the right one.




Services Needed – El Lucero weather reporter wanted.
I am an avid hiker living in Frigiliana. On my last 2 attempts to hike up El Lucero  I was stopped by huge banks of clouds completely covering the upper third of the mountain.

Unfortunately this is not discernible from Frigiliana as, on both days, it was clear and sunny here. So what I am looking for is a person who has a clear view of the mountain from their house and who wouldn’t mind a phone call at 8am.

Such a service would be greatly appreciated and furthermore save me the time and gas to drive all that way only to abandon.
Reply to andrew – clarke @ shaw . ca 



Services Needed – Man with a Van needed for  moves


Moving from Alicante to torrox costa on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (March 4th, 5th or 6th of March).

We have some 25 boxes, bike, grill and few other things to bring down.

Van would do the job.

Dos anyone know somebody who would drive up to Alicante – we would pack together with the driver – follow the van down to Torrox Costa and unpack the van?

Or any good ideas for economical shipping / Moving ?

Please let me know if you have some good ideas: email: heikki ( at ) keyfetch  dot com


Hello digamites, can anyone recommend a man with a van that makes regular trips from UK to Torrox

We are based in Bridport, Dorset but are retiring to Torrox in June

We have half a van load

Mostly box’s about 12 and only a couple of items of furniture, am not

prepared to pay stupid prices but will consider any reasonable quotes.

Many thanks in advance,

My contact email address is mcallister165   @   btinternet.com.



Rentals- Lock-up Storage Space or Garage

I am looking for a lock up storage space or garage. I live in Torre Del
Mar, so anywhere in the surrounding area would be good.
Louise 693479200 or parrmoore at fastmail dot co dot uk .



Rental Needed – Long Term

I am a female age 61yrs I am looking to retire to Nerja….

I would like to find a long term rental… or maybe

a part share with someone if anyone is interested .

I was a hairdresser for 30 years ,and at the moment a

qualified support worker for the disabled

I can give references and deposits .

Please contact me       mimiscuts@hotmail.com


Response to – LPG in Spain 2 Warning

I wouldn’t have a fitted flu-less gas heater anywhere, ever.

You may as well have a portable unit

(about €100 new, with no installation costs and no annual testing) if you must. Beware second-hand heaters!

The red bottle is Butane and the red with black stripe bottle is Propane.

The heater may need to use the correct one for proper combustion.

There must be adequate ventilation to stop the killer CO (carbon monoxide) build up in the room and also to clear the water vapour that is released from the burning gas.


Cheers, Keith


Responses – Water Leakage


Has the person who states the water pump keeps cutting in

checked all the toilet systems that there is no water leaking in to

the toilet bowl.  Ann Competa


I had the same problem a couple of years ago. Spent a lot of time trying to locate the leak and had several experts out trying to resolve the issue. It turned out to be very simple. One of our toilet cisterns in the bathroom had a tiny bit of cal on the sealing joint that had worn the plastic sealer with the result that the plunger was not closing completely. We changed the unit for a few euros and problem solved. Richard


We had an under floor leak last summer, we first believed it may be the top of the pump as it had been leaking.  My husband changed that but it made no difference.  Next, we called in our plumber, who advised us he could hear the water running somewhere in our guest bathroom but couldn’t pinpoint it.  He asked if we had house insurance and if so to contact them.  The Insurance Co. sent a plumber who said the same and after firstly checking the shower control unit said he needed a specialist. The insurance co. followed up very quickly with the specialist who pinpointed it with all sorts of equipment and it was eventually fixed, new parts replaced and everything put back the way it should have been.

Don’t fiddle about, call your plumber first and if needed get your insurance company in pronto.

Good luck. Mave


Without seeing the setup it’s difficult to say. It works by having the pump run to build up a small pressure and the pump cuts out with a pressure switch.

When a tap (faucet) is opened the pressure drops and the pump runs.

There will be one or two non return valves fitted on or near the pump (suction and/or discharge) that could be weeping back and allowing the pressure to drop, so not necessarily a leak under the tiles?

A plumber will disconnect the pump and pressure test the lines into the house. You can do this yourself with a bit of fiddling with an old bike inner-tube and a bike pump if you’re handy?

Pump suction and/or discharge valves can sometimes be taken apart and cleaned, usually a bit of grit on the seat. If it happens regularly there are suction filter/separators available (well in the UK there are?),

Cheers, Keith


We have had this problem of the Water pump coming on with no apparent reason.

Following investigation, we found that the toilet water cistern was leaking into the toilet pan.

To check if this happening, put 2 pieces of toilet paper under the rim at the back of the pan,side by side.

If these become wet, they will adhere to the back of the pan, which proves there is a leak.

The cause may be a build up of cal on the seals, which can be remedied by putting a cal solvent

into the system, or replace the seal on the bottom of the plunger.

We hope this will be helpful in solving your problem.  S.D.

Thank you . No More Responses on this Subject Please. Jane Ed.


Recommendation – Christina Ford – Happy Home Rentals

635 864 866
Email   :     happyhomerentals78 at gmail dot com
I have been looking for a new long term rental and tried several agents –

all they offer is a place they earn commission from .
Tina listens to what you are looking for, and goes out and finds it.
I wanted a home , not somewhere to live – Tina spent the time and made the effort to find it for me
Thank you Tina
Andyrg66 at hotmail dot com




Recommendation – Nerja Players

Sheridan “School for Scandal”

I would like to express my full appreciation via “Digame Express” of the excellent direction and performance by the Nerja Players for their last presentation.

A cast of ten? some playing dual roles, in full and period costumes managing a complicated story and supported by lighting, music and sound effects.                         A tremendous effort well attended and with such short notice.
More information from, c/o sjc2714   @  gmail.com


Recommendation – Cleaner

I would highly recommend Vareena for your cleaning and house-sitting needs She is reliable, cheap and pays attention to detail

Her number is 722 195 910




What’s on – New Exhibition at Kitty Harri’s Sculpture Garden

An exhibition of paintings by Wenche Backe, a well-known Norwegian artist opens at the Garden today (Sunday 28th).

The Garden is a short drive from Almuñecar or the Autovia.

Please see website for directions.




What’s On – III Festival of Sacred Music & Early Music 

Fest Music

This will take place on March 12 and 19 at the Casa del Apero in Frigiliana.     For those of you who have been with us in previous seasons, you are already aware of the unique nature of these concerts, both in terms of the musical and intimate quality. Space is limited to 60.

The Festival’s philosophy is to bring us closer to the different ways in which we connect to a sense of the religious, within the context of antique and baroque music.

SATURDAY MARCH 12, 8:30 PM   GRUPO VOCAL SINERGIA                       This respected Málaga ensemble will bring us an “a capella” program with musical pieces spanning the 15th Century until now,  by Ph. Verdelot (1485 – 1552); M Flecha “El Viejo” (1481 – 1553); J. de Mantua (1483 -1559); J. S. Bach (1685 – 1750); J. F. de Iribarren (1699 – 1767); A. Bruckner (1824 – 1896), among others.


This Granada-based group explores music originating in various Mediterranean countries in order to better understand the musical heritage of Spain. They will interpret romances and songs of the Sephardic Spanish tradition, from the Greek and Turkish culture, and from the Magreb and Mashreq periods from the 10th to 15thCentury.

What’s On –Excursion to Ronda

The Phoenix Club are  off on a jolly visiting the Historical City of Ronda on Sunday 22nd May.  This weekend is the Ronda fiesta and the streets will be teeming with plenty to see and do including a medieval market, equestrian show, dancers and jugglers.  This trip proves very popular so please book early.
Ronda in Andalucia, Spain is a popular city amongst travellers due to its romantic location in the mountains. The history of Ronda has seen many rulers settle and build upon the town, which is perched on top of a mighty cliff. Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Catholic monarchs all left their mark. Wars and subsequent rebellions such as the Napoleonic invasion and the Spanish civil war inspired many stories, including Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.
The romantic character of both the location and history of Ronda has accumulated in a yearly event known as Ronda Romantíca. Although it wasn’t set up until recently, every year more people flood to the city to witness this enchanting dive into the past. As locals dress up as their favourite character from history, the streets come alive with markets, parades, music, dances and stories from the romantic times of Ronda – the late 18th and the 19th century. It is simply a must-see experience.
Another important part of Ronda Romantíca is the historical fair, where the importance of livestock for the area throughout the ages becomes obvious. Cattle and horses were a great source of wealth, and the stately traditional fairs where these could be traded exempted from tax were a tell-tale sign of city’s importance. It’s no wonder then that one of Spain’s oldest bull rings is found in Ronda.
So do you love history, romantic views and enthusiastic Spanish fiestas? Then you can’t miss out on Ronda Romantíca 2016! Whether you participate in the parade in your own costume or enjoy the traditional fair, dances and stories as a spectator – this is one experience you won’t forget.
Date:  Sunday 22 May 2016
Price?  €17pp and includes drivers gratuity.
Depart Algarrobo Lidl at 9am and returning from Ronda at 6pm.
For more information or to book call Gail on 951067723, email phoenixsocialclub@yahoo.co.ukor catch us on the web at www.phoenixsocialclub.co.uk.
What’s on Lux Mundi, Fuengirola coming events and excursion.

Thursday 3rd March – Bric – a – Brac Sale.  Please come and join friends at the Centre, have a fun morning a chance to buy bargains which include second hand items in good condition, toys, clothes, handbags, linen, lamps, decorative items, curtains, and much more. There will also be refreshments on sale.  Time 10.30 to 12.30h.

Sunday 6th March – “World Women’s Day of Prayer”.  All are welcome men, women and children to join us and friends from over 170 countries in a common day of prayer.   This year the service focuses on what Jesus said: ´Receive the children, receive me´ which has been prepared by women of Cuba. Place St. Andrews Anglican Chapel, Los Boliches. Time 16.30h.

Thursday 10th March – Quiz Night.  Please come and enjoy our Quiz Night at the Centre.  Team up with friends and pit your wits in this fun quiz.  A light hearted evening which includes nibbles and one drink.  Bar available and there will be a prize for the winning team!  Ticket price 3 Euros available at the Centre.  Proceeds to fund raising.  Time 18.00h for 18.30h.

Tuesday 15th through Friday 18th March – Excursion to Madrid. 


What’s on- Lux Mundi, Torre del  Mar Coming events and excursion

Friday 4th March – “World Women’s Day of Prayer”.  At the Centre, all are welcome men, women and children to join us and friends from over 170 countries in a common day of prayer.   This year the service focuses on what Jesus said: ´Receive the children, receive me´ which has been prepared by women of Cuba.  Time 17.00h.

Tuesday 8th March – Photography Club.  From “Good Shot” to “Great Shot”, why not come and learn the art of photography with Rob Bell Photography. A fun and informal class to help you to get more from your camera/photos. Open to all, from beginners to the more experienced photographer, regardless of the type of camera you use. There will be something for everyone!! Don´t forget to bring your camera. Time at the Centre 16:00h. Ticket price 4€ per lesson available at the Centre. Proceeds for Fund raising.

Friday 11th March – Easter Bazaar.  Please come and join friends and have a morning of fun, on sale will be small gifts, preserves, cakes & International homemade food, boutique, second hand goods in good condition, books, local arts and crafts and much more.  You can relax in the garden with your cake and a drink.  All funds for fund raising. Time 11.00 to 13.00h.

Tuesday 15th through Saturday 19th March – Coach Excursion to Madrid, Aranjuez and Toledo


For Sale –Popacunia Open Monday

Pocapecunia, the charity shop in aid of The Love A Child Foundation, will be open next Monday, in spite of the fact that it’s a holiday.

Calle Bella Vista 6 in Nerja, open Mon-Sat. 10am – 1.30pm


For SaleMountain bike

Mnt bike

Immaculate condition, 3 months old, only used twice.
Cost 150 Euro, receipt available, selling for 90 Euro.
Torrox Costa, Laguna Beach Pueblo Coral
Contact Mark
mobile 676541676.


 Wanted: Roof bars, ladder and drill 

We are setting up a new business and require the following items but before we bought new we thought we would see if any one locally had good quality second hand items. We need :

Roof bars for a 2006 Honda CRV

Drill – rechargeable SDS type with hopefully spare battery

Ladders – good quality very long extendable.

Please contact karenandsean15 @  gmail.con or phone 656 93 52 50


For Sale – 2 x Palmeras Rubelini –                                                                 palm01 pal02Height approx 1.2 meters from base of pot to top of palms. Red palm beetle free and very healthy.                                                                                       

35 for the pair or 20 euros each.

Purchased from Viveros Amberes last year and have grown quite a bit.

Buyer to collect, can meet prospective purchaser/s at El Pino, Torrox Park     Call Peggy 655 855 673


Wanted – Gardening Book

We are looking for the book  :- Garden Plants for the Mediterranean  by  Graham Payne..

It is to assist the folks planning the grounds of our urbanisation.

Please contact Brian 639 826 335.    Thank you



For Sale – Professional desk

120cms X 80cms and 75cms tall,

together with a 3 Draw cabinet.

50 Euros or near offer.

Please contact regnerja  @  gmail.com.



For Sale –Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop    

Dell Laptopp

€ 150.00

Intel Pentium M processor

1.86 GHz

Ram: 2GB

Hard Drive: 80 GB

Fresh install windows 7 Home Premium

Microsoft Office 2013 professional, plus

Genuine Dell charger

Good battery

cybermonkeyspain @ gmail.com



For Sale- Mountain Bike 
Mnt Bike No. 2

I have a mountain bike for sale.

Its only used one summer so the bike is as new.

21 guirs and all shimano parts.

Price 150,– Euro

If interested call Bob 722658640

Torrox Park.



For Sale – Miscellaneous  in Velez

misc01 Misc03 Misc04 Misc05

Arm Chair/single bed:  Brown faux leather and velvety brown fabric; excellent condition:  When closed it measures 118cm wide X 105cm long: 30€

Double Bed:  Excellent condition, very clean; measures 150cm wide X 192cm long; 30€

Large Refrigerator/freezer:  Battleship grey; measures 60X60X183: 30€

Washing Machine Corbero Brand:  Barely used; garantee still good; 150

More pics available and all can be viewed before purchase by contacting norma2kk  @  aol.com.



For Sale– Set of Skis


Blizzard 163/1100g skis for downhill and ski touring with special bindings that can be locked in place for downhill skiing or released for level or uphill walking (skins needed).

Also included are Kastinger boots (size 46), made in Austria and specially made for ski touring and downhill skiing.

All items have only been used about twice and are in excellent condition.

Price: 75€ for the set. Tel: Stuart Harron on 620438239 to arrange viewing.



For sale Radiators & Workmate

2 thermostatically controlled radiators from Nortline in excellent condition.
Ideal for these chilly days as they are very economical to use having a choice of using just 600 watts, 900 watts or both .
Now reduced to 30 Euros for the two



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