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Missing Kitten

This is a long shot, but you never know?

Has anyone seen or even picked up a cute little black and white kitten in the Vinuela/Puente Don Manuel area. It has now been missing for two weeks. Its two siblings came back after one week and are doing fine….

It has a distinctive off centre black patch on the nose, a bit wonky. By the way, anyone that has picked it up is welcome to keep it, we’d just like to know.

Cheers, Keith, wotsapnin at gmail dot com


DoctorLaptop’s August Special and Good News for Windows Users

-New Microsoft tools do a better job of patching corrupt Windows System files. If a system integrity scan (sfc /scannow) result showed “corrupt system files found that could not be repaired”, they are probably fixable now. The new tool can actually call home to request the patches needed! This can prevent the dreaded words, “your system needs to be reinstalled”.

-Users who install Windows Updates including “optional” updates have better protection against ramsomware. Many people quit doing optional updates to avoid the now discontinued, forced Win10 Free Upgrade. Today optional updates contain the latest anti-ransomware fixes.

DoctorLaptop’s Famous Clean and TuneUp Special Returns

Get your annual computer maintenance servicing done this month for only €40.

If you rely on your computer and want it running at peak performance, an annual professional servicing is necessary. You wouldn’t drive your car till it runs out of oil before servicing it, would you?

blown motor

I do the most comprehensive cleaning and tune-up possible: verify Windows System files replacing any found to be corrupt, test all hardware and do hard disk sector repairs if needed, use 5 tool malware/adware/spyware removal protocol, update Windows+all drivers+programs, install BitDefender free ransomware protection (won’t interfere with your anti-virus), and finally optimize your settings for fastest overall performance.

Computer repairs and lessons in Nerja.
Phone 675 993 069 (no calls before 11am, late calls welcome)
email: doctorlaptop @ protonmail.com


Passport Control Malaga
Much is being made in British press of passport control queues in Spain for both arrival and departure since the security changes this week
Do any readers have any recent personal experiences to relate so that we might prepare our guests ?
bj.fox at ntlworld dot com


Person Wanted –
Does anybody know a person by the name of…. Peter Frederick Pointer from Torrox Park. I have some important letters for him that have been delivered to the wrong address.

Anybody with any info please ring me on 680 407 833.

Thank you in advance.  Andrew M


Services Needed- Motorhome service and accessories

Can anyone give advice on where to take a Autocaravana for an interior service and best place to buy accessories such as electric hook up, foldable table, leveling ramps, small fire extinguisher, step.



Help Wanted- Internet technician required please

For years we were restricted to 2.5Mbs for internet access, we had a lot of problems with the network slowing down, especially at peak times.  Then fibre optic, nominally, 300Mbs came to our town and we converted.  Mainly a great improvement, I have measured as much as 250Mbs wired direct to the router with a new cat 6 cable, but nothing like that on WiFi.  And of course all our equipment is not that new, while we have bought  new cat 6 cables we  have Kodi boxes, we also have older laptops, we have a homeplug extension, we have  a repeater, so elsewhere the speed is far lower.  We also run a VPN which may interfere.

Somehow, sometimes, this combination results in an unreliable service.  I have been running a network up time monitor and I can’t really come to a conclusion from the logs though I have some theories.

I am reluctant to send for the service supplier as they will simply walk away and charge if they can claim it is ‘not their fault’.

I am far from ignorant in such matters but this is getting beyond me!

So, can anyone recommend a network technician who would help us get a stable solution?  Or are you such a technician?

If you can help please email margaretpaloma at yahoo dot co dot uk

Margaret, located in Benajarafe


Services Available- Steven Rowles Animal Healing and Behavioural Correction.

The Trouble with Chester 

Chester recently came to Animal Healing as a Border, staying with us for two weeks of rehabilitation. Chester is a Mastine cross and extremely large. The original contact was because of his aggression towards other dogs and when Chester launches himself he is extremely hard to restrain. When seen and evaluated at his house Chester wore a muzzle as he was a danger to the other dogs he lived with, but danger is not what Steven saw.

“When I first took Chester for a short walk and to observe him, I did not see an aggressive dog, I saw one living in fear. He had an over exagerated wide mouthed pant and dialated pupils, and it was not because of the heat. He was delivered to me two weeks later. He was taken for a short walk to get rid of any stored up energy and then taken back to the Healing Centre. His reaction to our other dogs was not aggression, but fear. I let him roam around the property to familiarise himself and as soon as he was able, he found somewhere to hide. This was a huge dog that could make mince meat of any other dog and yet, all he wanted to do was hide.”

Steven Rowles Animal Healing got to work straight away. Chester was taken to run the gauntlet, to highlight all of his issues and fears. His backstory was that he had a miserable life on the the streets of Santander, from where he was rescued. A dog this size would be obvious to anyone and an obvious target for abuse. That soon showed itself when Chester showed how petrified he was of bicycles, scooters and general traffic. Walking him was not an easy process, as he was in panic the whole time. The trouble with Chester is he was suffering with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yes animals can have this to. Unlike us they cannot relate how they feel, it is up to us to observe and discover. Chesters panic even showed itself back at the centre and he had to be taught to take time out and calm down quite quickly.

Over the course of his stay he learnt to cope with his fears and how better to deal with them. He is now able to deal with bicycles and scooters in a less reactionary way. He has learnt to play, have fun and most of all relax. He is now free and able to be a dog and is learning to deal with other dogs without fear turning to aggression.

If you are having any issues from small to large with your animals please make contact, do not let them or yourself, live unhappy lives a minute more. We are based in Caleta De Velez, If you live a distance away then there is always the Rehabilitation Boarding option.

Mobile   665-235-689

L-Line    951-209-241

Email     stevenrowle@outlook.com


What’s on-Potter’s Bar, Nerja 

Not to be missed! Dana & Gianni in “Jazz, soul, blues…”

From 7pm, Sunday 6th August. free entry

(Address and telephone for bookings in the poster).


What’s On – Cinesur –  Velez Malaga el Ingenio

Atomic Blonde – Dir. David Leitch. With Charlize Theron, James McAvoy. Sat/Sun 12:30; Tue 18:15, 20:45, 23:15.

Transformers: The Last Knight – Dir. Michael Bay. With Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins. Mon/Tue/Thu 18:15, 21:15.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Dir. Jon Watts. With Tom Holland, Michael Keaton. Mon/Tue/Thu 20:30, 23:00.

Dunkirk – Dir. Christopher Nolan. With Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy. Tuesday 17:30.

Inside – Dir. Miguel Angel Vivas. With Rachel Nichols, Laura Harring. Tuesday 19:15.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – Dir. Guy Ritchie. With Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer. Thursday 21:00.

Thanks to Doug


What’s On Open-Air Flamenco Concerts in Velez-Malaga 


Velez-Malaga is holding free Flamenco Fusion concerts throughout August in the open-air.

If you want to experience real flamenco, in a beautiful setting with house-hold Flamenco artists at the heart of the performance then come along on Friday 4th, Friday 11th and Friday 18th August 2017.

Doors open at 9pm and the performance starts at 10.30pm.

Places are limited to 300 and there’s a bar onsite.

These events are going to be held next to the Ermita de los Remedios

on the Cerro de San Cristobal in the historic centre.

For more information –



What’s On –Market Day at Organic Market Viñuela

Saturday 5th of August: First Market this Month

This week homage to the tomatoes !!!

For salads, sauces, gazpacho, salmorejo and everything you can imagine !! Or, it would’nt be a paella without a good sofrito with tomato?

August, holiday month par excellence. Heat month, to take all kinds of fresh foods. In our Ecological Market you will find everything you need of season and proximity.

Cheeses and wine, rice, flour, pasta and organic jams, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, spices, salt and sugar, tea and coffee, La Viñuela bread, eggs, artisan beers, not forgetting the products of the fields Of the Axarquía.

Also for the first time visit us our friends of Humus Malaga, with their worm humus, for your plants.

In the area of ​​crafts we have news, visit us new craftswomen, Marta and Ruth, with their macramé and crochet, also  jewelry in paper. Leather handbags, bracelets and necklaces of ethnic styles, the fantastic products of oil of Argan and Magnesium , Linen and Indian clothing by Baba.

In the BAR’S BAR you can have a basic breakfast for 3 € or the already famous bacon “mollete” !! And when the hour approaches a good vermouth of Moclinejo.

You will find us from 10am to 2pm in our new location: Conviven Espacio Eco cultural. In Villas del Lago, 65, in La Viñuela. In front of the swamp. Follow directions to Hotel La Viñuela, from the A356 to Vélez or Casabermeja, or from La Viñuela or to the A-402 from Alhama or Periana. There is no lost !!! In our Facebook pages you will find the coordinates!

If you need help write to mercadoecovivero@gmail.com or call us at 634 961 711 it will be my pleasure.

Saturday, Market Day !! Viva el Tomate in all its versions !!


What’s on- Aire Flamenco

Tonight, Aire Flamenco will perform at Teteria Hierbabuena in Cómpeta.

It will be a special show because, a flamenco dancer,

Eugenia Jimenez will accompany dancing typical Spanish music.

Come along and join us. Booking your table is highly recommended.

Teteria Hierbabuena is next to the main parking in Cómpeta.


What’s On- Hatha Yoga – Relax Body & Mind

Gentle Hatha Yoga with Helen, suitable for all levels of experience, complete beginners very welcome. Taught in English.

Throughout August classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday10.00am – 11.15am

8 Euros per class, or 4 classes for 25 Euros

at Centro Shiva Torrox, Avda. Europa 82, Local Bajo,

To book contact Helen by whatsapp: (0044) 7967433242



***For Sale – Nothing  Below €10 Rule. & No Repeat for 4 weeks

Please remember.  Jane


For Sale- Set of three hand painted vases

( Dutch, 1934 ) perfect condition.

Euro  60,-       603824017


For Sale –Unused Linguaphone Spanish Course Box Set

including 8 Course CD’s & 1 Guide CD plus 4 Course Books.

Perfect condition.

For Sale €40.00 – no offers thank you.

Nerja based.

Please e-mail  – kevinswaine2004 @ yahoo.co.uk


For Sale- Parts for Campervan

Set of internal silver screens to fit Fiat Ducato pre 2006

€15 .

Tel 952030461 Competa area


For Sale- Mazda RX-8 Sports Car

€6,995 ono

Beautiful iconic car, a future classic, defined by unique high-revving 1.3-litre rotary engine which produces 228 bhp.

Pillarless four-door design, 6 speed manual gearbox.

13 years old, very low mileage, only 93,774 kilometres.

Immaculate condition, always been garaged.

Full leather interior, previous owners non-smokers, no children or pets.

New ITV (July 2018). Electric windows, full air conditioning,

Bose sound system inc CD and DVD players. SAT NAV, heated seats.

Must be seen to appreciate, location Torrox Costa

Telephone Keith 603670040


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