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Thanks – Answers About Amazon Fire TV sticks

Thanks to Digamextra and to the many people who offered advice on TV sticks and also their very mixed experience of local broadband suppliers – it has given us plenty to think about. James M



Personal Car Hire Excess Insurance


From my experience of using my own car hire excess insurance policy, this does not stop the hire company taking a deposit (or putting a ‘stop’) on your credit card for the amount of the excess against any damage.

The hire car company will still charge the excess to you if there is damage, it is then up to you to claim that back from your own insurance policy.

I show them the policy merely to stop them trying to sell me their own excess cover which is far more expensive – they do not ‘accept it’ as such. You simply refuse any of their optional extras, but they will continue to make you aware that you have to pay any excess yourself to them.

The personal excess policy is between you and the insurance company, not the car hire provider and the insurance company.

Barbara W

(2) Re Changes to Car Hire

In my experience, with the exception of business hire, car hire companies have never accepted insurance other than their own.

The policies that cover excess or injury have nothing to do with the hire company.

What you do is refuse their offers of additional charges for collision damage waver etc. Then if you have a claim pay the excess to the hire company and claim back through your chosen company. As I say, as far as I remember it has always been done this way so is not a new development.



(3) Final Word on the Subject –

There seems to be conflicting advice and information about hire car insurance, particularly from Airport Car Hire Companies. Your reader MM has today asked if there are any Airport Car Hirers who ” recognise” personal excess car insurance.

The simple answer is that none do and never have.

Many years of hiring cars at many different airports in Europe has taught me the following:
The quoted car hire charges always include fully comprehensive legal EU insurance so if you prang the car you are legally covered against a claim from a third party AND the hire car. The hire companies are always careful to avoid telling you this!
However, there will always be an Excess to pay on any claim and this is usually €1000 upwards so the Hire Companies then try to sell you their ” Excess insurance” which is designed to absolve you from having to pay this excess charge in the event of a claim. They will tell you that even if there is a minor claim eg for a broken door lock, the Excess charge is payable.
This “Excess insurance” is usually at least €10 per day which often virtually doubles the hire cost and is where the hire companies make their profit. They incentivise their staff to sell the insurance so they nag you with scaremongering facts to frighten you into taking out the insurance. Bear in mind that a €10 per day insurance policy equates to an annual policy cost of €3650 so you can see how much profit they make on each ” sale”.
Any customer/ car hirer can take out their own personal Car Hire Excess insurance. I use


the cost is a fraction of the Car Hire Company insurance.

Whether or not you have a policy in place you can ” decline” the Car Hire Company’s insurance. If you ask if they ” recognise” or ” accept” your personal excess insurance they will say no. However, what they WILL do is ask you for a much increased deposit ( usually the full excess amount) on your credit card if you decline the insurance.

In the event that there is damage to the car or any other claim, they will not refund your Credit Card Deposit and it is then up to YOU to make a claim for this from your personal Excess Insurance Company. The Hire Company are not interested whether you do this or not!

Some Car Hire Companies have a reputation for targeting this type of customer by identifying you when you return the car and making up fictitious damage eg ” You’ve broken the door lock” or ” You’ve scratched the car” and then refusing to refund your deposit. Delpaso Car Hire are notorious for this ( read their reviews on line!)

I hope this helps

Steve Mulrooney

no more entries on this subject please. Editor



Services Needed – Lift From Malaga Airport Required
I wondered if anyone is driving from Malaga airport on 19th Oct around 9.pm.

I need a lift if possible to Los Gallagos, Comares. On the road to Rio Gordo, about 10 mins  past Benamargosa. Unfortunately our car is in the garage and I’m not sure if it will be out in time for my partner to pick me up!

If anyone is driving this way and of course I will contribute to the fuel.

My email address is loueverson @ gmail.com



Rental – For Long Term Rent

Newly reformed 3 bed, 3 bath house in the centre of the village Torrox Pueblo for long term rent
mauricemulvihill @ gmail.com



What’s On – Bar Amalia, Archez 

Come along to Bar Amalia for a delicious Sunday Lunch.  Choice of Beef or Lamb served with Roast and Mashed Potatoes, fresh vegetables, gravy and homemade yorkshire pudding. Great choice of homemade puddings.  Served from 1.30-5.00 pm.

Menu Del Dia served Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 1-3 pm. Starter, main course and pudding or coffee only 7.50€

Reminder about our winter opening times.

Sunday open 1.00-7.00 (last orders for food 5.00 pm)

Monday closed

Tuesday open 12.00 – 4.00 & 6.00 till close

Wednesday open 12.00 – 4

Thursday Closed

Friday and Saturday open 12.00 – 4.00 & 6.00 till close

To reserve a table give Dot a call on 634302480



What’s On –  ‘Art Day Malaga’ Saturday, Oct 15, 2016, Malaga

art01 art-02

After the successful Art Day’s that took place in July and October 2015, Dutch enterpriser Helene Mostertman (restaurant Vino Mio) and Dutch artist & art-event organizer Lieuwke Loth (gallery Luz de la Vida) are now preparing for a third Art Day in Malaga. This time it will take place at Mercedo Merced. Of course this is THE place for art and artists, as this is the birthplace of Picasso!

The Art Day presents 20 artists who live and work in the ‘Costa del Sol’ region plus some participants of the International Symposium LUZ who are coming from other countries during that week. Artists do (originally) come from Belgium, The Netherlands, Belarus, Austria, UK, Spain, USA, Argentinia and other countries. During the day, the artists will literally be at work. This allows visitors a chance to see and meet them while creating their art.

For the artists themselves, it is a perfect time to get acquainted with each other. It’s an opportunity to share their profession and experiences e.g. exhibitions, galleries, symposia, techniques and methods of work etc. It is a day to meet, and to be inspired, by each other and the dynamics of creation.

Malaga is a vibrant city with many cultural offerings. Plaza Merced contains some lovely terraces to stay at, while Mercado Merced is a good place to find some tasty tapas and wines!

Those who love art, admire artists, or are just looking for pieces of art or gifts… do not miss this special day!

Restaurant Vino Mio in Malaga, the gallery Luz de la Vida in Competa, the Mercado Merced, the town hall and Barrio Picasso support the event.

For more information, please visit facebook: www.facebook.com/artdaymalaga

Times: 11:00 – 14:00 and 15:30 – 19:30


Art Day Malaga 25 July 2015, Calle Beatas


Art is Malaga Symposium Oct. 2015 in Malaga, Mercado Merced & Competa




What’s On – Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Torre del Mar.  

Avda. Moscatel 1”I”, (Jardines Viña Malága/Antigua Casa de la Viña), Torre del Mar, 29740. Opening hours Monday through Friday 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.00. Tel.952 543 334 E-mail:  luxmundi@lux-mundi.org.  Web: www.lux-mundi.org

 October 19th Wednesday.  Computer Workshop new activity.  Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar invite you to come and join in a Computer Workshop at the Centre with Mr. Ian Berry, our IT specialist.  You can start with the basics (like emails, passwords, security etc.) through to setting up a database, spreadsheet or dealing with your technical problems.  Please bring you computer, tablet or  smart phone, have fun learning. Time 10.00 to 11.30.  Price 4 Euros including one drink.

Thursday 20th October.  Coach excursion to Gibraltar.  Why not join Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar and visit Gibraltar, a chance to take a cable car to the top of the Rock, see the unique Barbary Apes.  Visit the upper Rock Nature Reserve, where you will find the Historic tunnels dating from 1779-1783 and St. Michael´s Cave.  Both of these have guided tours.  In the town can be seen the Gibraltar Museum, Government House and in the Southern area are key historical sites. All information may be obtained from the tourist office, or an excellent alternative way of seeing the sights is by hiring a taxi, whose drivers are very knowledgeable and will explain the interesting, historical life of the Rock.  It is also an opportunity to purchase duty free Items and typical English items of food, etc. from the Morrisons super market. Ticket price 12 Euros available at the Centre.  Proceeds for fund raising.  Departure times Puente don Manuel (Hotel Romero) 6.45, Algarrobo (Lidl) 7.15, Caleta (Vets)7.20 and Torre Del Mar (Bus Station) 7.30. Depart Gibraltar15.30 approximately. PASSPORTS / I.D. REQUIRED.

For further information and bookings please contact the Centre, Torre del Mar Tel.952 543 334 E-mail: luxmundi@lux-mundi.org  .Please note you are unable to make bookings through the web site and sorry we cannot accept cards.

Kind regards,

Patricia Rothwell, Press Officer

Tel.  952 513 531



 What’s On – Sunday the 23rd of October: Yoga by the Lake

yoga-lake01 yoga-lake-02Location: See photo. At the south side of lake Vinuela at the little peninsula at the BBQ area.

10.30: Meditation and Breathing exercises

11.45: Yin Yoga, by Flora

13.00: Karma Picnic

Donation: E 10,-

What to bring?

Bring a yoga mat and/or an old blanket and something to eat for the Karma Picnic. Also bring Yoga blocks if you have them, otherwise bring one or two hard cushions for the Yin Yoga.

If you have questions about this Yoga-get-together for everybody (teachers and students) who like to share Yoga,

call or whatsapp     622591827.

Facebook:                Flora Yoga Hendriksen



What’s On – Thai Yoga Massage + Kundalini Reiki

What is it?
Smoothness, rhythm and flow. Treatment starts from toe to head, involves stretching, thumbing, palming and application of therapeutic points while energy is drawn up from the lower chakras and released through the crown. Intuition and loving kindness play a large part in the process towards the ultimate zen.
The Vagabonding Healer
I left an award-winning career of pushing consumerism to travel the world. In pursuit of this spiritual art form, I lived and trained with the hilltribe people in the mountains of Thailand. Since, I’ve been happily spreading the good vibes across continents. I combine full body traditional Thai massage with Kundalini Reiki, holistically promoting internal health as well as muscular flexibility. My style of treatment is more alternative compared to the conventional oil massage that is common in the West. Every session starts with a consultation – it is important for me to find out how you feel so I can pay more attention to the problem area(s).
What Happens?
You lie on a mat on the floor, fully clothed (there is absolutely no need to strip so don’t bother asking about this). No rubbing involved except on your hands, neck and shoulders. I use thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to gently yet firmly press, pull and stretch your body. Think of it as passive yoga – I do all the work while you just chill.
What are the Benefits?
Improved circulation, release of muscle tension, mobility and flexibility as well as stress relief. More than just physical, works to create harmony between MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

I’m a mobile therapist, currently staying on top of the village of Sayalonga. I can take appointments in Torre del Mar.

Price: Full body massage including Reiki healing – €60
P/S: Only be in Spain till mid November.
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ~ Gandhi

Email: jennsunsetta @ gmail.com

Whatsapp: +49 1523 6217700



 What’s On – International Art Symposium LUZ in Competa Presentation of the Artists

Monday 17 October 11a.m.

Start of theSeven days of Art, Inspiration, Creation, Friendship and Joy!

After the weekend we’ll start with the 2nd International Art Symposium in Cómpeta!

10 International professional artists will be welcomed by either the Mayor or Minister of Culture, in the Salon de Actos. Every artist will give a short presentation about their art and themselves. Dutch bronze caster will also give an explanation about the technique of bronze casting.

The LUZ Symposium will be held in the marvelous environment of the Andalusian mountain village Cómpeta, surrounded by beautiful nature. This is a public event that utilises local spaces in Cómpeta. Locals, art-lovers and visitors can meet the artists and see them creating art.


Welcome Ceremony

Artists will do a presentation in the Salon de Actos, in the building of the Municipality.

A nice chance to meet the artists and to get to know their style of art!

Monday 17 October: 11am

Artists at Work

At 3 locations: Salon de Actos, Casa la Fabula, Galeria Luz de la Vida.

Monday 17 October: 4-7pm

Tuesday 18/10 – Thursday 20/10: 11am-2pm & 4-7pm

Friday 21/10: 11am-2pm

Closing Ceremony and Inauguration

Inauguration of the International art exhibition in Gallery ‘Luz de la Vida’

Saturday 22/10: 12pm

Bronze Casting

A live demonstration and course of bronze casting at Casa la Fabula


Tuesday 18/10 11.30am

Thursday 20/10 5.30pm

Course bronze casting and mould making

Monday 17 –  Friday 21/10

In the course, participants can cast their own little bronze sculpture. (places still vacant)

If you would like to attend, please contact Lieuwke Loth (info @ lieuwkeloth.nl)

Feel free to come and take a look!

Experience all the creative energy of the symposium!

For the locations please refer to the map on the leaflet.


Lydia Molinski from Germany living in Vienna, Austria

Eva Joensen, living in Denmark and Cómpeta, Spain

Jorg van Daele living in Belgium

Karin Hoogesteger living in The Netherlands

Poonam Chandrika Tyagi living in India

Elnur Mahmudov, living in Azerbaijan

Art Kapustra, from Belarus, living in Israel

Alik Assatrian, from Armenia living in The Netherlands

Lieuwke Loth living in The Netherlands and Cómpeta, Spain

Aksana Evdokimenko living in Belarus

Dora Kelemen living in Hungary

Soon they will travel by plane to Spain!

We look forward to welcoming these professional artists to Cómpeta.

Let’s make it an exceptional, inspiring and joyful week!

See also: www.facebook.com/symposiumluz



What’s On Correction for Wood Oven Cookery Workshop

Apologies, the email should read  rachael @ casamontesnegros.com

( the email had the dot com missing) Rachel


For Sale & Wanted Section- Guidelines 

Repeat ads will not be allowed unless the original price is reduced considerably, nor for at least 4 weeks later.

Photos will only be published once.- these photos must be  in JPEG Format

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For Full Guidelines on How to Submit and Item to Digamextra see the end of this day’s post.           Jane Kirk


Wanted: Roof Box for Ford Focus

Please does anyone have a car roof box and fittings to fit a Ford Focus for sale.
Tel 951240863



For Sale – Fruit and Advice from  Certified Organic Farm

Boxes of certified organic fruit and vegetables directly from our farm on request. You can pick up from our farm (near   Frigiliana-Torrox roundabout  ) or in any of our different collection points.

-Big box: 16 euros

-Small box: 8 euros

Contact : el Karrasco Ecológico, tlf: 649216659  ,

Email:     elkarrascoecologico  @ yahoo.es,


And  Professional organic farmer with long experience offers to advise or manage family gardens and farms.

Contact: José Luis, tlf: 649216659, Email: elkarrascoecologico @ yahoo.es



For Sale – TV 


Logik LCD 24 inch tv plus remote. Bought from Currys UK.  Approximately 3 yrs old. Good condition.
35 € no offers. nerja area.
Contact   judithrichardson11 @ hotmail.co.uk



For Sale – HD DVD/CD Player (LG DP542H).


As new. 35 €

Also for sale, no pics:

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus pedal. As new. 35 €

Boss GE-7 EQ pedal. As new. 35 €

Benajarafe. 625 876 499



For Sale – Complete Beds and Health Device

Multiple beds and powerhealthmassage for sale because over complete:

Beds, all included with mattresses, bedspread and pillows (see attched pictures);

1 bed boxspring size: 190 X 150 [white with purple bedspread]

1 bed boxspring size: 200 X 150 [ pink with flowered bedspread]

1 bed slatted size 190 X 150 [ white with flowered bedspread] includingchest for blankets

1 bed slatted size; 190 X 130 [white]

4  Duvets size: 90 X 190

1 Powerhealth Massage.

All the products are clean, in very good condition and can be collected immediately.

Contact: MWP7606 @ gmail.com



Wanted – Looking For a Party-Tent

Or other tent to use next week during the int. art symposium in the village Competa.

Do you have one or two that we can borrow?

let us know, thank you,

kind regards, Organization Symposium LUZ

lieuwkeloth @ hotmail.com



For Sale – Nest of Tables

Caleta de Velez
Tel: 952 511813





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