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Rules & Info

By making a submission you are indicating you have read and agree to follow the rules.

How to Subscribe

Visit the website, Scroll down page until the black FOLLOW button appears in right side column, enter your email address, click the black FOLLOW button. Don’t click the smaller blue FOLLOW button, unless you are a WordPress member.


You must be a subscriber/follower to make a submission. Submissions must show the reply contact as the sender’s email address. The address for your submissions is The Deadline is 4pm. Following on FaceBook alone does not give you submission privileges, for that you must follow this blog by email.

If you want to assist another to make submissions, send it from that person’s subscribed email, not your own. You may not make posts for another person. Doing so is enabling them to post anonymously, which I cannot allow.

* For Sale/Rent Rules: Three For Sale items per day max. Include all sale items/pics for that day in single email. For Sale items must include a price. To submit a “For Sale/Rent” ad where the price of an item exceeds €4,000.00, or the monthly rent of a property exceeds €800.00 per month, you must be a DigameXtra sponsor. No holiday rental ads accepted.
*Submissions must show the reply contact as the sender’s email address. By EU internet privacy law you may not submit for publication another email address in an ad sent from your email account; only the email address of the sender is allowed.
*Photos & Documents- .jpeg, .jpg or .png formats only. Pics printed as received, be sure it is right side up! Keep pic size to 2Mb max and name them properly. No PDFs or Word documents. One pic per item or event, readers can email you for more.
*Re-Submissions- What’s On events may post once a week, Services Offered once a month. Sale items previously posted must wait 1 month before re-submitting, and the price must have been lowered by at least 20%.
*Capital Letters– Don’t write anything in ALL CAPITALS!
*Bars, Bands, Restaurants Clubs & Charities – Please limit your entries to One per Week! Include a brief description and contact info in your email to accompany event posters, I do not publish any posters without this even if the info is on the poster!
*Everyone must include their first name and location. If you don’t want your email published, provide a phone number and make a note in the submission to leave out the email.
*Health Professionals- Your submissions must include a Spanish licence Number and name the issuing authority.
*Faulty Submissions: Incomplete submissions are returned for correction. Resubmit full corrected submissions including pics.

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All business advertisers may have 1 promotional video posted at a time, free. DigameXtra Supporter businesses may have 2 business videos posted at a time for free, or more for a small fee. Readers may have 5 videos posted at a time for free. All may take-down and update to a new video as often as you like. 15 minute max length. All videos must be the submitter’s property. Videos need to be submitted via Google Drive or a similar cloud based file transfer where I can freely download it using a link you email me. Please don’t ask me for help in uploading videos, there is plenty of help for that online, do a google search. Videos under 25Mb may be emailed to the submissions email address as an attachment. If your video is already on YouTube just send me a link and I will post that link on the DigameXtra Channel page. Supported formats: MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM and HEVC (h265). No political or offensive videos. No “Items For Sale” videos. Visit the DigameXtra YouTube Channel here: