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Rules & Info

By making a submission you are indicating you have read and agree to follow the rules.

How to Subscribe

Send an email asking to subscribe to DigameXtra. The email address is 

Submissions Rules

#1. If you include a non-Spanish phone number as a contact in a submission you MUST also include your email address or a Spanish phone number as well. If you fail to include your email or a Spanish phone number, I will automatically insert your email.
I am getting too many complaints from readers who are either unable to reach these non-Spanish phones, or the connection is so poor conversation is impossible.

#2. You must be a subscriber/follower to make a submission. Submissions must show the reply contact as the sender’s email address, or Spanish phone, and include the name of the email account sending it. Only the sender’s email may be posted, no other email addresses may be included. The address for your submissions is The Deadline is 6pm. Following on Facebook alone does not give you submission privileges, for that you must follow this blog by email. No anonymous submissions will be posted.

#3. If you want to assist another to make submissions, send it from that person’s subscribed email, not your own. You may not make posts for another person. Doing so is enabling them to post anonymously, which I cannot allow.

#4. Write your submissions in your email. Do not use any fancy formatting, .gifs or emojis as they must be stripped out before entering a new issue in the WordPress editor due to format conflicts. Do not copy and paste anything from social media or websites into your submission email. Emojis and .gifs are actually weblinks to the image you see it as. These are often hosted on insecure Chinese servers so I don’t allow them. Look at your submissions before sending them to avoid a returned for correction notice. See #11 for info on photos & attachments.

#5. Capital Letters– Don’t write anything in ALL CAPITALS!

#6. For Sale/Rent Rules: Three For Sale items per day max. Include all sale items/pics for that day in single email. One photo per item, use a collage to show more images. Include all sales info details in your email to accompany your  pics, I do not publish pics without this even if the info is on the pic! Many readers cannot enlarge pics to read the details. For Sale/Rental items must include a price. Minimum price is €5 per item. Free for Sale/Rent posts are for private parties only. Businesses must be DigameXtra Sponsors to submit For Sale/Rent posts. Computers for sale posts must include the make, model and version of the operating system. Electronics and appliances for sale posts must include the Brand Name of the item, and preferably also the model number. No holiday rental posts permitted, long term rentals, 3 months minimum are ok. Vehicles for sale must include the year of manufacture.

#7. To submit a “For Sale/Rent” post where the price of an item exceeds €4,000.00, or the monthly rent of a property exceeds €800.00 per month, you must be a DigameXtra sponsor. Big ticket sales sponsorships to post with prices above these limits begin at €50 for 3 months. No holiday rental posts accepted. Big Ticket Sales Items with a price over €10,000 have a Sponsor’s fee of 1/2 of 1% of the asking price. This will allow you to post the item once a week for 3 months with 2 photos. This exempts you from the requirement to lower the price when resubmitting. There is no implied guarantee the item will sell. No refunds, not charity deductible.

#8. Photos & Documents- .jpeg, .jpg or .png formats only. iPhone users note, do not send photos in Apple format .jiff, those are not Windows compatible!  Keep pic size to 4Mb max and name them properly. No PDFs or Word documents. One pic per item or event, readers can email you for more. Attach the photos to the email, do not embed them. Please send in ONLY ONE pic per item, readers can email you for more. If you send in extra pics, I will choose the pic to post. Job lot sales may post up to 3 pics. NOTE: In order to post images copied from the internet, you must respect copyright laws and include a link (web address) to the source page of the photo in your submission.

#9. How to post more photos than the rules allow – use collages: You can combine several of your photos into a single collage photo by using this free online collage creation tool. It’s very easy to use, give it a try!

#10. Posters & Images: If you include a poster, include all info from the poster in your email text to accompany posters, I do not publish any posters without this even if the info is on the poster! 

#11. Re-Submissions / Repeats- What’s On event promoters may post new events once every 7 days, but must wait 30 days to repeat a post. “Services Offered by Small Contractor” posts by non-sponsors must wait 30 days to repeat. Sale/Rental items previously posted must wait 7 days before re-submitting, and the price must have been lowered by at least 20%.

#12. Bars & Musicians: You may make weekly submissions if you have new events to promote.  Posts for events need to include a contact of some sort: email, phone , FB page or website. If it is missing I use the Sender’s email as the contact. Include event details in your email to accompany event posters. I do not publish any posters unless the info on the poster is also in the text of the post!  Do not submit un-ticketed events more than 8 weeks in advance. Ticketed events may post a week before tickets go on sale. You may make a poster with events more than 8 weeks away and include that poster in your submission, just leave out the info about items more than 8 weeks off from your post text. 

#13. Church Posts: Church related posts only appear in the WEEKEND EDITION. These should be submitted on Thursdays, before 6pm. 

#14. Business Posts: All businesses (even non-profits) that want to post in DigameXtra must be sponsors. The only exceptions are small contractors that work from home, for example: gardeners, handyman, dog walkers…and Churches. I also allow animal support charities to post their fundraising events. 

#15. Charity Info: Charities & non-profits are businesses, and as such should have advertising budgets, so these must be DigameXtra Sponsors to make posts. The only exception is local animal rescue groups. These may post fundraising events. I will not post any donation requests. I will only promote your fund-raising events.

#16. Everyone must sign their submissions with a name and location (nearest town). The bottom of every post should look like this: Naythan/Torrox Costa. Do not write an “area”, like “Nerja area”. Just pick the nearest town and always use that. You may additionally include a location to meet or pickup, but your location is required in any case. If you don’t want your email published, provide a phone number and make a note in the submission to leave out the email.

#17. Correcting flawed submissions: I only make corrections if received before 6pm the day they are published! If you send an incorrect submission, or you forget to include the photos, please send in a new, full corrected submission and ask me to ignore the previous, incorrect submission. I am too busy to keep track of partial submissions in different emails and patch them together. Your cooperation is appreciated.

#18. NO POSTING OF OBSOLETE ELECTRONICS! I will NOT post obsolete items, that are no longer supported for updates, or cannot run current versions of apps, even if labelled as obsolete or with limited functions,

#19. Health Professionals- Your submissions must include a Spanish licence Number and name the issuing authority. Only health professionals may offer “healing” or “therapy” in posts.

#20. No more than 40 lines of text per submission with an average 12 words per line (480 words total).


ATTENTION! New EU internet privacy laws are now in effect, known as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)! I have to inform you that the DigameXtra archive saves follower’s email addresses in the WordPress server. By subscribing/following you implicitly accept this; if you make submissions you acknowledge that anyone can view old issues online and see your contact info as you provided and you accept this. If you don’t want me saving your email address do not subscribe/follow, you can unsubscribe and remove yourself from this list using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every subscription issue. Takedown notices must include proof of ownership as well as the date and issue number of the DigameXtra issue containing the infringing content.  These may be submitted to Proper takedown notices will be complied with immediately.


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