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2 Male Cats Needing a Home

cat01 cat02

Their owner has sadly passed away, they are being fed and watered by a friend – but are domestic cats and love human company.
Ginger ‘ Weeman’ approx 10 years old and neutered.
Tabby ‘Fudge’ approx 6 years old, not neutered, but will be.
If you can offer either or both of these cats a loving home, please call Dennis 676 862 613 Comares/Masmuller area.



Diesel Quality


Having heard that there may be problems using cheap supermarket diesel, I was pleased to see the signs displayed on the pumps at Eroski saying that their fuel was guaranteed by BP. So not dodgy supermarket fuel after all.
I have been filling my car with their fuel for about 6 years without trouble.
Nigel Torrox


I always thought it was a myth that cheap supermarket fuel wasn’t as good as the named, more expensive brands and always used to fill up at Eroski. Then our diesel car started to feel like it was ‘missfiring’ and our garage mechanic said that it could be the jets.

We started to do a bit of research on Google and realised that the brands like Repsol and BP have additives in them and the Ultima version of BP has even more so that are supposed to clean the engine and give it a better ‘mpg’. We have now been using BP for about 6 months and have found it does make the car run better and we do get more kms per litre, so we won’t be going back to Eroski. Their fuel is cheaper as it apparently does not have the same additives in it.

Barbara W


Found this out quite a few years ago, having had a similar problem with a Mitsubishi L200. The cheaper diesel contain no additives that will clean the injectors, and therefore you need to add a separate additive, usually every other tank full.  I changed over to Repsol Plus 10, which although more expensive, makes the engine run smoother and I get a much better fuel consumption. Before you go to the expense of changing injectors, run a couple of tankfulls of better diesel through, together with an injector cleaner which can be bought from most garages, and see if that makes a difference.

Steve, Competa.


We have stopped using the cheap fuel after hearing from several mechanics about the detrimental effects on engines. We buy fuel from BP. Yes it’s more expensive but with the loyalty card you don’t end up paying too much more. I’d rather pay for quality fuel and save the engine personally. Nigel.


David’s experience with cheap diesel rings a lot of bells.  In short, running a diesel car on a constant diet of supermarket or budget diesel is not a good idea, and can cause exactly the problems he describes.

What differentiates cheap diesel from good quality is the presence (or not) of additives.  Some of these improve the way the fuel burns (giving quieter running, more complete combustion, and better acceleration and power), while others clean and lubricate the fuel system – importantly the fuel pump and injectors. These additives, not cheap, are used in all high quality fuel, including Repsol, but far less so in cheap fuels.  That partly explains the price difference.

If you are going to use budget fuel (and the economics are questionable, because good fuel gives better mpg), then you should alternate it with a good quality fill-up, at least one good tank in three.

Your garage is probably right in attributing the problems to fuel, but being a bit naughty about the costs of putting it right.  The last time I had a set of four injectors fully serviced and recalibrated (recommended every 60,000 miles or so), it cost me just €70.  Contact Germidiesel in Malaga (they’re not a long way from Bauhaus) who have a high reputation in the trade.  I doubt you will need new injectors – just get yours serviced.

First step, though is simply for you to get hold of some diesel cleaning agent, and add it to your fuel at the rate of 1:200 (remedial clean) for two or three tankfuls.  Go for either Wynn’s or 3CV Diesel Fuel Treatment, or Miller’s Diesel Power Plus.  The 3CV product is uaually available in a 1-litre grey can in Eroski (the source of your problem!).  Follow the instructions on the can

Buying posh-grade diesel isn’t necessary.  Just use Repsol’s (or other main brand) standard, and your car will behave better.

Hope helpful.



Hi, I use Eroski’s premium diesel in my E220 Merc and it goes better than on the cheap stuff. Try using this instead, and get a can of injector cleaner from a car shop and dump that in the tank too and see how she goes. Hate to say it but with 145k on the clock chucking E1000 at her seems a lot. I’d get a second opinion too, would cost you nothing. Hard starting sounds more like a glow plug to me, especially if it’s a sudden problem, and much cheaper to fix. If it’s that fit a set as once they start to go they all go sooner or later. If it is the injectors try

for a quote in the UK and have a recond. set  sent over.

Hope this helps. andyjchapman09 @ gmail.com


I had a problem a few years ago with my diesel engine misfiring. New to the area at the time, I took the car to an English-speaking mechanic in Vélez, who ‘diagnosed’ exactly the same problem (note the inverted commas). His solution was simply to avoid Eroski fuel: ‘Run the tank to empty and refill with premium fuel’. Having done this, I found no difference whatsoever, and after I took the car to the main dealers, they did a proper diagnosis and replaced a part (expensively).
It wasn’t Eroski fuel that was the problem, and indeed if you look at the pumps there, you’ll see that the quality of the fuel is tested by government inspectors and guaranteed by the suppliers, who are . . .  wait for it . . .  BP!
So perhaps David should get a second opinion from a more reputable garage?
Los Romanes


I am ex motor trade, and I was warned twenty years ago that some of the cut price fuels sold in England (petrol and diesel) sold cheap, never had the expensive chemical cleaners added to them as additives, hense– the attraction to sell cheaper fuel.

Fifteen years ago I was warned about cheaper diesel at Eroski, not being to good for some engines, though I have run all my Diesel Seats with no problems on diesel bought from Eroski, BUT, all might not be the same in diagnosing such failing’s.

For instance, I do long’ish runs, also now and then drive quite hard to clear the internals of slow driving slag, that can build up in the combustion chambers.  I think Eroski and Other garages here in Spain and England, sell a more expensive Diesel along-side the discount one, with claims that your engine runs cleaner, perhaps  we should heed this advice.  A friend of mine claims benefits using the enhanced version.

You see, are you using a cheap engine oil,? all this is also being burnt.

To bare Judgment on self analyzing, is a long lonely road.   But, I am sure it needs investigating.

I have a friend who actually works for a fuel additive company, send me your email and I will keep you posted.


Jacksreeder @ hotmail.com


Absolutely No More Items on this Subject. Thanks to Everyone. Editor



Services Available – Space in Trailer – Transport

Last chance for delivery of smallish items to the Torrox area from West Sussex… Departing Portsmouth on the 25th October…
Contact John
UK : 07754.525.938
Email :osbornespain @ gmail.com



Recommendation – Bouquet for Bodyworkbouq-dog

Just had my car bodywork repaired and re-sprayed by Lucas Pinturas, Urb Amaya,Torrox Costa. Excellent work and very helpful people so can thouroughly recommend them. Great job. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Bill O



What’s On – Halloween Party APA Nerja




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For Sale – Mango Trees 


I recently bough more mango trees than I need to be planted on my land so I have a few leftover.
I am selling 10 mango trees which are around 1,5 metres for 120 euros.

I would also sell 5 & 5 but I am not selling them one by one.
Location Torrox
Send me an email for further questions.  gnerja2000 @  hotmail.com



For Sale – Ceiling Lamp, Metal, 5 Bulbs Included


60 x 60 cm

new 150,–Euro ,  now 25,–Euro


952 53 2997

mobile: 691061937



For Sale – 2 Dumbbells, Each 2,5 kg


5Euro for both

mobile 691061937

landline 95253 2997




For Sale  Fantastic Bar for a Swing for Indoor or Outdoor

Heavy metal bar for a swing (without the seat), easy to fix with just one strong screw against any wall, with a metal chain, suitable in- or outside the house ,

all antioxidant, height 2 m,

original price  €98,–, now €50,–,


mobile 69 106 19 37

landline 952 53 2997

Photo from Vendor (missing)



For Sale – 2 Mobility Walkers


1 Small two wheel  walker.  Price 20 euros.

1 New  Big Four Wheel walker with locking brakes and seat  with fold up removable back support  Price 40 euros.

In Competa area but can deliver.

Phone 951240623



For Sale – Backseats VW T4


Backseats VW T4 Transporter with Seat belts.
We decided to put a fixed bed in our Van so we want to sell the Backseats.
They are only for the Transporter, not for others like Multivan or California.
Price : 150
Nerja/ Torrox
Whatsapp 00491635821501
or yogarette @ icloud.com



Wanted – MK1 Ford Focus Roof Bars

Please does anyone have roof bars to fit a Ford Focus Mk 1 for sale.
Tel. 951240863
Mob. 646818913



For Sale Nissan Nicra

micra01 micra02 micra03 micra04

Black 1.4 petrol 2005. 106,000 km two owners from new. air con, power steering, blue tooth radio. ITV until October 2017. Great little car genuine reason for sale due to relocation to UK. 3,700 euros. Torre Del Mar. Louise 693479200



For Sale- Stainless steel, 3 burner gas barbecue


Side hot plate and storage cupboard

Little used

85 euros or nearest offer

Buyer to collect from La Caleta de Velez

(Contact info missing?)



For sale – Jazz LPs

I have inherited a collection of jazz LPs and wonder if they are of any interest to any Digamites?

I’m sure they’re worth something to an enthusiast, but I’m not out to make money-just want them to go to a good home.

Records feature:

Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane,

Dean Martin, Ted Heath, Count Basie

Phone 952511378



Wanted – Clothes Rail (borrow)

Is there anyone in the vinuela/ Puente area that could loan me an easy set-up small-med clothes rail for a car boot on Sunday 6th November.

Shirley romero 21 @ hotmail.com



For Sale – Plant Sprayers


GDM 10litre Professional Heavy Duty Sprayer.

Pump action, Pressure release valve, In line filter,

Trigger action lance, Shoulder strap.

Fujyama 1 litre, Hand sprayer.

Pump action, Brass nozzle

Both excellent condition.

28€ for the pair.

Buyer collects from Sayalonga

Mobile: 609592766



For Sale – Fireside Companion Set


Consists of Black cast iron stand, Tongs, Brush, Poker,

Shovel, Door release handle.

Excellent condition.


Buyer collects from Sayalonga

Mobile: 609592766



For Sale – Fabulous Collection of Genuine Jewellery Pieces

Click on the picture to enlarge

jew01 jew02 jew03 jew04 jew05 jew06 jew07 jew08

Imperial jade , gem quality , pendent set in 22cr gold link . 6 grams weight . €500.
Antique 18cr gold ring . 2rubies , 10 emeralds , weight 10.4 grams . €600.
Diamond necklace . Diamonds Totaling .99 Cr . Set in white gold 15.7 grams . Complete with certificate €1200
Sapphire & Diamond ring , stones set in platinum , 4sapphires ,/. 5 diamonds . 18 Cr gold . Weight 4 grams . €350 .
Aqua marine & diamond neck lace . 9 Cr gold 2 large aqua marine & a cluster of diamonds . Weight 11.5 grams . €450 .
Phone Debbie 65 357 55 00 . Can view all pieces in Nerja .





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