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Search Tip To Readers – A Little Cooperation

PLEASE, before asking about previous posts, first do a Google search and you will most likely get your answer immediately. Just open the Google website (www.google.com) and enter DIGAMEXTRA and the search term in the searchbox and press Enter, then scan down the list of results for one labeled http://www.digamextra.com.

Like this, for example: Digamextra Seamstress Torrox

Go ahead, give it a try! Naythan



Phone Theft – Reward for Help

Any computer experts out there know how to transfer contacts from one hot mail account to a new one, or how to inform all my contacts that my phone has been stolen and watch out for dodgy e mails.

Text to 0044 7956394571, and I will call you back,(Spanish number stolen) or reply to

lincesansom @ hotmail.com.

Happy to pay if some one can do it. Have already changed all the passwords I can think of.


(Moving contact list is easy to do so save yourself a few euros, see the detailed instructions here: https://www.lifewire.com/export-contacts-from-hotmail-1174240

As for an email to all your contacts, simply write the email, insert 1 contact’s address in the “Addressed To” box, then click the BCC button, add all the contacts you want to send to, then click Send. Note: if you send to more than 50 contacts at a time you may get a spammer warning from Outlook/Hotmail. DL)



IKEA – Returns Policy

I noticed an advert the other day from someone saying that a recently purchased sofa was too big for their house and that is now being sold at a much reduced price.

If this was purchased from IKEA do they realise that they have up to one year to return it.             http://www.ikea.com/ms/es_ES/customer-service/about-shopping/return-policy/index.html

Useful to know that items can be returned if it turns out to be unsuitable/uncomfortable/too large etc!

Barbara W




Spam – And How I Deal With It

There is a web site to send Spam to in London

I send all my spam there.

They acknowledge it with an email .

The email address is:  NFIBPhishing@cityoflondon.pnn.police.uk
I hope this will be of use to you.
Kind Regards,




RE: Jpeg – “Will someone explain to us what this picture format is …”

Hello Jane, Pam and Digamites,

Old “bitmap” (BMP) pictures used one byte of data for every pixel (dot) on the screen. So if you had a picture of 500 x 500 pixels, then you would need to send 250,000 bytes of data to send that picture. That’s quarter of a million bytes, and for such a small picture.

A portrait of you outside may have 30% of all pixels the same blue-sky colour and another 20% the same shade of green grass, so why pay to send the same data over and over again? Instead of sending 80,000 blue numbers, why not send the colour once and another number for the quantity? = two numbers instead of 80,000 numbers.

This is exactly what the “Joint Picture Expert Group” did when this and other compressing techniques were developed. In general, a JPEG picture with “normal” compression can be reduced in size by 90%, and very strong compression can reduce a picture to just 5% of the original size with a little (not noticeable) reduction in quality.

Before you send a picture my mail, use your file explorer / windows explorer to list the file. If the filename is something like myfile.jpg or myfile.jpeg then it is indeed a JPEG file. If you have a version of Windoze that protects you from details then right-click and select “properties”. It will then display the details about the picture.

If the file is larger than 1MB (1000kB, or 1,000,000B) then it is probably not a JPEG image, and your e-mail program may even refuse to send such a pig picture file to DigameXtra.

In Windoze you can open a picture file using PAINT.EXE and select FILE > SAVE AS, then choose JPEG format. The basic formats:

BMP uncompressed

JPG high compression

GIF medium compression, but supports moving picture “loops” in emails

TAGA typicall “screen dumps” (snapshots) from video files

I hope this explains it to you in simple words, but I apologize for using so many.

Best regards from harry.lythall @ sm0vpo.com



Services Needed – Seamstress

I am looking for a local seamstress who can alter curtains and make pillows.

I remember seeing an ad for a seamstress months ago but failed to capture the email address.

If you’ve used someone before that was reasonably priced and talented, please send along their email information. Thanks in advance for your help.

michellerabin at gmail.com

(A simple Google search for “digamextra seamstress curtains” would have quickly provided the info you seek. Please people, try to help yourselves before submitting help requests for easily available info. DL)



Services Not Available Monday – Todo Papel

Dear Customer

We will be closed on Tuesday 1st November due to the bank holiday

(All Saints Day)

TodoPapel  7

Constitution Avenue, 31   Competa 29754

Tel: – (0034) 952 55 37 55

info @ todo-todo.co.uk




Services Needed – Floor Tiler

We are looking at retiling the floors in our villa in Torrox campo. Any recommendations or companies that would like to quote?
Email:      Jdixtfloody @ fsmail.net



Restaurant Owners Please Note

In future I shall not be able to print your full menus. I will direct people to your website or email address.    I shall publish only one Ad per restaurant per week.    Editor



What’s On – Date for Your Diary – Competa Christmas Market

Saturday 3rd Dec

Plaza Almijara  10.00 – 14.30

More details coming soon – but note in your diaries!




What’s On – Trip to Over 50s Show Estepona?

Anyone that know of a club or are going themselves to Estepona –

Palacio de Congress to have free valuation by Eric Knowles?

In November

I would like someone to share petrol costs as I live in Velez Malaga.

Entrance to Over 50s Show is free

Thank you





What’s On – Market, Wednesday, Nov 2, El Pino Torrox Park


2nd November 10am to 1pm El Pino Torrox Park a mix of new old and artisan stalls.

Enjoy a coffee or full in English breakfast in the Restuarant.

Plenty of free parking outside the door, just follow the signs for the camp site. Raffle tickets will be on sale for our Christmas raffle to be drawn at our Christmas market on 12th November.

For more information call 662063987 or email indoormarket @ kwiksendmail.com



What’s On –  Cómpeta Yoga




What’s On  La Casa Bar and Restaurant, Torrox Pueblo?

Our new seasonal Winter menu starts on Tuesday 1st November.

Come and try our Antipasto to share or one of our  new dishes including Oriental spiced noodles.

We will also be serving a winter  Lunchtime  set menu –  3 courses for just 9.95. This menu will change weekly.

Available 12-16.00 only.

We are now taking booking for Christmas day lunch 5 course 65 euro pp

New Years Eve- sorry fully booked.

For reservations for the Hotel call 952535471 or the restaurant 952539650

La Casa

Hotel and Restaurant

Calle Baja, Plazuela De Barajas 3
Torrox 29770,
Malaga, España.
Tel/Fax +34 952 53 54 71



What’s On – Open Acoustic Music Session at Casa Paco- Tonight !

There will be an open acoustic music session at Casa Paco, in the main square in Competa tonight Sunday 30th October from 9.00pm in the bar.

Everybody welcome to join in or come and enjoy the music and craic.



What’s On Christmas Fayre & Mrs. Miggins Home Bake

Christmas is coming and preparations are in hand for The Phoenix Club’s Christmas Fayre at La Vega Bar Restaurant.  Orders now being taken for Christmas cakes (made with real butter) and mince pies.  We have large and small Christmas cakes, iced or un-iced.  We have our usual fare on offer as well – Sticky Lemon Drizzle cakes, Coffee and Walnut Cake, whole or by the slice, Malt Loaf, Steak pies, chicken, leek and bacon pies, quiches, scones, cupcakes, pasties, sausage rolls, pakoras, curry puffs and curries.  Why not place an order so you won’t be disappointed?
Tombola, Guess the Weight of the Christmas Cake and Name the Reindeer are some of the treats in store!!  We have a bric-a-brac table with many bargains to be had including a new steam iron, Golf Balls – too many to mention.  Why not come along and take a look.
If you would like to book a table to sell your own wares, it will be €5.
When?  Wednesday 14th December
Where?  La Vega Bar Restaurant in Torre del Mar
Time? Doors open at 12noon
For more information or to book a table please call Mary on 951066684, email phoenixsocialclub @ yahoo.co.uk or catch us on the web at www.phoenixsocialclub.co.uk.
The Phoenix Club is a registered association raising funds for 3 local charities and Help4Heroes in the UK.  We meet every Tuesday at the bar restaurant La Vega in Torre del Mar between 12 noon and 2pm.  Bookings/payments can be made from 12.15 onwards.



For Sale & Wanted Section – Guidelines

Repeat ads will not be allowed unless the original price is reduced considerably, nor for at least 4 weeks later.

Photos will only be published once.- these photos must be  in JPEG Format

Please – do not include Block Capitals – unless, of course, the word is at the beginning of sentences or is a  Proper Noun.

Do not ask me to process Ads for items that are only €5 or less.

Anyone selling anything must include the make and model number of the item.

For Full Guidelines on How to Submit and Item to Digamextra see the end of this day’s post.           Jane Kirk


For Sale – Clear Out…..

I am having a clear out of items too good to throw away.

All working.

  • Radio cassette player Sharp QT27              5€
  • Computer Monitor CRT 17″ CTX VL 700   5€
  • Video camera Panasonic NV-DS30B           10€

Available from Canillas de Albaida

or by arrangement can be brought to the coast

Contact Terry on

634315684 or

e-mail   cyberspacespain-friends @ yahoo.co.uk



For Sale- Keyboard with stand. (Click pics to enlarge)

key01 key02 key03 key04 key05

Good condition. €30,00

Area: charity shop at Puente Don Manuel :”down under Immobilaria Maroma”

Open Wednesday  10.00 till 13.30

Friday                      10.00 till 13.30

Saturday                 10.00 till 12.00



For Sale – Bargain Box of Engineering and Woodturning Items

barg01 barg02

6x no.2mt keyed chucks

2x no.2mt keyless chucks

various no.2 and no.3 mt dead centres and running centres, 3 to 1 mt sleeves etc, etc.

All in good running order. Price €70

Engineering micrometers

2x 0-25 mm

1x 0-50 mm

1x 0-75 mm

3x setting tools. All in excellent condition. Price €50

Contact Mike 952516985 e-mail mcauliffe99 @ hotmail.com

Competa area



For Sale- Various  

var01 var02 var03 var04

1 thermos pump flask  €15
1 4 slice Kenwood toaster  €20
Kenwood Mixers  €85 each
Dog food x 9 Boxes €100 £13 a box in the UK Brand New
608 662 717 fi @ fionacole.com

Torrox Campo above BP Garage Torrox just off A7



Wanted – domestic dehumidifier.

cook819 @ btinternet.com




For Sale: 32 Litre Wooden Wine Barrel  


Used for 3 years.


Torrox campo.

Telephone; 675 324 185



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