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Car Batteries

An observation on car batteries in general, firstly car batteries have a shorter useful life than you may think

and in this day and age of cars with sophisticated computers even more so, even a small drop in the effective

output of a battery can and often will cause spurious messages to be displayed on the cars warning system which

is exactly what happened to my son a few weeks ago; his car suddenly displayed gear box overheated and refused

to restart, fortunately his garage recognised the problem and changed the battery which instantly cured the problem

and I leave you to imagine the size of the bill had the garage been unscrupulous or just less knowledgeable.

In the in the UK it is recommended that you replace your car battery after a maximum of 4 years and contrary to

what many consider to be the theory that living in Spain makes life easier for car batteries I must point

out that the higher ambient temperatures in Spain in fact shortens the life of batteries, couple this with our short

journey life style you may understand that the poor old car battery actually struggles to keep us on the road.

If you think the above comment is alarmist I suggest you fire up the google and ask the question.

Happy motoring  H W



Services Needed Retired English Barrister / Solicitor

Retired English Barrister / Solicitor with knowledge of English Wills who could give their interpretation of two paragraphs under scrutiny


el.bharn @ gmail.com



Services Available- Job Exchange

I am offering my services the duties are. personal care, domestic duties, meal preparation, cleaning, shopping, promoting medication and companionship, gardening ( if there is a garden ), animals. But instead, living there.
If you are interested, I can send the references. contact to

saraby2005 @ hotmail.com
Services Available  – Translations/help

….at doctors,hospital and offices.

Now with 3 years experience and a list of regular

clients who will be happy to give references.

I have lived here in Spain for 13 years and

completed the education system to high school  level.

I am quiet and patient with both parties

Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

Have helped clients with phone calls, bills , queries form

filling etc.

My charges are 10 euro per hour.

I am also available for house/pet minding at 20 euro per night

Being bilingual can be an advantage  if any problems arise.

Call Rosie on 605450322.



Recommendation Needed for Repair of  TV Sound Bar

Can anyone recommend an electronics engineer who can repair tv sound bars in the Nerja/Torrox/Torre del Mar area?  Thanks, David.

davidabbott123 @ hotmail.com



What’s on- SOHA Christmas Fair 


Friday 2nd December

Meson Sara

Puente don Manuel

10am to/a 2pm


Mince Pies

Xmas Decorations/Decorationes de Navidad



What’s on-NADFAS

nadfas01 nadfas02 Nerja Decorative & Fine Arts Society

2 Lectures for you this week!

Both Lectures will be given at the Casa Cultura (Cultural Centre) Calle Granada, Nerja

Visitors are most welcome €10 and other NADFAS Members €5

Evening Lecture on Tuesday November 15th 2016 at 6pm

Magnificent Mosaics – windows into the colourful Roman world

A fully illustrated lecture by Christopher Bradley

Sponsored by  Ole Optica, Opticians in Nerja

Alexander Mosiac, Pompeii The Romans have left us with a remarkable artistic record of their lifestyle, beliefs, achievements and entertainment, in the form of beautiful mosaics. From the best museums and collections around the world we see how they developed earlier Greek designs; the cities in which they lived; the Gods and myths in which they believed; and the exotic and indulgent lives of the Romans themselves – from Britain to Sicily, from Morocco to Syria.

DolphinMosaic, Fishbourne This lavishly illustrated lecture uses only mosaics from start to finish, bringing the distant world of the Romans gloriously back to life with vibrant, colourful images full of action. So, this is the rise and fall of the Roman Empire but as you have never seen it before – through the eyes of the Roman people themselves and the contemporary mosaics they created to reflect and decorate their fascinating, colourful world.

About Christopher Bradley

Christopher Bradley specialises in North Africa and the Middle East. He is also a guidebook writer and photographer; his latest books include The Berlitz Libya Guide 2009 and Insight Egypt Guide 2008. He has also worked as a tour leader and guide of specialist art tours to Tunisia and Libya and as a cameraman and TV producer for the National Geographic, BBC and Channel 4.

Christopher is a frequent visitor to Nerja, having talked to us about the Magi in 2007, the Queen of Sheba in 2009, Libya in 2010 and the Treasures of the Silk Road in 2013.

Morning Lecture on Wednesday November 16th 2016 at 11am

The Spanish Indiana Jones in North Africa 1900-1948

The Spanish Pioneer archaeologists in Morocco in the Golden Age of Archaeology

A fully illustrated Lecture by Manuel Parodi

Sponsored by a Friend of NADFAS

A story of war, kidnappings, Berber Bandoleros, and some Spanish Indiana Jones…

The lecture is about the Spanish archaeologists and historians who developed their research in North Morocco at the time of what in Spain is called the “African War” (1909-1927), when Spain was trying to establish her Protectorate in the Northern part of Morocco in accordance with the results (and the mandate) of the International Treaties signed in the Conference of Algeciras (1906); these scholars worked in the field under war conditions, for instance in the Tetouan area, at the Roman (and pre-Roman) site of Tamuda, war front between 1919 and 1925, where César Montalbán was working in 1919, 1920 and 1921 until the war situation made the archaeological research stop – not to be restarted until 1940.

It is also the period of WW II, when some of our Spanish archeologists in Morocco even had some contacts with the Allies through the American Consolate in Tangier: while the world was struggling in war, some of these heroes of Archaeology and History, such as Pelayo Quintero, were developing their research in several sites as Lixus, Alcazarseguer or Tamuda.

It is a very interesting topic, a period really “apasionante”, with war, battles, pioneers of Archaeology (those are as well the times of Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in Egypt, for instance) working in the worst conditions, and spectacular results of their research.

About Manuel Parodi

Manuel Parodi, historian and archaeologist, has been working on the History of Archaeology in Northern Morocco and Southern Spain since 2005, and has published several books and articles regarding this particular matter. He has also been working in several Archeological and Historical Research Projects in Morocco since 2005, including the Archaeological Museum of Tetouan, its Archives and historical documents and records.

Contact helen.sysling @ gmail com




What’s on – Day of Art and Well-being 


Day of Art and Well-being. Friday18th of November from 6 to 8 pm. Holistic workshop aiming to empower perceptions and awareness, and strength your personality. Vinyasa Flow, empathy through acting and singing. Finding your own rhythm playing and singing musics of the world. 12 € / person, 15 with kindergarten. Welcome! Reservations 5 €, call 625056649



For Sale & Wanted Section- Guidelines

Repeat ads will not be allowed unless the original price is reduced considerably, nor for at least 4 weeks later.

Photos will only be published once.- these photos must be  in JPEG Format

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Do not ask me to process Ads for items that are only €5 or less.

Anyone selling anything must include the make and model number of the item.

For Full Guidelines on How to Submit and Item to Digamextra see the end of this day’s post.           Jane Kirk



For Sale Balay Gas Cooker in very good condition.


75 Euros.

Cómpeta. Can deliver locally.

Phone: 699 617 754

Email: finca_madruga at hotmail dot com.



For sale- Navidad Nibbles


Let us tempt you into buying some of our scrumptious nibbles this festive season. They make ideal gifts for friends and family or simply indulge yourself. See our attached leaflet and prices.

Order by email – info @ weddingcakesinspain.co.uk

Order by Phone – 645600631

Order via Facebook – Wedding Cakes In Spain

Order in time for Christmas or order & collect from us at the Competa Christmas market on Saturday December 3rd 2016.



For Sale- pool ladder.


20 euros

Competa.Tel.663 578 150



For Sale – car radio with CD 


Detachable front working order with English instructions reason for selling have fitted Bluetooth one.

Tel 679598264 or e-mail robertinsedella @ gmail.com.com.



Wanted – Items for 1920’s Gatsby

Would anyone happen to have any 1920’s attire for a pending New Years Party.

A ladies outfit size 12/14, and shoes size 5.5 – 6, plus gents outfit 42/44 chest jackets/tops and 33/34 waist and 32/33 leg, and shoes size 10.

Its a long shot, but if anyone has anything to suit, please could you advise via email with as much detail as possible and even pictures if you have them.

Thank you all in advance.

Nikki at niknox84 @ hotmail.com



For Sale-. Remote control helicopter Honey Bee 2 

heli01 heli02 heli03€100.

Remote control helicopter Honey Bee 2 including aluminium carry case and Phoenix RC simulator. Never used so no damage. Approx cost new for all items would be  £250. Excellent Christmas present
Torrox campo but can meet Torrox pueblo or costa.
ann dot Colligan at gmail dot com.
What’s app 683 600 984




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