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What Happened…….?

Siamese Cat Found in Torrox Pueblo 

Posted on the 21st November.

What happened about the Siamese cat that was found in Torrox Pueblo!

No-one responded so I am just enquiring how the cat is and if a home was found for him or if he was put back on the street!

I wondered if Jan who was posting on behalf of the finder could let us have more details or email me on patricanerja @ hotmail .com



Elsa Still looking for a home…
Elsa made lots of new friends at yesterday’s Christmas market…but she is still doesn’t have a family to call her own. 😭
She’s just over three months old now and is a very happy and well behaved girl.
Shes housetrained, walks well on a lead and knows basic commands.
Gets on well with cats, dogs, and humans of all ages.
If anyone would like to view this beautiful little girl, she is in Nerja and really wants to meet you!
Call/whatsapp for more info on 673096292
Looking forward to hearing from you all! Photo available



UK Pensions & Tax


Following today’s post by Adrian – if he is a Spanish resident, then the difference is  that both his state retirement pension and his civil service pension have now to be declared in Spain (he should already have been declaring and paying tax if necessary on his state pension here, not the UK) starting from 2015. This means it should already have been done in the declaration done earlier this year. You are not taxed on the civil service one, as it was taxed in the UK under the double taxation agreement, but it is used to calculate your total income and therefore your tax band. This could make a huge difference to the tax you pay, but it can’t be avoided.

If he didn’t do it this year, I would suggest he consults a gestor asap, as they will catch up with him and then fine for non payment on top of it. If he’s not a Spanish resident, then I don’t know the position, but no doubt someone else will. His wife should also have been declaring her state retirement pension here too, if only to prove to the Inland Revenue that she is doing so, even if she is due to be taxed on it. In these high tech days, there is more and more communication between the tax authorities of different countries. They may also be better off doing a joint declaration then separately, but Hacienda will tell you each year which is best for you when they calculate it.

Hope this helps.   Wendy


Under previous and existing rules of the UK/Spain bilateral treaty certain pensions eg civil service, military are not taxable in Spain as long as tax is paid in the UK. The remainder of income is to be taxed in Spain.
This remainder was assessed for tax in its own right, exclusive of the untaxed amount.
Now it must be taxed as a portion of the whole. Effectively adding in the untaxed portion takes the amount to be taxed into a higher band. So it can be seen that this move is a subtle revenue raiser.
Regards Gerry


Reply to Adrian on taxing civil service pensions.

You are correct Adrian, assuming you live for more than 6 months of the year in Spain so should pay tax here.  Since 2015 you must declare your civil service pension in Spain although it remains taxed in the UK and is not taxed here.  Prior to that although that pension  was not taxable in Spain the rest of your income, including your state pension,  was.  Effectively you got two tax allowances, one in each country.    Now you must declare everything and your civil service pension will ‘use up’ you tax allowance in Spain, so your state pension and other income may be taxed more.  See a good Gestor.

Margaret,  Benajarafe

I am an ex-civil servant in receipt of a small pension and from 2015

(to be declared by 30 June 2016) it is now taken into account when calculating any tax that may be due in Spain.

However, as residents here (ie in Spain 183 days or more in one calendar year, not necessarily consecutively) I understood that we are obliged to complete residents’ tax returns even though (up to 2015) we were not liable to pay tax here.( I had to pay tax here but as I earn well below the UK tax threshold I unfortunately cannot set off any UK tax paid against Spanish tax due under the double taxation rules.)     Barbara W


Regarding the enquiry re tax rule changes for expats there has always been a requirement for British residents of Spain to file an annual tax return in Spain.

I am in a similar situation to the enquirer inasmuch as I receive a Police pension which is taxed at source and there is no way around that.  Under normal circumstances the DWP pension would be simply added to that for tax purposes.

However, there is an arrangement where the DWP element of your pension can be transferred to Spain for tax purposes which, in effect, means that you do not pay tax on it.

In order to do this it is necessary to submit an HMRC Spain – Individual form (it can be downloaded from the HMRC website and is 22 pages long!).  It has to be completed in English and Spanish and has to be accompanied by a form Residencia Fiscal en Espana – Convenio available from the Agencia Tributaria.

You will need a gestor or abogado to complete your first tax return (it has to be done by June each year in respect of the previous year’s tax liability) and he/she will be able to obtain the Residencia Fiscal form.

It’s a bit of a pfaff but worth it!  Hope this helps.

Phil (Cacin)


In response to Adrian’s question about paying tax on his civil service pension, I have been in exactly that bracket and have been paying tax in Spain for many years including this year.
U.K. Government contributory pensions (civil servants, teachers etc) must pay the tax on that to HMRC in the UK. Tax on just about all other income, including retirement pensions, MUST be paid in Spain.
That means you need to get HMRC to separate the tax liability. Contact them and ask for the relevant forms.
Our taxes here are handled by Guillermo Alférez in Viñuela (tel. 629366058). Guillermo speaks good English and understands the system completely. He won’t charge you a fortune and may well save you more than his fee. There is parking outside his office.
Good luck Adrian.  Jeni.






Problems receiving DigameXtra ?

For some reason I have not received DigameXtra over the last few days.  I have now added DigameXtra email address to my contacts and this seems to have sorted the problem.  Thought I would let you know in case any other subscribers are having a problem.
Many thanks for keeping us all up to date with current events.

Your hard work is appreciated.



Services Available- Kennels & Cattery

lucyFully licensed kennels and cattery with over 25 years experience situated between Torrox and Cómpeta (Torrox road)

If you are thinking of going away for a short or long period, rest assured that we will take great care of your cat or dog, in the same way as you do. Safe, warm & comfortable kennels, spacious play area, and a spacious & cozy cattery in a very calm environment.

We can be visited by appointment.

We also provide a collection service.

References available.

Please feel free to e-mail us on  terrygweston @ yahoo.com

or            lucyanneweston @ gmail.com

or call us on  951 254 134  – mobile:  693 545 989  (we also have WhatsApp)



Services Needed-Oven Cleaning

Does anyone know of an oven cleaning service? I am sure I saw an advert on here a while ago but unable to find the details.

Please call Lynne 627413699 if you can help.




Services Needed – Gas Hob Servicing

We have a gas hob in need of servicing.  We live in the Competa campo area.  Can any Digamites offer a recommendation?

Replies to: mac2286 @ gmail.com

Tel: 951 242 177



Recommendation Needed – Qualified Electrician Required.

Can anyone recommend a qualified Electrician in the Torrox Pueblo or Torrox Costa region. My electrics keep tripping!  Pat

Patricianerja @ hotmail.com



Recommendation –Log Burners and Pellet Stoves

It is that time of year again and if you are feeling the cold and need a Log Burner or Pellet stove I recommend Tehisu in Velez Malaga.  I was very pleased with their service and skills and made a little film about them because I wanted others to know how good they are.  Their contact details are on the film.

You can see it here – no one paid me for this –



Seeba Films



Rental Needed- Long Term Rental Please

We are a couple who are relocating to Nerja in February 2017.

We are particularly looking for house/villa with outside space and in very good condition within Nerja town.

Preferably unfurnished but furnished would be considered if it is comfortable and clean.  We are prepared to pay a good rent for a good property.

Tel No. 0044 7779296597 or email     patricia.davison47 @ gmail.com



Rental Available-Detached Newly Built Campo House for Long Let

In  the wonderful village of IZNATE.

Well Furnished . all mod cons, wonderful views.

very private . own drive with ample parking .

Lounge , 2 bedrooms , bath shower and toilet , lounge ,

Kitchen , and store annex.

400.00 euros P:C:M. excluding electric and water.

ring for viewing . 616812765 or 690854154. .

photos can be sent if required. via email. . ernestiznate at hotmail dot co dot uk



What’s on- Bhua Luang Thai Restaurant

We reopen after our break today (Tuesday).
Full menu always available plus lunchtimes set menu which offers fabulous value on freshly prepared meals and our daily specials.
Both the main salon and the sheltered terrace area are heated.

Avda. Andalucía, 34B
Torre Del Mar
Opposite the police station

Tues – Sun 12:00 – 16:00 & 19:00 – 23:00



What’s on at Los Amigos; Torrox Park.

For more info click:http://claverack.wix.com/los-amigos.
Eventos para la semana en Los Amigos; Torrox.
Pinche aquí para ver las actividades en Los Amigos




What’s on –Any Jazz Bands out there?


Following on from the success of our Jazz Night with “Northern Lights Jazz Band” on Tuesday 8th November (see poster), we are looking to have a regular once a month Jazz night at Los Amigos.
If there are any jazz musicians/bands out there that might be interested in this, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact: c.laverack @ hotmail.com



What’s on- Chrismas Concert & Brunch .

We welcome the Holiday Season with a Christmas concert and brunch at

La Fonda Restaurant.

On this special morning Soprano Alba Chantar, Baritone José Antonio Ariza and Pianist Antonio Manzano will offer a recital of Christmas songs from around the world.

Sunday 11 December, 11:30 am

Place: Restaurante “La Fonda”, c/Gloria 13, Nerja

Price: 37€ (members receive a 15% discount). Price includes drinks.

Due to limited seating, reservation are requiered. To make the reservation and purchase tickets at the headquarters of the association C/ Pintada, 8 – 1º Izq, by calling the telephone 690 073 871 or sending one email to:

ventana.abierta.acp @ gmail.com and wait for confirmation.

Program – Songs from Around the World

1ª Parte

Rejoice! (“El mesías”, de Haendel)

Ich habe genug (J. S. Bach)

Oh holy night (Francia)

Dormi dormi (Italia)

Tuscendi dale stele (Italia)

Nana de Sevilla (España)

Para pedir posadas (México)

The Virgin Mary (Caribe)

What child is this (Inglaterra)

2ª Parte

Wexford Carol (Irlanda)

Veni veni Emmanuel (Europeo tradicional)

It came upon the midnight (Alemania)

Maria Wiegenlied. (Max Reger, Alemania)

Maria durchein Dornwaldging (Alemania)

Still still still (Austria)

Carol of the Drum (Estados Unidos)

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen, Canadá)

Noche de paz (Austria)



What’s on Wednesday 30th November 10.15am to 1pm,

El Pino Torrox Park a mix of new, old and artisan,

Christmas is less than 4 weeks away, we have handmade cards, decorations, and gifts, Aloe Vera products.

Enjoy a full breakfast or just a coffee on the terrace.

Plenty of free parking outside the door.

The next market on 14th December will be the last one this year!

For further details email indoormarket @ kwiksendmail.com



What’s on Nice new Music-Bar in Torrox-Costa…

Friday, 2.12. concert at 11.pm, open from 9 pm



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For Sale-Guitar effects mic and multi 8 track



For sale –Oki 32″ tv

ex condition works well, reason for sale is I bought a 40″.
50 euros
marilyn.boakes @ btinternet dot com



Wanted-Shop Mannequins or Tailor´s dummies

Please phone  619965025





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