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Make Space !

Hope you remember to remove all the “Spaces” in all the addresses I quote in Digamextra

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Responses to suggestion to stop  Items for Sale @ €5

Well – so many of you were interested in “voting” and commenting on this issue

Here are the numbers :

26 correspondents supported the idea to make the lower limit €10.

4 supported a €20 minimum

8 strongly supported leaving things as they were.

The overwhelming number suggested that cheaper items should be donated to a charity & it was pointed out that one could telephone a charity & they would most likely collect items.

Thank you all SO much – Digamextra subscribers really are active & interested !

SO….. in future, I shall not include items under €10 euros for sale

(unless there’s a really, really good reason why I should consider doing otherwise in a  one-off Ad.)

Thank you – Jane



List of Donation Shops for Animal Welfare ?

Would it be possible to have a permanent list of Donation Shops who support Animal Welfare and Shelter added to the Digame list? And note if they can collect items.

Anyone with donations of saleable items could then know where to place them, either at one shop, or spread over several.

Just running that idea by you. Ellen



Correction to Issue 458

The link for Facebook in dog lovers (or not) should read


dogs…..not dods

Also I neglected to say you need a UK address for


For those who did not see this  medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk

its worth a look.

Derek Nerja



Services Available –Hotel Vouchers in Nerja ?

My Mum has an apartment in El Morche that we visit in the summer.

This year our kids are old enough for a road trip from Suffolk – I think!

A few years ago my husband and I explored the area using a voucher scheme for hotels. We got a book in the travel agents in Nerja and chose from coloured vouchers going up in price and then could choose from the book the hotels you wanted to stay in.

I have forgotten the name of the scheme- do you happen to know the name of it or something similar?
Many thanks for any help you can give us.
Kelly Emms  kmemms @ icloud.com


If this service still exists – please send details to Digamextra, Jane



Services Available- Comment re Post Boxes

Whilst some other towns have private alternatives to the official P O Box, I have not found one in Torrox unfortunately so agree wholeheartedly with Malcom’s comments yesterday. The cost used to be reasonable, but particularly since we’ve had to pay extra to have both of our names (although they are the same surname) on the account, it is nearly 100€ which does seems a lot considering they don’t have to leave their warm office to deliver our mail! Barbara



Services Available Absent Garage Owner – D. Geddes ?

Our car was booked in for its ITV last week with David but when we got there the garage was closed and locked up. We have been trying to ring ever since but his phone constantly says it is unavailable. Before we drive to Nerja to see if the garage is open does any Digamite know if he was due to shut for a holiday, or perhaps it’s just his phone that’s out of order? It is strange that he missed our ITV appointment. Barbara: mimbrebee at gmail dot com



Services Available –Personal Training

Hoping everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a happy new year.

If you are looking to start off your year as healthy as you can then take advantage of the below 🙂

To help get you back on track and feeling great I am
going to giveaway 2 FREE personal training sessions.
This fantastic opportunity is only available to two people.
So don’t hesitate on this offer
+34 658 335 343
adamirving.pt @ gmail.com



Recommendation- Natural Gas Query

I’d be interested to hear opinions of any of you with experience of converting from butane to natural gas in your home.

There’s a host of info online from the supply companies but it would be helpful to speak to anyone who has been through the changeover process and also if you have ever installed a gas heater in your chiminea.  Thanks!


h and l newman @ hotmail dot com



Recommendation Needed–Lino/Laminate Flooring

Hi can anybody recommend the best place to get lino/laminate flooring around torre del mar.
Have no transport so must be able to deliver.
Thanks in advance.
Messages to 617818411 or 0353866077105. On what’s app



Recommendation – Fire Stick

In today’s DigamExtra someone was asking whether anyone has had

experience with Amazon Fire Stick.

Could you please share any replies on Digamextra as I’m sure there are others interested in the answer.

Many thanks  Jan

Editor writes – Good idea , please copy to me.    Jane



What’s on-Artisan Market at Table Mountain, Comares this Sunday 


January is a great time to come up to Table Mountain Restaurant in Los Ventorros, Comares, because the almond blossoms are almost in bloom! This Sunday we are organising an artisan market, lots of stalls with bric-a-brac, jewellery, local products like honey and olive oil and organic food!

Also: Live music with Andy andPete and the Comares Choir will be singing Spanish traditional songs. We’ll be serving chocolate con churros to keep us warm.

More information on our website: Tablemountaincomares.com or our facebook page: Table Mountain Comares

If you’d like a stall give us a call on 952 95 70 57 or

drop us an email on liz@ab.tl



What’s on- Hatha Yoga classes


Now available with me Jo Bradley on Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings at Centro Shiva Torrox Costa!.

For beginners and experienced alike, from young to old, everyone is very welcome to try the wonderful therapeutic practice of yoga

(Hatha yoga incorporates physical postures/stretching, breathing exercises and relaxation to achieve a sense of peace & wellbeing on all levels).

Yoga is a very personal practice so you can go at your own pace.

Just pop along and try a class!

Please text or call to book on 606313307

I look forward to meeting you!  🙂



For Sale – Car Tyres 

tyre01 tyre02 tyre03

I am selling 4 tyres Michelin Alpin 195/65/15 91 T almost new.

Perfect to drive 50 000 km more. The reason is that I sold the car.

Price: 110 euros/ 4 tyres.

Normal price new: 70 euros each.

I give the wheels.

I have whatsapp: 611406924 (Vincent) and the tyres are in Sedella.



For Sale –Glass shower screen


To fit opening of 120 to130 cm for sale, purchased from Leroy Merlin 12 months ago for over 300 euros but door has never been hung as it would not open in our compact bathroom! Screen has a smoked glass effect with opaque stripes.
For sale for 80 euros.
Email address is maysp @ btinternet (dot) com




For Sale –2 pairs of beautiful luxury chenille curtains & juicer


from John Lewis

Fully lined and very heavy.  230 drop by 225 wide

€50 per pair


Also Phillips fruit and vegetable juicer excellent condition and working order €20




For Sale – Gas Bottle, Spirit Level & Spotlight 

gas01 gas02 gas03

Repsol Gas bottle (full) for sale.

30 Euro.

New Ruler And Spirit Level 500mm (20in.) With Angle Finder

5 Euro.

New Livarno Lux LED Solar Spotlight 80 Powerful LEDs Pivotable Sensor.

15 Euro

Nerja,  Supersol (old Bridge) or Torrox  Campo.

Phone 654 728380

kenseal at gmail dot com            Whatsapp 654728380




For Sale- Removal Lorry 

removal01 removal02To facilitate a quick sale the price has been reduced from 3,000€ to 2,400€.

This price includes two sets of vehicle keys and 50 ltr of diesel fuel.

An excellent opportunity to purchase a Luton Box lorry ideal for general removals or conversion for carrying livestock.

The 7.5 ton, 26 foot lorry was manufactured in 1995 by DAF with manual transmission and a 130Bhp diesel engine only having driven 164,477 miles.

The UK registered, fully legal, vehicle has just arrived in Spain having had a full service before its latest MOT in September, 2016.

Recent improvements include three new tyres, replacement brakes, steering box replacement and a new clutch.

Asking price is now 2,400€ or best offer.

However, an exchange for a Spanish registered car/4×4 will be considered.

Please contact Jazz on Tel: 658655045 or

email: aoajazzo1pcntr @ hotmail.com



For Sale Paraffin Heater


Webber R 257 Heater, like new

Euro 50,00

Torre del Mar or meeting along the coast

Tel.  676 786261



For Sale Lovely bougainvillea topiary 


Tomato red (with deep fuschia highlights) flowers

within a female form made of antique white wire, set in a

black planting pot 15″ (38cm) high x 17″ (43cm) diameter.

Total height of the topiary is 48″ (122cm) high.

35 euros

Located in Algarrobo. Buyer to pick up.

Contact Ellen: ellen.amos @ hotmail.com  mobile 642 464 801



For Sale – Tapestries

 ‘Last meal on land’ –Tapestry     


Historical pictoral account showing Harold, brother-in-law to Edward the Confessor, prior to his departure for Normandy.

…Beautifully detailed reproduction woven tapestry of a section of the famous medieval ‘Bayeaux Tapestry’

Beige background with wonderful characters of people and animals in various muted colors.

The entire original ‘play on a stage’ was created in 1064 and measured 70 meters x 50 cm.

This section measures 78″ (nearly 2 meters) x 38″ (almost 1 meter).

Has finished edges and rod pockets for both top and bottom sides.

Rods are included.

150 euros.

‘The Fleet sets sail for England’


…Beautifully detailled reproduction woven tapestry of a section of the famous medieval ‘Bayeaux Tapestry’

Beige background with wonderful characters of people and animals in various muted colors.

The entire origional ‘play on a stage’ was created in 1064 and measured 70 meters x 50 cm.

This section measures 71″ (nearly 2 meters) x 33″ (84cm).

Has finished edges and rod pockets for both top and bottom sides.

Rods are included.

200 euros.

Located in Algarrobo pueblo. Buyer to pick up

Contact Ellen: ellen.amos @ hotmail.com  mobile 642 464 801



For Sale –Antique Cups & Saucers  

antiq01 antiq02

Antique set of 8 Royal Doulton cups and Saucers. With gold leaf. 45euro. brendacooper341 @ yahoo.com








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