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Watch the Space Station here!

I don’t know if any digamites would be interested but we have been watching the Space station passing overhead this morning – if interested Google “spot the station” and you can register to be told when it will be passing, what area (in the sky) and for how long.    We started watching it when Tim Peake was on board – perhaps others might enjoy it or pass the information on to family members – you can choose the area you want to know about.

Joan M



Services Available – Singing Lessons

Hello lovely sunny people, happy new year!

I am an experienced singing teacher and have just moved over to the sunny climes of Nerja – with 5 years worth of teaching experience in London and the South of England I have been lucky enough to teach 7 year olds to 90 year olds, and all the ones in between. I am now wanting to help potential singers over here to.

If you have ever felt like you have wanted singing lessons, or lack confidence with anything in your life, then learning to sing can improve this. If you have breathing troubles, then my technique of combining Classical training and modern training together, can really enhance your life.
Or even if you just love music and singing and your too scared to do this alone I am here to help.

I am a grade 8 classically trained singer, with a degree in Vocal performance from a renowned contemporary music school in Guildford. With experience in Musical theatre and pop, I am a published songwriter. And I have toured California with the 80’s band ABC. Please do check my website –


Please do email me georgiecullum@ gmail.com (delete spaces) or call me on 95124 7255 to have a chat about lessons and prices, I am very flexible and I can come to you where ever you are.

I very much hope to hear from you!





Recommendation –Carer

I want to recommend Anna as a caregiver.

She is very attentive, lovely lady.

For one week she was taking care of my sick  husband and

we were very happy with her job.

You can contact her to   analisa50 @ gmx.com




What’s on- Trip to the zoo at Castellar de la Fronter

The Phoenix Club are off to the Zoo at Castellar de la Frontera on Friday 18th March 2017.hw far is it to Castellar de la Frontera from Torre del Mar

About the Zoo de Castellar – The ‘zoo’ de Castellar is not your typical zoo. It was started as a private rescue sanctuary back in 1998 and was finally opened to the public in 2002.

For years it remained relatively unknown and unvisited. Word of mouth ensuring its survival. Bit-by-bit things are beginning to change.  All of the animals have been rescued by the customs or police.

Its location is of no coincidence, conveniently located near the border; most of the residents were victims of illegal animal smuggling between Europe and Africa.  Some were also rescued from circuses. From its most famous resident ‘Princessa’, a four month old Bengali Tiger to emus, Vietnamese pot bellied pigs, monkeys, all kinds of birds, a hyena, rabbits, even domestic chickens, the zoo has a wide diversity of animals. Over 500 to be exact, from 120 different species.

The refuge centre opened its doors to the public in 2002, mainly to raise funds for the ever increasing number of animals but also in an attempt to educate visitors to their plight.

The zoo is very open and interactive; we are encouraged to touch and meet the animals.

The facilities are basic and are constantly being updated. You can buy small bags of seeds for 1€ as you enter and can walk around feeding the animals.

The petting areas are well controlled, the staff seem to know what they are doing and above all it is an experience we will not forget.

There are not many places where you can play with a live tiger or feed lemurs by hand.

Courtesy of Spain-holiday.com

The price?  €30pp includes a €1 gratuity for the driver.  Lunch is extra
Depart Algarrobo Lidl at 08.30 with a stop for breakfast
Early booking is recommended if you like a particular place, as seat numbers are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  For more information on any of our trips or events call Gail on 951 067 723,

email phoenixsocialclub @ yahoo.co.uk or

catch us on the web at www.phoenixsocialclub.co.uk
The Phoenix Club is a registered association raising funds for 3 local charities and Help4Heroes in the UK.  We meet every tuesday at the bar restaurant La Vega in Torre del Mar between 12 and 2pm and you can book or pay from 12.15 onwards.  Do pop in and meet us.  You can find La Vega behind the Repsol Garage on the way out of Torre towards Benajarafe.


What’s on -GU!R! at Bahia Tanit, Thursday Afternoon 


This Thursday afternoon, 19th January from 14:00h, GU!R! will be at Bahia de Tanit, in Torre del Mar, playing three hours of live music following the Thursday markets in Torre and Velez-Malaga. Fabulous indoor / outdoor beach resort for sand, sea, a tasty lunch, and a spot of rest and relaxation. Huge carpark and free entry.

The google link for Bahia de Tanit Beach Club is https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1AVNA_enES602ES603&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=bahia+de+tanit&rflfq=1&rlha=0&rllag=36733581,-4097628,236&tbm=lcl&tbs=lf_msr:-1,lf_od:-1,lf_oh:-1,lf_pqs:EAE,lf:1,lf_ui:9
and for more information contact us at https://www.facebook.com/GUIRI.rock.band



What’s on- Almond Blossom Tea in Comares


Now is the time to come and visit us! This Friday: our fab tapas night with different tapas every week, by our wonderful chef Esteban (he’s from Jerez, they do amazing things with tapas there!) and

this Sunday the 22nd an outing for all the family: Almond Blossom Tea!

Have a leisurely drive through the mountains swathed in pink and white and then have a lovely tea with homemade scones, muffins, little sandwiches and cake. Gotta have cake….

More info, please check out our website, our facebook, send us an email on Liz@ab.tl or give us a call: 952 95 70 57



What’s on- Quiz Night at the Pavo Real, Competa-Torrox Rd

quiz02Quiz Night at the Pavo Real, Competa.

Friday 17th Febuary, from 7.30pm.

Yes it’s back by popular demand, the quiz night at the Pavo. Come and enjoy a great night with Stewart and Paul. The usual rounds Comedy, sport, music, TV etc.

Watch out for the trick questions.

Entry is 5 euros per person to include food, teams of 4.

Entries can be made on the sheet provided near the bar,

or by calling Pavo Paul on 654869083.

Donation to be made to Charity.

Overall winners to receive Sunday lunch for the team.

Prizes every round.

Don’t miss out, great night guaranteed.



What’s on Afternoon Quiz- Thursday

quiz02There will be another Afternoon Quiz on Thursday 19th at 3pm. The venue is  Manolo’s Bar. Torrox Costa. You can find it behind the Repsol Garage, near the top of the street leading to the beach (turn off the roundabout at the 24 hour Famacia.)  This week our quizmaster is Phil.  All welcome!  See you there!

carolemhart @ yahoo.com



What’s on-  Vinyasa Flow in Torrox Costa.  


The best way to awaken your body, your mind and your heart with a proper session of morning Vinyasa Flow (including Yoga, Chi-kung, Asahi).

In a pleasant environment, your breathing will give the rhythm to the movements of your body to stretch and oxygenate your musculature, heart and brain. You will come out relaxed to face your day with a positive mind. Your level or your physical shape do not matter. I will adapt the exercises to everyone of you. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 to 11:30 am.

Monthly or individual payments.

For more information please visit us at Centor Shiva Torrox, just in front of Aldi, or call me 625056649. Welcome!



For Sale –Asus X70L- Media Center Laptop, Refurbished,



Set Up For Anonymous Internet Access

Giant laptop, set up for entertainment and anonymous web-surfing, video streaming and downloading. Fully loaded with premium software, with bookmarks to the best media providers and optimized for high performance. It has 3 media players to play every known audio/video format, as well as torrent and YouTube downloaders and software to access all your favorite streaming audio or video. There’s even a free high-speed VPN!

The refurb included a reconditioned hard disk and new RAM. This is a heavy, very sturdy, well built laptop.

160Gb Hard disk, 2.5Gb RAM, Win 7 Ultimate SP1, Intel Dual Core @ 1.73 GHz, 32bit, UK keyboard,

huge 17inch display, card reader, 1.5hr battery and DVD re-writer drive.

Programs pre-loaded: MS Office Suite 2013 Pro Plus, Firefox, Chrome, FilmOn and TKList video streamers, uTorrent 2.2 torrent downloader, VLC Player, PotPlayer Professional Media Player, Adobe Reader, Flash & Java, DVD Burning Tool, IObit Uninstaller, Ccleaner, YouTube Downloader plus other video downloaders. Security and anonymity software: CyberGhost VPN, Technitium MAC Address Changer, IP Leak Block, DNS Leak Block, Web RTC Block, Ghostery tracking block, Avast AntiVirus and uBlock Ad Blocker.

This is the same setup I use, including many state-of-the-art tools for secure, anonymous online media viewing and recording. I will take an hour to demonstrate everything when you pick it up, if you are interested. If you are new to all these features you can just ignore them, or if you want to learn about internet privacy then Google them and read how they work or watch some YouTube tutorial videos or schedule a class to learn how to use them (€25 for 75mins). The sites you visit, the items you search, your social media posts, the computer equipment you are using, what you click on and what you watch/listen/download are all tracked, saved and easily available to any interested parties, potential employers, police, ex-spouses, competitors, cyber-thieves, etc. You can have real privacy, if you’re willing to take some time to learn the basic protection methods. Internet privacy is your right! Use it or lose it!

Will work best on a fairly good internet connection, 5Mb/s or faster. If you will be using the VPN to stream videos in HD quality then you will want a 10Mb/s connection or faster.

For pickup in Nerja. €200

Contact Naythan on 675 993 069 (call after 12noon please),

email: doctorlaptop @ gmx.com



For sale –Percussion : Headphones

percus-01 percus-02

Made from English Spalted Beech.

The ‘Beat Root’ has four passive pickups, two at the heel, two at the toe, with a stereo output and a range of tones from a deep warm kick to a snappy snare. Single 1/4″ stereo output. Using a mono lead combines the two playing areas – however using a ‘Y’ cable (stereo male to 2 x mono female) means you can split the signal from the two playing areas and EQ them separately. It measures 12.5″ x 6.5″.

40 €.

AKG A44 Perception Headphones. Ideal for lovers of Bass (& bassists!).

30 €.

Contact: 625 876 499



For Sale – Pure cowskin rug from IKEA


down only 3 weeks.

95 EUR.

Phone. 952525207




For Sale- 4 Ikea “Skruvsta” chairs.


They are running on silent rubber coated wheels, turn, are height-adjustable and even swivel.

They are about 4 years old but have never been used, so they look and are NEW.

Colour: White. Material: Imitated leather. Size: 80 to 90cm high, 65cm wide, 65cm deep. Very comfortable.

Location: Campo above Algarrobo but I can deliver to a meeting point at the coast or even your home. Just add some fuel money.

Price: 40,00€ per piece ono. Ikea´s price today is 139,00€.

Here is the link to Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/es/es/catalog/products/30280004/?query=skruvsta#/80280030

Christoph, hczahn @ gmail.com, 722655526



For Sale- Yamaha CLP-320 full size electric Piano 


weighted keys, multiple voices, 3 pedals, stool, in immaculate condition.

Very nice instrument. Will break down to fit in car.
€300 collect Torre del Mar
Daveholmes19 at aol dot com
Mob.  622065370 (whatsapp) after 9.



For Sale-Reduced Price  HP Deskjet 1050 colour/B&W printer

printer-01 printer02

This is designed to print, scan and copy and has done so for me for the last 3 years.

However, it has stopped printing or scanning when attached to my laptop so is only currently used as a photocopier, hence the reduced price of

€14 o.n.o –

it might work with another computer

Includes USB cable for attaching to a computer and the original installation disc. The printer uses two cartridges,  HP301 colour and HP301 black. There are part-used cartridges in the printer and the print quality is very good.

Contact Tony on 692189912, or email: tonyandpam at talktalk dot net



For Sale – MAG 250 Micro HD IPTV streaming Set Top Box

Full HD IPTV With Wifi , IPTV  Resolution: Up to 1080p, CPU: STi7105, RAM: 256Mb, Flash Memory: 256Mb. MAG 250 Full HD IPTV, Mag 250 Micro IPTV Set Top Box With Wifi Dongle

Use as IPTV box that can be connected to your TV, The MAG 250 can provides access to web services such a YouTube, Picasa, Online Cinemas & Weather Forecast, Browse the web from your living room using the built-in web browser

Supports wired internet setups, Supports wireless internet setups with the addition of a wireless USB dongle, The simple interface and good performance give a great user experience.

Boxed with remote.

Bargain at 35 Euros.

Tel: 680 407 833

Torrox Costa area.



For Sale –Household furniture – sofas & table

house-02house03Excellent quality white leather sofas from the one Dubai width 250cms depth 102cms

each sofa price €650.00

house01Good quality wrought iron glass top table with 8 matching chairs with seat cushions length 180cms width 100cms

price €350.00

contact number 672170429



For Sale –Shovel


I am a solid and capable hard working shovel and will be yours for the price of

10 euros.

Torrox Pueblo 617111115 Sandra



For Sale –2 silver cepsa  gas bottles – Empty.


10€ each .

Nerja . 625231772





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