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Keys Found in Competa   

Lost KeysThese keys were found in Cómpeta on the Carril de Circunvalación on Friday evening, 1st January. Anyone wishing to claim them, please call 625 78 21 73 after 11am.



Increased Mail Charges

If you don’t already know, postage charges went up on 1st January.

Letters to Europe now 1.15 euros and within Spain 0.45 euros.



Finding Products in Shops

Spanish supermarkets do stock almost all the products you can buy in the UK. Eroski in the El Ingenio shopping centre at Velez Malága has half an aisle of gluten free products and a range of sugars and sugar substitutes.

Strangely though, they are usually made by Spanish companies, and have Spanish written on them, so you need to learn the Spanish words relevant to you. There is an aisle with a big Union flag that sells things from the UK, but you pay over the odds for a familiar brand name and packaging.

Carrefour on the way to Malága also has huge range of foods for those with dietary intolerances.
For the rare products Arkwrights at Puente Don Manuel is great. You can buy Certo pectin there and preserving sugar, as well as things like malt extract and uncommon herbs and spices.

Having made 30 jars of marmalade this year though I have not needed to add extra pectin. The gelling effect is dependent on the concentration of pectin of course but also the amount of sugar and the acidity. Pectin is in the peel and pips, and in apples if you need more. Once you have extracted it by boiling or pressure cooking you can chuck the debris away. Acidity is controlled by adding lemon juice.

Sweet oranges are not very acid, which is why Seville oranges are preferred for marmalade. Be prepared to boil and boil though, particularly if you are in the mountains as the temperatures things cook at are affected by altitude.
Finally, if you need more jars you will find the Chinese bazaars sell them as cheap as chips.


Gluten Free Products

Don’t know where Juliet lives but the Bazaar in Competa has a very wide range of products which are gluten free ( she caters for people in Competa who have coeliac disease).  Linda


MacDonalds does a gluten free burger bun.     Gina


Naythan DrLaptop logo 1 smallDoctorLaptop’s Tips #45 and January Special    

Windows 10 is now stable enough to trust for your primary computer. As always, do a full backup onto an external storage device of any data you value first. Anyone who loses data, for any reason, has no one to blame but themselves in today’s computer environment! Everyone must do backups or risk data loss, that’s just the way it is.

Early Win 7 computers are never going to run Win 10 properly due to hardware issues. There are now tests for this. But considering laptops have an expected 6 year lifespan with average use, it may be time to retire those old laptops. Well maintained towers will last longer. Computers that shipped with Win 8.1 pre-installed should upgrade fine. Units less than 7 years old that originally had Win 7 or Win 8 installed will also upgrade ok but a few of the new Win 10 features will be unavailable, like Cortana personal assistant. The free upgrade to Windows 10 expires July 29 this year. So unless you are dedicated to running Win 7 until it becomes obsolete in early 2020 (and many are) now is the time to upgrade without paying for it. There are certain procedures that must be done to prepare a computer for a successful upgrade to Win 10. If you are doing it yourself check Google search or my blog site for these procedures. Then visit your computer manufacturer’s website for their Win 10 upgrade info. There may be warnings there you need to read concerning your specific model.

SPECIAL DEAL for January 2016: Want to upgrade to Windows 10 but not confident you can do it yourself? Let me do it for you, only 70 euros. I will test your unit first with my plug-in version of Win 10. You are welcome to watch me do the test (it only takes 15 minutes) to be sure it will work, so there is no risk involved. Thus you can try Win 10 on your unit before it is installed! If your unit fails then there is no charge! But again, always backup your data before any major changes, including this upgrade.
Mobile: 689 721 916, no calls before 11am please.

Website: http://doctorlaptop-nerja.webnode.com
Blog: https://doctorlaptopstips.wordpress.com





There was a question recently about IPTV provision. I know next to nothing about it (fairly obvious now!) but a word of warning – I responded to a ‘special offer’ of an IPTV box (Zidoo X1) for 150 euros. In ignorance I bought it, only to find out later that Amazon.es sell them for 55 euros! My advice is to ask the service provider which IPTV box they supply and then check out prices elsewhere. Tony



Work on Torrox Beach –

I don’t know how to send the link (!) but there is an article in SUR newspaper about this.
Go to SUR (Spanish) and click on Malaga.
Work has been started to build a breakwater and the piles of sand are part of this. However the work has now been delayed until April 1st to protect a “mollusc” community in this area (in the photo it looks like clams).
Ecologists in Action opposed the construction of this breakwater because of the damage it would do to fish/shellfish etc in the area.
Maybe this will appear in SUR in English.




English car insurance – response

The rules are the same in Spain. When my husband died our car was insured fully comprehensive in his name and any driver over 25. The policy still had 4 months to run and I went to our big insurance broker in Nerja to change into my name. They told me it was ok to leave it till it was time to renew. As my husband had been in the insurance industry all his working life and I’d picked up a bit of info over the years I knew this was not so. I insisted on canceling the policy and reinsured in my name with another broker.
I later realized the ITV was due and being peak time could not get an appointment before due date. My new broker said it was ok as you had 15 or 30 days grace period.
The police were doing a traffic documents check near me and I asked if this was so. They said this was not, and If stopped it would be a fine with no current ITV. Also my insurance would be invalid.
I wonder can anyone set up as insurance brokers with no training or knowledge of the insurance industry.


Stats for DigameXtra via Dr. Laptop

DigamExtra is up to 2,506 regular followers, 275 FB followers and 108 WordPress member subscribers. Better yet, your current Alexa rank places your site as number 4,499,248 worldwide, meaning you passed more than 8 million sites in the last 3 months from your previous ranking ! WOW!


Passports – Warning

I would just like to point out that the reply from Tony is advocating you commit a criminal offence as it is illegal to make any statement on the passport renewal which is untrue.  That includes giving a false address and country of residence. Tony has just admitted this offence in writing




Services Needed- Cess Pit Emptying

I wonder if anyone can help us?

We have recently moved to Torrox Campo. Our Villa has cesspit sewerage that we would like to have emptied.

Can anyone recommend a company that could do this, preferable English speaking.
We have no idea what the cost is likely to be, any advice will be really welcome. Please reply to Bob at
Darcymay1 @  icloud.com


Services Available – Interpreter
How many of you will be going to see your doctor in the coming months, or visiting a consultant in the hospital ?  Do you have the words to describe your symptoms ?  Do you understand what is being said to you ?  Did he say “two tablets three times a day, or three tablets twice a day”.  The risk of misunderstanding or being misunderstood is great.  I can help
I was an interpreter in the hospital for 15 years.  I have the words, and I can help you.  Please call me, even if it’s only for advice.
My name is Pamela and my phone is;  609040709



Services Available – Work Opportunity

Helping Hands has been supporting people with award winning care in the UK since 1989
enabling customers to remain in the familiarity of their own homes, surrounded by things that they love.
As the leading provider of care in the UK, we have a network of regional offices , managers and
trainers to support and develop our carers who are the heart of our business.
We are currently looking for Spanish based potential carers to work in the UK, whilst experience
can be beneficial it is not essential as you will be given full training.
Our Spanish based Live-in carers find that, not only is Live-in care a rewarding career but it also
fits well with Spanish and UK lifestyles, as well as being in the UK for a few weeks supplementing
their income they also get to visit family and friends – its the prefect balance.
For information about our forthcoming recruitment and training events being held in Spain
please contact Jayne Vale  957556056 / 658521907 or email
Follow us: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn Video: Learn more about Helping Hands
Jayne Vale
Spanish Recruiter/ Dementia Specialist



Services Available Solution for Electricity supply problem pic

Many times, when there is a storm (thunder/lightning), the supply will often trip out, it is always the main switch (RCD/RCB) “Interruptor diferencial in Spain” in the consumer unit that trips.  When you are away, you need a continuous service in fridge, alarm, swimming pool, that requires a continuous electricity supply.

In this case, it is possible to install a Self-reclosing RCCB to ensure service continuity.

Call or email for no obligation quote and more information:
Oscar Pinazo
605 59 00 11 (Also WhatsApp)
reparacionespinazo at gmail dot com



Services ITV Tests
I have been advised to cease this occasional  service due to health reasons.

Kind Regards



Services Available- Man with a Van (Peugeot Partner)                                 Available for collections, deliveries, and small removals, based in Caleta de Vélez. Prepared to travel anywhere.                                                                                                 25 Euros per hour.                                                                                                                      Email: alanwright1397@gmail.com
Mobile: 653818938


Services Needed – Specialist Camera Shop in Nerja  

Does anybody know if there is a specialized camera shop in the Nerja area?

I want to buy a Lumix GX7 and looking for a shop that can order it for me.

Please reply on DígameXtra.   MW



Rental Needed – Torrox- Nerja Area

Is there any long term rental accommodation available for €250 per month rent?
My contact details are 642650852 and email is luke.medcalf@hotmail.co.uk.



Rental Available Country Property

Close to Torrox pueblo, 3 bed 2 bath , lots of land , fenced and gated ,pool , long term 600 a month , no bad track .



Responses – Pectin – Not Needed

You don’t need pectin to make marmalade. I make it most years using the Seville oranges off the pueblo trees in Torrox  (collect them before the town hall remove them all and dump them!). The pectin is in the pips so put them all into a net/muslin bag and boil them together the peel, juice and water for the 2 hours or so it takes to reduce the liquid by half. Then remove the pips and squeeze out all the pectin from them. Then add the sugar and bring to setting point. Barbara




Bouquet 03Please award a bouquet to John and Fi who provided excellent service in fixing our cordless vacuum even though my vacuum was a different make and model. Lovely couple who sorted us out.


Contact them –  fi@fionacole.com or tel 608662717.



Recommendation – Massage

Yesterday I had a fabulous massage with Linda Bogaert who lives in Torrox Costa.
She is relatively new in town and can be contacted on 620 703 954 or

email Linda relax at hotmail dot com.



What’s onPainting Classes in Torrox-Pueblo
paint01 paint02

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to be more creative this year,
the best time to start is now. We paint every Friday morning 10:30 – 13:00
in the Meson La Terraza, Calle Baja 80 and will start again on
Friday, January 15.
All my “old timers” and hopefully some newcomers are welcome. Most of
us paint with watercolours, but if you prefer acrylics, that’s fine too. Please
bring your own materials.
We sometimes also paint on location, as you can see in the photos below,
where we tried an impression of the many hanging umbrellas on Torrox-Plaza.
For more information please contact your experienced tutor Gerda Koehler
via e-mail gerdakoehler68 at gmail dot com or tel. 606 553 031.



What’s on – Yoga at Eco Market Today !

Starting this Saturday 09/01/2016 at 11.30 there will be yoga classes again at the Ecological Market in Vinuela. (at Vivero ‘El Algarrobo’)
This class is suitable for every body. Including beginners, people who feel stiff or pain and people with injuries and lower back problems.
Do you want to start the New Year with feeling better, healthier, more flexible and stronger? Come to the yoga class during the Market. Or book in advance: yoga.flora at yahoo.com, 622591827, FB: Flora Yoga Hendriksen

If you have, bring yoga mat, thick socks and blanket.

Try out class: € 6,-
1 normal class: € 8,50
3 classes (7,50): € 22,50
4 classes (7,-): € 28,-
5 classes (6,50): € 32,50
7 classes (6,-): € 42,-
9 classes (5,50): € 49,50,- + the 10th class is for free

Cheers Flora


What’s on- Bar Amalia, Archez

Sunday lunch served from 1.30 – 5.00 pm.  Slices of Beef or Lamb served with Roast and Mashed Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, selection of fresh vegetables, gravy and horseradish or mint sauce – 8 euros.

Homemade puddings include Apple and Blackberry Crumble, Chocolate Pudding and Sticky Toffee Pudding.  Full menu also available. Phone Dot on 634302480 to reserve a table.



What’s on Films in English – Local Cinemas

(thanks to Doug)


Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Dir. JJ Abrams. With Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega. Daily 16:30, 19:20.

Joy – Dir. David O Russell. With Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper. Weekdays 16:00 (+18:30 on Tue), Sat/Sun 12:15,16:00.

In addition, on Tuesday there will be screenings of Maggie (16:10, 18:10, 20:10, 22:10), Steve Jobs (17:00) and The Good Dinosaur (18:05).

On Thursday there will be a chance to see Les Ballets Russes from the Palais Garnier in Paris at 20:00.


Legend – Dir. Brian Helgeland. With Tom Hardy, Emily Browning. Daily 20:40.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Joy are on daily. The Peanuts Movie, Point Break, The Walk, Steve Jobs and Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 are on at the weekend. Check website for timings.


45 Years – Dir. Andrew Haigh. With Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay. Daily 16:30, 20:30.

The Lobster – Dir. Yorgos Lanthimos. With Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz. Daily 18:15.

Macbeth – Dir. Justin Kurzel. With Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard. Daily 19:30, 22:00.


What’s on @ Bar La Dama : Castilian Garlic Soup this weekend!

As you will probably know by now, at Bar La Dama we serve you every weekend a fresh, hot bowl of soup! During the whole winter season of 2016 we will continue with this.

For this weekend you can enjoy, next to our selection of tapas, a “Sopa Castellana” which is a Castilian Garlic Soup.

When: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of January

Where: Bar La Dama, Urb. Centro Internacional – Bloque 73, Algarrobo-Costa

What: Castilian Garlic Soup from 13:30h.

Remember: @ Bar La Dama you can enjoy every weekend a different hot bowl of soup!



What’s on at AliOli – Competa’s Gourmet Chill-out Bar

Christmas has come and gone.

So  come and join us at AliOli, Competa’s warm and cosy gourmet chill-out bar

Friday 15th JanuaryMexican Night – from 7pm. Bring your hats!

Mexican menu including Ceviche

Tequila slammers


And all your favourite cocktails >

Mariachis music and dancing until you drop.

Remember we have Olde English Cider and Carling on draught as well as John Smiths in cans.

Booking advised.

Friday 29th January – Open mic night – Compèred by Niña Cordoray- Downes microphone available. All acts welcome.

Full menu available plus specials .

Booking advised.

Daily coffee and delicious homemade cakes  – every afternoon 3.50€

Cocktail happy hour   Every Friday and Saturday night 7pm – 8pm. Dancing til late – Choose your own favourite music.

Sunday Brunch – Every Sunday until 3pm. Try our classic Eggs Benedict, homemade hash browns, criollos sausages. Wash it down with our infamous Bloody Mary or a Bucks Fizz.

Saturday afternoons – available for children’s party bookings.

Coming soon ……..

Pie Night – 3 different homemade pies to choose from with Christians famous buttery mash. Dancing to your favourite music.

Tamla Mowtown Night – dance to the sensational Tamla sounds – 60s /70s dress optional. Dig out your old flares!!

telephone 633172519. .

email chrisincompeta@gmail.com You can find us just along from  the Mirador in Plaza Vendimia, Competa. Booking is advisable


Available – Gluten Free

Eroski has a whole range of Gluten free products




For sale –  Edwardian nursing chair.

unnamedNeeds some TLC and re-upholstering.

20 euros.   Can be viewed in Periana

email: clark-ward@gmx.com



For sale – House Clearance    

clear 01 clear 02 clear 04

For sale – just moved in to our house where the previous occupants kindly left us with the following surplus:

Please note there is no room for negotiations here as you can see they are rock bottom prices.

Also guaranteed postage will be more than the items – so please view and collect from Caleta.

“Bosch” Food mixer with 3 stirrers

“Profimixx 46” /45 Euros


“Braun” Juicer /15 Euros

Other Items


(No 12 vdc supply)

5 Euros

“Acer” PC Monitor RGB

20 Euros

“Denon” Amplifier /10 Euros

“Grundig” CD Player /10 Euros

“Uher” Twin Cassette /5 Euros

“AC” 8 ohm Speakers

10 Euros

RT” Satellite LNB

30 Euros

“Phonex” Speakers

“TX70” 4/8 ohm

10 Euros

“Philips” Fax m/c + Answerphone

“Magic 5” with spare roll

15 Euros


Petelucas3 at gmail dot com



Wanted Large Food Processor

 I am looking to buy a large food processor.
If you have one for sale, please contact Olly on 608 568 602
Or email Ray Craig at live dot com



For sale- Collector’s Cards     

CardsThe full set of 32 regional traditional dress of Spain postcards. Would be of interest to collectors. Very good condition.  150 euros. For sale in the Action for Animals charity shop in Competa, tele 660 586 040. Open Monday to Saturday 10am -2pm



For sale – 51 Books    


47 paperbacks in well read to very good condition; authors include James Patterson, Kathy Reichs, Harlan Coben, Emma Blair, Agatha Christie, Lynda La Plante, Peter May, Val McDermid, Karin Slaughter and many more.

Also 4 hardbacks – Lynda La Plante (Deadly Intent in good condition), Sheila Quigley (The Road To Hell in very good condition), John Grisham (Gray Mountain – written 2014 – very good condition) and James Herriot (6 book omnibus in good condition).

Buyer to collect from Torrox Costa (Penoncillo).

€25 for all 51 books OR €20 for just the paperbacks and €8 for just the four hardbacks.

Brenda Lee Tel 609777430 or email casaianda at yahoo dot co dot uk



Wanted Floor Tiles     

floor tiles wanted A few rustic outdoor tiles wanted to match 10 years old existing ones. I need to do some work and am anticipating possible damage to a few of the existing ones. Size around 32cm x 32cm –  mat (uneven) finish – with a shallow impressed “ripple” finish. Maybe you know of a supplier, or even have some at the back of your shed? I will collect. Thank you.michaeldotqed@gmaildotcom or mobile 638070915


For Sale – Round Table                                                                                                round table

Round table.with marble plate,

high 44 cm, diameter 45 cm,

20 €.                                                                                                                                            625859166

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