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Tax Declaration 2015

For those of you who do your own tax declaration directly with Hacienda (as opposed to via a gestor/financial advisor etc), you may not be aware that for the first time this year, pensions previously not declared under the Double Taxation Agreement, such as Teachers Pensions, Army Pensions and the like, from 2015 have to be declared – not to be taxed (as they are still taxed in the UK) but for calculating your tax band. This is not optional! I only found out by chance a couple of weeks ago, and as they will almost certainly catch up with you, best to do it right now and avoid not only the tax in the future but a hefty fine as well!

Hope this is helpful-   Wendy



Can any Digamigo help me identify a chrysalis? (No pic)
It is on a vertical wall, in the shadow of a leaf growing in a wall pot.               About the size of a well grown mussel and in fact looks like half of one, sliced through it’s length. The covering is like a fine silver grey gossamer. Through it can be made out a shape about 3cm long, half cm diameter.
Is it friend or foe?  Gerry


Beach Buddy Wanted …
Hi ! Is there anyone in Nerja who, like me, loves swimming in the sea and would like some company ? I’m free to go most days and I love all the Nerja beaches. Please email me for a trail run
alixsinclare @ gmail.com


Petition – Sent for us by several people

Petition: EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum




Services Needed- Underwater pool repairs (phone no. included)

Please could anyone who has used a company to replace tiles on the bottom of the pool, whilst filled with water, send or call me with contact details. I saw a recommendation on Digame recently.
Thank you. Donna


 Services Needed –Metal Carpenter

I am looking for recommendations for a Metal Carpenter for constructing

a fence and a gate.

I am in the Campo close to Torrox so local businesses would be ideal.

John 628282518 or johnmlovell at gmail dot com


Rentals- Flat Share-Torrecilla Beach, Nerja
Located 100m from Torrecilla Beach, 2 blocks from Pl. Tutti Frutti.
Two bedroom furnished flat, 1 flight up, share full bath, kitchen, livingroom, lg. balcony, washer. Available bedroom 11m2, has ceiling fan, single futon bed and large window. Can have a queen size couch-bed if you prefer. Fiber optic 60Mb/s wifi. Access to huge rooftop terrace. Available 1 July.
All inclusive 180EUR/mo.

Email: mannshands @ yahoo dot com



Rental Needed

I am looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom house or apartment to rent long term

from the 25th of August 2016.

Within walking distance of Torox Costa and pet friendly.

Please phone David on 625210990.

Thank you!



Recommendation Needed –

Hello Digamigos

I rent my flat in Torre del Mar for summer visitors, and have had an enquiry about what to do in the area (outside the normal ‘how far is the beach’ questions).

I’m recommending a visit to Malaga, but I’m not sure what to advise them on how to get there.

I know that there is a bus service, but I’ve been unable to find anything on-line about timetables.  And I have no idea what to advise them about parking in the city if they decide to drive.

Or perhaps there’s a half-way house of parking outside the city and getting a bus or train in?

Also, if anyone knows of a reliable tour operator in Torre del Mar who can arrange short trips (such as visits to Granada), I’d be very grateful to have the information.

Any advice most gratefully received –

please reply to malagahouse at gmail dot com

(or to digamextra if you think the information would be useful to others).


Recommendations- Airport Parking


SP parking,

Very good, we have used them loads of times very good at getting you to the airport and just phone them when you are ready for pickup when you get back. Click the link above.


I park my car with VIP Cars. Name may now be Crown Parking.
The cost for 3 days will be 28.50 this is the Minimum cost.
Additional days are charged at 3.50 per day
They wi  leave you to the Airport and Collect you.
They are just opposite the Brewery.


I have used Parking Norte at Malaga Airport for a few years.

Very professional & friendly company & very competitive prices.

They wait for you at departures when you fly out & back at departures when you arrive back at Malaga.

Included in the price is a free car wash & they do an amazing full valet at a really good price.

Nothing better than jumping into a lovely clean car when you arrive back home. LJ



Wanted-Chicken Food

Can anyone advise where to buy food for Chickens. Currently I buy from a feed store in Algarrobo, but would like to find another outlet.

I live in the Sayalonga Campo area and am prepared to look anywhere between Nerja and Velez Malaga or even beyond.

Answers to Digamextra please





I would like to know of any and all Organic Produce Shops between Nerja

and Torre del Mar?

Mainly for fruit and veg.

Would really appreciate locations of shops rather than market stalls.

Thanks a stack!

Replies to:

holisticclinic at gmail dot com



For Sale- Furniture pics

Set of white drawers from Ikea, 130cm high, 108cm wide, 50cm deep 50 euro
And a pine effect trolly from Ikea, 90cm high, 100cm wide, 43cm deep 40 euro
Both in perfect condition, selling because I have moved to a smaller house.
Contact, samsloannerja @ hotmail.com, buyer must collect, Sayalonga area



Wanted (broken) smartphone   pic

I’m looking for a (broken) smartphone.

I want to use it to look at a older couple when

there is something going on, and need some action.

It has to be in working order with internet and

simlock free.

Torroxcostarental @ hotmail.com



For Sale – Jeep Patriot 4×4 diesel,  pics

2007, 93514km.  Colour black. Strong car.

Last service April 2016. ITV till April 2018
On Spanish plates, in good condition.  A/C and radio/cd system. Price Euro
Eventual change for automatic car, similar comfort is also possible.
Please rely to fjreesink @ gmail.com



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