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Advice re Protecting Yourself from Distraction Thefts

It’s not so much the speed and daring of the robbers, in 99% of the time it’s a distraction technique that has been pulled to carry out the dastardly deed. These people are professionals, they’ve honed their skills to a fine point (some under threat, even physical violence) and rarely work alone. Most victims don’t actually remember the distraction afterwards. Remember that on a busy beach there are others around that could witness the theft and they also have to be distracted, so they can’t warn the victim.

Just as you are completing your ATM withdrawal, who could ignore a heavily pregnant woman a few feet away, gripping her belly, groaning and going down on one knee. A look of anguish on her face, imploring for help…. (I’m getting a bit theatrical here!)…. Meanwhile the person behind you has noted your PIN and swopped your card for a similar one. Do you always check the card you put in is the one you’ve got back? Would you remember, hours or even days later, that glass bottle being accidentally dropped and smashed just to your left? (The card slot is always on the right-hand side of the ATM). Stay lucky!

Cheers, Keith, Travelin’ wotsapninatgmaildotcom


Wine Making Time ??

It is now nearing the time for the grape harvest. I have purchased a small wine press.

Can Digamites give me some advice. Do I simply wash and press the grapes or do I also need to add some form of additives. Additionally best way to store.
Reply to Kevin.greensmith@gmail.com. & Digame for fellow Digamites.


Photos Stolen – Please Help

Please Please at Velez market last Thursday I fell victim to the unscrupulous pickpockets

They stole my wallet even though-  in my opinion-  I was ultra careful – obviously not!!

I am not overly concerned about cards and cash as all these are replaceable and  were cancelled straight away. The wallet contained some irreplaceable photos of my wife who passed away last year. If you should find a black leather wallet PLEASE contact me.

Thank you John

Contact details are;

Mobile 646857775

Email casabuenavista55 at yahoo dot co dot uk




Services Available- Cash Paid for Unwanted Items

For all your unwanted items :

Have a clear out . we will pay cash for your unwanted goods .
Ring  Ernie or Martin  on 616812765 or 690854154.



Services Available- Air Conditioning

Your home may well have an existing air conditioning installed. But it is a great idea to keep it well maintained.

why don’t you let us take care of that for you………..

competitive rates all year round

please contact me @ airconservicetorrox  @ gmail dot com



Services Needed- TV Repairs

Does anyone know of a TV repair man/woman based around Torre del Mar please?  Answers to Digame as I would assume that many people would like to have a contact if the worst was to happen,

thank you in advance of any information

Judith H



Services Needed Satellite
Does anyone know if I can access an Astra satellite in Competa and if so, which one I should be pointing at – sorry, pretty ignorant when it comes to satellite TV. I have (inherited) an 80cm dish. Thanks.
Dave Biggs
+44 7795 678109



Services Available All change at Sugar & Spice

We’ve been eagerly awaiting a large delivery of giftware, garden decor and furniture from 2 new suppliers , its arrival over the next few days it turns out will  coincide with our first delivery of Moroccan decor since Ramadan.  Exciting times!

We were already wondering how we were going to cram it all in and then a teeny tiny problema struck in the form of some major building works in some surrounding properties. It became apparent on day one that we were going to need to move at very least the fabrics, cushions and carpets out of the furniture showroom

After a frantic morning of activity we decided on a plan that involved opening a second area of the furniture showroom, to increase the show space and opening up the ground floor of our house to show the soft furnishings and a selection of furniture. For the time being we have increased our display area to include 7 separate rooms.

So in spite of the rather scary looking dumper at the end of the street, we are open for business as usual and there is more than ever to see. The builders have very kindly left the biggest space they can to walk past the digger, if however, you’re sporting a buggy, or wearing white you might prefer to access the shop via one of the parallel streets.

We’re thrilled to see so much investment going into our community, it’s great to see new people arriving and old buildings getting a new lease of life and although it’s a little inconvenient as Mahatma Gandhi said “Adversity is the mother of progress.” and it will be well worth battling the dust to see the great new spaces that we have created.

I will be updating the Sugar and Spice website  www.sugarandspice.es and Facebook page www.facebook.com/sugarandspice.competa with details of new arrivals.

For those of you with an interest in decor we have also created a new Facebook page www.facebook.com/lacasabellaspain. We will be using this platform not only to promote new products but to market some great special offers that we plan to roll out over the coming months. So please” like” us, invite your friends, family and anyone else to “like” us and in return we’ll continue to scour the planet for fabulous furniture and furnishings.

Thanks to every one for their on going support, we look forward to seeing you in the shop or online.

Debbie & Andy

Sugar & Spice
Calle Cazadores 12

(+34) 952 516 117




Recommendation for Upholstery

bouq Dog

We have just had some upholstery work done by Stan from Nerja and cannot praise him highly enough – excellent work at very reasonable prices.

He can be contacted on 690155652.

Bill O.



Recommendation- Eye Specialist


http://www.clinicahidalgo.es/ Velez Malaga

phone number 952 503 314

The specialist speaks some English and are very good to explain.

Most important, he has all the equipment needed.



I have been to Dr Marcos in Torre del Mar http://www.clinicaocularmarcos.es/en . He is a renowned eye specialist and has all the latest scanners etc to examine your eyes. Barbara



Restaurant Owners please note

In future I shall not be able to print your full menus. I will direct people to your website or email address.       Editor



Whats On- New opening hours at Kitty Harris’s Sculpture Garden 


Please note that as of August Kitty Harris’s Sculpture Garden will open for public visits on the first and third Sundays of the month. Other (group) visits continue by appointment.
Workshops (mosaic, cement, pottery) are scheduled according to demand so please make sure to let us know your interest!
Open today (10-4) with classical chamber music at ~12 – come and be transported in a myriad of inspiring sculptures set in our lush tropical garden!
Details and directions at www.kittyharri.com



For Sale & Wanted Section- Guidelines 

Repeat ads will not be allowed unless the original price is reduced considerably, nor for at least 2 weeks later.     Photos will only be published once.

Please – do not include Block Capitals – unless, of course, the word is at the beginning of sentences or is a  Proper Noun.

For Full Guidelines on How to Submit and Item to Digamextra

see the end of this day’s post.   

Jane, Editor




For SaleFitness health massager


As new with instructions . Cost 350 euros will sell for 50 euros.
Tel 699332696 Isabel
Frigiliana road.




For sale- Jacuzzi  

jacuzzi01 jacuzzi 02

3 person Jacuzzi for sale, sunbelt prestige spa with 10 jets, finished in Acrylic surface, colour Caribbean Blue, brown thermal cover, brown wooden skirting. Brought from Time out Spas, size 160x220x82 water capacity 3,700 ,

This has been used in a garage, so no sun damage,

price€2,000 buyer must arrange crane for removal.

Please contact     karenhardcastle1962  @  gmail.com all lower case.



For Sale Hospital Bed

was purchased February 2015. In excellent condition

price €700

please contact karenhardacastle1962 @ gmail.com (all lower case).

for further information. Thank you




For Sale– Golf Clubs 

Tailor Made . firesole driver and 7 wood  .

in perfect condition never used. 50 euros.

Ring 616812765 or 690854154.




For Sale English made Mobile Home  

MH01 MH02 MH03 MH04 MH05

2 bedrooms (one with two singles one with a double)

bathroom with small bath


living area

in good general order

Can be seen at he camping of the Bermejales dam close to alhama de granada

4950 euros

(Editor suspects this should be €49,500. Please check with vendor if interested)

basmi64 @ gmail.com





For S a l e   –  P hone Leads & Jack Plugs
Phones & Plugs

Selection of phone leads and Jack plugs

€20 o.n.o

Vinuela area.

Contact Terry on 664224062    or email

goodesdad at gmail dot com




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