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Sad DogApologies for no pics at all !

Even my pic failed to appear!

All those deficits are (hopefully )  rectified in this issue.   Jane



Facebook Screen !!!

Help!!! Are any other Digamites suffering from the FAcebook screen going black or white and not being able to recover it? If anybody knows a fix for this, please post it to Digamextra as well

Best Regards,

Bill Ogilvie





Care Services…..Response to Keith

I would agree the government will take into account the £140,000 if people go into care. I supply ” bespoke” care packages usually  within a 25 kilometre radius of Nerja so people no longer have to go into care and can stay in their own homes , their finances remain private.  Let’s hope they all have a jolly good spend before that time comes.

Liz      (englishnurse @ rocketmail.com )



Income details

Has anyone else received an email from “amerinoc” regarding income details

to be sent to Unicaja?

Kindly reply to digamextra

Brian M


Certification of Passports etc

To the person enquiring about notary services to certify copies of passports and other documents, in our village we just take them to the Ayuntamiento where the alcalde or his clerk does it for free!

Phil (Cacin)

mcaeerpj @ aol.com



Services Available –Notary

There is a Notary near the main bus-stop in Nerja on Avenida Pescia… Has a big sign across the front so you can’t miss it
I walked in the other day and got stamped copies of my passport and NIE at a cost of 4 euros a copy
I did not need an appointment and it took about 20 minutes to complete the operation !!    Sue



Services Available-Various !

Gardening from weeding to landscaping, stonework (walls, paths, etc) a speciality, transport and tools all provided by me, no job too small or too big as I have others to call on if required, from 9€ per hour per man plus any required materials at cost or fixed price quote if you prefer.

Small construction/demolition jobs.
Computer maintenance, upgrades, virus removal, servicing, training, new machines, networking, web design and maintenance. Laptops or desktops, 20 years experience with all operating systems and software. 10€ per hour (web design is a fixed price depending on your requirements but basic 6 page site is 250€ plus approx 50€ in registration/hosting fees) or fixed price quote if you prefer, no call out charge, no fix, no fee.
Painting and decorating interior or exterior, tools all supplied, materials extra at cost – from 9€ per hour per man or fixed price quote if you prefer.
Pet/Housesitting service, dogs a speciality (I have 5 of my own!) 25€ per 24 hours or part thereof (up to 6 animals, there is a small surcharge for more than this)
I have a lot of experience both in the UK and Spain in all of the services offered and references are available for any or all of my skills.

I am available at all times (providing I am not already booked) evenings, weekends and holidays are all included at no extra charge
Email enquiries or for more information to nikash2 at hotmail dot com or just write that email address down somewhere in case you may need me in the future!
Based in Arenas but can travel anywhere in Digameland. There is a 30 centimos per km charge for destinations outside a 10km radius of Arenas



Services Needed- Cordless Cleaner & Cost

Does any Digamite know where we can buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, and what kind of price are we likely to pay? These are around the £300 mark in the UK. Answers on Digame please as others may be interested.

Thanks, Tony and Pam,



Services Needed One Man  & Hi Top Van

We need 1 Man & Hi Top Van, for the 23rd September 2016, Moving from Iznajar (Malaga / Cordoba border) to Camino De Solano. Colmenar (Masmullar end). 40mins Door to Door.

We have a side by side Fridge Freezer 175cm tall and washing machine, the heaviest items. Also an assortment of boxed items approx 12 in number and 1 double bed, dismantled.

Access is good, right up to the door on both houses. 1 man will be adequate as I am more than capable of assisting with the heavy items, and my husband can manage a box or two as well!

Anyone can help? for a fee of course, or anyone have a recommendation, your assistance would be gratefully received.

please contact Dee at the following. dkamper50 @ hotmail.com



Whats on La Tasca. Torre del Mar

We are a breakfast+brunch cafe situated across from the police station in Torre. Breakfast served all day. Also wraps, currywurst, homemade burgers, salads+pil pil. And homemade scones or just call in for a coffee. We do takeaway coffee also. Freshly battered fish, chips+mushy peas every Friday.

Open Mon-Sat 9am. Tel 640569988 or 952550950


For Sale & Wanted Section- Guidelines

Repeat ads will not be allowed unless the original price is reduced considerably, nor for at least 2 weeks later.     Photos will only be published once.

Please – do not include Block Capitals – unless, of course, the word is at the beginning of sentences or is a  Proper Nouns.

Do not ask me to process Ads for items that are only €5 or less.

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For Sale Laptop

I have a laptop for sale. It is quite old and it was on Vista operating system, now upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. It’s not the fastest laptop in the world but it works well apart from, it will only access the internet via Wifi not via wired Lan.

The battery isn’t that good because of its age but as a whole the laptop works ok. Installed is Micrsoft Office (full Suite), and iobit system care.

More can be added if required.

It’s an ideal laptop for email, word processing and surfing the web. And it’s Genuine Windows 10 and has been activated.
You can buy this for 100€.
634 326 795.



Wanted – Pallets

I’m looking for pallets.

Where can I find them cheap or for free?

can collect them (Region Competa/ Nerja/ Torrox/ Torre


Kind regards,


lieuwkeloth add hotmail dot com




For Sale- Ford Fiesta 1.3L Petrol engine 

ford03 Ford01 fors02

Selling Ford Fiesta Petrol 1.3L engine, 5 door, well maintained with lots of new parts, 4 new tires, ITV until Febuary 2017. Looking to sell as we are moving back to the UK in September. Looking for offers around 1200€, open to negotiations. Contact on 622569201 or jakemacdougall @ hotmail.co.uk




For Sale –750 Kg. Spanish Trailer


Size 1200 X 2200.
This trailer has been completely refurbished with new tyres, plus spare. New brake linings, new handbrake plus lights, and is in mint condition.
This trailer new would cost 1550€   selling for 600€
Phone Peter 657482813. Torrox Campo.


For Sale Window and reja
Window ÇReja

180wide X 60cm aluminium window
and metal reja 95euros
Call 653726590



For Sale –. Water Dispenser & Vice  

WD Water dispenser. 25 euros.

WD Vice

small work bench vice, suitable  for d-i-y. 15 euros

Puente Don Manuel area.

Shirley romero twenty one at hotmail dot com


For Sale Air conditioning unit with remote control.

air c0n 01 air con02

Make – Air Force.

80€ in the Nerja area

call 680739577            email    amandajosiah @ hotmail.com




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