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 Services- Thank You  bouquet02

I would like to give RioSat a Bouquet for their excellent service over Xmas thank you Allan and Steve for helping my friends in Puente at such short notice Have a Great New Year

Jane B



Recommendation- Spanish Lessons in Caletas de Velez

Very good language school next door to the church in Caleta. From very basic to advanced Spanish, group lessons or intensive 1 to 1.

Expresión. Academia de Español,  Calle Lantana 1, Caleta de Velez

Tel;  630 28 98 38

Web site  –   http://www.academia-expresion.es/




Recommendation –Charity’s Response to Amending the €5

If you can’t sell any items on Digamextra, APARIV animal charity will always welcome them to sell in their shop.

It is in Av Duque de Ahumada, Torre del Mar.

To find the shop, coming from the Church on Av Andalucia, turn left at the roundabout just past the Taxi rank and filling station, and the shop is approx 100 meters down there on the right hand side.

All donations gratefully received.

Many thanks, Steve

(Editor writes – I am investigating al the responses I’ve received about the €5 For Sale problem and present you with a report asap! Jane)


Recommendation –Giving to Charity …..

I have had several fairly low value items that might well be suitable for a charity shop but would be difficult/impossible for me to carry from our sótano out to my car to take to said shop – I still have items like smallish rugs and a “bean bag” that someone could maybe use for their pet.   5-10€ would be about their mark.

By selling them on Dígamextra someone else could do the carrying and we’d both get some benefit.

In my case I’d pass the money onto my local Cudeca shop in Torre del Mar.

So a lower limit on selling items, by all means, but perhaps 10€ (with an ONO?)





Recommendation –2017 Gardening Advice

The Florena Team and our wonderful chickens would like to wish you all peace, contentment and a fabulously floriferous New Year!

January Jobs in our Mediterranean Gardens.

After all that over-indulgence, doesn’t it feel great to be back out in the garden doing a little bit of gentle exercise! With recent rains and cooler, damper weather, the soil is wonderfully workable and it’s a great time for planting in general.

Pruning: It’s the turn of roses. In mild winters roses can often carry on flowering right through and it always seems a crime to prune off flowers! But, like all plants, roses need their rest period and they need to be tempted to go to sleep. So, sometime during this month, prune floribunda and hardy tea roses hard – down to say 10 – 15cm high. Always prune to an outward facing bud and clear away any dead or crossing wood. Old-fashioned shrub roses, which form more natural-looking bushes will not need this; they often just want a little minor tidying. And climbing roses should have their main framework of 3 or 5 branches left intact; prune back to 2 buds all side growth from these main leaders.

Wisteria, bougainvillea and grapevines also need pruning now if not already tackled. Take care not to prune off any fat flower buds forming on the wisteria. See my article with pruning details. http://www.viverosflorena.com/#!wonderful-wisteria/cwzc

Roses: Going back to roses, this is a great month to plant them and the cheapest way to build up a selection is buying bare-rooted roses. They settle in very quickly and will be full of flower by springtime. This month we will be taking delivery of a huge stock of bare-roots – check out our web page for details.

Grasses: Cut ornamental grasses back hard during this month or next. New spikes will soon push through.

Planting: Carry on planting, especially larger items and bulk plantings, carpeting etc. It’s also a good time to plant soft fruits – have a go with raspberries, gooseberries, blueberries, cranberries and the currants. All are easier than you think given summertime shade and some need an acid compost. Or try goji berries for a change. Established currants and berries should be pruned now.

It’s still not too late to plant spring-flowering bulbs and all ours are now reduced by 50% for this month only.

Dead-Head: Winter bedding to stop it setting seed and slowing flowering.

Cuttings: Take hardwood cuttings of deciduous shrubs now; pot them up and when spring weather arrives, they will start to show signs of growth.

Vegetables: It’s a great time for sowing/planting peas, beans, cabbage, beetroot, carrot, radish, spinach, pak choi, chard etc.

And we now have mushroom packs in stock. These are really fun and easy to grow. They come complete – you only need to open and add water. You’ll get three consecutive harvests out of each box, €9

Wind Damage: After a strong blow, don’t forget to check that new plantings, in particular, are still well anchored. Firm them in and make sure tree supports are solid. A plant that rocks around at root level will never establish well.

From your Armchair: If bad weather hits, it doesn’t have to stop you gardening! Sort out your seed box, order new; clean and sharpen your tools, clear out the shed and, best of all, make great plans!

Plant of the Month: Has to be the lovely camellia. Acid soil and shade are its requirements, so they´re elegantly perfect patio plants.

Viveros Florena will be closed on the 1st, 6th and 7th January 2017

The Viveros Florena Team,
Cómpeta, Málaga, 29.754
Opening Winter Hours: 10 – 4, always closed Sundays and Mondays.
Horas de Invierno: 10 – 4, cerrado Domingos y Lunes.
Tel:       689928201
Email:     florenaspain@hotmail.com
Web:      www.viverosflorena.com 
Facebk:   Lorraine Cavanagh’s Garden Centre


What’s on-Facebook for the antisocial media brigade (like me)

Although I have no inclination whatsoever to register on sites such as Facebook I’ve found it is possible to view certain business pages and glean useful information – just another form of advertising.  Just click on “not now” when the “log in / sign up” pops up in the middle of your screen and you can browse the site.  So you can click any Facebook link here on Dígamextra and find out all about unwanted dogs, restaurants – whatever!




What’s on- an introduction to drawing
Six week course  starting Monday 9th January until 13th February 2017.
10.30 until 1pm.
Includes  all artist and classroom materials.

Cost 80euros
To be held at El Algarrobo garden centre on the road to Vinuela.
A wonderful opportunity to learn the fundamentals of drawing through observation and measurement using a variety of drawing materials.
Graded graphite pencils and sticks, charcoal pencils and sticks, and blending tools.
Learn how to sharpen drawing tools and how to draw with erasers.
An informative and fun course that also encourages a creative approach.
You will get messy so old clothes and an apron are essentials.
There are two classroom places still available for this course.
Please contact Christine for further information about enrolment.
Full payment is required upon booking a place. Thank you.
christinegough247 @ yahoo.co.uk



For Sale- IKEA sofabed


Complete with cushions. Opens up to a king size bed.

80 euros ono.

Buyer must collect.

Nerja area.

Email franyniki @ yahoo.co.uk or WhatsApp 616 728 849.



Wanted –Oil Filled Radiator

We are looking for an electric oil-filled radiator.

Anyone out there having one for sale? (Cómpeta area)

thank you for responding on: renatega at yahoo dot com

or 652656163



For SaleSale of locally made Pottery  

pot01 pot02 pot03 pot04

Displayed here is only  part of a collection of  locally handmade Art pottery. (Click a picture to enlarge it )

Many decorative pieces to display and use.

All handmade, fired twice to make the item very durable.

Priced from 5 Euro with more elaborate pieces costing

a little more.

Other sale items shown included are 2 Victorian Oil Lamps.

Priced at 25 euro each.

Hall table

30 Euro.

Victorian hall chair,

25 euro.

We are within 2 kms of Arkwrights at  Puente Don Manuel.

For info and directions please  phone. 651 518 510 at any reasonable hour !



For Sale –Two Mountain Bikes 


One suitable for a man, the other for a woman(complete with suspension)

24″ wheel size, and 21 gears.

Plus universal bike rack.

The bikes are in good condition, and are in Competa Campo.

Buyer to collect.

150 euros     Contact: 643 00 59 83



For Sale – Wrought metal Mirror and Candelabras


Reflect the new you of 2017 in this beautiful round mirror wrapped in wrought metal.

Perfect mirrored glass with no cracks, chips or scratches.

24″ (61cm) in diameter, with an open iron scrollwork of an additional 4″ (10cm) on the topside.

30 euros

Wrought iron table candelabras – at least 25 years, old but lovely as ever

Scrolled metal holds 5 candle tapers in shaped cups with wax drip catch.

Stand 19″ (48cm) high, 18″ (46cm) wide.

25 euros for the pair

Located in Algarrobo. Buyer to pick up.

Contact Ellen: ellen.amos @ hotmail.com  mobile: 642 464 801




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