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A Very Happy New Year to all my subscribers.

What a great Community we are !

Thank you for your interest and contributions during 2016

Together, we can make 2017 even better!

Take care & my very bestest wishes to you.



The starving dog in Sayalonga

This still around, ( at the dustbins) I and others have been trying to put some food into him, but I do not always find him. If you see him please feed him, and maybe we can get him well again

He sometimes has a brown doggy friend with him. These have been thrown out to fend for themselves. It is pitiful to see, but maybe we can show him not all humans are the same.

Maybe someone who has an outhouse could let him sleep in the warm, he will not last the cold nights as he has no fat on him. I would have him, but I have 3 dogs, 2 of which I rescued.

I know we cannot help all animals, there are so many but we can try.

Regards B M



Desperate Dogs

desp-02 desp-03 desp01

Sadly on Boxing Day a friend of mine passed away suffering with cancer, she had a long battle with it over a two year period.
She had bequeathed her house and all her belonging to some Spanish people she trusted, however it seems her trust was very sadly misplaced as they do not want to care for her dogs and want them off the premises, the dogs are currently living outside of the house, a neighbour is feeding them daily but they need homes as quickly as possible as one of them is an old dog and the other is a big softie who is used to cuddles from his mistress.
There names are Canilla, she is the retriever type dog who we think is about 13 years old and the other is a Jack Russell cross, his name is Benny and we think he is about 8 years old, at this stage we don’t have further details of them but I intend to go to the vet she used after the holiday to find out their details properly.
Both these dogs have very sweet natures and are good with other dogs, can anyone give them a home either together or separately they are missing their Mum and I am sure my friend would be horrified if she knew what was happening to them, she thought she had provided care for them.
Please help if you can to give these poor dogs a Happy New Year.
Email : liliandotmaddisonatbtopenworlddotcom
Tel :      638897797 or 628282518



Home Needed for  3yr old Cat 


This affectionate house cat needs a new home with access to out side space.

Is a little timid but very loving.

Owner will take it back if does not settle with you.

If you can offer a permanent home for him call Joanne at 655722962 or email   Joanne. andy. yates @ gmail. com



Interested in why there’s the tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight




Dog Lovers (or not) please read and help

You have all heard of dogs helping us humans,  sheep dogs, guide dogs, assistance dogs, and various others.

My favourite  one is Medical Detection dogs. It is slowly becoming recognised  by the medical profession .

These dogs are being trained to detect various illness just by sniffing a urine sample etc. It has been proved they can detect cancer almost before it has started!

If this became the norm, say annual or by annual tests, just think in a short time with government funding how it would take the load off the NHS.

Its a WIN WIN situation.

Just go on line and read about it, at the moment its sponsor and donation

petition.parliament.uk        I’m slow and only took 5 min’s

Also      medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk



Interesting reading for all and covers more aspects of their activities and needs. Also please spread the the word.

Many thanks, Happy New Year! and all you wish yourselves.

Derek Nerja





So there we are !

I feel sure it would help readers a great deal if subscribers did not assume that all readers live in Torrox (and Nerja). There is often just a street address, which could apply to a number of towns and villages.

It would also be helpful if it was not assumed that everyone has a Facebook account. There was an advert today for a Golf Society which sounded very interesting, but the only way to obtain more details was via Facebook!

Let us all try to make Jane’s unquestionable hard work and effort, a little bit easier in 2017. I am sure it would be much appreciated. She should have been included in the New Year’s honours list, for her patience alone!




Services Needed – Help to Learn Spanish
Can anyone recommend a tutor or school where I can learn basic Spanish?

I don’t speak any of the language and only get a few weeks of the year out there but it is a New Years dream for me to be able to learn the basics quickly.

I am in Spain for 2 weeks at Easter and 4 weeks in the summer. Are there any intensive courses available in or near Caleta? Can anyone help?
Thank you and happy new year.
maryann at smutley dot co dot uk



Recommendation for Wheelchairs

In the Autumn there were several pleas on Digame Extra, asking for wheelchair rental. A simple “manual” wheelchair rental can cost from 25 Euros a week upwards, plus 100 Euros deposit.

After further research I found that CareCo in the UK sell a brand-new manual wheelchair for as little as £70 (free delivery within the UK), and most airline companies will transport the wheelchair for free if accompanied by the user.

If you only have a 3-week holiday then you will save 50% of the rental if you buy. If you don’t want to keep the chair then sell it in Spain through Digame Extra to help someone else 🙂

I bought a new wheelchair for my wife and they even agreed to send it to Sweden for the cost of DHL delivery.

Very best regards from Harry Lythall

harry.lythall @ sm0vpo.com
El Campo, Nerja


Rentals- Information Needed

I have heard from a reliable business man that if the population of a town is less than 20,000 a Owner Declaracion  Responsible  (new licence rental law) is not required.

Torrox official population in 2014 was 15,000. I cannot find any information on this point anywhere on the web.

Has anyone out there any information on this?
Replies please to Digame as others may be interested in this topic





What’s on at Los Amigos, Torrox Park





For Sale- Party dress.


Size 12/14.

25 euros

678948661 nerja/ Frigiliana



For Sale-Computer with digital Camera 


All this computer stuff including 2 digital Camera for 25 euros     Monitor. Keyboard. Mouse. Camera . 2 speakers. Headphones. video grabber.

Inc 2 digital  cameras

All for 25 euros
Heavy corner  computer  work station/ desk  as in photo

45 euros
Tel 678948661   Nerja/Frigiliana



For Sale –3 lovely Spanish chairs 


Offering comfortable seating!

Sturdy construction of solid wood with some handsome front detailling.

Buffed bridle leather seat and back with a soft lustrous glow.

Attractive antiques that would lend charm, grace and good service to any home.

30 euros

Located in Algarrobo pueblo area. Buyer to pick up.

Contact Ellen:  ellen.amos @ hotmail.com  mobile:   642 464 801



For Sale – Voltage Regulator


I have a Binatone voltage regulator operating between 160-250 volts ac with a constant 230v 300 watt output. An ideal unit to stabilise your desk top supply. only 10 Euros. See photo attached.

volt-02Antique effect pine towel rack still boxed and sealed (never opened) See photo. 10euros.

Buyer collects.


Mobile 626926227 Competa



For Sale –Silver Chrome Ceiling Spotlight Bar/Track & 3 Lights (GU10 Fitting)


Bar Length: 70cm (28 inches)

250 volts

Unused, complete with lamps.

Located in Torrox Pueblo.

Price: 10 Euros.

Call John on 95 253 9357 or 666 114 268

toroxman @ hotmail . com



For Sale – Ceiling or Wall fitting lamp 


Size: 31 cm (12 inches) diameter.


250 volts, takes 2 x 40 watt bulbs. not included.

Price: 10 euros.

located in Torrox Pueblo

Call John on 95253 9357 or 666 114 268

or email toroxman @ hotmail. com



For Sale –for a Bathroom

2 items for sale due to re-furb of bathroom.


wash basin



100 litre electric water heater.

90 euros.

Puente don manuel area

Shirley romero 21 at Hotmail dot com





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