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Happy & Healthy Kittens – Free to Good Homes

We have 4 charming kittens, born May 5th, who are now ready to be re-homed. They are fully litter-trained and weened off Mum, and they happily eat both wet and dry food. Everyone is in great shape; they love a good play and a cuddle, and they’re all very friendly. We have a real pick-n-mix of colours to choose from: calico, tabby, tortoiseshell and ginger+white!

We’ll be sad to see them go as they are such great characters and have given us so much joy, but we know that there will be some folks out there who can give them as much love as we have.

We have a website where you can find more information, as well as photos and videos:http://mimiskittens.xyz

If you are interested, please email us at hola@mimiskittens.xyz or send us a Whatsapp message on +44 7437 922045.




Beware if like me, you use Dropbox. Scammers are sending out apparently innocuous messages telling you that you have received a new message in your Dropbox and providing a link for you to open it. DON’T until you have verified that it actually is from there. For example, I received one this morning which said it was from Dropbox but was actually from a Hotmail. To verify this, tap/click on the header of the email and view the details of the sender. If it doesn’t have the word @Dropbox as the sender, it’s a hoax. Opening a link is likely to download malware, viruses, trojan horses and all sorts of evil nasties to your device, at worst allowing them to take control of it and at best confirming to them that your email address exists (which they can then sell on or continue spamming).

Copying anyone into emails using the cc field is also bad practice – always use bcc if you’re sending to groups of people, as spammers can also get your recipients’ email addresses from this.

Mike, vitruvianman @ outlook . es



Ibex Spotting- Criticism

This is one of those (many) advertisements where we are expected to know a location. Other than being in a national park (Tejeda etc?) we don’t know where it was. Pureto Collado means absolutely nothing to me, and I should think to most of your readers who aren’t in that area.

Please, if you expect your posts to have any impact, whether you’re selling, buying, or just informing us, tell us *exactly* where you are!

Mike Dobson



Local Water Provider – Patamalara

Everybody who lives in some parts the campo, gets water probably from Patamalara in Torrox Pueblo.

On the big water deposit with my neighbour was a paper on it and it says that every member before 31 July 2017 has to prove at the office of Patamalara that they are the legal owner of the property.

If not, then you will be closed off from the water.

Be warned!  Peter

torroxcostarental @ hotmail.com



Services Needed– Washing machine Repairs

Do you have a contact for a washing machine repairer ?
Is his name Oscar something or other ?
If you know please email me
My friends washing machine is out of order so am trying to help but in case it is dead could you pls put advertisement in for second hand top loading washing machine required ?
Thank you
Torrox  Costa
angie j rogers @ gmail.com



Services Provided- Complete Audio-Visual Service 

Special Offer. 20 per cent discount on orders received in August.

We offer a complete video/audio service.
Video Tapes (All formats Inc Betacam) transferred to Dvd or Pen Drive.
Cine Film ( 8mm or super 8) to Dvd or Pen Drive
Audio Cassettes/Vinyl Records to Cd or Pen Drive
Colour Slides transferred to Dvd slide show
Video Conversion Pal /Ntsc
Editing Service
We can now offer multiple copying of Dvd’s & Cd’s at special prices.
Video to Dvd ONLY 10 Euros per hour video (or part thereof) per tape
Discounts available for quantity.

Free collection & delivery Nerja area.
Tel Richard 659458020 or email nerjavideo@gmail.com for a quotation.
Visit our website www.costadelsolvideo.com for further information and prices.
Presentation Video. http://www.facebook.com/costadelsolvideo/video



Services Available – Part time Work_

I am looking for part time work (not sales please) everything else considered, afternoons, weekends or evenings.

I’m very good at administration/ organisation, so if you need your paperwork putting in order then please contact me.

Susan Balaban – Viñuela

Susan.r.balaban @ gmail.com   no spaces




Services Wanted- Reliable English Speaking Electrician

Can anyone recommend a reliable English speaking electrician within striking distance of Benajarafe?

Email – johnnerding at lawyer dot com.



Services Wanted- Taxi Transfer

Taxi Service from Riogordo Campo to Malaga Airport needed.

I need to organise an airport transfer for a relative staying at my campo house, however we do not have an address in the normal sense, he doesn’t know the area and does not speak Spanish if the driver were to get lost.

So, does anyone know of a local/reliable/English speaking taxi pick up service who we can use?

We can send Google maps location references and directions in advance.

Reply to emma bubble3 @ gmail.com




Accommodation Wanted

We need accommodation in Torrox Costa for Jan to March

(by the way, if you know someone with an apartment for rent could you let us know?!! )

wilsongj @ gmail.com ( no spaces)
Greg and Janet..



What’s On Bar San Roque, Torrox Pueblo 

Live music with The Jack Cade Rebellion on Friday 28th July.

Come along to this beautiful Plaza, enjoy fabulous food and dance the evening away to TJCR.

The Jack Cade Rebellion play a fabulous mix of Rock, Blues, Punk and Indie classics from 60’s through to present. Starts 8.30pm.



What’s On – Lux Mundi



***For Sale – Nothing  Below €10 Rule. & No Repeat for 4 weeks

Please remember.  Jane



For Sale- Push chair

10 euros


Contact 636811376



For Sale – Bicycles

Have been ordered to clear the garage to allow for a car of all things and in that regard I have some items for sale

Ladies Bike – almost new, complete with shopping basket and carrier on the back, Handlebar operated gears, lights …€50

Gents mountain bike, handlebar operated gear as pic…€40

Halfords universal car bike mount…€20

Wall mounted bike holder….€10


davenmarlene @ fastmail.fm (no spa ces)



For Sale- Gas Bottles

Carrying on with the emptying of the garage theme I also have 3 gas bottles for sale
2 red and 1 silver (much lighter )
reds €22 each
Silver €25
All three €60 total


davenmarlene @ fastmail.fm



For SaleKing size bedstead birch wood slats

75 euros  Canillas de Albaida   616747289



Wanted – Strong Wooden Skateboard – Urgent

For my 18 year old grandson who is coming to stay with us on Friday.

Photo and cost if possible.

Email yorksspain @ tesco.net

Tel: 669805984

Area: Torre del Mar



Wanted- Double Buggy

Has anyone out there got a foldable double buggy they want to sell, if so please call 652038386.   Elaine

Many thanks
Wanted –Tiles  

I am looking for some tiles the same as the photo they are about 8cm high.

You can ring me on 649 307 966 e-mail chris @ cpaircon.com




For Sale – Work stand and accessories 

Lowry Workstand and Accessories for use with sewing and other handicrafts. Accessories include daylight lamp stand and extra mounting brackets.

Over £200 worth of stand and accessories and hardly used.

€60 ONO

Can deliver to Torre del Mar by agreement

622 117 080

Steve H



For Sale – Picture Frames 

Click pic to enlarge

4x 25cm x 20cm – Yew €10 ono

2 x 40cm x 33cm – Yew €10 ono

2 x 33cm x 28 cm €7 ono

Whatsapp 622 117 080, Steve, El Borge



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