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Gas Bottles – Legal ?

Maybe in light of Barcelona we should stop selling gas bottles, or at least be careful whom we sell them to. I’m fairly sure it’s illegal anyway.

It might not be much in the grand scheme of things but anything we do can make a small difference.


TAIL – Appeal for towels/newspapers (Thursday)

Tail=Torrox Animal International League is an independent charity.

The refuge is opposite the big Lidl in Torrox Costa and they have 2 c

Charity shops – one opposite Mercadona on the coast road and the other opposite Russells as you go down to the lighthouse.

Their email is tail torrox @ gmail.com (no spaces) and they have a Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/TAIL-Torrox-.




Services- Reverse osmosis water treatment.Opinions Please 

Like many people living in the campo we are reliant on untreated water. We are considering installing a reverse osmosis treatment system, but have read mixed opinions about this. Some say it is not safe to drink water treated this way for any length of time. Within the EU bottled water sold in the supermarkets must not be treated by the reverse osmosis method. But is this ‘overcompensating’?

Do any Digamites have experience of these systems and, if so, what are your opinions?

As I am sure there are other campo dwellers who would like to hear their views, answers please to DigameXtra.

Bob A.


Services- Experience of Phone Network

Please could those using UK’s Three mobile phone network please let us know how good the signal is in our area, or advise of any issues?
We are campo above Algorobbo/Caleta/Velez/Arenas.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
the dot dixons at spainmail dot com


Recommendation- Warning re Vehicles

The UK reg car advertised at €260 is a really good buy so long as the buyer ships it to the UK by transporter.

The biggest problem for UK reg cars in Spain now is, for someone classed as ‘residencia’, you are only allowed to bring a UK reg car, registered in your name, into Spain for up to 30 days. The law is quite clear. If you are stopped, it is up to you to prove the car has been in Spain for less than 30 days. Even though it is fully taxed, insured and MOT’d under UK law. You may need a lawyer?

If the Trafico decide you are residencia and the car has been in Spain for more than 30 days there is an on the spot €500 fine. The car is impounded at a cost of €9 per day. You are then instructed to get the car registered on Spanish plates whilst it is still impounded. This could take a while as it will need some modifications, like headlights and speedo. If a towbar has been fitted you may need to provide manufacturers original documentation and certificate of the fitters competency. Similarly with alloys and tyres. You are not allowed to ship the car out of the country. After 6 months, if the change to Spanish plates is not completed the car is crushed and you pay some €1800 for the storage in the pound. I suppose it may be possible for you to decide to have the car crushed much sooner?

This has been in force for several months now and I haven’t heard of any dire stories or any legal challenges in the courts yet? Has anyone?

Cheers, Keith, wotsapnin at  gmail dot com


Recommendation – Bouquet and Recommendation

Sharon and Chris at Casa El Castano

We have just returned from a 2 night stay at Casa El Castano.

The owners Chris and Sharon are incredibly hospitable and nothing is too much trouble for them. The rooms are beautiful and spotlessly clean.  The evening we arrived, Sharon served us a superbly cooked meal on the terrace, overlooking olive groves . The following night, Chris drove us to and from Martos, to spend the evening there. Martos is the nearest town about 20 minutes drive away. It is lively, typically Spanish with a beautiful park and castle and lots of very nice restaurants. Casa El Castano  is set in a peaceful location,  but within easy access for visiting the historic cities of Jean, Baeza and Ubeda.  All well worth a visit.

Many thanks to Sharon and Chris for making our stay so welcoming.

Beverly and Peter Jackson


Recommendation – Wall and Floor Tiling

After being let down by a couple of others, I called Gareth about a couple of tiling jobs. He called round when he said he would, told me how much and how long the job would take. I am absolutely delighted with the work he did, nothing was to much trouble and he left no mess at all. Great service and I can’t recommend him highly enough so I asked for his details so others can use his services.

Telephone: 643 680 209
Email: garethraines@hotmail.com


Rental Needed –Winter  time

A bit of warmth in January….

We would like to rent out a two-bedroom property ideally with a shower room and parking space, maybe in the areas of Torrox, Lara, Frigiliana, etc, in January, with an option to extend the stay to February 2018.

We are a freshly retired couple, who speak English and Spanish.

If we could see photos and location of the property, we could get an idea of whether it would be suitable for us.

Contact details: Ana, email: acdargentina @ hotmail.co.uk.  (no spaces)


For Sale Children’s Books

Over 120 fiction and non-fiction books for mostly Primary age children for sale. Some suitable for Secondary age. Collection built up as a Primary School teacher over many years.

50 cents, 1€ or 2€ each or offers considered for the whole lot. Photos show examples. Email me for the complete set of titles.


mattives55 at gmail dot com  (you know the routine for taking out the spaces etc)


For Sale – Hob, Water Heater & Gas bottles
Ceramic Induction hob
Practically brand new.
Junkers ( Bosch) Gas water heater 11ltr
Nearly new, barely used
Orange gas bottles, we have 3
10 € each.
650 958 144



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