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UK Registered Vehicles in Spain…

In response to Keith’s warning Re UK registered cars.

We fell foul of the law earlier this year whilst staying for four winter months. We live permanently in France and had exported our UK car but not imported and re-registered it to France as we were due to change it for a French car this autumn. We had full French insurance.

Our car disappeared early one morning to the pound, and cutting a very long story short, we ended up paying over 4000€ to re-register it in Spain (Inc new headlights and ITV, fines and fees to the garage). We were told we couldn’t drive it in Spain unless we did, and though our car was entirely legal in France, the police would not accept it. They pulled it because it didn’t have a tax disc, something we do not have in France.

You wanted your horror story Keith, you got it!



Recent request for veggy Quorn etc……

To the person who was asking where you can buy Quorn mince, you can get all the veggy products you want from Russells in Torrox Costa. Situated at the beginning of the avenida del Faro.

Hope this helps.  Angela R.


Services- Missing Spanish TV Channels
Has anyone else lost a bunch of Spanish terrestrial TV channels this week, including Gol and Disney Channel?

Does anyone know why and how to get them back if possible?

A retune of the telly does nothing. I’m in the campo near Torrox pueblo and use a normal aerial which usually has a good signal. All other channels are there as usual.

nickbarrett @ gmail.com (no spaces)


Services – Water Treatment – Reviews

(No More Items on this Subject for a Month please)


We live in Torrox campo & have had one of these filters for a number of years.  The water produced is good & we drink a lot of it.  The downside is that the water that goes in is divided by the process & a lot of it is discarded. The instructions indicate that the waste water be directed into the sink waste pipe & wasted, therefore increased water costs.  We direct ours into a water butt outside & use it on the garden.  No waste that way.  Another downside is that if you have a pump powered water system the pump will keep switching on & off as the tank fills & you draw off water .  This causes increased electricity costs & wear to the pump.  This can be mitigated if you have a handy switch for the pump & turn it off, during the night for instance.  We would not be without our filter but there can be hidden costs.


val blick @ hotmail.com


I wasn’t going to comment on this as I am far from an expert, but as no one else has mentioned the downsides, here goes.

We live on an urbanisation where water is stored in depositos before being distributed, as a result when we had the water lab tested because we seemed to get frequent tummy problems we found that we had no chlorine in the system and bacteria levels were higher than they should be.  We drank bottled water, and still do, but you are using tap water for so many things, washing salads & fruit, cleaning teeth.

We looked into various form of filtration and sterilization and the recommendation we got was  that you can’t beat chlorine.  We have a particulate filter where the water enters the property, then a deposito and a system that injects chlorine as it fills, we test the water every so often and adjust the injection rate to take account of changes that affect it like temperature.  Since we have done this we have found that our health has improved.

What I understand is a reverse osmosis system is great to fit under the kitchen sink for pure drinking water.  I don’t think it is the case that such water is not safe to drink, simply that it filters out everything,  beneficial minerals along with the impurities, so long term, if that was the only water you drank, you may be low on some of these.  As it, and its associated filters, remove all chlorine you should not fit it at the point of entry, just at the point of use.  If you fit it at the point of entry you have untreated water in your pipes and bacteria will just regrow, especially if, like us, you have a part of the house that is not regularly used.

The other issue with reverse osmosis is that the system uses a lot of water.  Systems vary but you will waste somewhere between one and four times the amount of water produced.

So, to summarise, if you want a system to give you chlorine free, pure water at your kitchen sink reverse osmosis is great, if somewhat wasteful, but if you need to disinfect your entire supply you should consider chlorination.  You could, of course, use both.


In reply to Bob A who thought that a simple question would bring forth a simple answer, sorry but it don’t work that way ; starters Bob makes no mention of what water quality he presently has other than“ not treated” so step one obtain a full chemical and bacterial analysis of the water supply – if you don’t know what’s in it you don’t know what you want to / need to remove and also that the analysis will need to remain broadly constant throughout the year. Armed with this information take it to a professional (not a salesman ) the local area water supplier has such people who will have an MSc or PhD in this very deep subject and ask / pay for their advice. Just taking a wild stab in the dark, Bob A and family did not mention spending excessive time on the loo so I am guessing that their water supply is basically potable so another wild stab are we talking taste if so a full RO water treatment would be overkill also RO water is not recommended for drinking and being slightly acidic ( pH 5 or 6 neutral is 7 ) does not taste pleasant as all minerals have been removed. If we are talking taste an in line single point carbon type filter would do the trick and do so more cheaply than a RO unit and if there is a chance of coliform bacteria (E coli etc ) at some point you may also consider a single point Ultra Violet steriliser ; I say single point as it is unlikely that it would be necessary to treat the water you shower in or flush down the loo and I refer you to the opening paragraph as high levels of Legionella pneumophila would indicate otherwise. Also he might care to “Google” water treatments and read up on what organisations like WHO and other such independent bodies (not trade organisations et al) have to say on the subject.Best of luck on your stroll through this little minefield (caveat emptor applies !!! )    Haydn W.


Services – Gardening & Campo Work

Samuel Perez Perez comes highly recommended for all aspects of gardening and campo work.  From clearing, strimming, spraying, tree felling & pruning and fruit harvesting.  He has all professional equipment, including strimmers and chainsaws etc, and is an incredibly hard worker at excellent rates.

To contact him direct (Spanish speaking only), call Samuel on 628 441 205 or call/whatsapp Phil (English) on 657 149 712 or email phillymc@fastmail.fm

(Recommendations from happy clients available on past DigameXtra editions).


Recommendation – Removals- Tony Roam

Tony Roam had an entry in Digame yesterday and it reminded me to recommend his services. We’ve used him a number of times and would never consider anyone else. He is helpful, reliable, thorough, hand-working  and nothing is too much trouble.  On top of that, his charges are reasonable.

Christine D


What’s on- Trapiche Market Today!


What’s on- Jack Cade at the Pavo Real

Wednesday 23rd August, The Jack Cade Rebellion live at the Pavo Real midweek BBQ. Come along for the best BBQ in town and the best classic rock from TJCR. The Pavo Real is situated on the Competa / Torrox road. Booking highly recommended. Call 654869083. Starts 8.30pm.


What’s on- The Royal British Legion Musical Extravaganza 

20th September 2017

Come & join us for a great afternoon of music and fun on the 20th September at the Restaurant Puerto Niza with the Cowbridge Male Voice Choir and The TAPAS Choir plus our own Barry Marx.

This afternoon will be the start of the 2017 Poppy Appeal & all profits will go to the District Poppy Appeal. Part of this great fundraising afternoon is a grand raffle & if you could help with a raffle prize it would be much appreciated.

It’s only 20€ a ticket which includes a 10€ food/drinks voucher.

Book your own ticket or why not order a table of 8 & enjoy a 10% discount

The attached poster gives full details – tickets can be purchased from now & are available from David on 653108415

Please contact me if you require any further information – looking forward to hearing from you.


What’s on at Finca Las Sierras 

Reopening on 3 September after the summer stop! Join us for a € 22.50 4-course lazy Sunday lunch. We will be preparing a variety of culinary dishes. Tapas and welcome Cava from the house. Menu starts at 14:00.

Reservations are highly recommended (max. 20 covers). Please make a reservation through info@fincalassierras.com or ring/Whatsapp on 603430559 with your name and a mobile contact number.

Or just call now to book your table: +34 6 0343 0559

For directions: where the A-7206 meets the A-7207 take the ending road next to the bronze ‘horse and man’ statue!

Thanks, and if you have any questions please let us know, we hope to see you at our Finca,

Wilco & Manon


For Sale- Manners Please…

Is it too much to expect a response to an e mail or a phone call when enquiring about something for sale or a services required ad? Can’t you just answer the phone and say ‘I’m sorry, it’s sold’ or e mail a ‘thank you for your enquiry’. Otherwise, how do we know how many times to call? What is wrong with people that they cannot just be well mannered and polite?




For Sale Volvo S60 2.4 170HP

6.000 €

Impeccable, only one owner.  Very well maintained, always kept in a garage. Car has all the extras: Integrated telephone, surround stereo, glass sunroof, Cruise, reverse sensor, climate control, electronic folding outside mirrors, Electronic adjustable drivers seat, leather cloth seats, alarm, silver metallic, Petrol, December 2002, 230,000 KM, A wonderful car.

Call Jacky on   0034 666 38 62 27


For Sale –TV, Rack, Smoothie Maker & Bed  pics

Selling for friend

TV unit,€10

Pine rack,€15

Smothie maker €15 and

metal fold up bed single €35

all good condition tel 692263075 Paul – Punta Lara


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