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The H.O.L.A Charity shop in Puente don Manuel

underneath Maroma estate agents is having an end of summer season sale starting on Friday 1st of September.

All welcome to come along and find a bargain. We are always very grateful for all donations to the charity.

If you would like to volunteer to work a few hours please leave a contact number in the shop.

Thank you.


 Rolling Thunder…

Yesterday, Monday the 28th we had some very welcome rain. I also experienced for the very first time, rolling thunder…. I had heard of it but never actually heard it. In Vinuela, the faint thunder started some way from the west, Malaga area. Faint flashes of lightning could be seen in the thick billowing clouds, the thunder continued to get louder in a constant rolling effect, a flash and a great crack of sound as it passed overhead towards Zaffarraya.

All the cats disappeared except one that had obviously heard it all before and just wanted a belly tickle! Small birds were racing around the trees, making a lot of noise. I had noticed about a dozen big birds way up high, must have been at least 500ft above the area of Arkwrights shop, completely unperturbed, surfing the air currents, slowly this way and that.

I captured this on a iPhone, the sound and picture quality is not great but the general shape of the birds can bee seen, it’s about 2.5 minutes long. I’ll send it as an email attachment to anyone interested and can maybe identify these pajaros impresionantes,

Cheers, Keith, wotsapninatgmaildotcom


Four Kittens Need Homes

click to enlarge

I’ve got four kittens that are ready to find their forever homes. All fluffy and bouncy! Two of them are identical, both in looks and behaviour. These two are males, and are very playful and cuddly. Like to lay down next to you, to get cuddles and sleep
One is white and speckled, also a male! He likes to play hard-to-get, but is very playful if you use the time on his ‘hard-to-get-‘ playing. The last one, black and white, is a female. She’s cautious, and may need some time with you before she gets to the point where she’s cuddly. But if you do, you’ll have a very cuddly girl
Here is where to contact me;  https://www.facebook.com/DjangoSin


Services Needed-Endocrinologist

Looking for recommendations for an English speaking Endocrinologist in the Torrox/Nerja/Velez area.

Enderlis @ yahoo.com  (No spaces)


Exchange Property

We are looking for someone willing to swap their 2 bed apartment on the Coast–Torre del Mar area–for a 3 bed rustic campo house just outside the village of Los Romanes near lake Vinuela. This is only an initial enquiry to see if there is any response.

Email-chicken.paul @ hotmail.com


What’s on- Quartet con Fuoco (Classical Music)

Date: Tuesday, September 5th. 9:30 p.m.

Location: Hotel Paraíso del Mar.

Price: 15’00 €.

Ticket sales: calle Pintada, 8 – 1º Izq,.Nerja. For telephone reservations, call 690073871.

The Quartet is comprised of musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga. In the first part of their program they will interpret Quartet No. 1, in E minor, “From my life” by Bedřich Smetana, one of his most heartfelt and original scores, written in 1876. This is a semi-biographical work that sketches moments of his life. We’d like to highlight the viola solo at the beginning of the first movement of the “Allegro vivo appassionato”.

In the second part they will interpret the String Quartet nº 1, in G minor, op. 27 by Edvard Grieg. A work of undeniable beauty. Its premiere took place in Cologne between 1877/1878.

Nicolae Ciocan (Violin), Raúl Baixauli (Violin), Răzvan Cociodar (Viola), Carlos González (Cello), Bedrich Smetana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L1lPraMNUk, Edvard Grieg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZZkxLY9uqc, Jorge López

“Ventana Abierta. arte, cultura, personas”, C/ Pintada, 8 – 1º Izq. 29780 Nerja (Málaga) Telf. 690073871, www.ventana-abierta.es


What’s on-at The Axarquia Racingclub,Torrox Costa

Saturday 2nd September.  

Looking to cool down on a Saturday night ? Come and enjoy our splash pool while listening to music or join in the jam. Drinks and snacks available from 20:30.

Sunday 3rd September.

A welcome return for Liquid Lunch. Live band playing covers from 60’s to present.   Bar opens 19:00, food available from 19:30, live music from 20:30.
The Racingclub is on the main Torrox Costa to village road(A-7207). Just look for the orange and black gates. Parking on the opposite side of the road. Diners requiring a table or to make a reservation call Luis 654715382



For Sale- Flymo turbo lite 350  

Bought some time ago, but it has had very little use, and has been stored in my underbuild, works perfectly. So I think, bearing in mind todays cost new,  a fair price for this unit is 75e.

Don. Amayate Bajo. dcmc21@gmail.com tel 695539537 WhatsApp


Wanted- Water Share

Does anyone have a water share that they want to sell – with either Haza de Rila or Paloma water cooperatives?

Call or WhatsApp 636 617 999 or email lapalmera04 @ gmail.com


For Sale -TV Table 

Light oak effect TV table, 2 shelves and side openings for DVDs,

thick solid wood with good casters,

Puente don Manuel area, buyer collects.

25€ Tel or text. 639005546


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