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Publication of Digamextra over the Christmas Period….                    Digamextra will not appear on the 25th or the 26th December.

Back with you again on the 27th …..(if there are enough Entries from Subscribers.) Have a lovely couple of days ! Very best wishes to you all- Jane


AAR‘s appeal for foster carers                                                                                                                                                                                         Our Christmas rush of abandoned puppies has started, as has our need for cover for our wonderful foster carers who are taking a well-earned break over Christmas. We desperately require long and short-term foster carers and AAR will provide everything you will need, so please, please if you can help us and our abandoned pups, contact axarquia-rescue@hotmail.com


Action for Animals Christmas Message                                                                  We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone for your amazing support throughout 2017. Our charity shop in Cómpeta will be closed now until Tuesday January 2nd. We look forward to seeing you then!


Poem for Christmas by Animal Healing.

One December night, a thud came at my door. When I looked to see who, or what it was, I found it was a paw. There he stood before me, a dog all clad in red, and in the clearest voice he spoke to me and this is what he said. “I am your Christmas Dog and you must come with me, get your coat and wear a hat there are things that you must see.”        I thought that I was dreaming and still slumped on my chair, but before I could even argue we were flying through the air. I held on to his tail and hollered really loud, “Don’t worry,” he yelled on back to me, “we will soon be on the ground.”       We flew on down so really fast and flying really low, we slid right down a persons roof and landed in the snow.  We were in a town so far away, and wondering what to do, I looked around and shook my head, for this town it shed no clue. All the lights were burning, in houses all around, and all their fires were flaming as families huddled round. “What is here?” I asked the dog as strange as this all seems, “Come with me,” he whispered,” and we headed on with speed. We did not knock upon a door or drop into an Inn, but headed for an alley and there a rubbish bin.       “Look beneath the bin,’ said the Christmas Dog,”and see what you can see.” And so I bent and looked and what a shock for me. A mother and her pups were freezing in the snow, they hid beneath the bin, for there was know where else to go. “There are other families in this world tonight, barked the Christmas dog, “with no fires to keep them warm, no food is served upon a plate, or coats or hats are worn. You can help this family, or will you walk away, just like so many others who have passed them by today.”                                                                                      Standing in my doorway, I thanked the Christmas Dog, for knocking on my door and so he smiled and tipped his hat and waved a friendly paw. I went back to my chair and sighed with great relief, I was not alone this Christmas night or thinking of myself, or wondering of such foolish things of which I could not help. Instead I had the greatest gift, the warmest Christmas treat, a family I was helping, all asleep by my fire and curled up by my feet.   Copyright © 2017 Animal Healing   stevenrowle@outlook.com    animalhealing.sp@outlook.com                                                        665-235-689   952-209-241


Services Needed-Endesa Consultation.                                                               Hello I live in Competa and need to speak to someone about my electricity bill Can anybody point me in the direction of the nearest Endesa office to Competa. Thanks in advance… barretttadgh@yahoo.com


What’s on – Aire Flamenco

This wonderful group will be performing in different bars and restaurants in Cómpeta for Christmas.                                                 25th Dec. At El Recreo, behind the Town Hall in Cómpeta from 2:30pm.                 For bookings: 952 51 60 43.                                                                                                       31st December at Hotel Balcón de Cómpeta from 22:30pm. A menu is available.  For bookings and more information:     952 55 36 62                                                          6th January at Restaurante El Pámpano in Plaza la Vendimia in Cómpeta 3pm. Bookings: 951 83 28 10                                                                                                               For contacting Aire Flamenco:   juditroman15@gmail.com    620 630 040


When you email me information  for the For Sale Section–                Please include your location.


For Sale-  Watch & Necklace  

                             Watch – Fossil antique style quartz watch,  new battery fitted.  Excellent condition. In original packaging 45 euros                                                                                           Necklace   Sterling silver hallmarked heavy solid curb link 18″ chain.                     Bought in England  Excellent condition   65 euros                                                       Call Alan    Whatsapp +44 (0) 7885 298 691 anytime    or 952 555 517 evenings   Torre del Mar, Velez area


Wanted – Loan of a Guitar  American Coffeehouse guitar jam staring on Torrox Costa beach boardwalk            Hi everyone my name is Buzz and I’m from America.  I am retired and I have been playing guitar (non professionally) for many years.  Hopefully I can rent or borrow a guitar again this winter whilst in Spain.  Anyway, I would like to start an occasional informal low key daytime guitar jam on Torrox Costa beach starting in January and going through April.  I will be staying in Torrox Costa for three months   I like to play, mostly acoustic folk music, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills Nash, John Denver, Tom Paxton,  the Beatles, Stones, Neil Young kind of stuff.  If you would  like to attend my low key guitar jam on Torrox Costa beach please let me know.  It is completely voluntary and there is no commitment of time or money required; just a chance to bring musicians and lovers of acoustic music together who love “old time” acoustic music.  If you play guitar please let me know.
If you would just like to come and listen in let me know.  Basically if you play guitar I would ask that you play a few songs and the jammers may want to accompany along with you.  I arrive in Torrox Costa January 15.   I would like to start my jam the first week or so thereafter.  So come and support my new “American Coffeehouse on the Beach” this winter in Torrox.    ps: I did not vote for Trump


For Sale –Heater & Flash

750-2000 W, electric heater turbobreezer in perfect working order,                         57 x 37 x 10 cm: 20 €                                                                                                                   Cullman MC 25 Photo flash: €20           Email    abaijon@hotmail.com


Wanted- Kindle
Kindle e-reader. Mine as just stopped working, feeling lost without. If anyone has one for sale please contact Gail email gailkempton@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks in anticipation.


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