DigameXtra Alert, March 17th- Covid Restrictions Relaxed For Easter This Friday

New Covid Restrictions For Easter Start Friday:
These measures will begin at 00:00 on Friday, March 19 and will last, in principle, three weeks until April 9. However, the measures may be reviewed at any time depending on the epidemiological situation in Andalusia.

-Perimeter closure of the eight provinces
-Curfew from eleven at night to six in the morning
-Bars and shops close at half past ten at night
-Meetings of up to six people in open places and four in closed

This will happen as long as you are not in an area whose cumulative incidence rate is greater than one thousand cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days. That happens right now in very few Andalusian municipalities, so that in most of Andalusia bars and shops will be able to close at half past ten at night.

In addition, if the town exceeds 500 cases for every one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last two weeks, the perimeter closure of the same is maintained. This is a measure that was already in force and will be maintained in the coming weeks.

Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/sevi-directo-junta-anuncia-nuevas-medidas-contra-coronavirus-andalucia-para-semana-santa-202103171944_directo.html#DD