DigameXtra Alert – Sunday, 13Feb22 – End of Covid Passports for Cafes, Hotels & Health Facilities From Wednesday

The Ministry of Health puts an end to the Covid passport in the hotel and leisure industry in Andalusia from Wednesday

{Translation} :12/02/2022 14:34
-The Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, announced today in Córdoba, on the occasion of his participation in the provincial PP Health Advisory Forum, that the Junta will not ask the TSJA to extend the use of the Covid passport set for access to certain areas, which is valid until 15 February.
-“We are not going to ask the TSJA for a renewal, which will mean that the Covid passport will no longer be compulsory in the hotel and catering industry, nightlife and for health and social-health facilities [residences]. As of next Tuesday it will no longer be compulsory in Andalusia,” Aguirre explained. In other words, the 15th of this month, Tuesday, will be its last day of validity and on Wednesday, the 16th, it will no longer have to be used.
-He argued that the incidence of cases is falling (one of the thermometers to measure the force with which the Covid punishes a territory), but, above all, has argued with the data of hospital pressure, which is “the important thing”.
Since the beginning of December
-“Today we are at 1,470 hospital admissions. In one week, that’s 600 less. And in the same period, we have 42 fewer people in the ICU, leaving us with 172”, stressed the regional minister.
-As a result, passports will no longer be requested completely in Cordoba and the rest of Andalusia. It was on Tuesday 7 December when the TSJA agreed, at the request of the Junta, that this system of access control for health centres and residences could be implemented. Subsequently, on 20 December it came into force for the hotel and catering sector. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/cordoba/sevi-consejero-salud-jesus-aguirre-anuncia-cordoba-pasaporte-covid-202202121225_noticia.html