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Blocked btinterent access to DigameXtra….. Help please

Please – if you have any friends using a bt email address – tell them the following (I cannot contact them)


“If you longer receive DigameXtraor or any explanatory emails from me-  it is the fault of your BT service.

MY email is making it to your BT server, where it is blocked by that server. “


There is a prompt at the end of their emails that tells them this.

Their ISP (BT) is blocking them, nothing I can do about that, their message even says :-

Please report any problems to BT via the postmaster@btinternet.com mailbox and include your sending ip address with an example header of your email


it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain btinternet.com by mx.bt.lon5.cpcloud.co.uk. [].






Heart Warming Story – thanks to Peter for Caring   bouquet

Hi Jane,

I felt I’d like to share with your readers something I’ve witnessed over the last few days,

first of all I witnessed my neighbor, an elderly lady struggling to get up and down a few steps down to the road from her house,

then I witnessed a town hall representative come and look at it,

then a couple of council men came and measured up,

then something quite wonderful,

they turned up, cut the steep steps out to make two shallow ones,

and they even put a banister up on the wall adjacent to the steps,

they done a good job of both,

all this so that an elderly lady can be safer as she leaves and returns to her house,

Torrox Pueblo, yes not perfect, a few dog poo’s to look out for as you walk,

but congratulations to the town hall for showing compassion and doing something positive and practical for this elderly lady,

maybe a bunch of flowers??



Warning re Walking Poles

​Do NOT buy cheap walking poles of the telescopic type!!! They may collapse when you need them the most, withdisastrous  results! Happened to me once, so I fell face first down on the rocky path! I was fairly lucky, no permanent damage!

Then I got myself a good old fasioned wooden stick, cheap in the Chinese shop            (5-6 €)!


(Authorized mountain guide, Cómpeta)



Dog Secure Area for Occasional Use Please

We have a rescue four year old’ish Podenco that needs to get ‘the campo’ out of his system!! Does anyone have a secure area of Campo where we can let him go ‘safely’ from time to time for a hour or so?  Needless to say we are quite willing to pay: johnnerding @ lawyer.com



Thank You !

Just to say thank you to all people who responded with information regarding Kitchen suppliers/fitters.  We are in the process of contacting and getting quotes from each. Again thanks for your help. Jacqui and June.

Services Needed Brita Filtration Refills in Nerja

Does anyone know if I can get a Brita water filtration system in Nerja, and if so, where?  I’ve checked online and it looks like they’re available in Malaga, but I don’t have a car.  Thank you.
Please contact Valerie at: vsheppard7 @  gmail.com



Services – Muffycid

is available in the paint shop in Calle Antonio Ferrandis near to the school.


Services Needed – Pellets for a Stove

Pellet Stove Question?
If you have a stove, where are you buying your pellets and what price

a 15 k bag?

Email gordonwhatman  @  aol.com



Services Available DoctorLaptop’s News Update –

Naythan DrLaptop logo 1 smallWindows 10 To Become Paid Subscription Service?
That appears to be Microsoft’s 2017 plan according to Forbes News. Let us hope this plan fails due to user revolt. They want you to pay a subscription to Microsoft simply to use your computer. You will be expected to run only programs and apps you buy from them, and many of these will only be available in cloud-based services requiring you to be online to use them. Add in the recent announcement that new computer chips produced after mid 2017 will not be compatible with versions of Windows from before Windows 10. Those older computers will get the support till Jan. 14, 2020 and Jan. 10, 2023 for versions 7 and 8.1 respectively, when they effectively become obsolete unless upgraded to Win 10, if they Win 10 compatible that is.
Read more at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2016/01/27/when-free-windows-10-becomes-expensive-fear-this/?utm_campaign=yahootix&partner=yahootix#28642e9c538d OR

Apple/Macs already are moving in this direction where paid system upgrades come out on a regular basis and old programs quit working if you fall too far behind. If you want to avoid this tyranny you will need to embrace the Android-like Linux operating system. There are thousands of versions of Linux, known as Distros. Distros differ in appearance and some are specifically designed to do certain tasks better than others. Distros will be updated to run on the new chips in 2017. Some Distros are designed for beginners, some even to mimic Windows in appearance, while others are for advanced users only. I recommend LXLE Linux for beginners.

DoctorLaptop, Phone: 689 721 916, email: doctorlaptop “@” gmx.com, repairs and classes by appt.



Services Available The Complete Audio/Video Service

thorne video

Now is the time to sort out your old videos/Slides or cherished audio recordings.

We offer a complete video/audio service. We can transfer your favourite videos on to DVD’S.(Std/Hd) All formats. VHS. SVHS, VHSc, HI8, H8.DV, AVCHD, Betacam, Mini Card.Only 10 Euros per hour of video

DVD/VIDEO copying.. Conversion Pal/Ntsc/Secam. Slides to Dvd. Cine film 8mm or Super 8 transferred to Dvd.

Audio cassettes converted to MP3 format, transferred to CD or other media. Vinyl Records LP & EP. transferred to CD or other media.Floppy discs transferred to Cd. Colour slides converted to slide show. Free collection & delivery Nerja area. Discounts available for quantity. Tel Richard 659458020 or email nerjavideo@gmail.com for a quotation.

Visit our website www.costadelsolvideo.com for further information



Services Available – iPad Problem

In response to Ian ,I am having the same problem, it started yesterday after an update was downloaded, I presume the problem is a fault in the new update and hopefully Apple will sort it out soon. Paul Competa 



Recommendation – Last Casa Restaurant, Torrox pueblo

My wife and I with 2 friends had a fabulous lunch at this restaurant in the main square in Torrox pueblo

On Wednesday. The food was exceptionally high quality and at a fair price. All the food was freshly prepared and the main course for me included fresh vegetables – not something you often get with menu del dia. I wholeheartedly recommend this place if you want good quality food , lovely surroundings and excellent service
Tony, Torrox Park



Recommendation for Transport

I also would like to recommend Alex Berry and his friend John, for moving stuff around the Axarquia.
They have helped me with much kindness and they are not expensive!
Tel. Alex is 636 121 289 or see Alex Berry on Facebook
Linda from Torrox



Recommendation Needed for Interior Designer                                Interior designer wanted to help with the remodeling of house. Contact  lesleybarnett0  @  gmail.com.



What’s on – Brief Encounter Duo

 brief encounter


What’s on Valentine’s Dinner at La Casa Restaurant Torrox Pueblo.    casa valentine

We have a few places still available for our Valentines Dinner on Sunday 14th February.

Its not too late to pamper that Special Lady in your life or even your man it is a Leap Year !! Telephone: 952 539 650 to reserve a table.

La Casa

Hotel and Restaurant

Calle Baja, Plazuela De Barajas 3
Torrox 29770,
Malaga, España.
Tel/Fax +34 952 53 54 71



What’s on Bar Amalia Archez
Amalia RestSunday Lunch at Bar Amalia served from 1.30 – 5.00 pm.  Succulent slices of Beef Or Lamb served with Roast and Mashed Potatoes, Homemade Yorkshire Pudding, Brocolli, Carrots, Cauliflower Cheese, Cabbage sauteed in Butter, Gravy, Horseradish and Mint Sauce. 8 euros.   Tasty Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew for our Vegetarian Diners.  Selection of Homemade Puddings.

To reserve your table call Dot on 634302480

Bar Amalia will be closed Sunday evening and every Monday during the day throughout February opening at 7.00 pmMonday evenings.



What’s on @ Bar La Dama: Be Happy – It’s Friday!

You know that your weekend will commence in a good way, if you can relax, chill and enjoy a good drink… right? Then start your evening out at Bar La Dama in Algarrobo-Costa! At 19:00h we begin with our After Work Party and, to accompany your drinks, we will serve you free snacks during the evening… 😉

When: Friday 29th of January

Where: Bar La Dama, Urb. Centro Internacional – Bloque 73, Algarrobo-Costa (… entering the urbanisation at the round-about at the “Tizo’s” site and then follow the parallel road in the direction of Mezquitilla. Bloque 73 is the last block and you will find us just opposite when entering the riverbed for parking)

What: After Work : Be Happy – It’s Friday

Remember: Your weekend starts @ Bar La Dama with Friday’s After Work Party!



What’s on   Opening hours At La Casa bar and Restaurant.

Just to let you all know, that our opening hours are changing.

We have decided to close on Sundays.

Our new times  will be Monday to Saturday 12 until midnight.

Starting from this weekend. 31st January.

This will remain the same through out the year…except February 14th which is a Sunday! When we will open in the evening for our special menu ( a few tables still available)

Thank you to every one that has supported us since we opened the restaurant and bar last June, it has been a Massive learning curve for us finding out what works for us and what needs changing (Hence the need to look at what day to close)

For bookings and reservations please call 952539650



La Casa

Hotel and Restaurant

Calle Baja, Plazuela de Barajas 3
Torrox 29770,
Malaga, España.
Tel/Fax +34 952 53 54 71


What’s on Extra Move It To Music! class on Saturdays

To accommodate everybody comfortably, there will be an extra Move It To Music! dance fitness class at Time Sport Gym in Nerja every Saturday until further notice.  It starts at 09:30 hrs, and the second (identical) class starts at 11:00 hrs as usual.  Participants should bring water and a towel, and wear trainers and stretchy clothing.

moveittomusic @ yahoo.co.uk / 675 846 217



What’s on Friday Evening at Johnny Q’s

Friday Night live music with Johnny Q and friends, come along and join in or just sit back and enjoy the music. Kitchen open till 10.00pm

Sunday traditional Sunday roast served from 1.00pm till 4.00pm. Choice of Beef, Pork or Chicken, all served with fresh seasonal vegetables,  Roast and creamed potatoes, homemade yorkshire puddings and gravy made from the meat juices.

Booking recommended.

Telephone 634124989

Bloque 9, Costa del Oro, Torrox Costa. (Just behind Jings Chinese Restaurant)



What’s on Easter day trip to Gibraltar.

Trap Trip Gib



For sale Tipping Trailer


Paperwork in order.

500 euros.

buyer to collect.

Situated Competa to Torrox road

contact 722158699



For sale 2 Supersur gas fires with regulators.     

20 euros each

Can be viewed in Periana or El Morche

clark-ward at gmx dot com   tel:  655 62 98 21



For sale – Garmin Nuvi 42 Sat Nav (corrected hone number) 
sat navAs new, all boxed.

618640160. Caleta




For Sale
high01 high02 high03 high04

6 flip over style photograph albums €10
4 framed prints of Spanish scenes €10
Revolving spice rack with 20 glass containers of dried herbs and spices €15
Thomson Sky box with remote control €25
Contact Gill
Email petegillh at yahoo.co.uk
Tel 951 242 461 or 696 030 667
Competa area



Wanted – Chalk Paint

Hi could anyone tell me where to buy chalk paint and wax

in the Torrox Nerja area.
Either Annie Sloan or any other make.
Thanks ,
Lin .
Please reply to Lin- russell  @  live.co.uk



For sale – Various 

tread01 Tread03 tred02


Senseo Coffee Machine

Ceiling Light 40cm Diameter
Steel and glass
618640160 Caleta



Wanted – Second Hand Car

Having waited three months on a local garage repairing our car, it now seems it’s going to be uneconomical to finish the repair, so we shall be looking for a smaller, cheaper car. Please email me a full description and photos if you have anything suitable: body condition isn’t too important but it must be in excellent mechanical condition and with a long ITV.
We shall also need to hire a cheap runabout for at least a week and will need to get to the car hire company from Cómpeta by bus via Algarrobo or Vélez – does anyone have a recommendation?
Thanks in advance!
Email:          advertiser at outlook dot es.



For Sale Two Deck Chairs

metal bases Newly recovered

€30euros each

will separate

tel. 685121505.



Wanted Sofa Bed

I am looking for a sofa bed and wardrobe for sale.
mauricemulvihill @ gmail.com



For sale Items for sale, eclectic mix from my alladin’s cave!

Please contact the vendor for the photos of each item.
1) Headphones AKG K280 (Parabolic Profressional Monitoring)
Classic high grade headphones and sought after, in excellent condition.
2) Recordable CD discs for a HiFi CD recorder. Specialist high grade  (can also be used in a PC).
4 x 25cd spools plus an incomplete spool free. (i.e. 100+ discs)
€30 the lot
3) JVC G-RD270 Camcorder
Digital tape camcorder with excellent zoom and in great condition.
Comes with all accessories and user manual.
4) Mini Discs x 17 blank recordable.
Mixture of 74min. & 80min. High grade, new and sealed.
€30 the lot
5) Portable CD player, Panasonic.
Complete with in-car kit & in good condition. Ideal for use in older cars.
6) Polaroid instant camera!
SUN600LMS in good condition.
7) Remote control helicopters x 2
1 x beginners double blade, a little scruffy but flies well and comes with fresh spare parts.
1 x “the next step” single blade in excellent condition and very fast, also with fresh spares.
€45 for both
8) SEGA Mega Drive 16bit. Classic, vintage gaming.
Complete with all accessories and some games.
9) Mini HiFi stand.
Mahogany stained wooden legs & glass shelves, middle 2 adjustable.
Some sticky tape marks, otherwise good.
Can be collected from Archez or Torre Del Mar
Contact:  cjs7366 @ hotmail dot co dot uk.




For sale Bicycle (Finally got the correct photo!)

 bikes Correct!New price €119,95
Automatic gears
Very strong and light 15 kg
24 inch wheels good for people 1.50m-1.90
€80,00 for 1
€150,00 for 2
henkvanderburgt  @  msn.com



For Sale in APARIV  shop    
Apa01 apa02

Folding walker with seat – 20 euros
Ceiling lights 35 euros the pair, excellent condition and with fittings
Items mayy be seen in the shop, open Mon. to Sat. 10-2
Anne 693231007 








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