DigameXtra No. 137 for January 30th 2016

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TC-ME smallPlease – tell all friends who have a BT email service to UNBLOCK their access to our Blog.     Here’s how:–

Their ISP (BT) is blocking them, nothing I can do about that, they have a message which says :-

Please report any problems to BT via the postmaster@btinternet.com mailbox and include your sending ip address with an example header of your email


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Apple Mac/iPad/iPhone/Safari Issues


iPad problems
I sent the following to 1958Ian on Thursday to the original posting but noted that Paul at Competa reported the same:
Apple reported it as an issue on Tuesday and have corrected the software but to get your machines to work again you need to clear the web history.
Just go to:
Click on ‘Clear History and Website Data’


That should sort it although if you’ve saved any automatic log in details for websites it will be lost.     Angela


Also in response to Paul in Competa regarding the iPad/iPhone/Safari Issue, yes this is an update issue which Apple are working on. In the meantime there are a couple of workarounds

On the iPhone/iPad go to Settings and then choose Safari. There you find Safari Suggestions. Just toggle the slider. The Safari Suggestions option on the Mac is under the Safari Preferences under the Search Tab. Just uncheck Include Safari Suggestions. Done

An alternative workaround is to enter private browsing mode. This can be done when opening a new tab in Safari. Browsing in private mode will turn the background of the browser black.

The other option is to download a separate browser application altogether, such as Google’s Chrome. I’m sure Apple won’t be too long with the fix.

If you have any problems email me ryanbowen  @  hotmail.com or call me 677 622 708

Kind regards



Naythan DrLaptop logo 1 smallDoctorLaptop News Clarification Regarding Apple/Macs

Got an email from a Mac user who disputed my statement, “Apple/Macs already are moving in this direction where paid system upgrades come out on a regular basis and old programs quit working if you fall too far behind.” The simple explanation is this. You don’t receive a charge when you update because you already paid for them up-front when you bought your machine. That’s one of the main reasons you pay 2 to 3 times as much for an Apple/Mac over a Windows machine with the equivalent hardware. It’s a marketing concept called “bundling”. As for paid app updates, this is essentially what happens when your favorite app disappears from the Apple Store so there is no update, it just quits working eventually forcing you to buy a new app to do the same function. For a detailed explanation please email me directly to avoid boring the majority of DigamExtra readers. doctorlaptop “@”gmx.com



Services Available New Mind Body Class Offered
I am offering new mind body class that will help you feel more centered, better balanced, healthier, happier and more energized.   This class is open to all, as long as you can make it up and down the ramp to the sandy beach you can join in.
For many years my philosophy has been to bring wellness and fitness classes outdoors.  What better place to feel the peace and serenity in the world then to be outside breathing fresh air surrounded by the sounds of nature.
This class that will be held at the sandy beach area of La Chica Playa, just west of the lighthouse.
Bring whatever you need to feel safe and comfortable while in class.  You can wear regular clothes, or a wetsuit to stay warm, wear water shoes, or go barefoot, Wear a hat, and sunglasses.
The idea is to create a comfortable space, so that you can relax and breath freely without the restrictions of tight clothes, or being too cold or too warm.
Follow a series of slow, methodical breathing exercises, posture improvement exercises, balance practice, gentle tummy tightening movements, meditation, and simple movements through the water or on the sand.
My phone number is 697385953.  My email is 1bdywellness@gmail.com
I ’ve worked in fitness and wellness for many years and am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, An AEA Water Exercise Trainer, a yoga instructor, and practice meditation, tai chi, and hold a certification in balance training.
As you know, this section of beach is very small.  I would like to limit the class size to 10. Please write or call to reserve your spot.   I will begin offering this class on Tuesday and Thursday at 1400.
This class is being offered on a donation only basis.  I am testing the interest for this type of class in this area before I make any larger commitments.
Karen Lucas



Services Available How do you deep clean a large heavy rug?

Maybe you might Hoover it, vax it, and brush it–but unless this is deep cleaned thoroughly you maybe harbouring all kinds of unwanted visitors-(bugs, fleas,ticks ect).

We can bring your rug or carpet up to new standards, guaranteeing no infestations, and the original colours will be brought back to life.

Size is not a problem.

Based in the Los Romanes/Vinuela area–but can travel to pick up and return.

Contact Paul

email  chicken.paul  @  hotmail.com  or call 636857697



Services Needed  TV Options – Help Please
I have contacted a few of the companies supplying TV via the Internet, and have almost decided on what we need.  I know it’s getting boring, but I’d welcome a few recommendations – I want the BBC/ITV channels, plus – if poss – lifetime/living and a few Sky channels and ideally the option of watching anything we may miss in the previous week or so.  Think it’s Catch Up?
I realise it’s necessary to pay installation, and probably a monthly subscription.
Those I’ve talked to have one and not the other, but I know they exist!
Thanks in advance!    Answers to DigameXtra Please




Services Needed – Storage

I am looking for around 12-15 cubic  metres of dry, secure storage space for a few months for some household effects (mainly stackable crates). Has anyone got a spare outbuilding or garage that I can rent and pay them a fair price for? Anywhere along the coast or the vicinity of Sayalonga/Algarrobo would be ideal but anywhere considered.
Many thanks for any replies and suggestions.
695 316 858



Rental Needed – Long Term

Looking for long term rental in Torrox possibly but open to other areas

Finding agents not very helpful, so has anyone got links or contacts please.thanks          email   kim170 @ live.com>



What’s on – Organic Market   

Organic Market today Saturday 30th January at the Garden Centre in La Vinuela    

Mkt ecological

Come and do your weekly food shopping from our wide range of organic stalls, browse the constantly changing selection of handmade and crafts stalls, and don’t forget to leave enough time to enjoy a coffee, or organic beer and wine and some of the great food on offer both from the stalls and the coffee garden.

New this week, olive wood crafts, vegan treats, Janet Botanics beauty products and up-cycled painted furniture.



What’s on   Live Music /Open Mic in Torrox-Costa 

 live music Sat


What’s onRecreation Football

Does anybody know of any football teams/players in the area playing regularly where I can get a game. It may be a group of lads who get together on a certain day to play, a pub run team, 11  a-side, 5 a-side, anything really. Many thanks in advance. ryanbowen  @  hotmail.com

Anywhere in the Axarquira area I suppose. I’m willing to travel to play football !



What’s on @ Bar La Dama : Leek Soup this weekend!   


dama lekk

What better than to fight these winterly temperatures with a hot b

cowl of soup? This weekend Bar La Dama in Algarrobo-Costa will serve you a Leek Soup. Next to our selection of tapas, you can enjoy this Saturday and Sunday another freshly made soup

When: Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of January

Where: Bar La Dama, Urb. Centro Internacional – Bloque 73, Algarrobo-Costa

What: freshly made Leek Soup from 13:30h.


Remember: @ Bar La Dama we serve you every weekend an different hot bowl of soup!



What’s on Yoga Classes NOW !

We have a few open places tomorrow for the Restorative Yoga Classes at the Ecological Market in Vinuela. The Restorative Yoga is suitable for every body. Including beginners, people who feel stiff or pain and people with injuries and lower back problems.

The Yoga lessons (1 hour 15 min.) will now take place 4 days a week at the Vivero, with the Restorative Yoga during the Ecological Market.

January time schedule:

Monday                –                         6.00 p.m. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,

Tuesday     4.45 PM Restorative    6.00 p.m. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,

Thursday    4.45 p.m. Yin Yoga      6.00 p.m. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Saturday   11.30 a.m. Restorative Yoga, all levels (during Organic Market)

Contact me with questions about the different Yoga types.

Book in advance: yoga.flora@yahoo.com, 622591827, FB: Flora Yoga

If you have, bring a yoga mat, thick socks and blanket. Let me know if you don’t have a yoga mat. I will provide one for you.

Try out class: €6,-
1 normal class: € 8,50
3 classes (7,50): €22,50
4 classes (7,-): €28,-
5 classes (6,50): € 32,50
7 classes (6,-): €42,-
9 classes (5,50): € 49,50,- + the 10th class is for free                                                  Cheers Flora Yoga



quiz02What’s on Quiz Night – Valentines Day

Valentines Quiz Night at the Pavo Real on Friday 12th February.

Quiz masters Stewart and Paul invite you to attend this event.

All proceeds to charity.

Prizes every round and major prize for the overall winner.

Categories to include Valentines related, general knowledge , sport, music etc.

Teams of 4 to enter call Paul Watson on 654869083.

See you there.



What’s on  Films in English   courtesy of Doug



This week’s newcomer is one of the Oscar front-runners:

The Big Short – Dir. Adam McKay. With Brad Pitt, Christian Bale. Weekdays 16:50, Sat/Sun 12:05, 16:50.

Continuing are:

Joy – Dir. David O Russell. With Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper. Daily 16:00.

The Hateful Eight – Dir. Quentin Tarentino. With Samuel L Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Sat/Sun 12:10.

Increasingly, this cinema seems to be showing new films in VOSE on Tuesdays only. This week’s line-up includes Oscar contenders Spotlight (16:20, 19:00), The Danish Girl (17:00) and the new Rocky movie Creed (16:00, 18:40). Also showing are Goosebumps (16:00, 18:05) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (22:20).



Creed – Dir. Ryan Coogler. With Sylvester Stallone, Michael B Jordan. Daily 21:15.

Spotlight – Dir. Thomas McCarthy. With Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams. Daily 19:30.

Goosebumps – Dir. Rob Letterman. With Jack Black, Amy Ryan. Daily 17:05.

The Hateful Eight is also on daily. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Fifth Wave, The Big Short and The Danish Girl are on at the weekend. Check website for timings.



Spotlight – Dir. Thom.as McCarthy. With Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams. Daily 16:00, 20:00, 22:00.

Youth – Dir. Paolo Sorrentino. With Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel. Daily 18:15, 20:25, 22:35.

45 Years – Dir. Andrew Haigh. With Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay. Daily 16:30, 22:20.

The Hateful Eight – Dir. Quentin Tarentino. With Samuel L Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Daily 19:00.

The End Of The Tour – Dir. James Ponsoldt. With Jason Segel, Jesse Eisenberg. Daily 18:15



What’s on If you are in Malaga tonight

Tonight gig



What’s on Nerja Players

Richard Brinsley Butler Sheridan was an Irish playwright and poet and long-term owner of the London Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. He is known for his plays such as The Rivals, The School for Scandal, The Duenna and A Trip to Scarborough. The School for Scandal was first performed in London at Drury Lane Theatre on 8 May 1777 and  is considered one of the greatest comedies of manners in English.  It  deals with upper class rumour-mongering and manufacturing, infidelity and attempted seduction, family loyalties and disloyalties, romance and marital strife, age differences among couples, dissolute youth and pretended virtues and much more. The comedy is timeless and as laugh-producing today as it was in the 18th Century — perhaps even more so.
It has been adapted for a dramatized reading by our artistic director, Marty Margulies, who also plays Sir Peter, and it will be presented on Tuesday, 2nd February at the Nerja Bridge Club (the blue doors set back next to the Café Royale at the top of Avda Castilla Perez) at 6.30 for 7.  This performance is open to the general public.

We would also like to remind everybody that we hope to perform Wind in the Willows at the Nerja Cultural Centre later in the year and are still seeking performers and people willing to work behind the scenes.

Our production on 16th February will be “Not Fur Long”, an adaptation from  a story by ​Roald Dahl ​ – but more of that later.  In the meantime, for further information about these performances or on joining the Players, please check the website – nerjaplayers.com – or have a no obligation chat with the Vice-president, Freda, on 952528868



For sale Cutlery in Box      

cutlery cutlery02

Attractive set with gold decoration

Price – € 75

Contact Paul on

pwill95914@aol.com or call 633 21 35 38



Wanted – Electric Power Tools

We have just returned from vacation to find that some thieving individuals have broken in to our house and stolen among other things all my electric power tools. So before I hot foot it down to Leroy Merlin, I wondered if anyone has some they wish to sell.

Specifically I am looking for:

Electric Drill, Sander, Orbital mouse, Angle grinder, Jig saw, Bench grinder, Bench top mitre saw, Electric screwdriver. Oh, and this is how low they got, they even stole my chainsaw, now that was below the belt.

I can collect from any location.

Thank you


Mobile  684 224 844

Email    vel 360303 @ gmail.com




For sale – ipad mini 4 and iphone 6s    


in good condition ultimate ipad mini 4 retina 16gb wifi gold and

ultimate iphone 6s space ray

unlocked 16gb
price ipad mini 4 : €280
iphone 6s : €580
phone number : 666949053



Wanted – SUV

I´m looking to buy a SUV

from 2000 on up, 4 Wheel Drive, Diesel in good condition for a reasonable price.

If you are thinking about selling your car, I would be interested.

Contact Patricia 657 149 248 or email. pstork58 at gmail com



For Sale Sofa & Chairs.

sofas and 3 arm chairs

good condition


55 euros

marktasker @ aol.com

635057354      Torrox



Wanted Chainsaw

chainsaw wante

marktasker @ aol.com



delivery available



For Sale  – Picture by Next.UK.
pic Next UK

The picture is on canvas, comes in three parts, which can be hung close together or with a gap between each piece.  Size 122cm wide X 70 cm deep.
Colours a little richer than photo shows.
Located Torrox Pueblo. Could meet to hand over.
25 euros.



Wanted  Table

I need a small outdoor table preferably wrought iron.

I live in Nerja but can collect.

Ann G

anngibson1  @  btinternet.com



Wanted Ground Nut Oil for Cooking

Hi, does any Digamite know where one can purchase Ground Nut Oil, apart from going to Morrisons, Gibraltar.  We live in the La Vinuela area.

Please reply to DigameXtra, as this may be of use to others.

Many thanks. Pat



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