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E.U. Referendum (1)

Dear Digamites,

The press is full of rhetoric about the forthcoming referendum about whether or not we should leave the EU.  Whatever your view there is no escaping the fact that this may well impact on reciprocal agreements concerning pensions and health care.

There are arguably 2 million expats in mainland Europe of which most are resident in Spain.  I have written to both the MP in my old constituency in the UK and the Prime Minister’s office asking them to outline how leaving the EU would affect us expats.  Neither seemed able or willing to let me know and, in fact, my old MP (a Eurosceptic Conservative) made it plain that it was my choice to move to Spain and that I should take my chances.

I would ask all expats to make efforts to get these questions answered and, if unsatisfied, to make their mark by voting in the referendum.

Thank you,

Phil McAleer (Cacin, Granada)




E.U. Referendum (2)

I wonder if any economically savvy Digamites have any clues as to how ex-pats will be affected when we leave the EU?

( this is a pragmatic rather than political request! )

Answers to Digame please.

Cheers John B





The Padron, Town Population List, is very important as according to the amount of people registered on the Padron, the Town Hall will receive funds from the Government, approx. 150 € per person per year and the town can have the following services: doctors, health centres, schools, police, firemen, infrastructure, social care. Also Town Hall services such as garbage collection, road cleaning, road lighting, road works, public gardens and staff for the Town Hall. Registering on the Padron is free and it helps Nerja to receive more funds from the Government.

When a town has more than 20,000 persons registered on the Padron, it is on a scale considered as an important town. Consequently, the Government provides more public services and it can have another medical centre, a fire brigade, more schools, a bus station, etc. At present, Nerja has around 22,200 inhabitants on the Padron, of which 6,200 are foreigners, this is a 28%.

Every 2 years foreigners have to renew their Padron and if not they will be deregistered. Nerja Town Hall is very concerned with the Padron as by the end of March, 1,600 foreigners will be taken off the Padron as they have not come to renew their inscription. This will mean losing around 240,000 € funds as well as we could lose a certain number of doctors, police, firemen, teachers and services from the Town Hall.

            Any person staying in Nerja several months in total during the year can register on the Padron. This means coming to Nerja regularly and owning or renting a property. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE RESIDENT holding the green card or sheet. You just need to have the white NIE sheet from the Police Station of Torre del Mar.


For Padron information please see Jacky at Nerja Foreigners Department on the ground floor of the Town Hall. She speaks several languages, such as English, French, Italian and a bit of German.

Opening hours: Mondays & Thursdays from 10:00 to 13:30.

July and August from 10:00 to 12:30.

Tel. (00 34) 952 54 8401.  Please phone on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays.


To register on the Padron, please go to the Reception of Nerja Town Hall on the ground floor at the left desk, Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 14:00. Bring the following photocopies, which can be made on both sides of a page and if possible, putting several documents together:

  • NIE certificate (a white sheet) or Resident certificate / card (a green sheet or card). Please note that bringing the NIE number written on a piece of paper is not valid.
  • Passport or Identity Card.
  • One of the following documents showing your name and address in Nerja:

A utility bill of electricity, water, telephone, internet, gas; An IBI or any other local tax receipt; a rental contract plus the last payment receipt.

The title deeds (Escritura) with the page where the seller, the owner and the address of the property figures.

An insurance, a bank statement, the tax returns form.



Foreigners must renew their Padron every 2 years, as they will be deregistered from the population list if the renewal is not made. This will mean a great economic loss for the Town Hall as well as having less services, doctors, police, teachers and general infrastructure. This is the reason why it is so important to be and to continue on the Padron. Only Permanent Residents will renew after 5 years counting from the date shown on their residence card.

When your Padron renewal is due, you will receive a reminder letter asking you to come to the Town Hall. Nevertheless, in case you haven’t received it, to be on the safe side, please contact the Town Hall every 2 years.


You can check your Padron by coming to the Town Hall Reception on the ground floor, at the left desk or to the Foreigners Department. Please make a photocopy of your NIE (the white sheet) or your Residencia (the green sheet or card) and bring it to the office.


If recently you have checked your Padron, for the moment, you don’t have to come again until 2 years have passed or if you have received a reminder letter. You can also check by sending an email to extranjeros@nerja.es writing your name, NIE number and address. You will receive an answer in several weeks.



  • Reduced membership price at the Municipal Swimming Pool and in all activities of the local Sports Stadium on an annual bond.
  • Have a permanent doctor at the Medical Centre if you are a Resident.
  • Verano Azul Parking 30 € / month if you have been 1 year on the Padron.
  • Carabeo private parking. Bonds given in November & December.
  • Monthly deduction at the parking behind the Town Hall. At the moment, there is a waiting list for this parking.
  • Register your children at school.
  • To buy a car or a motorbike you need to be on the Padron.
  • Getting married in Nerja.
  • Registering as a common law couple.
  • Voting in the Local Elections or even present yourself as a candidate.
  • Voting in the European Elections.
  • Apply for social care benefits if eligible. For this, you must be on the Padron for a period that can vary from 1 to 5 years.


  • Deductions on the local Verano Azul bus.
  • If you are on the Padron and you are a Resident, holder of the green card or sheet, you can apply for the 65 Card, Tarjeta 65 and have deductions for:

Buses to Malaga and other cities of Andalucia, glasses, hearing aids, panic button assistance for persons who are alone or sick, entries to the Picasso Museum, Selwo, etc.

Forms available at Nerja Foreigners Department & at the Pensioners’ Club.

  • Apply for the Nerja Town Hall card, Carnet del Mayor, if you have been at least 4 years on the Padron. You can have free swimming pool lessons from October to June. On special fiesta occasions you can go to free lunches offered by the Town Hall. Always limited spaces. Deductions on the local bus. Sometimes certain events at the Cultural Centre have deductions.
    • Be a member of the Pensioners’ Club and go to trips and organized events.


Please ask for information of the documents you need for these benefits at Nerja Foreigners Department.



Services Needed – Tyre Repair

Unfortunately we have been a victim of the screw/nail in the tyre scam that has been reported on recently.  Fortunately the screw which has been put in our VW camper can did not cause a puncture but is causing a slow leakage which needs to be remedied.  Can anyone recommend an English speaking tyre repair person/garage that will not try to rip us off.  Thanks Folks

Pamsamme @ gmail.com



Services Needed –

Are there any recommendations for massage therapists who make home

visits please?

Perhaps any responses could be posted on here for the benefit

of others who may be interested.




Services Available Building Work

Building work undertaken, reforms, repairs, no job to small,
Contact for a free quote Spanish builder with over 30 years experience
Excellent references
Please phone 658508729 English and Spanish spoken
Or email.   adam_davis1991 at hotmail dot com



Services Available Passport Renewal on Line

You may be able to renew online – it is straightforward – and at the end of the process you pay, print off a declaration form and send it off to the passport office. (I am assuming you have an address in the North East). Worth looking into anyway.


Apply for, renew or update a UK passport online – GOV.UK



Service Available Restorative Yoga Classes

yoga 01Ypoga 02

We have a few open places tomorrow for the Restorative Yoga Classes at the Ecological Market in Vinuela. The Restorative Yoga is suitable for every body. Including beginners, people who feel stiff or pain and people with injuries and lower back problems.

The Yoga lessons (1 hour 15 min.) will now take place 4 days a week at the Vivero, with the Restorative Yoga during the Ecological Market.

February time schedule:

Monday                –                         6.00 p.m. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,

Tuesday     4.45 PM Restorative    6.00 p.m. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,

Thursday    4.45 p.m. Yin Yoga      6.00 p.m. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Saturday   11.30 a.m. Restorative Yoga, all levels (during Organic Market)

Contact me with questions about the different Yoga types.

Book in advance: yoga.flora@yahoo.com, 622591827, FB: Flora Yoga

If you have, bring a yoga mat, thick socks and blanket. Let me know if you don’t have a yoga mat. I will provide one for you.

Try out class: E 6,-
1 normal class: E 8,50
3 classes (7,50): E 22,50
4 classes (7,-): E 28,-
5 classes (6,50): E 32,50
7 classes (6,-): E 42,-
9 classes (5,50): E 49,50,- + the 10th class is for free

Cheers Flora Yoga



Services Available – Mind/Body Thalassotherapy Class

Join us at 1400, Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour of fitness on Torrox Costa. Come and try this unique class which is a combination of posture, balance, joint, and core strengthening exercises.  We will practice a bit of meditation, a bit of yoga,  and a bit of movement, all catered to your level of ability.  All are welcome.
Last week I limited the class to ten.  This week, we will be moving to a larger part of the beach, so feel free to invite friends.  My contact email is 1bdywellness@gmail.com or WhatsApp (697 38 59 53).  We’ll meet at the Necropolis on Av. de Faro and walk from there.
A bit more about the class:
Thalassotherapy, from the Greek thalasso meaning ‘sea’ and therapia meaning ‘treatment’, uses the healing and beneficial properties of the sea and the marine environment for your health and wellbeing.
There are quite a few benefits from breathing the salty air produced by the sea breeze:
When water is sprayed, waves of hydrogen “good” ions are released, purifying the air, killing bacteria, and increasing our energy level, especially in the presence of the sun.
– This is why people living near bodies of water high in salt content, such as the Mediterranean Sea, tend to have few respiratory problems, healthy skin,, and an increased overall sense of well-being.
– These negative particles in the air have a refreshing, invigorating effect. They also help increase well-being, and physical and mental capacity. The sea breeze helps balance body energy and relieves depression. Inhaling the salty air produced by the evaporation of sea water can be an effective treatment for asthma, sinus allergies and other respiratory problems. The sea air is also full of seawater particles rich in iodine, which helps regulate the thyroid gland.
Every person needs sunlight exposure to create vitamin D. If you try to get your daily dose of vitamin D through your diet, you’ll be left lacking. For most of us, UVB radiation is the primary source of vitamin D. Getting enough sun helps your body function properly.
Sunlight can be used as a natural way to prevent osteoporosis; gradual, daily exposure to the sun can increase calcium absorption in the bones.
Sunlight energy converts cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D, which is responsible for our calcium needs. Use sunlight to your advantage to lower unnecessary cholesterol deposits and promote the formation of denser bones.
When under the sun, keep your body hydrated so you skin doesn’t suffer from too much exposure. Hypertensive persons, should wear sun hats and sunglasses.
Please call or email to reserve your spot.


Services Available – Property Care                                                                     Cleaning reliable services for your property.                                                               Deep cleans, change over’s for holiday let’s                                                                           ( full management package available ) including pool cleans & reasonable sized gardens tidy up etc:
Family run established in Torrox 11 years, honest & trustworthy,                  reasonable prices offered. References available                                                              For further details email reliablehomeservices.lm@gmail.com
Or call +34 694421940 to discuss your needs.


Services Available Golden Leaves International

Ruth Forder
Avenida De La Pla 123 – 125

Edificio Caribe, Locale 1




Tel: 966 493 082

Mob: 693 715 718

Web. www.glexpatservices.com



Services Needed – Number for Danni Hairdresser

I am looking for a contact number for Danni the hairdresser who worked at Rumours hair salon. I believe she has now gone mobile. Many thanks in advance. Contact number 696116784. Sue.



Services Needed – English Mechanic

Hi would anyone be able to recommend an English Mechanic please

nerjanaills  @  mail.com



Services Available Processionary caterpillar removal, landscaping, etc
call Chris 634323469



Renting –  Information for all B&B Owners…..

An article in the news paper SUR about the private renting of bed or bed and breakfast.

The Junta and  the regional governments have a real interest in encouraging more tourists and money to the area. The Town Hall wishes to make promotion for it on its web-site.  of course is to accepting some rules and/or laws. anyone who wants to offer  tourists accommodation needs a license obtainable from the touristic bureau of Axarquia “CEDER” in Vinuela.  The accommodation has to be approved and meet the required standards of cleanliness, safety  and suitability at which point a licence will be issued for €25. The penalty for failing to register within 3 months is €150,000.00!

SUR is available on line for anyone wishing to check this information



What’s on   RBL Spring Fair –    

 RBL Spring fair


What’s on – Local Cinema Film in English. ( Courtesy of Doug)



This week’s newcomer is another one of the Oscar front-runners:

The Revenant – Dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy. Weekdays 17:00, Sat/Sun 12:15,17:00.

Continuing are:

The Big Short – Dir. Adam McKay. With Brad Pitt, Christian Bale. Weekdays 16:10, Sat/Sun 12:05, 16:10.

Spotlight – Dir. Thomas McCarthy. With Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams. Weekdays 16:00, Sat/Sun 12:00, 16:00.

The Hateful Eight – Dir. Quentin Tarentino. With Samuel L Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Sat/Sun 12:10.

In addition, on Tuesday there will be screenings of The Danish Girl (16:00), Creed (16:30, 19:15), Goosebumps (16:00,18:05) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (20:00, 22:20).

For opera fans, on Thursday 11 there will be a live broadcast of Verdi’s Il Trovatore from the Opera Bastille in Paris (19:30)



Creed – Dir. Ryan Coogler. With Sylvester Stallone, Michael B Jordan. Daily 21:20.

The Revenant and Spotlight are also on daily. Carol, The Fifth Wave, The Big Short, Goosebumps and The Danish Girl are on at the weekend. Check website for timings.



Carol – Dir. Todd Haynes. With Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara. Daily 18:25, 20:30, 22:35.

Spotlight – Dir. Thomas McCarthy. With Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams. Daily 17:00, 19:30, 22:00.

Youth – Dir. Paolo Sorrentino. With Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel. Daily 18:15, 20:25, 22:35.

The Hateful Eight – Dir. Quentin Tarentino. With Samuel L Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Daily 21:45.


What’s on ??-  Motorhome Show

Does anyone know anything about the Motorhome Show in Elche

Nr Alicante that’s on in a couple of weeks?

Like how big it is, is there motorhome parking, any other info?
Tony  email  jdixtfloody at fsmail dot net or    tel 610955826



What’s on Bar La Bodega Torrox Costa

The standard 5 euro of Beef, Chicken and Gammon Roasts are available with all the usual trimmings are available from 2pm Sunday and by popular demand we will serve Until 8pm, but This Must Be Booked on 617 506 550.
This Friday sees the Meat Raffle starting at 6:30pm. Tickets are only 1 euro each and lately we have been giving 30+ prizes, so come along and have a go.
Saturday Night Karaoke starts at 9:30 pm with Johnny Hollywood and songs are available in English and Spanish, followed by a late bar.
All the weeks Sports shown live. This weekend sees premiership action and the start of Rugby Six Nations
Menu Anti-Crisis starts at 1 euro for mini boccadillos, 2.50 for a Cornish Pastie and Large Cod, Chips, peas and Tartar Sauce is 5 euro’s. 210g Cheese Burger with chips etc at 5 euros, Steak Pie or Chicken and Mushroom pie with chips at 5 euros and Chicken Zinger Burger and chips is 5 euros and more.
Opening hours we are open daily from 11.00 am (12am on Saturday and Sunday) until late. We are situated behind the New Town Hall / Library in Torrox Costa (across the road from Aldi). Avenida Garcia Penalver, Bloque 78.
Free Wi-Fi for customers use.
Real Dart Board available for customers.
Come and have a drink, chat with locals and enjoy.
Free Book Lending Library for customers.



What’s on Valentines Day – Balcon de Cómpeta

Valentine Balc & Archez 02 Valentine Balc & Archez 01

If you haven’t still decided where are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here you are two different options.

Aire Flamenco will be playing on Saturday, 13th Feb at Hotel Balcón de Cómpeta. The music will start at 8pm.

If you prefer to celebrate it on Sunday, you can go to Archez to Restaurante Venta el Curro from 1:30pm.

There, 3 nights of hotel in Prague will be raffled among all commensals!!!!!

In both places, you will enjoy your meal with the best live music and there

will be a lot of fun!!

Booking is highly recommended.

Hotel Balcón de Cómpeta 952 55 36 62

Restaurante Venta el Curro 678 61 81 19



What’s on @ Bar La Dama : Green Pea Soup this weekend! 

green pea

It’s always good to warm yourself with a healthy hot bowl of soup.

This weekend Bar La Dama inAlgarrobo-Costa you can enjoy

a freshly made Green Pea Soup.

When: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of February

Where: Bar La Dama, Urb. Centro Internacional – Bloque 73, Algarrobo-Costa

What: Green Pea Soup from 13:30h.

Remember: @ Bar La Dama we serve you during the winter every weekend a freshly made hot bowl of soup!



For sale – Various

Spalding skis size 180 with bag and poles, excellent condition 60 euros

Dynastar skis size 170 with bag and poles 20 euros

Salomon ski boots and bag size 9 20 euros

Salomon ski boots and bag, vgc, 30 euros

Also available

boys salopettes age 11-12 8 euros

2 pairs of ski gloves,, one mens,  one ladies  10 euros for both

lumbas back massager with heat 20 euros

set of 3 Readers Digest encyclopaedia dictionaries in excellent condition 10 euros

Mah Jong set with full instructions in excellent condition 20 euros




For Sale – Settees      

settee02 settee01Two three seat settees, these were made to order in the UK and we transported here to Spain, we have found them too large for our living room and need to change to something smaller, the materials in these two settees are high quality and were very expensive when we originally had them.

We want €75 each and purchaser would have to arrange transport.

Telephone me on 65 35 95 784 or email  me  trpps  @  yahoo.co.uk



For sale – Oven    

oven01 oven02

Built in electric oven, as new condition, this oven has only been used possible twenty times in it’s life.

Price €50

Telephone me on 65 35 95 784 or email  me  trpps  @  yahoo.co.uk



For sale 2 Bikes

bike02 bike01 bike03

Bikes have been in Garage for 2 years unused…so will need tyres sorted..etc
Caleta de Velez area
Red Bike 55 euro – Purple Bike 75 euro – with back Carry box and tools etc

Call 695 972 493 or email madpip@hotmail.co.uk



For sale Wooden shelving/Golf club stand

wooden01 wooden02

25 euro
Caleta de Velez area
Call 695 972 493 or email
madpip  @  hotmail.co.uk




Emails to janekirkspain@gmail.com

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