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New Home Need for Lola 

dog home 02 Dog Homre 01Lola is about four years old little girl. Weight about 4 kg and less than 30 cm. She was very afraid when she was found but now she is in a foster home and improved a lot only in few days.

Follows her foster mother and comes when you call her. Lola is very curious and vigilant and does not bark in vain. This little lady needs a normal, peaceful home where she can feel safe and gets lot of love. Lola is chipped, vaccinated and sterilized and is waiting for her forever home. For more information contact marja dot kotiranta at outlook dot com or 674 532 428 or katja dot hakala dot 68 at gmail dot com or Tail Torrox.



Contraception for Cats?

One of our feral cats is about to drop her fourth litter in about a year.

In the US there’s a contraception you can put in food for feral cats – anyone heard of such a thing here?

If so, where?

Maro/Nerja area
Advance thanks for help, Carol
Reply to: carolsarler @ hotmail.com





Transporting a Dog from Spain into the UK via Calais

The physical transportation of a dog from Spain (EU) to the UK is fortunately very easy providing you follow the regulations, which are :- that the dog is micro chipped and that the chip identifier Number when scanned agrees with the dogs passport.

That the dog has an up to date Rabies inoculation recorded in the passport

That the dog receives from a vet an authorised treatment for Worms and that the vet has recorded the date the time (most important) and the product used on the dogs passport and stamps the passport with their official stamp. The treatment for Worms is time limited and must be given no less that 24 hours prior to travel and no more than 120 hours .

Since that gives you 5 days to travel from Spain to the channel ports you will find it cheaper and more convenient to have the worm treatment here in Spain before you leave rather than in France. Also although you can turn up at Calais and book on the spot I would recommend that you pre book your crossing as this makes the whole operation much smoother.

All of the ferry routes from France to the UK require the dog to travel in the car whilst on the ferry you will not be allowed to travel in the car on the ferry, all the ferry operators are much the same no one is any better or worse than the others

The procedure at the ferry port is – drive up to your chosen ferries booths (some have dedicated booths for those travelling with pets) present your ticket, they generally ask you to scan your dog having examined both yours and the pets passport they will issue your boarding card, then go wherever they tell you to go and wait to be loaded.

I have travelled with my dogs regularly ever since the pet passport came into being the and the question of ownership has never arisen or been checked .

Chapter and verse on Pet Passports can be found on this page :-

https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad/overview.                           Hadyn


 Driving with a dog from Spain to UK via Calais – thank you!

Thank you to all the kind souls who responded to my plea for advice, and to Jane for running this great site, much appreciated.
Not only am I now feeling much better prepared, but my local vet in Cómpeta has just successfully (and surprisingly!) done the RAIA chip transfer…today was a good day!  Nikki

(Editor writes – Thanks to everyone who contributed. The subject thread is now closed. Jane)



UK  Dog Database

Further to the question re taking dogs to the UK it may be of interest to know that the UK has just enacted legislation (from this April) that requires all dogs to be micro chipped, and details recorded on a data base.

Since the pet passport requires dogs to have a chip our Spanish dogs will obviously comply with these new regulations; however what is not clear is how long a dog can remain in the UK without being re registered on the UK data base and since this is brand new legislation and that the majority of UK residents are still blissfully unaware of its existence it may be some time before all the twists and turns unwind and such information becomes available. So if you are permanently importing your dog into the UK you may need to bone up on these new regulations although as yet there does not appear to be any definitive Government site setting out the rules and regulations.   Haydn




The writer of question about where to buy small mesh mosquito screens is confusing two different flies that bug us here in the campo. The phlebotomus is a sandfly that is thought to carry leishmaniosis and is not the same as the white-winged cochineal fly that comes off the prickly pears. It is the male of the species that has the wings …. see photos in this link here http://www.pestproducts.com/cochineal-bug.htm and if you look at the white winged fly with a magnifying glass you can clearly see the two filaments that are at the rear of the fly.

We too were bombarded with the cochineal fly for the first time ever last year and they came through our mozzie nets and covered everything in sight (especially the TV screen). The red dye they leave when you inadvertently quash them is cochineal dye. I have been covered in them but have never been bitten, and as far as I can find out, they do not bite.

What we do have here that causes us a lot of problems is a tiny pale mosquito that you can barely see. It bites and causes a large wheal to come up (rather like a nettle sting). We find that if we can resist scratching it for 10 minutes it seems to subside and doesn’t last as long as a true mosquito bite would last. In the 20 years we have had property here we have always suffered from these tiny mosquito creatures – perhaps those are sand flies? It is only last summer that we first encountered the cochineal fly which seems to be around this year too unfortunately.




Services Available-Help with: hospital visits, traffic department, Social Security or general queries

I will accompany you wherever you need to go to give you peace of mind whilst going through the sometimes inexplicable red tape.
I have lived in Spain for 21 years working for Spanish businesses and Banks
I speak fluent Spanish and what I don’t know I will find out for you.
Mobile: 650102640
Email: kayejane  @  hotmail.es
References available. Reasonable, competitive and flexible rates. (Prices per hour depending on time needed).
Thanking you in advance.
Kaye Riley


Services Needed- Wedding Cake Makers

I would  will like to know if you bake cakes for wedding and

do you accept credit card as form of payment ?

Call Robert




Services Needed- New Registration Plate

Hi, does anyone know where I can order a new vehicle registration plate in the Torrox Costa/Nerja area.

Mine was kindly broken by an anonymous driver, and I don’t really want to travel to Seat in Malaga.

Thank you in anticipation, if you could reply on this blog.



Services Needed Hire of Beer Pump & Cooler

Does anyone know if it’s possible to hire a beer pump and cooler for a house party, I would also buy their beer. It’s for a party in September.

If anyone knows please reply to DigameXtra so others know too.



Services Needed-Pool Maintenance

Very urgently we need to find someone who can fix a pool (not looking for maintenance – we have that – but for a proper “pool doctor”, to diagnose source of a leak and treat a pump that has stopped working).

Must speak English, to our shame. Nrerja/Maro Area    Recommendations?
Reply to: carolsarler @ hotmail.com



Recommendation- Tree Surgeon

We found Samuel through Digamextra (via Phil, phillymc@fastmail.fm  tel 657149712)

Samuel came today to prune our tress. I thought it would take days but he did it all in one day!

He could easily have worked slower and charged us more.

He is a lovely young man who worked extremely hard.

If you need tree work, contact Phil and he will put you in touch with Samuel.

Many thanks to Samuel Phil and Digamextra!




What’s on Cinema in English April 1-7    Thanks to Doug



Cinesur seems to have settled into a pattern of VOSE screenings mainly at weekends and on Tuesdays. Only one film gets daily screenings this week; one with a Spanish subject matter and a Spanish leading man..

Altamira – Dir. Hugh Hudson. With Antonio Banderas, Rupert Everett. Weekdays 16:30. Sat/Sun 12:25, 16:30.

In addition, at the weekend, there are midday screenings of:

Batman vs Superman – Dir. Zack Snyder. With Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill. Sat/Sun 12:00

Kung Fu Panda 3 – Dir. Jennifer Yu & Alessandro Carloni. With Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman. Sat/Sun 12:15.

On Tuesday, there are further screenings of: Batman vs Superman (17:00, 20:30), 10 Cloverfield Lane (22:00), Divergent – Allegiant (17:00), Zootropolis (16:05), The Dressmaker (20:10) and Risen (20:10). In addition, making its debut is:

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies – Dir: Burr Steers. With Lily James, Sam Riley. Tue 15:50, 18:00.

Finally, for ballet fans, on Wednesday there is a live broadcast of Giselle from Covent Garden at 20:15.



Batman vs Superman, Altamira, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and Risen are on daily. The Dressmaker, Divergent, Kung Fu Panda 3 and Zootropolis are on at the weekend. Check website for timings.



Hitchcock/Truffaut – Dir. Kent Jones. Documentary about the two great directors. Daily 16:00, 19:45, 23:00.

Batman vs Superman – Dir. Zack Snyder. With Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill. Daily 19:00

For French speakers, there are currently four French-language films showing: Marguerite, La Ritournelle, Mustang and Nous Trois Ou Rien. 



What’s on at Johnny Q’s Bar

Sunday lunch, choice of Lamb, Pork or Chicken (Lamb must be ordered by Saturday) Served with fresh seasonal vegetables, Homemade Yorkshire Pudding, Roast and Creamed potatoes and real gravy made with the meat juices. 9 euros (Lamb 11 Euros).  Price includes glass of house wine.  Small portions can be catered for.  Choice of homemade Desserts.

Market day special: Homemade soup and a sandwich Only 4.75.euros

We have Homemade Lemon Curd for sale at only 4 Euros per Jar.

Telephone  634124989

Bloque 9, Costa del Oro. Torox Costa  (just behind Jings Chinese Restaurant).


Whats on – Sunday Lunch at Silks

Sunday 3rd April
12.30pm to 6pm
Tel: 952967266 (bookings advised)
Roast topside of beef with homemade Yorkshire pudding
Roast turkey with homemade sage & onion stuffing and bread sauce
Roast gammon ham with homemade peach & red onion chutney
Accompanied with:
Roast and creamed potatoes
Green beans sautéed in wine and butter
Mashed carrot & swede
Cauliflower cheese
Homemade gravy
Selection of deserts available
Silks Sports Bar & Grill
Local 2, Bloque 8, Urb Costa del Oro, Torrox Costa (situated just behind the large Chinese clothes shop on the paseo maritimo)
Tel: 952967266


What’s onat AliOli -Competa’s gourmet chill out bar

Friday 15th April Mexican night, Faijta and margartita 9.50 euro

Friday 29th April AliOli 1st Birthday Retro Night  – 

come and celebrate with us – food, music and fancy dress.

Daily – coffee and delicious homemade cakes 3pm to 6pm free homemade cake with every coffee .

Cocktail happy hour   Half price cocktails every Friday and Saturday night 7pm – 8pm. Dancing til late – Choose your own favourite music.

Saturday afternoons – available for children’s party bookings.

Private party bookings always welcome -Christian is happy to discuss your theme, music and chosen menu.

You can find us just along from  the Mirador in Plaza Vendimia, Competa. Booking is advisable.

Telephone Christian 952516137 or mobile 633172519

email chrisincompeta @ gmail .com (no spaces)  website www.zamion.net/alioli



What’s on- TAIL     Torrox

Dog Show

For info to rent a stall for our event
contact sue 629 501 173
Details to follow regarding classes
on the day….

So spruce up your pooch and join us for a lovely afternoon
Save the date …..



Wanted –Fold Up Bed

Anyone have a fold up bed for sale, Torrox, Nerja area , please contactkarenhardcastle1962  @  gmail.com
Thanks in advance



For Sale trundle bed and set of drawers 

Trundle01 Trundle02

Very good quality (no ikea), and in a very good condition. We bought it not long ago in Granada and paid more than 800 euros but we are moving house and we can’t take it.
Price for the bed 240 euros and for the drawers 150 euros.

But if you buy both things 340 euros.
We are in Frigiliana but we could bring it to you if it is needed.
Rut 664691515



 For Sale-Epson Printer/Scanner/Copier.


Brand new, all in one wi-fi printer.

Not compatible with Apple air print, for which it was purchased!

Cost 40 Euros, accept 30 Euros. Torre Del Mar. Telephone 658653148.



For Sale –Bar items – wooden Bar Signs – Extinguishers

Recently closed down bar has still got a few items for sale including 5 Bar signs and 3  full extinguisher’s and other bits and bobs.
For pictures and more information email me – gnerja2000 at hotmail dot com



For Sale – Sunbeds

4 – Sunbeds colour green, very good condition, hardly used.

45€ each or 170€ for all four beds.

Contact mobile  696793351

Torrox Costa.



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