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Calling all Crafters

If you are an individual or group who would like to Knit, Crochet or Sew for charity then please consider joining Loving Hands (http://www.lovinghands.org.uk) where you will find a friendly forum and a list of charities supported by the group plus lots of lovely patterns for you to use
The current organisations being supported include
Operation Orphan
Battersea Dog and Cats Home
Cherished Gowns for Angel Babies
Siblings Together
Greenfields Africa
Mission for Seafarers
plus many more so hopefully you will find a charity you can support
If you decide this organisation is not for you then please try Knit for Peace (http://www.knitforpeace.org.uk)
I am willing to coordinate collections and help where I can.
Please could you help me make a friendly and supportive network here in the Costa del Sol…..
Lynne competacom at gmail dot com



Puppy Update pics

pup04 pup03 pup02 pup01Milly, Dilly and Tilly now have names and are starting to learn English as she is ‘barked’. They are keen to be multi-lingual so perhaps you are able to help when you choose one for your home.

There is also their very latest film – apologies if they look too appealing……

Puppy Rescue 9



Seeba Films




Activity Partner Needed

50s English man would like to meet an English speaking lady of any nationality in the Torrox Costa area
Please email sunseekerinspain  @  gmail.com



Dry Cleaning for Toilet Paper?

We have rented a finca in the campo. The problem we are facing, our landlord doesn´t want us to throw toilet paper into the loo. He is using the water of the septic tank (pozo negro) for the irrigation of his garden and is afraid that the paper is clogging his pump system. Is there anybody out there who can recommend a dry cleaning service for the paper to keep our buckets clean and tidy.

Might be useful information for some other funny people as well.

Info please to          alegria6 at gmx dot com

Regards Bill



Services Available- Translation

Going to see your doctor can be a worrying time for you, be it for your annual check up, or for something a bit more serious.  It only adds to that worry if you don’t understand what is being said to you.
Let me help you with that.  Fifteen years experience as an interpreter in the hospital allows me to ask the questions you might not have thought of and to explain, in a sensible way, the diagnosis medication or paperwork you need to aid you on the road to recovery.
I don’t charge by the hour and my fee is reasonable.
Do call me if you have any questions.
Pamela Walshe. 609040709


Services Needed- Landscape Gardener

Can anyone please recommend a landscape gardener in the Competa area?

Please respond to Sue on 952 55 3239.



Response to Advice on Water Pressure Problems

Thanks for the comments mentioning the cause of my water pressure failure, and cut outs. I called out  Wayne’s Drains 657862628 who done a sterling job on a very complicated system… cleaned up  and were very efficient.  They came recommended and I also certainly recommend them.

  1. Sayalonga



Recommendation- El Pilon, Competa

I would like to thank all the staff at restaurant El Pilon for a great evening of wonderful foodand hospitality.

Over the recent past it seemed to lose its way somewhat, but – due to the hard

work and professionalism of all the dedicated staff – it is now back on track to being the truly magnificent restaurant it always was

From a very pleased party of eight. Where else in Competa can you get food served on a piping hot plate!

Well done El Pilon, take note you other restaurants and learn.


(Apology from Editor – I inadvertently named the restaurant needing staff as El Pilon. It is actually El Pino. J )



What’s on – Free Plant Collection ?

Today, Friday, April 1st, there will be a free collection of unwanted plants (opuntia ficus India, or a few others) at the dumping pit at Sayalonga, just beside the swimming pool. The action will start at10.30 am and finish by 1 pm latest. Please make sure you have removed all the fruits before you deliver the plants to the site. You certainly will meet at least some nice and friendly people there, so don´t miss it… have some fun !        brombeere6@web.de



What’s on Games Afternoon, Friday
Come and join us on Friday from 12.30pm at the
Asia Fu Restaurant, Algarrobo Costa
Playing Crib, Scrabble, Rummykub, Mahjong or whatever
Game you fancy bringing along….
They have a great Menu del Dia for only 6.50 euro ……
A great way to spend a Friday afternoon….socialising and making
new friends…..
For more details……..madpip@hotmail.co.uk



What’s on Demonstration Cruelty Against Animals Saturday 2nd April at 11.30 Torrox 

Join volunteers from Tail and the other animal charities for a demonstration rally on Saturday 2nd April starting at 11.30 from the bottom of Avenida del Faro, Torrox Costa. You can either bring your own dog or pick up a dog or pup from Tail Refuge at 11.00. WE will walk along the paseo and the demo normally lasts about 1.5 hrs. This is the 3rd in a series and the first time in Torrox so please come and help us get noticed.

For more info please contact  Gill 633405560 or

email ogillyarmstead  @  gmail.com




What’s on GUIRI at the Racing Club    


See April in with GU!R! in concert at the legendary Axarquia Racing Club in Torrox Costa, Friday night 20:00h to 23:00h. Food available.For more information please see     https://www.facebook.com/GUIRI.rock.band


What’s on- Life-music, Jam and open Mic in Torrox-Costa

 life music


Whats on – Workshop of Craft Beer 


Casa Montes Negros is collaborating with Javi from La Axarca craft beers to offer an exciting new workshop, all in beautiful surroundings at the organic mountain finca located in the foothills of Sierra Tejeda, near Trapiche.

On Sunday 10th April you will learn how to brew craft beer as well as tasting a small selection of selected beers and ales accompanied by some tapas.

On Sunday 17th April you get to bottle the beer brewed the previous weekend and taste 5 different craft beers accompanied by 5 tapas.

The price of 90 euros includes the 2 days workshops and all the ingredients, beers and tapas for tasting, a 5 litre beer kit, and the beer you made the previous weekend to take home with you.

The meeting place is El Cruce restaurant carpark and the meeting time is 10.00.http://www.goo.gl/maps/EOeTXat

For an extra 3 euros you can get a lift to the farm and back to the meeting point, or you can take your own car if you prefer.

The workshop starts at 10.30 and finishes at around 3pm  To book your place contact

Rachael on 655 987 105 casamontesnegros at gmail.com

Javi on 610 778 358 javier.leonlora at gmail.com

www. casamontesnegros.com

http://www.axarca.eshat’s On –



What’s on- at Bar Amalia

Sunday lunch with a choice of Beef, Lamb or Chicken served from 1.30-5.00. Roast and Duchess Potatoes,  four vegetables, Homemade Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy – 8 euros.  Homemade Puddings this week are Sticky Toffee with Toffee Sauce, Apple Crumble and Custard,  Chocolate Pudding and Chocolate Sauce and Baileys flavoured Chocolate Meringue Roulade.

It’s vacation time for dot so from Saturday 2nd april bar amalia will be closed, reopening on Thursday 14th April.

It’s vacation time for Dot so from Saturday 2nd April Bar Amalia will be closed, reopening on Thursday 14th April.

We will be opening as normal for Sunday lunch during this time and our quiz night on the 8th April.

To book your table give us a call on 634302480


 WantedFlyscreens x-tra small needed

I live in the Campo above Arenas and I am tortured by what the Spanish call “Mosquito Blanco“. The Latin name of those beggers is Phlebotomus Mascittii. They do not sting like “normal“ mosquitos,  but bite and feed from the pool of blood created by this. They are very small…the body size is well below 1mm and they have comparatively large, white-ish wings what makes them bad flyers once the wind is blowing. Because of their size you usually do not even notice them landing on your skin. They are also known to transport Leishmaniosis which is quite dangerous for animals but sometimes also for humans. Once you squash them they smear quite an astonishing amount of red dye…which appears to be the same dye as in the whitish disease that makes the prickly pear cactus die all around. They appear an hour before sunset in swarms. My problem is that once I am bitten,  I have a very strong histamine reaction, creating long-lasting, very itchy and big water-filled bumps. Most of the people around me up here are surely also bitten but do not show reactions…subsequently not even registering it. My house has fly screens on all windows, but they have the “normal“ mesh of about 1mm. The Mosquito Blanco flies right through them.
Can anybody point me to a place that sells fly screens with a wire mesh of about 0,4 or 0,5mm? I have already tried some window-selling places but they all only use the 1mm version.
Also: Does anybody know about electronic fly traps (those things that “grill“ insects with an audible “Zap“ that work with white light and have an electric mesh small enough for these insects? Normally these traps have blue light which is ignored by the white mosquito. Thanks for your help
hczahn @ gmail.com



For Sale 2 mobile/portable air condition cabinets

Condit01 Condit02

As good as new both purchased in 2013 but only used for  max of 3 weeks each.
No. 1    type Delonghi PAC N80.1, 8020 Btu/h – 2350 Watt cooling effect.
Price in 2013 was 399 euro, bought at Eroski/Velez Malaga.

For sale at half price at €200

No. 2    type Becken GR F 7A, 7000 Btu/h, 2050 Watt cooling effect.
Price in 2013 was 324 euro, bought at Worten/Velez Malaga
On sale at €160

Both available for collection from Torrox Pueblo

Please email

Rachael at syncromail dot com

Or call 662063987


Wanted – Tiles                                                                           


Would anybody know where I can buy tiles with designs/colours like those in the picture? I have already been to some places but was told that this design is at least 30 years old and subsequently not available anymore through ordering. The only solution would be to find a shop that is large enough to have considerable amounts of tiles in stock/storage…and by this maybe also have “rests“ of older ones. Most of the shops only have displays of what they sell and would then order for you in the amount needed. I would need about 12 square meters. Thanks, Christoph. hczahn @gmail.com


For Sale- Grill & Garden Table  

grill01 grill 02Grill with sideboard and wheels. Coal and fire tablets. All for 5 eur.

Gardentable for 8 persons. Plastic in good quality and steel frame. Free, or a bottle of red wine.


Contact – brandtoft @ yahoo.dk



Wanted – Car Headlights

Can anyone help us we have a Toyota perv and we need to change it on to Spanish plates but we are having trouble getting the head lights Toyota can get them but not to the end of May but they are 400 euros each we are really looking for second had one’s or similar.
Thank you in advance if there is anyone out there that can help. m.bailey11@sky.com


Wanted-  Medion MD 30325 Remote Control 

remote control

I’m looking for a remote control of my Medion MD 30325 (or same model).

Do you’ve such a remote control, and don’t need it anymore, send me a mail.

I can collect it at your home.

torroxcostarental @ hotmail.com

Wanted Any Wood or ply sheets too good to burn!

I am looking for any off cuts of ply, board or wood for an art project.

They can be any size, preferably rectangle or square, but not decking or

narrow plank shape.

I could even use any old wooden cupboard doors, not MDF.

Anything that was due for the dump, considered.

I am in Competa but can collect from anywhere if you have a big pile you wish to get rid of.

Emmabubble3 @ gmail .com or 636069292


 Wanted Three stage house-waterfilters

We are new owners of a property and it seems that the filling components of the three tubes have to be replaced.

Which are the three components and where can we buy them. Thank you. Markus

markus.keller @ sprachheilschulen.ch



Wanted – Garage

I’m looking for a garage in Torrox or Nerja

Needs easy access. Dry . A light inside and secure.


Simon 605 092 315



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