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Anyone know about Scalewatcher?

I am considering buying the water softener marketed by Scalewatcher. It is quite expensive which is OK – if it works!

Has anyone had experience of this or can give advice on the best way to reduce lime scale?

Any advice will be most welcome



sales @ aossupplies.co.uk


Microsoft Scam

(1) These chaps phoned me up too, on a day that I felt awkward! They told me I had a problem with my computer so I said it was my son’s and I only used it occasionally but if I had done something wrong it would make him angry and begged the man to help me. I did everything he told me to, but the computer just didn’t respond as he said it would. After about twenty minutes he was getting desperate and I was sobbing down the phone. He said he couldn’t help me, and was very apologetic, however he got quite upset when I asked him if an Apple engineer might do better with my son’s iMac! Not been troubled since…
I’ve no children and not had a Microsoft device for nearly 20 years now.

(2) This is definitely a scam & should be avoided at all costs. Microsoft will never get in touch with you. We got caught several years ago & it cost us dearly as we were told we needed to pay immediately for their product to remove all the problems & we would lose everything unless we bought it. Do not be fooled as once this is done, they still hound you on the phone. Just threaten to report them as you know this is a scam & put the phone down. This scam has been going on for years & I suspect a lot of people are fooled by it as they are scared of losing all their data. Obviously, they are making a lot of money out of people who do not understand the technicalities of a computer, mostly the older generation who can ill afford the money. We still get phone calls from them at times even though we were foolish enough to pay for their so called repair product which did absolutely nothing. Do not get caught.  B.C.

(3) Yes, absolutely it’s a scam. They’ve been plaguing us for the last week or so.  If you Google the term you’ll see such scam calls have been around for years.

It hasn’t made the slightest difference answering them in Spanish, swearing in English or putting the phone down without speaking – any response at all seems to just encourage them. They’ve all been Indian callers although the numbers purport to be Spanish, starting with 95 or 91. I have noticed though that they always end in 00 or 0000 so any such number is now ignored. But it is a nuisance to have the phone ringing repeatedly during the day.  Our landline provider Vodafone could put a block on the number getting through to us if it was a particular number (restringir) but it’s constantly changing (I’ve noted down six different ones so far) so for the moment I intend to carry on noting any number changes and reporting them all to Vodafone if they continue pestering us…


(3) Technical Support Phone Scams

Microsoft will never call you unless returning a call you made to their support services. If you do call Microsoft Support and they say they will call you back, ask for the name or ID number of the helper who will be calling you back to ensure the return call is legit.

A technical support scam refers to telephone fraud that claims to be a legitimate technical support service. It can either begin by a cold call, usually claiming to be associated with a legitimate-sounding third-party, with a name like “Microsoft” or “Windows Technical Support” or it could begin with an unsuspecting user searching for commercial technical support via a popular search engine such as Bing or Google. Remote desktop software is used to connect to the victim’s computer, and the scammer then uses a variety of confidence tricks that employ various Windows components and utilities (such as the Event Viewer), third-party utilities (such as rogue security software), and reference sites like Wikipedia or summaries written by security companies to make the victim believe that the computer has issues that need to be fixed, before proceeding and requiring the victim to pay for “support”. These scams usually target users, such as senior citizens, who are unfamiliar with the tools used in the process, especially when initiated by cold calls.

Read more at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technical_support_scam

doctorlaptop @ gmx.com

My New Website: http://doctorlaptop-repairs.webnode.com
Blog: https://doctorlaptopstips.wordpress.com



 €510 banked for Los Angeles de la noche 

Dear friends

I banked 510 euros for Los Angeles de la Noche today

and with a further donation from Julie Narewski in Competa

I went shopping at Mercadona yesterday and spent 50 euros

on expensive items like large olive oil tuna, cola cao coffee etc

when Gaby and i spoke to Antonio the chairman of Los Angeles he was very happy,  said to thank you all very much and told us that the new centre would be opening on 14th May and we are all invited to the reception

I am taking the clothes, food, bedding up to Malaga on Friday

and will get more info on that event then

As I am away and can’t be there it would be great if someone went

They have done an amazing job running the food kitchen and

getting the new centre built so fast

love mx


Torrox Swimming Pool – Directions to the pool
Turn in to the sports ground car park From the Torrox 17kl marker sign
As the road bears right the sports centre is on your right
Look left there is an exit
As you exit here you bear tight right
In 30 metres the pool is on your right
There is a car park (rough ground ) on the left
Yours Ian

(2) The indoor pool is a separate building that looks like a dome, sited behind the football ground complex you can see going from motorway to Pueblo. I use it twice a week. They speak English. Here is copy of time table.   David

pool torrox pool torrox 02


Flying via Norwich

I would like to thank the thoughtful people who reported on flying to Norwich from Malaga.  It was a helpful and reassuring post, reminding us of the golden days when we could pop along to Norwich airport,  also from N. Norfolk  (Fakenham area),  park the car in a trice and enjoy a stress free journey.

Our daughter has actually been using Southend airport (she lives near Thetford) ,  finding the extra time and fuel worth it,  to avoid the stress and parking costs of Stansted.   Next week a friend’s daughter is trying the Norwich/ Malaga trip:  we hope her experience will be similar to yours.

Thank you again for taking time to inform others of your experience.




Services Available –Water Filtering System

Say goodbye to buying bottled water!
Why not consider fitting a fresh filtered drinking water system?
I can supply the complete system including separate tap
The Genius pro system is a five stage filtration to purify the water that is currently supplied to your home. The filtration eliminates chlorine along with other chemicals. It uses carbon filters and no additives or other chemicals are used in the process. It will also mean no more limescale in your kettle!
All you need is a small space in your kitchen unit close to your existing water tap ( the unit takes up approx half a 400mm kitchen unit) . There is then a separate tap that is installed next to your existing kitchen taps. The water is then available , on demand, from this tap and completely safe and clean to drink.
Installation usually takes just 2 hours and the unit is maintenance free. The only requirement is to change the filters once a year ( approx 15€).
The cost for supply of the unit and installation is 199€.
Qualified Plumber 10 years experience in Spain. ( 15 years in UK) .
Please call with any further questions or to discuss an installation.
666 099 163 Sean
lynnandseanh @ yahoo.co.uk



Services Available-Private Transport

Some room in PRIVATE van going to the UK leaving 25th May, Eurotunnel, across to Hampshire, up to Bolton, down to Long Eaton (near Derby/Nottingham) Anything legal considered in exchange for contribution to fuel costs. Contact me for details of route. Please note this is not a business, I am going in my own van for my own purpose but have some room left. 658 607 303 (Janet)



Services Needed-Carers

Liz ( English Nurse). Looking for a carer for Competa Area..

Mornings only at the moment.

I provide nursing support and  training to help people

to stay in their own homes.          e mail your cv to englishnurse@rocketmail.com.



Services – Staff Needed-

lIzzies Bar Burriana are currently looking for an experienced cook and.

Part time waiting staff to join the team .
Must be reliable and enthusiastic.
Please drop your cv in or call 95252783.



Services Available-

PC and Mac repairs, help and resources.

 PC help Cómpeta  –   I am computer technician with 20 years’ experience living in Cómpeta. I have put together a website and some social media sites to help people with their PC or MAC issues, the websites have links to some resources and has some helpful advice. If there is anything that you would like advice on, or for me to add to the site, then feel free to contact me, you can contact me though any of the channels listed.  http://pchelpcompeta.yolasite.com/

Firstly in reply to Robert yesterday and the call from an alleged  Microsoft engineer, yes this is a scam and my advice would be to put the phone down ASAP.

Free online Cyber security course – To all those who want to know more about how best to protect themselves online, the Open University are running a free course called Introduction to Cyber security, which may be of interest to you. The web address for this is. http://www.open.edu/openlearn/science-maths-technology/introduction-cyber-security/content-section-overview?in_menu=306332

Budding Photographers – To anyone who is interested in Photography and has access to Photoshop, then Google have now made free to download the Nik collection (this software retailed at $149 a few weeks ago and considerably more longer ago) the link is. https://www.google.com/nikcollection/

All this information and much more is available on my sites.

I can be contacted on  (Ryan )  677 622 708

Or email: pchelpcompeta@gmail.com   or through the website   http://pchelpcompeta.yolasite.com/

Facebook: PChelp Cómpeta and Google+ PC help Cómpeta



Rental Needed-Garage

I am looking for a secure lock up garage to rent close to La Vinuela.
Please contact me on suseeq2000uk  @  yahoo.co.uk many thanks, Sue



Recommendation – The Andele II Restaurante

Andele !! Mexican restaurant

opposite the Rui Hotel in Nerja is very very good

have had 2 meals there in a week

menu del dia €9 for 3 courses

lovely atmosphere and service

would highly recommend it

in fact we are going there again tomorrow !!  Angela



Recommendation NeededJoinery

Can anyone recommend a joiner  to supply &fit locks to door and cupboards.

Archez- Competa area.

Please reply to Peter on 622761458


 What’s on- Art tutorial workshop

Art Lesson


What’s on- at Silks Sports Bar & Grill

Chef Marc’s Sunday Roast at Silks Sports Bar & Grill
Tel: 952967266 (bookings advised)
17th April
12.30pm to 6pm
Roast topside of beef with homemade Yorkshire pudding
Roast pork with homemade pork & apple stuffing & apple sauce
Roast loin of lamb with homemade sticky port sauce
(€1.50 supplement for lamb)
Vegetarian option available on request
Accompanied with roast and creamed potatoes
Sautéed French beans & onion with a balsamic glaze
Roast carrot & celery puree
Cauliflower cheese
Homemade gravy
Local 2, Bloque 8, Urb Costa del Oro, Torrox Costa
Situated just off the paseo maritimo next to the large Chinese clothes shop



Whats on Johnny Qs Bar Restaurant

Sunday lunch is by bookings only, please book by Friday evening.  Served from 1.00pm till 4.00pm.  All served with fresh seasonal vegetables, roast and creamed potatoes, homemade yorkshire pudding and gravy made from the meat juices.  9 euros includes glass of wine. Choice of homemade desserts.  Full menu available from 10.30 am till 4.00 pm.

Telephone 634124989

Bloque 9, Costa del Oro, Torrox Costa

(Just behind Jings Chinese Restaurant on the Paseo)



What’s on @ Bar La Dama : This Weekend’s Culinary and Musical Activities!  

Dama Dama 02

Just like every weekend, at Bar La Dama in Algarrobo-Costa, we will serve you something special. This weekend we will have Turkey Fillet in Orange Sauce and Fillet of Cod in Leek Sauce, and both plates will be served with garniture.

Furthermore, on Saturday the 16th, you can enjoy the magical music of Nebulosa. Come and have your dinner with us before Vicente and Alba will be taking you on a musical journey at 21:30h.

When: Saturday 16th (from 19:30h) and Sunday 17th (from 13:30h) of April

Where: Bar La Dama, Urb. Centro Internacional – Bloque 73, Algarrobo-Costa

What: Special Weekend Dishes (and a Special Magical Evening on Saturday with Nebulosa)



What’s on – Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar coming events and excursion

Tuesday 19th April – Photography Club.  From “Good Shot” to “Great Shot”, why not come and learn the art of photography with Rob Bell Photography. A fun and informal class to help you to get more from your camera/photos. Open to all, from beginners to the more experienced photographer, regardless of the type of camera you use. There will be something for everyone!! Don´t forget to bring your camera.  Please phone Rob Bell for information on where it is taking place Tel: 951066688 or mobile 678204428. Ticket price 4€ per lesson available at the Centre. Proceeds for fund raising.

Thursday 21st April – Coach Excursion to Gibraltar. Why not join Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar and visit Gibraltar, a chance to take a cable car to the top of the Rock, see the unique Barbary Apes.  Visit the upper Rock Nature Reserve, where you will find the historic tunnels dating from 1779-1783 and St. Michael´s Cave.  Both of these have guided tours.  In the town can be seen the Gibraltar Museum, Government House and in the southern area are key historical sites. All information may be obtained from the tourist office, or an excellent alternative way of seeing the sights is by hiring a taxi, whose drivers are very knowledgeable and will explain the interesting, historical life of the Rock.  It is also an opportunity to purchase duty free Items and typical English items of food, etc. from the Morrisons super market. Ticket price 12 Euros available at the Centre.  Proceeds for fund raising.  Departure times Puente don Manuel (Hotel Romero) 6.45am, Algarrobo (Lidl) 7.15am, Caleta (Vets) 7.20am and Torre Del Mar (Bus Station)7.30am. Depart Gibraltar 15.00h. PASSPORTS / I.D. REQUIRED.

Thursday 28th April – Spring and Summer Fashion Show. Please come and join friends with a welcome glass of wine or fruit juice, to view ladies good quality, new and nearly new clothes, shoes and accessories.  There will be an interval to purchase and enjoy cakes and a drink.  Ticket price 4 Euros available at the Centre, all proceeds to fund raising.  Time 15.30 for 16.00h.

For further information and bookings please contact the Centre, Torre del Mar Tel.952 543 334 E-mail: luxmundi@lux-mundi.org  .Please note you are unable to make bookings through the web site and sorry we cannot accept cards


What’s on- Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre Fuengirola.

C/ Nueva No.3, Fuengirola, 29640. Opening hours Monday through Friday 9.30 to 14.30. Tel 952 474 840, e-mail luxmundif@gmail.com     Web.www.lux-mundi.org                                                                                                         Wednesday 20th April – – Taizé Prayer at the Centre.  Time 19.00h.

Thursday 21st April – “Concert Night” with the “Touch of Class” Choir. Lux Mundi, Fuengirola invite you to join friends at the Centre for an evening of song and entertainment performed by the choir which was founded in May 2014 and range in age from 5 to 75 plus years. They perform under the musical producer, director and choreographer Pauline Hulme.  They will entertain you for free to help Lux Mundi with the “Cocina Solidaria” that feeds the unfortunate people of the area and the homeless.  Ticket price 5 Euros available at the Centre, which includes tapas and a drink.  Time 17.30h for 18.00h.                                    For further information and bookings please contact the Centre, Fuengirola Tel 952 474 840, e-mailluxmundif@gmail.com   web. www.lux-mundi.org.  Please note you are unable to make bookings through the web site and sorry we cannot accept cards.


Whats on –Residents Day  Nerja

British Legion

It is next Sunday 17 th April it is being held on The Plaza Espana at midday .  Please come along and support The Royal British Legion and the many other charities that make this event a great day out for everyone and let’s Nerja know how much we all appreciate living in the town  Dorothy Allen  Royal British . Legion poppy appeal organizer

Book signing by local author at Residents’ Day

local author

Local author John Hardy will be selling signed copies of all his books at Nerja Residents Day, this Sunday12 – 5 at the Plaza de España.

The books are short stories of crime and mystery, set in southern Spain, and available in English, German and Spanish.

An unusual and ideal gift for friends and family – why not come and take a look?

Hope to see you there!

East Side Stories’ by local author John Hardy is now available as a paperback or EBook from Amazon. 19 stories of crime and mystery set in the east of England, from Hadrian’s Wall to the Thames – for more information on this and all the other books, visit the website www.johnhardybooks.com


For Sale –Gaz cooker, bottles 

Baz cook 01gaz o2

Gaz cooker, Balay, 2 rings : 20 €
Camping Gaz bottle : 15 €
Original Camping Gaz bottle, 3 kg, empty, with regulator and lid, previously used in a camper van, + 1 spanish regulator as a gift. You can buy Camping Gaz all over Europe and outside Europe (Tukey, Marocco etc…). Buying the bottle in the first pace is very expensive.
Torre del Mar area.
Tel 670 32 01 32 or e-mail : chantalespagne@hotmail.com



Wanted -4×4 Vehicle   

I really need a smallish ‘ladys’ 4 x 4. I have about a  3000-3500€  budget and favourites include Hyundai Tuscan and Santa Fe, Toyota Rav, Kia Sorento  and  Sportage and Suzuki Jimny and Vitara. Spending a fortune on car rental at minute cos in El campo Nr Torrox.  Residency nearly through. Any help welcome

Thanks Katrina

katrinadelsol @  yahoo.co.uk



For Sale – Wardrobe

wardrobe for sale

w/short and long drawers.

Bar for coat hangers in both sides, no shelves inside.

200 x 160 x 60

​ cm​


​Pick up Competa

labedabe at gmail dot com​



For sale – Reflections from La Herradura  pic


You can now pre-order your signed copy of Reflections from La Herradura! Till the launch on 17th of April you can get
it for the discount price of €15.00 (exclusive of shipment – the book has 286 pages) instead of €19.50. Don’t miss out
on this unique combination of guide book, history book and collection of biographies rolled into one, offering the
reader a privileged, ‘behind the scenes’ look at life in a seaside village on the Costa Tropical and a fascinating glimpse
into the minds of its artists and visionaries.
Would you like to come to the launch and get your signed copy there? This is taking place on Sunday 17th of April,
17.00 in La Cochera on the seafront in La Herradura. After the launch there will be live music!
Reflections from La Herradura is written by local artist and writer Renate van Nijen. The book is also available in the
Spanish language (Reflejos del Paisaje Humano de La Herradura). Do you prefer to get your copy from Amazon? That is
possible too.
To order your copy contact Renate directly via renate @ renatevannijen (dot) com



Wanted- Dining Table & Chairs

We are looking to buy a dining table and 6 chairs.
Cash waiting for the right furniture. Nothing fancy but must be in good condition . Can collect from Torrox Costa and surrounding areas.

Please email to kerryw029 at aol dot com.


Wanted – Sphagnum Moss

Can anyone tell me where I can buy spagnum moss ?

And does anyone know of a substitute ?
I have a stag horn fern i want to remove from its pot

And attach it to some wood.
Pamela. Interpreter. 609040709



For Sale-Various  

 winejug01 wine jug 02 wines jug 03

Wine jug, pottery with red and turquoise flowers on a yellow background. 20cm diameter, 30cm tall, 10 euros please
paper brick maker, makes 26cm X 9cm bricks from old newspapers.  Great way to recycle your old newspapers and use on a wood burning stove 10 euros  please
Pottery cereal bowls (4) egg cups (4) and tea plates (6) 10 euros please
Torrox pueblo 952 539 839
Torroxgirl @ aol.com



For sale- Doors


Wooden ‘front’ doors.

Dual solid wood front door. From front/outside, left-hand ‘wing’ 390 x 2030mm, right-hand ‘wing’ 690 x 2030. Actual aperture required in wall for fitting 1250 x 2030mm

Very heavy doors with 4 prong lock and heavy brass hinges. Reasonable offer will secure.


Aluminium/glass exterior kitchen or front door with roll-down blind.

All aluminium double-glazed white door, opening size 720 x 2045mm.

Wall opening required 860 x 2295mm.

Contact tony.randall @ hotmail.com and 634447201.



For Sale Various

Bush 19inch TV with built in freeview 18 months old in good working order 50€. Electric oil filled heater in good working order 10€.                                                    Card making stuff for sale I have a bag of varous items for card making here are some of the items that are in the bag and there is much more. 2 cutting boards. 5 Card making discs .Various papers. Embellishments. Ribbons and bows. Peel offs. Blank Cards and envelopes a few rolls of double sided tape.      If you are a card maker come and have a look a bargain at 40€ for the lot.                  If interested on any of these items contact me at

lorrainemartin24  @   outlookdotcom


For Sale –Various  

rustic01 rustic02 rustic03

Rustic Coffee set – Three Saucers, Four Cups all for 5€

Oak Laminate Flooring 4 packs (each 1.4 metre sq.) 10€ each pack or 25€ for all

Contemporary Mixer Taps, Great condition 25€

Contact dosjamons (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Must go this week!



For sale- Chairs 

Six excellent condition dining chairs.
Price 150 euros
Contact j.millward @ ymail.com



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