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(Some these come in response to an article by Guy Massey )


I really get fed up with “mans” usual solution to animal problems and that is to kill them especially when it is often “mans” irresponsibility that has caused the problem in the 1st place. As anon 2 (the cat hater) says, the cats could be caught and sterilized – so why doesn’t the mayor do that – why do the animal lovers have to do it when we know it is certain irresponsible residents (animal owners as opposed to animal lovers) of Archez who have caused this problem by not getting their cats (and dogs) sterilized. You will find it is the animal lovers who do go the extra mile and do sponsor sterilization programs and do adopt but it is about time the authorities stepped up and took on some of this burden caused by their residents/rate payers. Of course the mayor should be criticized for this cruel solution – she is in charge – the buck stops with her. Animal lovers are providing food to council run perreras because dogs are starving to death and dying due to a lack of veterinary treatment and animal groups are doing all they can already. I would also say that I have yet to see a trap that can differentiate between a domestic cat out for a prowl and a feral cat. I believe anon 1 was warning re the traps so that people could keep their pets in, which was more constructive than the message from anon 2 who only seems to want to vent about their dislike of feral cats but wants someone else to solve the problem and inappropriately directs their venom at animal lovers apparently expecting them to be responsible for every animal in Spain and possibly on the planet.



Although this warning is a very sensible one to let local cat owners know of the danger to their well kept domesticated pets. Archez does have a major problem with feral cats, in recent times their numbers have increased significantly and artificially. I say artificially as some people, both Spanish and foreign, put out food for the feral cat population. This upsets the local balance, where the ferals should be hunting for survival and their numbers controlled by the naturally available food.

Please think twice before doing this, unless you are actually taking the animal in as a pet. The action of the Mayoress is based on the many complaints received from the village population.

Chris S.


Re Archez Feral cat capture programme.

Before the mud slinging starts I would like to state a few facts

1/ As a resident in the village of Archez I feel a prior warning to those of us with domesticated cats would have been a polite thing to do.  I have one cat who likes to roam the streets at night, when the traps are being put out…..by the way, he uses his own litter tray in my house.

2/ I do recognise there is a problem with the feral cats in the village something needs to be done.  However I know as a fact that the town hall has had the offer of help with a capture and sterilization programme with the help of a local charity,  as seen working in Competa and Sayalonga. So why not take up that offer?  I have adopted two other cats from the bins, I was informed yesterday that at least three cats have appeared this week,  so are people dumping these cats?

3/ Anyone visiting the village would not witness the numerous small dogs left to roam leaving deposits in the street and on the pavements. I have never seen a feral cat squatting down on a path or in the streets.

4/ I visited the town hall yesterday to be told the cats captured will be taken to Rincon de la Victoria and working with a local charity there they will be neutered, inoculated and re-homed. Good luck to them if that’s what is happening rather them than me trying to tame a feral cat.

Finally as a plea to our new Mayor please start communicating with your residents and understand us being kept in the dark is not a positive political move.

Lyn….. A permanent resident in the peblo of Archez.


Firstly thank you to the original subscriber who brought the action of Archez town hall to everyone’s attention. Without this information no one would have been any the wiser to the action of the mayoress.
I feel it would have been in the interest of everyone concerned that notifications should have been given prior to the actions being taken. When voted in the voters were informed that there would be greater co-operation between all parties.
The subscriber on Wednesday is totally misinformed regarding the cat situation and I would treat his/her remarks  with the contempt they deserve.
Several cats in Archez have been neutered/ sterilised in a programme set up by a lady in the village and CAS with the blessing of the previous mayor.
I personally spoke with a Councillor in Archez and asked him to liaise with the mayor with a view to setting up a new neutering /sterilising programme. I offered to make a substantial donation to start the project. I did not receive any reply. The town hall obviously opted for a cheaper method of dealing with the situation.
Last evening I spoke to a very concerned English lady who has 3 cats all ex feral and neutered/ sterilised. A cage had been placed outside her home. The lady spoke to a Councillor who informed her that the cats were being caught and placed in cages within the almacen below the old town hall. Anyone concerned that their cats may have been caught in the traps can go to the almacen at 11am on Friday morning  to view the cats and retrieve there own. The Councillor stated that the cats were being trapped and taken to Rincon where they will be neutered/sterilised and then re homed. Is that why they are capturing all cats whether privately owned, neutered/ sterilised.
Archez village is generally well kept .I visit the village daily and I have not come across any of the problems apparently experienced by the 2nd subscriber. The mess on the footpaths /roadway is usually caused by dogs and their inconsiderate owners.


Editor Writes – This marks the end of all entries on this subject. Thanks to the participants. Jane



Advice Needed – 65 Card

My Andalucia 65 card expires in June, does anyone know if I have to apply for renewal or is it sent automatically.
I cannot find anything on the official website.
Thank for any replies to Digamextra.  F&J




IBI discount liable for tax?

Since the second year of living in this house we have had a discount on our IBI (5 years).  To get it we applied at the local town hall office, and we had to be on the padron.  It is automatically renewed each year.  Our IBI is high so it is worth having.

This year our Gestor tells us we must pay income tax on the discount amount for 2015.  When she applied to the Hacienda for the details they had on our tax liability, it was shown there as a gain, I’ve seen the form.  She says it is causing a lot of people trouble.

Anyone else in this situation?  Is this a new tax rule sneaked in with the ‘changes’ this year?

Reply to Digamextra please for general interest.

R & M

Addendum received – I have further investigated this and have been told the discount on IBI for being on the padron was always taxable.  In 2015, for the first time, the town halls have reported it to the Hacienda.  So you need to declare as they already know about it.

Tax on a tax discount?  Crazy, but that’s the situation R&M



Mercedes Benz Onboard Computer Re-set?

Can any Digamites assist me please. I have various notices on my dashboard.

( Service overdue etc) I wish to reset the computer to clear the messages/ notices without going to Mercedes Benz.
My vehicle is 2011  Mercedes C200 CDI
I am prepared to pay for the service or make a donation to CAS.
Any replies please ring 951247104 or e mail Kevin.greensmith@ gmail.com.



Sunday Grand Prix  Advice Please

Can anyone help?

Can anyone tell me where I can watch the above, at a local bar etc

around Torrox.
My Son is visiting and is keen to watch the race,

please e.mail
Darcymay1 @ icloud.com



Services Available- Clinica Casa Blanca

Clin.casa blanc

Would you like to lose weight

and feel healthier and fit?

Please ask at

Clinica Casa Blanca

Therapy centre

for Osteopathy,

Pain Therapy, Massage,

Lymphatic drainage,

Bowen Technique, Reflexology,

Craniosacral Therapy,

Forever Living Products,

Gift vouchers and much more at Torrox Costa.

Clinica Casa Blanca since 2008:

Urb. Jardines del Mar, Bloque C 3, Torrox Costa

( the coast road N 340 heading towards Nerja,

1 Km at the traffic lights at Peñoncillo ).

Webside: www.clinica-casa-blanca.com :

E mail: clinicacasablanca@gmail.com.

Open from Monday to Friday

from 16.15 to 19.00 pm.

Mornings only by appointment.

Please call Bianca Bojahr on Tel.: 659 374 673

or 952 967 628. (also home visits).



Services Available –House Renovation

We are  currently living in the UK, but have just bought a House in Torrox.

The house is a 4 bed and needs to be totally Renovated and would like to know of people that can recommend someone reliable and honest as we wont be able to stay in Spain until the work is completed. please email my husband on garythomas362 @ gmail.com or call 07932695267



Services Available- House & Pet Sitter Available in Costa del Sol

My name is Maria (43 and a writer/counselor) and I’m available for house and pet sitting assignments in Costa del Sol again!
I’m already fully booked until end of July but are available from then on in the summer as well as fall/winter.
You can relax and go on your business trip or vacation knowing that your beloved pet(s) and your home is in very good hands.
House/pet sitting fee is negotiable. It depends on how much work there’s involved and how many pets you have etc.
I speak English, Swedish, Norwegian and a tiny bit of Finnish and can provide you with references.
Please get in touch with me as early as possible as I usually get booked up quickly.
See more on my website:
Or contact me directly by emailing me at:
mariaerving (at) gmail (dot) com

Or by phone: 622 619 733



Rental Company –

I would be interested to know if there are other Digamextra subscribers who use Owners Direct to advertise their holiday rental properties. Since Experian bought the company about 1 year ago things have changed, many not for the better. The latest scheme to extract more revenue, starting 1st June, is to charge the traveller 7.98% average of their total rental costs on the pretext of more protection against fraud, double booking etc. This is available from travel insurance companies along with the flight cancellation etc, at a much lower cost. I suspect that many will be put off from booking on this website, as this could easily add another £80.00 to a 2 week booking at £500 per week. The other point is that we entered into a contract with Owners Direct, which did not include this additional charge to the traveller. Is this a contravention of our contracts by Owners Direct, imposing new charges before the current 1 year contracts have expired?

Comments please to Digamextra.

JLS. Sayalonga


Recommendation -Top of the Kitchen Liga
We recently damaged a door in our kitchen (entirely our own fault).

We contacted Raul at Sunkitchens who supplied and fitted the kitchen some 4 years ago and they arrived next day and informed us that they would order

a new door. This arrived within 7 days and was fitted at a very reasonable cost.

It is so important for a company to offer an after sales service, so well done Sunkitchens.
If you need a kitchen with a great back up service contact Raul 653634633 or sunkitchenscocinas @ gmail.com




 Recommendation Little Jewel in Torrox Pueblo

Do you remember the Indian restaurant(Shalimar) in Torrox Pueblo, well it’s not there anymore, but has been replaced by a lovely  pizza bar, selling homemade pizzas. It has reverted back to the old Spanish bar name “Bar El Capao”.

They are open from about 8.30am for breakfast, they have a lovely choice of tapas, homemade cake with coffee.

Run by a lovely, “nothing is too much trouble” couple.

Go & give it a try.

It’s just through San Roque, just past the old red church.      P&L



Recommendation- Campo, Tree Work & Gardening services             

I’d like to highly recommend a good Spanish friend who can carry out all aspects of gardening and campo work. From clearing, strimming, spraying, tree felling & pruning and fruit harvesting.  He has all professional equipment,  including strimmers and chainsaws etc, and is an incredibly hard worker at excellent rates.  To contact him direct (Spanish speaking only), call Samuel on 628 441 205 or call/whatsapp Phil (English) on 657 149 712 or email phillymc @ fastmail.fm


Recommendation – Auto-Gestor

With regard to the enquiry about recommendations for an autor-gestor in the Nerja area. I can highly endorse Secure Solutions in Nerja. The website is www.securesolutions.es and the phone number is 952 523 925. Adam has now transferred 2 cars for us from UK to Spanish plates (the most recent being quite complex) and has done so in an efficient and timely manner..    Chris



Recommendation- Oven Cleaning

Yet another recommendation for Steve of Axarquia oven cleaning, he came to my house yesterday and I now have an oven that looks like it has just arrived from a shop.

It seems an extravagance but since I have had bad hip problems cleaning the oven is a job I dread and it was so nice to have it done properly as I could never get it this clean.


Torrox Campo


What’s On Visits in the artist’s studio, Torrox
artist visit artist map
You are welcome to see the studio and to talk to the artist.
Open: Friday + Saturday, 2 -6 pm
–  or ask for a date by phone or SMS
Tel. 634 76 71 79  or  619 255 705
email: atelier @ maren-wellendorf.de
Navi: 36.772219, -3.951626



What’s On GUIRI on the Beach Today

guiriThursday 26th May – GU!R! are at Bahia de Tanit, in Torre del Mar, playing from 14:00h for an afternoon session following the Thursday markets in Torre del Mar and Velez-Malaga. Fabulous beach resort (free entry) for live music, a tasty lunch and some R n R.

For further information please see https://www.facebook.com/GUIRI.rock.band



What’s on –in La Herradura
Herra01 herra02 herra03

This coming weekend, 27, 28 and 29 May La Herradura is the place to be with a ‘Mercadillo de las tres Culturas’
street market, A tapas route with great prices to be won and discounts on
several water sports activities! For more information check out

The What’s On page on the new http://www.laherradura-cultural.eu  website.



What’s on-Exhibition of Watercolours 

Welcome to our exhibition of watercolor paintings painted last week in Archez by 7 Finns. The name of the exhibition is Finlandeses en Archez.

We will take down the exhibition on Friday at 2 o’clock so please come before that to the Town Hall in Archez.



What’s on- Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar, Special Chairty Coffee Morning for  “Akshy” Charity.  

On Friday 10th of June, Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar will hold a special coffee morning; all are welcome, so please come and join friends.  All the proceeds will be donated to the Indian charity “Akshy”.  This is a non-profit making Non Government Organization whose principal aim is to improve the living conditions and education of the poorest children the “untouchables” (or dalits).  The Kamal Children´s Centre located in the village of Jaitiya is where the charitable work takes place and the children study pre-nursery education. Your donation this year will enable the Centre to buy more school uniforms.  Lux Mundi look forward to seeing you enjoying your cakes and drinks, possibly in the beautiful garden and you will be able to purchase new and nearly new ladies and men’s clothing, shoes and accessories in the boutique, bric-a-brac and second hand books.  We thank you in anticipation for your support.


What’s on -The ZimmerZ- Friday

The ZimmerZ are playing music from the 60’s 70’s 80’s and more plus

rock and roll.

At Moreno’s, Puente Don Manuel, Friday 27th May from 21.00pm .

Don’t miss a great night



What’s on – but not until Sept. – Meson La Terraza
Terraza paint

As our weekly painting classes in Meson La Terraza and on various locations
come to an end for this season, we would like to thank our hosts Helen, Amy
and Rick for their hospitality. They were very understanding and welcoming hosts who provided us with the wake-up coffees, chill-out drinks and tapas and made us feel at home.

A big thank you to all three of you and a warning: We shall return in
Tutor Gerda Koehler and all painting participants (if you are interested to join our
group, please contact gerdakoehler68 @ gmail (dot) com or tel. 606553031 in



What’s on- La Tasca Quiz

quiz02We will be holding the Axarquia animal rescue quiz again on Wed 8th June at 3pm. Mark is the quizmaster and Josh will be here to cook if you would like to eat.

All proceeds to the animals. If you would like to book a table please ring 640328051

Sheila or Josh 640569988.



What’s on – Coral Internacional Axarquia   


A date for your diary.  For more details Tel: 630520581




What’s on- at The Axarquia Racing club 


race-01Friday 27th May.  It’s party night with Little Less.

An excellent band playing rock and pop.Bring your dancing shoes.

Bar and food available from 18:00. Live music from20:00.

race-02Saturday 28th May.   Paul Lockey and Band. Hosting a jam and

open mike (musicians please bring your own instruments).

Come and join in or just enjoy the live music.

Bar and food from 18:00. Live music from 20:00.

race-03Sunday 29th May.  Fuengirola based Chicago Jim Trio.

Classic rock and pop with a Celtic flavour. Bar and

food available from 14:00.

The Racing Club is on the main Torrox Costa to Torrox Village


Just look for the orange and black gates.

Parking on the opposite side of the road.

Non members most welcome.

Undercover for the cooler months.

For more info or to make a reservation

contact  654 715 382.


 Free – items for motorhome/ campervan

I have a few items that I am giving away that I have taken out of a camper van
Everything is free to the collector:
small gas fire
small water boiler
stainless steel sink and drainer
shower tray
(think I have the shower too)
yacht toilet
plastic fold down table
and maybe a few other bits and pieces.
I could do with everything going together as I need to go away in a week..
I’m based 30mins south of Cordoba in a town called Fernan Nunez
Photos on request
my email is:
iamere at hotmail dot com
Many thanks




For Sale Reclining Chair and Matching Reclining 2 Seat Sofa.

Reclin01 Reclin02

Excellent Condition. Can see and pick up in Canillas de Albaida.
Price:  150 or best offer
Contact:  Karan at 605-234-421 or email kwschreiber @ yahoo.com

Excellent Condition. Asking 150 or best offer for the set but must be picked up in Canillas de Albaida



For Sale- Billiards and table football .
bill&foot bill & Foot02

Billiard Table 150€
Table football 50€
Must be collected in Competa.

Contact with Judit



For Sale- China for  RBL Poppy Appeal


In aid of the Royal British Legions Poppy Appeal we have a 39 piece Bone China Coffee; Tea; Dinner and dessert set.

Marked “Noritake / Savannah” Offers around 40 euros.

Tel. 679 370 913   Dorothy Allen



Wanted-Lamp Base  

lamp01 Lamp02

I need a three lamp garden light base for the one in the photo, I only need the base which I have enclosed a photo, I will consider a complete lamp damaged or not so long as it is not to expensive, please call or text,  639005546  David



For Sale –Music Stand   

m stand

Music stand – 8€
contact: pizzicatss@gmail.com




For sale.

Huawei Mobile Hotspot WIFI to go E5220

As good as new, only few days used
No lock
35 Euros

Two powerful portable lamps from Campinggaz

One for use with cartouche (left), one to be used on Campinggaz bottle
Working well
Good condition
Both for 25 Euros together

Catalytical Heater

Not in use for number of years
30 Eiros or best offer

Phone 634400225
Heinz.stalter @ gmail.com



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