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Flying to Gatwick with Monarch could you take a dog


Could anyone going to Gatwick be a flying companion for a dog. You don’t have to do anything we arrange it all just give us your flight details.

It cannot be the 6th January.

We have a small to medium sized dog going from TAIL Torrox to a new home.

Please contact Gill  633405560 or email

ogillyarmstead @ gmail.com




Cards for Recycling
Would be very grateful for any old Christmas or

general greeting cards you may be throwing away.

cook819 @ btinternet.com

0044 – 7922296446







What do YOU Think ?

Received this email today and I am incluned to accept her suggestion. What think you ?     Jane – Editor

“I love reading Digamextra and some of the interesting posts about what’s on and items of interest and attractions to visit. I do however think that perhaps you could filter out some of the items people have for sale. Could you not put a limit on the prices? For example a minimum of 20 euros an item. I see lots of people selling things for 5 euros. Really? Is it worth all the effort to get 5 euros? I think the choice of things for sale would greatly improve if the items were more expensive and would save you time having to post items that would probably be better in a charity shop. “ J.D.




Services Available –Garden design & Maintenanc

camaleon-02 camaleon


Services Needed- Dog Walkers


TAIL Torrox urgently needs people to help walk our refuge dogs.

We have over 80 that benefit enormously from even a short walk.

We have experienced volunteers that can help you choose a suitable dog to walk and you can get fit in the process.

We are situated on the main road to Torrox Costa on the same side as Racing club and before you get to Lidl.

Open from 10.30 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00 every day.

Its much more fun than walking on your own and it makes the dogs so happy to get out

Thank you

Contact Gill 633405560 or ogillyarmstead @ gmail.com

Many thanks    gill



Services Needed – osteopath

Can anyone recommend a good osteopath in the Torre Del Mar area? Reasonable but efficient would be good. Please reply to Digame as others may be interested. Many thanks Pauline.



Recommendation- deal with Ants

We live in El Campo, Nerja and for more than a year we have had ants. Tidy and wash all work surfaces every night, but they find the smallest morsel of food, every night, without fail.

I add about 10ml of Fairy washing up liquid to 300ml of water in a spray bottle to wash pots manually (saves a lot on washing-up liquid), but if you spray the work surfaces last thing at night with this 3% Fairy-soap solution then there are no traces of ants at all the next day.

The soap destroys water surface tension, so the water sticks to the ants and they drown. Works everywhere on non-porous surfaces, tiles floors, etc. Only needs one spray 🙂

Best regards from Harry



What’s on- Quizzical ?

Three intelligent people – with little knowledge of TV, sport or pop culture – living miles apart in Cómpeta and Los Romanes, would like to take part in a pub quiz. However, we are too far apart to go to either of these locations regularly.

Is there anywhere halfway between (e.g Torrox or somewhere closer to Velez?) where there is a regular quiz, and would anyone out there like to make a fourth person for a possible team?

Many thanks


vitruvianman @ outlook.es



What’s on Golf with TorreTorrox GS

The year 2017 sees TorreTorrox Golf Society playing the monthly Competition on the first Saturday of each month. The first competition of the year is at Anoretta Golf Club on the 7th of January, guest are always welcome.

TorreTorrox is a local society which plays every Saturday with a monthly competition once a month. We are looking to increase our numbers so if this interests you then please have a look at our Facebook Page to see photos etc to get a taste of what to expect!!



What’s on- Come and celebrate the New Year at Kitty Harri’s Sculpture Garden! 


Inspire your New Year with art and beauty.

160+ sculptures set in a lush tropical garden.

Come and see the latest additions.

Open Sunday from 11 to 4. Just 20 minutes north of Almuñécar.

Directions: www.kittyharri.com

Next opening – Sunday Jan 15th – with live Chamber Music.



What’s on-  Cinesur – Velez Malaga el Ingenio

Thanks to Doug
Passengers – Dir Morten Tyldum. With Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence. Daily 12:10 (not Sun), 16:30.

In addition, the following eight  films will be shown on Tuesday 3rd:

Assassin’s Creed – Dir. Justin Kurzel. With Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard. Tue 19:25. You should be aware that around five minutes of this film is in Spanish with no subtitles.

Hell Or High Water – Dir. David Mackenzie. With Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine. Tue 16:05, 18:15.

Sing – Dir Christophe Lourdelet, Garth Jennings. With Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon. Tue 16:05.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Dir. Gareth Edwards. With Felicity Jones, Forest Whitaker. Tue 15:45.

Collateral Beauty – Dir. David Frankel. With Will Smith, Kate Winslet. Tue 16:25.

Moana (called Vaiana in Spain) – Disney’s latest animated release. Tue 17:00.

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them – Dir. David Yates. With Eddie Redmayne, Colin Farrell. Tue 16:45.

Hacksaw Ridge – Dir. Mel Gibson. With Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaughan. Tue 21:50. 




For Sale-Wind out Toldo 

toldo-01 toldo-02

Fiamma F45 wind out Toledo for caravan or motorhome.
245cm width with 200cm extension. Blue.
Has slight damage to outer casing and end caps are missing

but toldo in good working order so for repair or spares.
610955826. Torrox



For Sale-Oven and hob

Brand new still in the box Teka oven and induction Hob
260 euros
email krikjohnson @ hot mail dot com.

Pic available from vendor



Wanted- Novel…Brotherhood of War….Part 2

Would anyone by chance have a copy of a book I could borrow or buy?

“The Captains”  by W. E. B. Griffin.   Part 2 of a series of 8 Brotherhood of War novels.

I have the other 7 books but need to read The Captains next as the series is chronological.

Thanks in advance.

Phone 608063873  or  email   rebeccahiggins 8 @ gmail (dot)com



For Sale – gas heater 

gas-heaterUsed for a few weeks, mobile gas heater.

Can be

Please send message to +31 6 51189196



Wanted –( with missing contact address)

Hybrid ladies mountain/road bike, with straight handle bars and small frame to suit short lady!

Please email janehearn99 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Many thanks, and kind regards,




Wanted Computer Desk – Small

or any small desk that would suit the purpose…

madpip @ hotmail .co .uk



Wanted- Transport Board or  Slide/Transfer Sheet

Does anyone have a transfer board or a slide/transfer sheet they no longer need? They are for an elderly lady who has developed mobility problems. Can collect. Please ring Linda 648119401 or email: lindahwlc @ gmail . com



For Sale pine table & chairs and matching display cabinet pine-01 pine-02

Pine extending table plus 6 matching chairs in very good condition.
Table 1.8 mtrs x 90  the chairs complete with seat cushion. Matches
display cabinet.

140€   Or. 250€ if purchasing both
Pine display  dresser. Has glass shelving and internal lighting.
1.9mtrs long x 2mtrs high.  In excellent condition, matches table
and  chairs.

140€  or 250€ if purchasing both. (Does not include contents.)
To view in Torrox  Campo phone 677322169



Wanted- Samsung Galaxy S4 wanted

Does anyone wish to sell their older Galaxy S4.? It is wanted for the various sensor facilities it has, such as humidity, etc. Must be fully working, preferably PAYG (i.e. not locked to a single service provider)

Reply please to: tony dot randall at hotmail dot com. Vinuela area



Wanted – Old Aquarium

Old aquarium wanted, with stand if possible.





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