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Puppy Found ! 

puppy-02 puppy-01

Puppy found in the campo below Frigiliana on Sunday, February 6.

The puppy was alone and crying for his mother.

He is 8-10 weeks old, possibly a pointer mix.

He is chocolate brown with white paws, a white patch on his nose and around his neck, chest, and at the tip of his tail.  He currently weighs 4.5 kilos.
The puppy was taken to the vet today for de-worming and flea-tick treatment and will return on Friday for vaccinations.
Does anyone know anything about who this dog belongs to?
Please contact John at sommerof69 @ live.dk



Lost ! Nerja Flea Market, I’m hoping for help!!

On Sunday 5 February I was at the Nerja Flea Market with friends and as you all know it was really windy, I had a shawl over my shoulder and my handbag over so I thought all good. At one point I realized that the wind must have blown it away. Normally not such a big deal but is was a Christmas gift from my Husband when we were in Seville together, so for me a real sentimental value.  After checking almost all stalls and asking the vendors, one of the them told me, that a lady found it and was waving it around from whom it was…. Too late for me I could’nt find her anymore.

So the shawl is wool, dark red with gray and black, and other colors woven in and out and I just love it…. If you have heard about it or maybe are the one who found it, I will gladly pay a finder fee because it means so much to me. I know it’s a wild shoot but as we all know Digamextra can work miracles and MAYBE just  maybe the finder also reads Digamextra. So here’s to HOPE that the finder will give me a call !!!

Any info please call 657 149 248

Thank you in advance




The Good Wife – DVDs

Some months ago I lent all six series of The Good Wife to someone and can’t remember who it was.  If anyone out there has them, please contact me.
Mary.  Puente Don Manuel.  655640862.



Recycling- Mobile Phones & Reading Glasses?

Does anyone know you can take old mobile phones and/or

reading glasses for recycling?

Replies to bobcatreg @ hotmail. com




naythanDoctorLaptop’s Tips #59 07Feb17
Keeping Up With Today’s Internet – Safe Email Practices
The world evolves and along with it the internet. New tech and threats require us to adopt new ways of doing things. Today I discuss email developments.
The “cloud” gets hacked regularly, as do email password lists. Power, internet outages, email server failures (and poor customer service for recovery, like Yahoo) and lost or stolen PCs can deny you access to cloud services. Thus, while convenient for storage, it alone is insufficient for securing valuable data. Here is how to protect yourself.
-Always back up copies of any valuable data or documents to an off-line storage device such as a Flash drive. Simply saving to the cloud and your computer/tablet/smartphone is not enough.
-Use a strong password with at least 12 characters including capitals and small letters plus numbers and punctuation marks. Change the password every 6 months. Never reuse a password on multiple sites.
-Don’t open attachments in unfamiliar emails. This should be a given by now, but email attachments are still a popular way to circulate malware.
-Don’t click on suspect links. If a link looks hidden, or if it comes from an unfamiliar source, don’t click it. It might take you to an unspecified location and possibly inject malware into your machine when you attempt to download the page. Be aware of any discrepancies in links that look mostly but not entirely familiar, such as “Amaz0n” instead of “Amazon,” and any shortened links.
-Avoid unsecured WiFi. Unsecured Wi-Fi like wifi cafe’s connections are open invitations to cybercriminals. They can gain public access to the system, and view any traffic you send or receive; which basically means they’ve gained access to your account.
-Avoid sending unnecessary personal information. One type of scam, phishing, involves goading a user to send personal login information, usually under the guise of a communication from an official but familiar company. As a general rule, it’s best to avoid sending any personal information over email (unless you absolutely have to). Man
Read more at: http://www.inc.com/larry-alton/email-security-in-2016-what-you-need-to-know.html

doctorlaptop @ gmx.com  mobile 675 993 069 All computer services.



Services Needed – Cleaners

Cleaners required for a deep clean of a 2 bedroomed apartment in Torrox Costa.

Replies to bobcatreg @ hotmail.com



Rental (Permanent) Needed-

A 1/2 room apartment for permanent rental in Nerja centre.

A retired Swiss lady speaks Spanish, already in Nerja for 10 years, non-smoker, no pets.  With excellent references.

Em in confidence to Alicia, c/o rwijshoff at gmail dot com  or sms 657 302 740


What’s on –Trapiche Market Today (Tuesday)




What’s onNew games morning

on Thursdays at 11.30 at Nerja Club Hotel

Come and join us for games.
Board games, dominoes, cards etc. followed by a light lunch.

Carers are very welcome too.

Enjoy a change of scenery and meet some new friends.

Nerja Club Hotel on Thursdays at 11.30

for more information contact Liz
englishnurse @ rocketmail.com 
951242449 or mobile/WhatsApp 692419548
or Sarah spritchett2015 @ gmail.com 600715301



What’s on –Johnny Q’s Irish Bar   


Come join the fun at Johnny Q’s for a great night



What’s on-Canta del Alma



What’s on-Modern Jive / Ceros  


Tonight (every Tuesday) at Parquesol, Salón de Eventos in El Morche, Torrox Costa.

Beginners class starts 7.30 until 8.30pm.

Intermediate class 9-10pm

Freestyle in between.

It is great fun and a great way to meet new people.

Start 2017 with a fun new activity.



What’s on –Painting Watercolours in Spain

If you are an Artist in Spain you may be interested in Barry Herniman’s inspiring ‘Painting Watercolours in Andalucia’  – you can see the trailer here  http://www.seebafilms.co.uk/art-pw.html

Andrew John also has a superb film ‘Watercolour in Andalucia’ so we are spoiled for choice and weather – see the trailer here – http://www.seebafilms.co.uk/art-wa.html

There are other Painting Programmes available on the web site – call for special ‘export’ prices.

Chris Barrett

Seeba Films


chris at seebafilms.co.uk




Free to collect- Magazines

A selection of approximately 30 crafts, paper crafts and card making magazines

A donation to the TAIL charity would be appreciated

Contact:  miffsmum @ hotmail.com (Nerja)

Thank You




Free to Collect –Chair, 2 seater & 3 seater sofa

free01 free02 free03
Free to collect,  chair,  2 seater and a 3 seater.

Caleta. Call Alexandra, Tel. 0032 48 49 89 268



For saleToyota celica 1’8 115cv

Contact vendor for picture

Year 2000

300.000 km

Good condition

Kenwood radio

1000€ o.n.o

Please call or whatsapp 0044 7835711816

Or email ccweston8089 @ gmail.com



For sale- Reebok Training Bike & Computer 

reebok-bike01 reebok-comp

Reebok Training Bike B400e

Price: 100 Euros

with computer, powerline and manuals.

  • up to 9 user codes
  • height, weight, age
  • different programs from P1 – P9
  • range of program levels from L1 – L8
  • resistance level from 1 – 16
  • RPM Diagram
  • speed
  • watt
  • pulse
  • distance
  • time
  • gender
  • direct drive system
  • GM B400 1201170049
  • Comfortable, quiet, perfect  working bike and computer.
  • Little damage on the saddle ( has an additional gel seat).

Colour white changed to little yellow on one side.

Contact in Nerja:

espania59 @ gmx.de

or phone 632837177



For Sale-Pine table


1400 x 800 cms with 4 matching chairs
€100 € ono



Mobility Scooter Prismscooter
Black with adjustable seat and front shopping basket
Including battery
Torrox Costa
€600 ono
angie j rogers @ gmail . com



For Sale- Vacuum Cleaner Ufesa 2000 W.max.

Price: 20 Euros

Model Nr. AS3016N


Bagless – with accessory set (see the picture)

Contact in Nerja:

espania59 @ gmx.de

or phone 63283717



For Sale-Antique French Clocks 

clock01 clock-02

clock-03 clock04

Beautiful mid 19th century antique French Comtoise clocks –

verge escapement complete;

clock mechanism fully restored; runs great.

350 euros each.

All reasonable offers will be considered.

If interested, respond to: dorothy.a.arnold @ gmail.com;

or evenings call 952 550 624



For Sale – Dress  


Very pretty Jacques Vert dress. Size 22.
Navy /white layered . Worn once.
Ideal for a wedding or party.  50€.
Torrox. Phone 677322169



For Sale –Nearly new Portable AirCon 


Purchased 6 months ago, and hardly used, portable Kunft  air conditioner

(model #KAC2510).

7000 BTUs; energy efficiency rating A; 65 dB.

125 euros.

All reasonable offers considered.

If interested, respond to: dorothy.a.arnold @ gmail.com;

or evenings call 952 550 624



For Sale –Orange Airbox Plus 2

No internet? Receive your emails etc with this Airbox with sim card anywhere. Surplus to requirements now.

Bargain at 20 euros

phone 695 341 935



Wanted Little Modelling Clay Please

I’ve seen one or two potters on Digamextra. I want to make an impression of a badge so I can pour a metal copy. I need about 40cc of clay.

Can any one help please? Replies to Vic on 684 141932 or

victor.calland @ gmail.com.

Many thanks




For Sale- Paintings   


Signed print of “The Kiss”, 30 x 40 cm, 28  euros.

Can be seen at Bar Choto Playa, Penoncillo Beach, Torrox Costa

(closed Tues)   Also :- kiss-02


 Wanted – HP or Compaq laptop ac adaptercompaq-adaptor

I’m looking for a HP or Compaq laptop ac adapter.
A universal charger is no problem.
torroxcostarental @ hotmail.com




Wanted – Settee & Sofa

One shaped settee, prefer plain colour, must be v.g.c.
Also a put u up sofa. Again plain colour preferred, squarish arms and back.

Also good condition.      We are in Nerja.
Please contact Richard 951322161 or jodi1at Sky dot com





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