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Big Lovely Day Blog:

I write a blog about family life in Andalucia, it’s called Big Lovely Day. It’s a celebration of stuff to do locally – fiestas, hikes, beaches, restaurants etc.

With the good weather, we’ve got out with the kids the last few weekends and I’ve got a few posts written up or on the backburner. Here’s the latest:


Maybe it would be of interest to your readers?

best wishes

Grainne Rogers

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Information about the Padron

Have you wondered about the Padron? Are you concerned that if you register, you will let yourself in for all kinds of official hassle?
Brits in Spain have published this interesting and informative article recently…

Are you on the Padrón? Do you need to confirm your registration?

The Spanish Office of National Statistics (INE) collects Padrón data annually, and the closing date for information to be submitted this year is 31 March. This data is very important not just for town halls but for everyone living in Spain, as it is used for allocating local budgets, among other administrative processes. You should register with the town hall where you live.

According to the Spanish authorities:

If you are resident in Spain, your registration on the Padrón needs to be confirmed every five years. If you are not resident (e.g. living here temporarily), but are registered on the Padrón, your Padrón registration needs to be confirmed every two years.

If your Padrón registration is due for confirmation, you can do this by signing a declaration form at your town hall. In some cases, your town hall may contact you in person (either an official from the town hall or the local police) or send you a letter asking you to confirm your registration.

If you change your address or personal details with your local town hall, your Padrón registration will be automatically confirmed.

If you don’t confirm your registration every two or five years (depending upon your residency status), then your town hall will start the process to remove you from the Padrón register. However, the town hall will attempt to inform you of this process, before you are removed.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your local town hall.

Information Taken from a sister Blog. Many thanks.

Digame Huercal-Overa



Would You Like to Practice Your Spanish?

I`m a 41 year old woman, I speak English but sometimes I don`t practice it and I forget words.

For this reason I would like to find some English people who speak a little Spanish and would like to practice it.

This way we can teach one to each other, we could do it in a fun way, having coffee in a cafeteria, playing scrabble, etc.

I prefer to meet in Nerja and Torrox area.

If you are interested please contact me on:

Tel. (0034) 692,  598, 800,

e-mail: silvia_d40 @ hotmail, com



Satellite Installer – Thanks

Thank you to Steve, John, Linda, Roger, Barbara, Peter, Helene, Julia, Valerie et al (and of course Jane) for all the great information and advice.

I’ll now consider my options.

Thanks again. E



Services Needed – Picture Framing

Hi. Can someone please recommend a picture framing service

anywhere from Nerja to Malaga.
boogieboogie93 @ outlook.com



Services Offered Mobile Hairdressing

this is a photo of a recent wedding hair

Hi – my name is Alana I have been hairdressing for 10 years.

I am currently living in Velez Malaga

I am currently offering mobile hairdressing in your own home, please ring me for an appointment, or to chat about your hair.

I am also available for weddings etc. Please ring me on 672216040



Recommendation Needed Please – Mobile Phone Shop

Suggestions for a mobile phone shop where I can get help in English please . Torre to Nerja. Please reply directly to
baileyern @ outlook.com



Recommendation Needed Please – Removals

We are looking for a reliable firm to pack, store and transport household furniture/goods to the UK, we live close to Canillas de Aceituno and would prefer an operator located in the Axarquia rather than west of Malaga.

Thanks in advance. Graham.
Please e-mail grahamhgodley at gmail dot com or tel 633976203



What Is Not On – Karaoke Bar & Karaoke Partners 

My favourite karaoke  bar closed and  I lost my karaoke friends.

I went to another bar with family and friends, but they don’t like karaoke.

I love karaoke and I would like to meet people with the same hobby.

If you are in a similar situation – please, contact me.

I`d like to organise a karaoke group and meet a minimum of twice a week.

Karaoke bars recommendations are welcome, too.

Tel. (0034) 658 .569 .700

sonya_ra   @   hotmail.com



Free to Collect – Mountain Bike

For adult male.

Perfect frame and all parts.

Stored for some time so needs TLC and inner tubes.

Torrox – Frigiliana road.

Ring  952538485



Wanted – Child’s Car Seat

Does anyone local to Nerja have a child’s car seat for sale?

Size required is 10 to 18 kilos

Can see and collect only between 20th and 23rd March as we are

returning to UK then but will return with the occupant for the seat in May.

Contact jvb.educational @ telefonica.net





For Sale – Container 

Container ready to go above BP Torrox

buyer to remove.

900 Euros

Fi @ fionacole.com



For Sale – Various 

2 Repsol (orange) gas bottles

20 euros each or 35 euros for the pair.

Keyway ARN 125cc scooter

New tyres, new clutch, recently serviced.

ITV until May 2018

Requires new light switch hence discounted

price of 250 euros


iPod Nano with neopreen protective case, Shure earbud headphones with extension lead.

Stereo docking station with bass unit, mounting adapters for various devices. Output lead for other systems. Excellent condition.

60 euros

Contact Rob Addison on 690 076 988 or at rtaddison @ gmail.com



For Sale – Sofa

L-shaped couch, light beige, no tears,

very good condition, 2,40×2,40 m

Located 5 min. up the hill from

Viveros Algarrobo on A-356

Call 665 132 841



For Sale – Two English Builder’s Hods

One aluminium, one plastic.

€20   Torrox-Frigiliana road.

Ring 952538485



For Sale – Professionally Made Lined Curtains

In excellent condition.  Fully washable, non fade.

2 pairs size 145cm depth x 163cm width

1 door curtain 240cm depth x 230cm width

Colour Golden yellow.

Each pair 25 euros and door curtain 25 euros.

Selling for change of colour.

Contact Mave on 952 516 632 or

email mavemoore @ ymail.com



Wanted Camping Gaz Bottle 

Refillable not the very small one.

The  size of the one in the picture please
Tel 628151613


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