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New members of staff required at La Tabla in Torrox

We are looking to extend our team at La Tabla in Torrox Park.

La Tabla is a busy active bar / restaurant with lots of events going on every week…

We are looking for friendly, honest, fun outgoing individuals to join our front of house team.

Applicants must be flexible with hours, enjoy working and being part of a team.

Previous bar / restaurant experience an advantage but not essential.

Spanish speaking considered an advantage but not essential.

Applicants must have an NIE number.

CVs can be sent to the email below…

If you feel you can contribute to the team, contact us!

Telephone: Peter – 603113931

Email: info[at]tablatorrox[dot]com


Centipede Identified-


It´s a  Megarian Banded Centipede (Scolopendra cingulata – escolopendra), grows up to 15cm long and will give you a very nasty sting, so take care!



The creature shown is a Scolopendra.

They have a nasty very painful bite and it is advised to go to the medical centre to have an injection, if you are bitten.  Small animals and children are particularly vulnerable.

Scolpendras are difficult to kill so make sure that you dispose of them ruthlessly.

They also seem to be able to survive for some time in pools, so do not be fooled into thinking they are dead, unless you are sure.



The large Centipede referred to is commonly known as a Tiger Centipede and is found in North Africa and Southern Spain, is poisonous but not deadly.

Keep Dogs off it  !!




Mealy Bugs & Prickly Pears

We had  a number of infested prickly pears in our garden and found an extremely effective way of eradicating the pests-we dug up the plants and burnt them,(before the hot weather set in). Problem solved and we haven’t regretted the action-we can see prickly pears (covered in mealy bugs), along any public road or track we travel.

Lynne and Brian



AAR appeal for volunteers



DoctorLaptop’s Tips #62

  1. KODI Problems? Many users are having problems with the new upgraded series 17 version of Kodi crashing. The designers, rather than fix it, are going to release a new version. Kodi 18 has already entered the public testing phase. If you have not upgraded from version 16, keep using it until it is announced that version 18 is stable at this Kodi info site https://kodi.tv/blog. But there are other Kodi problems to deal with. Due to a crackdown on video piracy many of the free Kodi IPTV plug-ins are no longer working and have shut down their websites; the remainder have become unreliable and may soon fold. The future of IPTV is either paid subscription services or using free .m3u files that must be updated every few days. The .m3u files provide a list of channels/networks from which to choose. Since it is easier to use .m3u files with VLC Player than with Kodi, and as many subscription services require their own software (Mobdro for example), the future of Kodi as a format for viewing free IPTV is in doubt. I suggest you either get a paid subscription to FilmOn, Mobdro (Android only), etc., or study up on using .m3u files. I can teach you to use .m3u files, and provide you the required tools, in a single €25 class.

Read more at: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/814227/Kodi-Box-Download-Crackdown-Shutdown


  1. Beware Windows 10-S, a new version of Windows 10. It will soon be offered in budget priced computer models. This is Microsoft’s answer to the Google Chromebook. It has severe limitations. Windows 10-S will not allow you to install independent 3rd-party programs. Currently that means no Chrome, no Firefox, no iTunes, numerous games, etc. All software must be downloaded from a very limited selection at the Windows Store. The unchangeable default browser is Edge, and the forced search provider is Bing. Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2017/05/02/windows-10s-windows-10-s-vs-windows-10-whats-the-difference/#3348d8621097
  2. The heat has returned and with it laptops will be running hot. In addition, many people now have duo-core and quad-core laptops; more processors means more heat generated. When temps rise above 28C it is advisable to take precautions. Place spacers beneath the laptop to allow air circulation, point a desk fan at your laptop, or use a “cooling tray”. Keep the air vents clean, an old toothbrush can be used for this. If your laptop shuts itself down from overheating, wait a half hour before restarting it to avoid damage. If a laptop is driven to shut itself down repeatedly from overheating the thermal paste on the processor may fail, the RAM can burn out or your hard disk can die. All are expensive repairs best avoided. A full fan and cooling system cleaning is part of my computer clean&tuneup maintenance service, something all laptops need at least annually.

Happy Computing! DoctorLaptop-Nerja, I repair what others can only replace! All computer repairs and classes for all user levels.

doctorlaptop@protonmail.com or call 675 993 069 (no calls before 11am)

If I don’t answer your call I am probably giving a class, I will return your call shortly.

Keep current on tech news. Links to my blog, FB, and Twitter:


You can tip me for advice or services by topping up my mobile prepay credit, 675993069(Orange).




Services Needed – Dressmaker required Competa area

I am looking for a professional please that can shorten a pair of trousers

which have a jersey under layer and georgette overlay.

Necessary over the next 3 weeks.

Thank you

Mave Moore 952 516 632 or mavemoore @ ymail.com (no spaces)



Services Available- Skype Phone – problems

Many people all over the world are using Skype phones from different manufacturers.

Until recently problems have arisen with them, this is due

to Microsoft making them EOL [end of line] meaning

there is no support or firmware update for the phone.

The phones can make outgoing calls on a Skype In number but

anyone receiving a call will not hear the phone ring thus making a phone virtually useless.

It means either leaving a desktop computer or laptop on permanently so when someone calls it will ring on the computer but you can still pick up the phone to talk.

Microsoft want you to buy their products seeing as they own Skype.

The choice is yours on what to do.

Tony T



Services Needed –Maths Teacher

Maths teacher needed for 12 year old pupil.

English speaking or with a very good command of English.

Patient teacher who is familiar with GCSE maths syllabus.

Nerja/Frigiliana area.

Benjyevans45 @ atgmaildotcom



Services Available- Police Services in Competa

In response to Brian’s query about´´Office¨¨ opening hours ..

The the office is situated in the town hall building

Go and ask in the main reception !!

The Police office is staffed by police who maybe out on a call for assistance !!

If he called for help he could be told ..”sorry we’ve got SO much paperwork to do … sorry see you tomorrow !!! “




Recommendation needed –Pet Transport  Company

Grateful please for recommendations (and non recommendations or issue-flagging) for pet removal companies.
We would welcome information from recent customers and need to get our cat from London to Arenas campo, but we can pick up from anywhere from Nerja to Malaga.
Thanks in advance for all responses.
the dot dixons at spainmail dot com



Recommendation- Storage Faclity

I share my storage in Burriana, two blockis from the beach.

50 euros monthly.

pietrah @ yahoo.com



Recommendation Needed Replacement UPVC Windows-Doors

Grateful please for recommendations (and non recommendations or issue-flagging) for replacement upvc double-glazed windows and doors.
We presume anyone from Nerja to Malaga would be willing to quote as we are in Arenas campo, but there are so many potential suppliers we would welcome information from recent customers.
Thanks in advance for all responses.
the dot dixons at spainmail dot com



Recommendation Cactus and Cochineal

I see that we are into the Cactus and Cochineal season again – those tiny white flies that breed on the cactus (chumbas) and then fly through normal mosquito nets.  (Mealy bugs don’t fly)  You may remember my little film from two years ago.
Cactus & Cochineal  https://youtu.be/rFWCK3U5NQE

Apart from cutting down these annoying cactus try my old favourite, a hand garden pressure sprayer loaded with a mix of Domestos bleach available from Torrox and Nerja Supersols.  I have no idea if is any good for the cactus but I don’t care since they too are rated a nuisance.  Chris B



Recommendation- English Speaking Spanish Lawyer for Ex-Pats

I had a very helpful and informative meeting with María Sanchez this morning, who specialises in advice for ex-pats.  Her firm is Cayet Abogados, Avda Condado de Huelva Nº9, Torre del Mar.  They are a multi-lingual firm with various offices in Spain and UK (their website is in six languages).

As well as their free initial consultation they are offering to review the escritura and IBI on any property you own – free of charge – to ensure that there are no potential future problems lurking that may only come to light after your death – but may be a huge headache for family members who inherit your property.




What’s NOT on- Axarquia Racingclub

Due to unforeseen circumstances The Axarquia Racingclub will be closed until further notice. This includes the advertised event for Sunday 25th June.
We will be reopening some time in the near future.



What’s on – TonightFriday 23rd June for the Noche de St Juan

GUIR!from 21:00h, will be on the beach at Chiringuito Tropy in Caleta de Velez just 50 metres from the marina and port. Great food and laid back, friendly ambience at the Tropy, the Google link for which is https://www.google.com/maps/place/Chringuito+Tropy/@36.748506,-4.063036,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf6dd3957f6f118e0!8m2!3d36.748506!4d-4.063036 or for more information contact https://www.facebook.com/GUIRI.rock.band



What’s on – at Silks

Friday is Karaoke night- Come in join in the fun at our weekly Karaoke night from 8.30pm. / Kitchen open til 11pm

Saturday – The Big Fun Quiz hosted by Jokers Wild! Prizes and a rolling cashpot. Starts around 8pm, Full details on our facebook page. Kitchen open all day.

Sunday –  Sunday Roast 8.95 /Grand Prix 3pm

(Bookings advised to avoid disappointment)

Silks Sports Bar and Grill


Bloque 8, Urb costa del oro, Torrox Costa.

Open daily 1pm till 12am/ closed Monday




What’s on – at The Nerja American International Club

The Club invites you to join their Independence Day Beach Party for food, live music and dancing at the Restaurant Paraiso de Nerja Playa on the Nerja-Torrox road (N340 at the Punta Lara roundabout, next to Marinas de Nerja Hotel) from 7.30pm on Tuesday 4th July.

For €32 you will get a three course meal, two free drinks, a live band and a great evening.

Choose between chicken, pork, fish (rosada) or vegetarian for your main course and Crema Catalana, ice cream, fresh fruit and coffee for desserts.

Contact aicnerja @ aol.com before 27th June to give your menu choices and for details of how to pay (either by bank transfer or PayPal). Payment must be received in advance.



***For Sale – Nothing  Below €10 Rule. Please remember.  Jane


For Sale- Table, Spray, Drill.  

For Sale glass table and 6 chairs

ideal for patios etc. Price €150.Purchaser to collect and transport.
For Sale back pack sprayer c/w 1.6 mtr extension for those hard to reach areas. Price €25.
For Sale. Brand new, never been used 500w impact drill with hammer action and c/w set of drill bits. Still in original packaging. Price €25.

Contact Peter 695637006, Competa campo.



Wanted – Portable Air Conditioning Unit

I am looking for a unit with an A rating to cool a bedroom of approximately 22 cubic metres, would prefer one with the original receipt, and the pipes/tubes to go through the wall. (Hole prepared).—would also prefer one without a water tank that needs emptying, just a water pipe to the exterior.

I am in the Los Romanes area near Lake Vinuela.

My email     chicken.paul@hotmail.com  Tel  636857697.




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