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El Playazo concert

I am seeking an answer to some questions.   Last night and this morning we in this area were subjected to another “concert”, it finished spot on time at 5 a.m.  However I am hoping that someone somewhere can explain why during the early evening the music could be heard but was not imposing upon one’s life, but around the time when most people have decided to climb into bed the volume is turned up, to deafening levels.   Nerja council banned music in the Burriana Beach area because of complaints from residents.   In most cases there the music was around before the apartments were built…………in our case it would appear to be a reverse situation.

Do the organisers of this event live in this area?    I doubt it.

Why should residents in a quiet area be subjected to such inconsiderate treatment…………..?

I have been told that this event might occur again later this year – how do we stop it happening……?

Are we entitled to a rates reduction because of noise levels outwith our control……….?

Why is no consideration given to the clients of the Marinas de Nerja hotel………..?

This is not a good advertisement for Nerja – think about it seriously Town Hall.




AAR Dog of the Week



Services Needed- Pilates Teaching

Can anyone help? My Pilates teacher has stopped our classes for three months and I need the discipline of a class to keep me mobile.

Can anyone suggest a good, reliable Pilates class, with a properly qualified teacher, in the Nerja/Maro area? Thanks.

Reply to christinaj127 @ hotmail.com.



Services Needed –Transport

Can anyone provide transport and a price please, to take 6 people,  from Puente Don Manuel area to La Herradura, for 2pm, on Sunday 2nd July and return at 6pm, Thank you.

Tel: 666991041 Keith.



***For Sale – Nothing  Below €10 Rule &  No Repeats for 4 weeks.         Please remember.  Jane



Miniature Goats

We are looking for a new home for our pygmy goat mother and twin girls.

Mum is about 2 years old and the twins just over 1 year old.

They are very tame and make lovely pets.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the time to give them the love and attention they deserve so would love to give them to someone who has the time and the space to accommodate them.

For more information / photos or to visit them, please call me.

Lena May 634349924

lena may 2004 at yahoo . co . uk.



For sale- Jars pics

2 Romtopf red ceramic kitchen storage jars each approximately 28cm high. Collector pieces made in W.Germany (see photo)

25 euros each


Ceramic vase approximately 23cm high. Collector piece also made in W.Germany (see photo)

20 euros

email sue a brown @ hotmail . com (no spaces)



For Sale – Laptop, Hammock & Frames 

HP stream 11in laptop complete with charger. hardly used, 75 euros.

Hammock  length 146in  10 euros

clip and clic frames as new 50×70 cm 10 euros the 2.

Puente Don Manuel area

shirley  romero  21 at hotmail  dot  com





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