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Kittens looking for a Home 

These lovely two kittens were abandoned by the roadside at about 10 days old, but after much TLC they are now needing a new home.

They are healthy and weaned and used to other cats and dogs.

Can you give them that home? Please call us – Claire and Roland on 606459894.

We are at Caleta de Velez but can meet you elsewhere if that is easier for you.


Black & White Kittens Needed a Home – Urgent

Two gorgeous black and white cats (male)are desperately looking for a forever home.

The mothercat has four cats of which l already take two of them.

I have to go to Germany in a few days, so l have to give them away asap.

They are 6 weeks old.

I live in Torrox.Costa



004917621624994 and j.speyer @ web.de (without spaces)



Recommendation Needed –Swimming Pool Problem

Can anyone  out there  help me?
I sanitize  my  4×5 (by 1avg) pool using  chlorine  granules, up to now, no problems. This season  if i put 1/2 kilo in the pool it goes  from  bright  yellow  to  clear  in 2 days !
The PH has been stubbornly  on the low side, but is now  suddenly  geting into the pink,
The water is  still ok to swim  in  but something is wrong somewhere.
Any advice  would be appreciated  B&C

Chrisbarrielee @ gmail.com



Recommendation Needed Please- Local Builder

Looking for a recommendation for a local builder (probably Spanish but not necessarily) to lay terracing and build some pergola columns in the Torrox Campo.  About 1 weeks work for a couple of men I would say.

The company  can be big or small. Thanks.

Answers to Digame or kenseal @ yahoo dot com  (no spaces)



Recommendation Ant problems. (1)
When I moved into my old house in 1999 I had a big ant problem especially in the kitchen. I believed that ants like sugar! The previous owners had a dog and cats and a lot of cat and dog food has sugar as one of its ingredients. So a massive amount of floor washing was the first task. Then I looked at any other sugar supplies. Fruit juice (fresh or bottled) jam, marmalade, honey, sugar grains, breakfast cereals etc. All were sealed and jams put into the fridge after the outsides were wiped. Cereals kept in sealed plastic boxes and the tiniest spills were cleaned and the mop and bucket employed frequently. My Spanish neighbour told me I was mopping all wrong and she showed me how to mop once with a wet mop and then squeeze the mop and pick up all the water and detergent with the dryer mop. Well it worked. Within a week the ants came no more. When I got my dogs they ate regularly and their bowls washed straight afterwards.

I’ve honestly never seen ants in the house again. No chemicals just normal floor cleaning fluid, water and a mop and bucket, –  and I got a daily work out.  Good luck with that.  Do as the Spanish do. They know a thing or two.

Oh and don’t forget to rinse out glasses and cups after use too.


(2) pic

Newly arrived – diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous Earth is a creamy-white talc-like powder, a sedimentary deposit that is the fossilised remains of marine phytoplankton, algae-like plants called diatom. Their skeletons are made of a natural substance called silica.

It works as an insecticide on any bugs with an exoskeleton – things like ants, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, earwigs, aphids, thrips, scale insect, beetles, scorpions, slugs and snails. It causes the insects to dry out and die by absorbing all the fats and oils from the cuticle of the exoskeleton and then they are sucked dry. It may sound rather macabre but, dehydration is quick and death is, apparently, rather rapid! It is not harmful to mammals, including humans, because we have an internal skeleton with a layer of skin to protect us.

Use it in the garden, as a dusting or in dilution, on and around plants – it gives great protection – sprinkle it in and around ants’ nests and along entry pathways into the house. It can also be used on cats, dogs, chickens to kill fleas, ticks and mites.

For more information, call and see us at the Garden Centre or check our web page over the next few days. www.viverosflorena.com

A 500g. tub costs €7

Also, back in stock: Ant traps, 2 traps in a pack for €7

The Viveros Florena Team,
Cómpeta, Málaga, 29.754



What’s On –Sunday at Kitty Harri’s Sculpture Garden

Come and see the latest additions to the Garden. Several new bronzes, including the ‘dancing girls’.

Beat the heat with a cool and relaxing stroll under the shady palms!

Open 10-4 with Live Chamber Music.

Just 20 minutes north of Almunecar.

Directions: www.kittyharri.com

Jete, Granada

609 706 210



What’s On- JukeBox Bandits 

Sunday 16th July: Jukebox Bandits are playing unplugged in the Bar Piscina at the Balcon Hotel in Competa, from 2.00pm – 5.00pm, food available. To reserve a table call 952 553662.



What’s On- Live Music, Jam & Open Mic 
at Bea´s Postamt, Torrox-Costa
Saturday  15.07 from 9 pm-    hosting: Bernd Bernado



What’s on –Cinema In English – July 14 to 20

Cinesur – Velez Malaga – El Ingenio (thanks to Doug)

Cars 3 – Dir. Brian Fee. With Owen Wilson, Armie Hammer. Fri/Wed 17:15; Sat/Sun 12:10, 17:15, Mon/Tue/Thu 17:15, 18:10.

War Of The Planet Of The Apes – Dir. Matt Reeves. With Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson. Fri/Wed 17:45; Sat/Sun 12:25, 17:45; Mon/Tue/Thu 17:45, 20:45, 23:45.

Baby Driver – Dir. Edgar Wright. With Ansel Elgort, Lily James. Weekdays 17:05; Sat/Sun 12:30, 17:05.

Despicable Me 3 – Dir. Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda. With Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig. Mon/Tue/Thu 18:10, 20:10, 22:10.



What’s on Organic Market, Viñuela

It’s hot, but ….

Do you fancy a fantastic ecological pineapple?Or a watermelon? Or a delicious melon?

In Organic  Market Viñuela you will find all those ingredients to make a perfect gazpacho at home with freshly vegetables freshly from proximity and organic farming.

Better a rice? Or a paste? And why not a cheese  accompanied by a certified organic wine or a good craft beer?

We have everything!!! Extra virgin olive oil, flours, organic bread from La Viñuela, spices, tea and coffee, honey and jams, salts, eggs, Lebanese sweets, humus and more.

We have heard your suggestions and in the bar area we have shaded outside so you can have a delicious breakfast, share any of our products or sit and enjoy the views of La Maroma.

Do not forget to walk around the craft area. Argan oil, magnesium, leather and silver parts, cushion covers, fabrics and clothes from India, natural cosmetics and much more.

If you have any doubt contact us by email at mercadoecovivero@gmail.com or by calling us at 634 961 711, we will be happy to help.

You will find us in SPACE ECO CULTURAL CONVIVEN, from 10am to 2pm. Urbanización Villas del Lago, 65. Very easy, if you come by the A-356 follow the indications of Hotel La Viñuela, you will find us 400 m on the right.

Here’s a map:



***For Sale – Nothing  Below €10 Rule. & No Repeat for 4 weeks

Please remember.  Jane




For Sale – Wall Mirror with Lights 

Blue rimmed wall mirror with 2 overhead electric lights. Approx 70cms X 90cms L. Perfect condition. €25.

Buyer collects or can meet outside El Cruse restaurant, Trapiche on N356.

Email: Gill.rees @yahoo.co.uk (  no spaces)or tel: 671236656



For Sale – Remax Letto car holder (new)

  • 3-In-1, 2.1A Fast Charge, iPhone, Android, Type-C Can Be Used.
  • 360 Degree Horizontal Rotation, 90 Degree Vertical Rotation.
  • A Multi-Purpose, Wide Application. Shockproof, Anti-Shake.
  • Single Hand Operation, Drive Safer And Not Occupy Space.
  • Cool Fashion Sense Of Style, Hands-Free, Car Phone Correct Answer.
  • Price: 15 euro
  • torroxcostarental @ hotmail.com



For Sale – Wanted or Swap – Mattresses
Would anyone like to swap a good quality, clean King Size Mattress (150) for a Double size one, also in really good order.  Alternately do you have one for sale. Nerja area.
Tel 625 737 411



For Sale – Kymco Bet & Win 2007 13.000 km. 

Recently serviced at Peyma – Caleta de Velez. Has new battery.

Condition as new, no scratches. Always in garage.

Has only 13.000 km. ITV until july 2018.

Price: 1.000 euro

torroxcostarental @ hotmail.com




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