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Windows 10 Alert by DoctorLaptop-Nerja

Windows 10 is releasing a big, new update package soon called the Creators Update. Windows 10 computers will be updated automatically and users should expect to see a message from Microsoft, asking you to review your Privacy Settings before proceeding with the update.

There is no reason for concern, just follow the prompts to complete this task, which must be done before the Creators Update will install.

Be sure to choose to “keep all files and programs” when asked, unless you want to wipe the computer memory and start afresh. In the latter case all data will be lost, so backup anything you need to save first!

NOTE: I recommend all Windows 10 users make a System Restore Point immediately. No telling when you will receive this update. This way you will be able to easily recover should this update prove buggy, an all –too-common occurrence. Do not delay this update, it contains critical security features.


Naythan- Computer repairs, lessons and website building in Nerja.

Email doctorlaptop @ protonmail.com, mobile 675 993 069

Links to my blog, FB, and Twitter:


You can tip me for advice or services by topping up my mobile prepay credit, 675993069(Orange).




RUBIO is looking for a new home

Due to my husband’s ill health Rubio needs a new home.

He is an 18 months old German Spitz, which is related to Pomeranians.

Rubio has been fully vaccinated, chipped and castrated.

He loves the company of children and other dogs. He also likes cats buts thinks that they also like to play, so unless your cats are also lively, confident and playful, Rubio is probably not for you!

Rubio is very loving and affectionate and enjoys being fussed and played with. He is still very young so is lively and loves to come out with you. He walks well on the lead and has had some obedience and agility classes.

If you feel able to provide Rubio with a new home, or would like more information then please email me at rhm1954 @ yahoo.co.uk no spaces

This has become somewhat urgent because I am due to go into hospital for a back operation which will effectively put me out of action for at least 3 months.




Our grandchildren are here for the summer.   Our youngest granddaughter was 8 yesterday.   Her other grandparents, who live at Puerto de la Ducquesa near Estepona sent her a birthday card with some money inside.  They also included some holiday pocket money for both girls. When the packet arrived it had been ripped open and all the money taken.

The only way someone has known there was money inside is if the packet went through a scanner.

Talking to the post office this morning they said there was no point putting in a complaint because it is illegal to send cash by post.   Some one in the postal service has got themselves a nice little side
line.    Be warned



Pets looking for families








Kind regards,   Ctrl & Click to open a file                  Alicia.Alisa FB



Services AvailableVan going to England mid August

8 cubic meters of space available.

Anywhere from Costa del sol to anywhere in southern England .

Returning end of August .

If you have anything from a box to a full load in either direction

call me – Carlos 658997152 or email scrappycrow@hotmail.com



***For Sale – Nothing  Below €10 Rule. & No Repeat for 4 weeks

Please remember.  Jane



Reebok Step – Sold Immediately

To all of the people who contacted me (and still are) regarding the Reebok Step I recently advertised, it has now been sold!  It actually went to the first person who contacted me.  Thank you all for the interest though. L.F.




For Sale- Glass Cabinet & Fridge Freezer

IKEA glass display cabinet 160Cms x45cms  15 euros

Teka Fridge Freezer 145cms x 55cms   30 euros

Canillas campo  616747289



For SaleMillenium

Chris Carter: (creator of the X Files) – complete series in as-new boxed set.

15 €.

Benajarafe 625 876 499



For Sale- 2 lovely wicker chairs

Lovely condition.
20 euros
Collect from Nerja.
Contact Linda
07791671261 ( English mobile)



For Sale – Camping Beds & Mirror   

2 fold-up camping beds, easy to open and close.

size 164cm x 64 cm.

15 euros for the 2.

gilt mirror measuring 13 in x 11in 20 euros.

Puente don manuel area

Shirley romero 21 @ hotmail  dot com



For Sale- 2 Items

Tall brolly frame, together with heavy iron stand


Plant and heavy terracotta pot, 25 euros.

Must be gone by Monday.

David, Frigiliana, 678948661


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