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Warning….Never Send Money by  Post

You should never send money through the post.
I am sorry for your little girl not getting what was sent to her
for her birthday but putting it in the post was a foolish thing to do.
There are a lot of dishonest people in this world and you should never trust anyone.
One way is to transfer money through a bank which is safer.

Tony T.




Transfer to Malaga and baby dwarf rabbit

Hello , please could anyone tell me the cheapest way for a family of 6 to travel from Malaga airport to a Nerja in the early hours of the morning , in August.
Also does anyone know where I may obtain a baby dwarf rabbit, from someone reputable.
Thank you .
Contact 626736522 or   Lin- Russell @ live .co.uk , no spaces.



Services AvailableI’m a qualified interpreter and translator.

If you need help with hospital/doctor visits or court appearances/police reports,

I can help you. I also take cars for ITV tests, NIE numbers from Torre del Mar police station etc. I am based in Nerja but have my own transport.

I can be contacted on 666 667 311 via whatsapp

or email dizja@yahoo.com.



Services Available- Gnomes- Facelift

Do your gnomes look tatty, look at the one in the middle of my picture.

can bring your gnomes paint to life for 10 euros each.  Elizabeth

Phone 638151456.



Services Provided- Summer opening, Sugar & Space, Competa

Starting from today, we will be closed on Mondays.
Our business is very diverse and this will enable us to devote enough time
to all aspects of the business over the busy summer months.
Should you wish to visit the shop outside our standard opening hours
please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.
We are most easily contacted by email, which is easier to pick up than a phone call.
For standard opening hours and contact information please see our website.
Watch this space for new and exciting news in the Autumn and
in the mean time we wish you a long and happy summer.

All the best

Debbie and Andy

Sugar and Spice

Calle Cazadores 12, Cómpeta
29754 Málaga
Email: info@sugarandspice.es



Services Wanted- Replacement double glazing pane
Can anyone advise where we can get a double glazing unit replaced in one of our large sliding windows.  The seal appears to have perished as there is water inside one of the panes.  We are based in Torrox Campo but can travel to nearby towns.
One of the Digamextra readers did provide a recommendation in April

however I have lost the details.  I would appreciate their advice again.
Please contact Angela on the following email address:

home dot jebson at gmail dot com



Services_Lacking- Airport Car Parking Horror

This message is purely to let others know my bad experience with a meet and greet parking company at Malaga Airport.
It is not to in any way have a go or slander this company- which I shall not name here – but feel free to ask me privately
I booked the parking online as usual, I met the parking rep’ at the airport and as normal sorted out the paperwork and paid for my parking upfront  which I never normally do I then gave him my car key and we carried on to Security.

On return our car wasn’t waiting for us (it usually is) I then phoned Parking Norte and I was told the driver would be with me soon. About 5 or 10 minutes later my car arrived rather quickly with the driver in a rush, he screeched to a halt in the car park he then got out and handed my key to me, I gave him 5€ tip.

Whilst he was talking to another client I had a quick look around my car to see if there was any damage. I couldn’t see anything obvious so we drove out.

Exiting the car park requires the driver to use the passenger mirror to watch for traffic coming from the right, I saw what looked like some kind of dirt on the mirror so I asked my wife to clean it for me.  Only it wasn’t dirt,  the mirror had been smashed.

I pulled on the roadside just outside the barrier and went back into the car park to look for the driver He had gone so I phoned the office only to be told to take a photo and send it to them. I told them I wanted someone to come and see this. They arrived 10 minutes later with the driver and I assume the manager. At first the manager, who spoke English tried to say I might have done it on the way out of the car park. After a while he agreed that it was their fault. Arrangements were made to have the mirror replaced at their expense.

The Manager some days later said he saw what had happened coming through their car wash, it was their fault and was very sorry they would pay for the repair. We feel the driver was fully aware of the damage but didn’t say anything to us when he dropped off the car (Deceitful ).
The company rep. came from Malaga to take the car to Ford on a Wednesday said it would be back later. It wasn’t. I was told it would be back Friday. No loan car offered.
This was a nightmare. They did get a new mirror fitted and they did bring my car back repaired but it was very stressful and, as I live in campo, I had no transport for 3 days.
This message is just to let others know and to make others aware that it’s very important to fully check your car before leaving the airport. It is not in any way to slander the company.  Email –  tom21hol@gmail.com
Contact me if you are about rent a car under similar circumstances.



Recommendation- Suite Cleaned

We had our three piece suite cleaned this week by a lovely couple and can highly recommend them.

I emailed them beforehand with photos of the suite, and they quickly gave me a reasonable price for the job, and turned up on the day exactly when arranged..

Contact     k_lambertcleaning @ hotmail.com   (delete spaces in E mail address)



Accommodation Needed- Wanted to rent
We’re a retired couple looking for a 2/3 bedroom house with garden or good outside space and storage (could be garage/large shed) for long term rent from September or October.

We are very flexible on the area, Benajarafe to Torrox, but want to be near the coast..
We have well behaved dogs and can provide references…
Phone, Whatsapp, iMessage 618 93 87 70 or 622 11 70 80



What’s OnThe Reconvened Extraordinary General Meeting of…

… Asociacion Los Amigos de Torrox

is being held at Los Amigos Bar, Centro Comercial, Torrox Park on

Wednesday 26th July 2017. First call 5.30 pm meeting to commence at 6.00 pm.

Only current members of the Asociacion may attend.

Please bring current membership cards for registration.

Tel: 675 301 758 4.00 pm to 11.00 pm



***For Sale – Nothing  Below €10 Rule. & No Repeat for 4 weeks

Please remember.  Jane



For Sale- Golf Clubs 

New unused complete set of golf clubs, to include trolley, bag, driver covers, glove, towel, balls, tees, and a  battery operated “putter mate”…only €165 the lot. ,collect only

Contact.email. davenmarlene @ fastmail.fm

Mobile.  633249407



For Sale – Fantastic bar for a swing for indoor or outdoor

Heavy metal bar for a swing,(without the seat),easy to fix with just one strong screw against any wall.

With a metal chain, suitable in or outside the house. All antioxidant, Height 2 m.

Original price Euro 98,–, now 50,–,


mobil 004917621624994

(I will call back)



For Sale- 2 tickets and a tour at Caminito del Rey.

Includes tour guide (if you wish to attend) for the superb walk on the 1st of September 09:45 hours.

This is one of the supreme (hottest) entrance times (most dates sold out at this time because it fits with a great lunch afterwards if you wish nearby the parking). We had to reschedule our visit unfortunately to another date.

Original price 18€ per ticket (entrance and tour guide), but I offer them on Digame for 10€ each.
You can contact me private about it on ronvanderspek @ yahoo.com
Ron van der Spek

My telephone number is 0031644143238


For Sale- Various  

Handmade- Rustic cups organizer “Alberta” 

€ 35

0,75 m x 0.30 m. aprox.

Handmade- recover garden table “Panamá” 

0.63 m. x H. 0,67

€ 35

Vintage big mirror

  1. 2,00 m x W. 1,00 m

€ 200

Contact: 999peppermint @ gmail.com



Wanted – for Restoration – Car

Having completed my latest project I am now on the lookout for another classic car to restore. If you have a classic car that requires work and would like to sell, please email me at    Mr guy massey @gmail.com   (remove spaces) with as much information as you can provide including contact details.

It may be that you know someone with a car, in which case please pass on my details or provide their details to me.

I will pay a fair price and arrange for transportation.

I am based in the Malaga region and am willing to travel throughout Andalucía for the right project.



mrguymassey @ gmail.com (remove spaces)



Wanted – Adult Tricycle Wanted.
Does anyone have an adult tricycle in their garage or shed they no longer use –  in reasonable condition and want to sell for a sensible price? Please phone 655848329



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