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Kitten Culling in Archez

For the past three /four weeks there have been 10 or more kittens born in and around the plot of land next to the Town hall in Archez. I adopted one of these kittens with an eye problem.

Last week someone callously killed all the kittens according to a resident living nearby  by hitting them over the head. The kittens -whose only crime was to be born in Archez – were then left dead or dying on the ground in the compound.  Their little bodies can be seen riddled with maggots.

In the heat of the day they are a health hazard. I don’t know if this was an official culling or conducted by the land owner .

There is supposed to be Law in Spain regarding this sort of disgusting behaviour. I appreciate that the Feral cat numbers need to be restricted – but surely in the 21st century killing any animal by hitting it over the head is not acceptable. Humane methods should be adopted if necessary.
Kevin Greensmith.



Sadly yet more dogs in need of a home

Both found abandoned and kindly adopted by my Spanish neighbour.

He already has two dogs and can’t cope with 2 more so we are looking for forever homes for them. Both are bitches, vaccination and ready to be re homed.

Having just spent some time with them this morning I can say they are gorgeous dogs, submissive to other dogs, playful but also very calm despite only being 4 months old.

I think they might be German Shepherd Crosses and are currently in Almayate. The Tan one is smaller than the black one.

If you are interested in either of them then please contact Ramon on 662 301 801.

If your Spanish isn’t great then feel free to contact me and I will give you my number.

We will also be at Trapiche market on Tuesday in case you would like to have a look at them . Carol macdonald 55 @ g mail dot com (no spaces)



Help with hacking or whatever it is…

Someone appears to be taking over various bits of my internet accounts –

looks like cloning access to Endesa, Movistar and now Fbook  (eg telling me I need a new password but Microsoft tell me it’s a fraudulent email, a “personalised offer” from Movistar including name of person I dealt with when recently changed contract … ) I don’t know how to stop it – any recommendations?

cheri (no space) vinall at hotmail.com

PS changing address would be a nightmare but if there’s no alternative…..

Response from Dr Laptop:-


First: If requesting tech assistance on DigameXtra, please include full computer  info: Make, model, operating system and a detailed description of the symptoms. For instance, terms “various bits”and “cloning access”, are not very helpful. I don’t mind providing free advice, but I need as many clear details as you can provide.

There is no quick fix for hacked accounts and infected computers.

Immediately change the passwords to all the accounts you mention, and also your comp log-in password. Use a different password for each, with a minimum 12 characters including small letters, capitals, numbers and a punctuation mark.

Next, you need to have your computer professionally disinfected. A deep cleaning by a professional, not just a simple virus scan by a local hobbyist.

Of course, I can do this for you, or get it to another qualified repair shop.

Whoever cleans it for you can explain in detail what further actions will be necessary once they get an idea of what infected it. It is too much to put in an email. If you are told that your entire hard disk needs to be erased and a new copy of Windows installed find a different repair shop. That shouldn’t be necessary, it’s just easier to do than a proper cleaning and some techs are untrained in proper malware removal and recovery. However if you have a heavily infected Mac, a system re-install may be necessary.

Regards, DoctorLaptop – digamextra support   675 993 069 (no calls before 11am)

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You can tip me for advice or services by topping up my mobile prepay credit, 675993069(Orange).

(Please send any other replies directly to cheri (no space) vinall at hotmail.com)



Services​I Go Shop 4 You Personal Retail and Styling Service

​I recently opened up an on-line fashion boutique named I Go Shop 4 You (Facebook page).

My aim is to stock a little something for everyone and as my client list grows, I can offer a much more personal service. I am happy to say that I am now in a great position where I can offer Private Appointments to come and see the beautiful clothes that are usually only available to order on-line.

I am very easy to find with ample parking here in Competa. If you would like to book a Private Appointment please email me at igoshop4you @ gmail.com 

Happy browsing

Deborah Matthews, Telephone 608 495 667



Recommendation- Thank you

Thank you to Gwen for recommending Dashund transport, much appreciated.
Our next trip to UK will be mid August
For quotes please contact
Andrew 0034686322328
Or email
Dashundtransport @ gmail.com



What’s OnExercise Classes in August in Competa

We are continuing over the summer with our group exercise classes in Competa. We have something for everyone – all ages and abilities.

Classes include Aquacise, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Spin (static cycling).

If you don’t have any classes close to you I can come to your village or town and put on classes to suit your needs.

I am also qualified to teach TRX suspension training, ViPR functional training and Circuit Training.

Sports massage and Kinesiology taping is also offered on site in our therapy room.

Please see the time table for a current list of classes.

Booking is advisable.

Contact Karen on 616 341 709 , chili.Leisure @ gmail.com, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chilileisure/



What’s On– Meat Delivery…

To all our customers east of Malaga,our next delivery date will be next
Monday the 7th august,orders need to be in by this Thursday 3rd.

We are a Butchers based in Alhuarin el Grande and on request have been delivering  to the east of Malaga.Rincon,Velez,Puente,Torrox,Frigliana,Nerja and Competa.

If there is anyone interested in this service contact Martin 667431366 or on
facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ye-Ole-Butchery/225024370870952?ref=tn_tnmn
Many thanks,
email yeolbutchery at g mail dot com for a list of products.



What Was on –Air show in Torre del Mar Parking

Birgit was quite right yesterday about the noise of the air show but not about parking so it is a pity if anyone was put off by her warning of parking chaos.  We attended both days last year and this weekend and did not have a problem as all the open waste ground just past the camp site behind the beach is opened up for parking at just €1.  It had attendants organising the parking and there was plenty of room on both days.  Too late for anyone this year but worth bearing in mind for next as it really is worth a visit. Rita



***For Sale – Nothing  Below €10 Rule. & No Repeat for 4 weeks

Please remember.  Jane



Exchange Requested

Looking for good clean mattress 190 x 120
in exchange for single bed with new mattress 190 x90 inc. metal headboard.
Tel 675919825



For Sale – Bathroom suite

Comprising, full sized bath( slight chip), washbasin with pedestal, toilet, bidet. Price 100€ all proceeds to TAIL.

Contact Sue on 952539370 / 629501173



For Sale – BMW X3 ( x 83 model) SUV 2.0 ltr.

Click on a pic to enlarge

Diesel, 150 PS, Jan.2005, 191.000 KM, German Car with new Spanish license plates and Complete Service History, New ITV, New Tires, New Inspection, New Tires, 4 WD, Central lock, Alloy Wheels, Airbags all round, Parking Distance Control front and back, Electric side Mirrors, Multi Functional Steering Wheel, Power Windows, Stereo Radio/CD, Seat Heating, Xenon Lights

Price 7,499 Euros

Email: deassola @ gmail.com (all written together)

Tel.657 149 248



Wanted – Grapes for Wines

Wanted to purchase  grapes suitable for dry winemaking, Tempranillo for e.g. 200 kilos if possible.

Bill, My phone and text no. is 634 49 81 86 or billsansbarb @ mail.com



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