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Services Offered – Dog boarding

In the beautiful hills above Colmenar. Lovely mountain and river walks twice a day. Freedom of the house and garden, no kennels. 24hr care, 365 days. 17yrs experience.

From 8 euro’s per night.

Call Sue : 637 163 461  or    Email : berensensueb @ gmail.com (no spaces)


Recommendation- transport to UK/Spain

Just had some furniture collected from my home in Nort Yorkshire UK and delivered to me in Vinuela after I had arrived here for a holiday I can highly recommend Andrew of Dashundtransport@ gmail dot com

Tel 686 4223 28. Excellent service collected and delivered bang on time furniture in perfect condition. Andrew is a very nice helpful chap and I will certainly use him again. Kevin A


Rental Available – Room (long-term rental only) – Torrecilla Beach, Nerja

€200/mo. A 12m2 bedroom with large double window in a shared 2 bedroom flat with English speaking adult male and his dog. Includes all bills. Has high-speed fiber optic internet, south facing balcony, washer, gas stove & oven, tub & shower, IPTV. 100m from beach. Available from now until next April. 1 month security deposit required.

Naythan 675 993 069. No calls before 11am please.


Accommodation Rental Wanted – Torrox

My wife and I are looking to move to Torrox pueblo. We would like to rent a house with two bedrooms and roof terrace. We are currently staying at no 4 Calle Paz.

If you know of anyone who wants to let long term, please let us know.

Ron Knight ronknight957 @ gmail.com  No spaces


Accommodation Looking for Studio Apartment to Rent

I am looking for a Studio Apartment to rent in the Nerja and Torrox area for the winter months. If any availability my email address is:

luke.medcalf at hotmail dot co dot uk.


What’s on –Oil Painting Workshops with Steve Godfrey

Oil painting workshops with Steve Godfrey are beginning again for the autumn.

A new venue this time at ‘The Era Restaurante’ – Puente Don Manuel.

The next batch of workshops will begin on Friday 15th September at 10:00 until 13:30. Then each Friday at the same time.

Beginners are welcome but numbers are limited. If you are interested in coming along and learning useful tricks and techniques for painting in oils – contact Steve Godfrey.

The workshops are very friendly and easy going. €15 per session.

Tel: 695 707 151 (+ Whatsapp)

Email: steve@focaleye.com

Web www.focaleye.comSteve Godfrey Artist

Or come and see me at the Trapiche farmers market – Tuesdays.

What’s on- Jack Cade Rebellion.

Friday 8th September, The Jack Cade Rebellion at El Recreo Tapas Meson in Competa. Come along for a great atmosphere, fabulous food and some iconic rock, punk and indie classics from TJCR. Booking highly recommended. Call 952516043 to reserve a table. Starts 8.30pm.


What’s on- at Los Amigos, Torrox Park  

Lots to enjoy at Los Amigos, Torrox Park.

All welcome. We look forward to seeing you.


For Sale – Various 

Click to enlarge

Daewoo microwave.   30€

Minolta dynmax 5000i digital camera. 25€

Brand new cat litter tray. 10€

25mtrs of cream coloured lace. (180 drop)   20€

Call or WhatsApp: 637163461. Email: berensens@gmail.com


For Sale – Sofas & Motorhome Cushions 

For Sale 2 two seater chocolate coloured leather sofas and matching footstool. In good condition, some scuffs on leather but no tears. These sofas are very heavy and solid pieces of furniture. Buyer to collect, located 6 km from Puente do Manuel, no tracks so easy access. 175€

Cushions from a motorhome/caravan make into a double bed size ideal for someone doing a camper van conversion. Overall good condition, located 6km from Puente don Manuel buyer collects. 75€

contact Trish on683477917 or by email trishbreavington at yahoo dot com


For Sale – Various Items

Two bed headbords, 10 euros

Two wineracks, 10 euros (100x60x30, the biggest one)

Antenna, dish and suspension, 10 euros

Torrox Campo

lisbetlindberg28 @ gmail.com


For Sale – Pool Light

Unused l bought two but used only one in the end so surplus to requirements.

35 euros

Vinuela area phone Kevin on 0044 7957 546  093

or email sales@aossupplies dot co for uk


For Sale – Chicken House

Purpose built chicken house, will house comfortably 4 birds.

Separate nest box for egg laying inc. large water feeder and smaller grain feeder .

Included are 4 laying hens. Also have chicken and posts to make a larger run.

€ 80 can be seen Vinuela . Can supply more photos.
Alison w 1955@gmail.com


Wanted – Travel Cot

Looking for a travel cot must be in good condition. Vinuela area.

Tel Kevin on 0044 7957 546093 or email sales@aossupplies dot co dot UK, thanks


For Sale- Dining Room Furniture

Ash and Walnut Sideboard. In superb condition. 250€
Matching Extendable Dining Table and six Chairs. 100€
Matching Cupboard 40€
Will sell all together for 350€ ono
Please call 952 553 239 or 635 774 333 for further details.


A free UK government service….MOT Service

Do you pay your UK road tax by monthly Direct Debit? If your MOT renewal date is near the end of the month…. and it fails the MOT…. and you can’t get it fixed and re-MOT’d before the last day of the month…. DVLA know your vehicle has no MOT and they will not take the Direct Debit and your vehicle will then be not taxed. So when your vehicle gets its new MOT a few days into the next month, you must contact DVLA immediately to tax it from the beginning of the month and set up a new Direct Debit. If the vehicle is found parked on the public highway it will be clamped, there are companies employed by DVLA driving round with number plate recognition cameras and they are very keen. The minimum you will end up paying is £100 and that is mandatory (plus the road tax). DVLA will attempt to inform you, which is why you must always notify them of a change of address and contact details. The vehicle can also be impounded and the pound can be many miles away, there are several secure compounds dotted around the country. That will be £extra please. Of course if you’re not taxed, you’re not insured so if you was caught driving it by the police number plate recognition cameras, that will also be £extra! Plus driving licence points I expect.

Something you can do to help the situation is to have your MOT renewal date near the start of the month, which gives you plenty of time to get it fixed before the end of the month.

Also, remember that everything I’ve said above also applies even if you do the MOT a month early, as you are allowed to.

If the vehicle fails the MOT and you can’t get it fixed by the end of the month, DVLA know and will not take the monthly Direct Debit and you will not be taxed…. etcetera…. etcetera….etcetera. (King And I).

The source of this information is the DVLA website…. and a relative that had got the vehicle MOT’d 3 days into the following month due to a delay in repairs being carried out (by the garage that did the MOT and did not realise the implications) but had not notified DVLA of a recent change of address! The car was parked on the road and was found clamped and a big notice on the windscreen giving instructions on how to spend money! By the way, this notice was very difficult to remove. This was complained about and was told to use a razor blade, but carefully!

Cheers, Keith, travelin’ soon, wotsapninatgmaildotcom



We all need to be very, very aware of thieves around the courtesy bus area.

I saw a short man shuffling about near our bus. I remember him well because he seemed to have a lot of clothes on for such a very, very hot night. Also I saw him gently scratch the driver’s window as he passed by. Didn’t think much of it at the time but now I believe he was signaling the bus driver. We were the only ones in the courtesy bus, and the bag certainly wasn’t there when we got back to the area where our car was.

Yesterday we went and reported it to the police and I gave them all these details. They very kindly allowed us to look at some CCTV where we could see that we had the bag with us as we walked into the courtesy bus area. The police were very helpful but we couldn’t watch the cCCTV around the waiting area because the cameras are up high and naturally there are loads of people and buses around.

It must have happened while we allowed the bus driver to put our suitcase in the bus and while Tom was getting in. Split second stuff! The shuffling man must have been in cahoots with bus driver who’s name was (name removed due to EU anti-defamation laws for blog sites, see submission rules at the bottom of this issue.), not that that helps much. The courtesy bus was (name removed due to EU anti-defamation laws for blog sites) which we have used several times and always been happy with their service.

I wonder whether we should denounce the bus driver?

Hope this helps anyone who may be at the airport with bags and baggage!

Kind regards to all from Jo and Tom


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