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Services Available –Professional local Handyman
Need a job doing? No job too small!
Electrical – Plumbing – Painting and Decorating – Fitting – Home and Garden Maintenance – Swimming Pools
Fluent English and Spanish.
Over 10 years experience with friendly, reliable, fast and affordable services.
Alvaro Martin – 618229938

Services Available- Charity Shop. Puente Don Manuel
Tried emailing the person who enquired about charity shop and email address was rejected.The shop at Puente don Manuel is open Wed/Thurs/Fri/Saturday from 10am to 2pm.
Hope this helps. Tony


Services Available I am a Reiki Healer qualified to Reiki Master as well as having worked in the Healing field for the last twenty-five years. Reiki Healing my preferred method is based on a universal source of unseen energy which is then channeled through the Practioner to the client. All living beings, including humans, are energy systems, and an individual’s energy field is in constant interplay with the surrounding environment. The most concentrated part of your energy field is the physical body, but that field also extends beyond the skin, even though it is imperceptible to most people. If the unseen and imperceptible is troubling you, let me put it this way, can you see the air that you breathe? Well, the answer is no, but you are still breathing. The results from this type of healing can be amazing. A man once came to see me called Palo. He was an Italian man married to an English woman that had a very bad stroke. He had to learn to walk again, his right arm was very impaired and his speech centre had been, he was told, irreparably damaged by the infarction in the brain. The only thing he could say was, “I know what to say but I can’t say that.” That was his answer to anything you said to him even hello, sometimes. After eight sessions of Healing Palo began to talk again, in a rudimentary fashion. He even began to swear, a lot, although on many occasions it was very inappropriate, he was overjoyed.If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Reiki, for more information on appointments and pricing please make contact. 665-235-689 minstrel1963@hotmail.com

Services Available New Restaurant:                                                                             TaBa Bavarian Restaurant Torre del Mar, Calle Pasillo Bateria Nr. 5 (opposite Hansen Real Estate ) Tel. 689 370 252, email: holzerlilian@gmx.de Web side not quite finished yet: http://www.tapasbavaria.com You can enjoy original Bavarian beer and food. We can only recommend the place warmly, the food is great and the prizes are very reasonable, good value for money. Lilian and Hans will make sure that you enjoy your visit and want to come back. Hans


What’s on – Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar
Easter Timetable
All activities will start again at the Centre on Monday April 2nd.
Monday March 26th thru Wednesday 28th- The Centre will be open to the public only in the morning.
Thursday March 29th & Friday 30th – The Centre will be open only for religious services.
Friday March 30th – Prayer an hour before the cross. Time 14.00.


What’s on- Eco Market FlorymarThis Saturday                                                  The organic market at the Florymar Gardencentre in Benajarafe will be open again this Saturday from 10am – 2pm as usual, after a large absence because of the rain. Next week, the 31st of March, will be our Spring Festival with a longer day until 5pm, with more stalls, live music by Mateo Alvarez, a healing area with workshops about Reiki, Reconnective Healing and Light Therapy, as well as other workshops and lots of children’s activities. ECA Market Gardencenter Florymar, Benajarafe
Coastal road N-340, next to Cepsa gasstationcontact:
+34 675 64 04 69 ecomercadoflorymar@gmail.com


What’s on- Concert


What’s on Day Trips Needed                                                                                             We have been watching for daytrips from the Nerja area to Malaga to see the Semana Santa celebrations. Time is clearly running out and we may have missed any advertised visits in DigameXtra. If you know of any, please email me at william dot shaw2atbtinternet dot com


What’s on The Jack Cade Rebellion at Nico’s Paradise Torrox Costa, Saturday 24th March from 8.00pm. Come along to this fabulous live music venue on the promenade for some rock classics. Kings of Leon, Pink Floyd, James, Police, Kinks, the Rolling Stones, Bad Company, Stereophonics and many more. It’s sure to be a great night. Don’t miss it.

What’s on- Final Move It To Music! Dance Fitness class                                   Saturday 24 March, 11 am-12 noon followed by free glass of fizz! At Time Sport Gym, nº 21 Avenida de Pescia (opposite Iranzo supermarket) 5 euros. Everyone welcome. Traditional complimentary glass of fizz served afterwards at El Velero Café (opp. the police station), with grateful thanks to all. Next class in the autumn (20th October). (675 846 217 / moveittomusic @ yahoo.co.uk

What’s on – Centro Cultural Villa de Nerja

What’s on-Jukebox Bandits                                                                                              They have a busy weekend ahead: pics Today, Friday 23 March: on the terrace or in the restaurant (weather dependant) at Restaurante Maria, Hotel Balcon from 2.00pm. To reserve a table call 952 553 662. Saturday 24 March: Vinuela Organic Market Spring Fair, Villas de Lago, (near Vinuela Hotel) from 12.00 noon. Sunday 25 March: La Plaza, Canillas de Albaida from 2.00pm. To reserve a table call: 952 553254/609 167127 Hope to see you at one of these gigs weather permitting.
Ken, Ian, Marsh, Rod & Mitch Jukebox Bandits http://www.jukeboxbandits.com

What’s on Bernd Bonado
                                                                                                                               Saturday , 24. from 9 pm: Life Music, Jam & Open Mic
at Bea´s Postamt,Torrox-Costa, Avd. Europa, Bl. 80 (Paseo, behind El Picadero)

When you email me information for the For Sale Section-
Please include your location.


For Sale -Free standing Air-conditioner/Dehumidifier
                                                                                                                                 Hardly used. New price €219 Yours for only €100
Contact Phil 618041813


For Sale-professional Tripod
This super tripod has been donated to sell to raise funds for Tails Dog refuge in Torr  ox. On offer for 100 € o.n.o. If interested and would like to view, please contact 677322169.  Torrox Campo, or we can meet at the BP service station at junction 285 off the autovia


For Sale- Solid pine TV unit €15

                                                                                                                            Frigiliana cook819@btinternet.com    00447922296446


For Sale – Wardrobe                                                                                                                                                                                                                               €50 pick up Competa Tel 616731706


For Sale- Secondhand Condenser Dryer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Excellent condition, barely used hence selling to create space.                                    €50, buyer collect from campo between Algarrobo and Arenas.                                   Happy to show working.  Contact Anthony Dixon via email,                                     WhatsUp or phone on +44 7834 507703 or                                                               anthony DOT dixon @ email DOT com (remove spaces).


For Sale – Poole Pottery – Country Lane  design                                                                                                                                            Are any Digamites collectors of Country Lane made by Poole Pottery? I have several pieces I wish to sell but thought I would ask here before I ship them back to the UK. Please contact me for further details. Email campodog09 at hotmail dot com (that is zero nine in figures) or phone 660824513. Thank you.


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