BREAKING NEWS- Border closure of Andalucia, other restrictions start 00:00 Friday

BREAKING NEWS- Border closure of Andalucia from this Friday until November 9, plus more restrictions. Andalucian president has called for all Andalucians to be prudent and stay in their homes for as long as possible : {Full article translated from}
The Andalusian Government has decided this Wednesday to decree the perimeter closure of the autonomous community of Andalusia as a measure to contain the coronavirus pandemic in the territory from midnight next Friday until 00.00 on November 9, a measure it takes «to protect people’s health ”, as detailed by the Andalusian president in an appearance that took place on the night of this Wednesday.
Juanma Moreno has also ordered that four million Andalusians cannot leave their municipalities during the next ten days because the provinces of Granada, Jaén and Seville are at level four of health alerts. For this reason, no Andalusian will be able to leave his municipality in these three provinces and nor in four other health areas: Córdoba Sur, Vega de Málaga, Jerez Costa Noroeste and Sierra de Cádiz.
This means that a total of 448 municipalities will remain with their borders closed, although the Andalusian president has called for all Andalusians to be prudent and stay in their homes for as long as possible.
In his speech to the media, Juanma Moreno has detailed the reasons that led him to make this decision. As explained in Andalusian hospitals there are 2,312 people admitted for coronavirus and 293 of them are in ICUs, exactly the same figures that were recorded on April 4 during the first wave. “The difference is that then the curve was going down and now it has not yet peaked and it is more than likely that we will exceed the ceiling of hospitalized patients that was registered in March.”
Juanma Moreno, in a serious and serious tone, has defended that Andalusia is not one of the worst autonomous communities in the evolution of infections, since the rate in the last fourteen days is 396 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, being the average of Spain of 452. However, he has warned that “difficult and very complicated” decisions will be taken, although with “serenity”.
The Andalusian president also announced that will not modify the curfew on the streets of Andalusia, so you can not leave the house between 23.00 and 6.00 hours . This means, as has also been announced, that bars and hospitality establishments may close at 10:30 p.m.
In this sense, there was much expectation since the hoteliers had demanded greater flexibility from the Board in this regard, asking to extend this curfew by one hour. For the moment, and for the next ten days it won’t be like that.
Other communities
A measure that has already been taken by other neighboring autonomous communities such as Castilla La Mancha and Murcia, and to which Castilla-León and Madrid are added , although the latter only the bridge. There are already nine that have decreed the closure since Navarra, La Rioja, Aragon, Asturias and the Basque Country are also added.
The closure of Andalusia has been announced by the president of the Andalusian Executive, Juanma Moreno, who has made this decision after meeting with the Advisory Council of High Impact Public Health Alerts of Andalusia , the committee of experts that advises the regional administration on this health crisis.
The perimeter closure of Andalusia will take place from midnight from Thursday to Friday until November 9 as one of the measures to be adopted in the face of the worsening of the situation derived from the coronavirus pandemic and the new declaration of a state of alarm by of the Government of Spain, among which were the option of decreeing a perimeter confinement for Andalusia and / or some of its provinces or municipalities, and that of adjusting the night mobility restriction schedule initially set between 23.00 and 6, 00 hours.
Moreno justified the decision to wait until this Wednesday to take measures on the convenience of studying first the evolution of the pandemic in the last week and the possible effect reflected by the latest restrictions agreed by the Andalusian Government throughout this month, such as the perimeter closure of Granada and its municipalities in the metropolitan area or the advance to 10 pm for the closure of bars in the aforementioned regions.
The Andalusian president did not want to take any decision until consulting with the expert committee , although since last Monday he has been warning that he was “very pessimistic” due to the significant increase in cases and, above all, due to the increase in hospital admissions, they have registered an average of 120-150 more people a day in the last week.