New measures and restrictions against the coronavirus in Andalusia announced 15 Jan., 2021

This is the latest new info. As different rules will be applied to different municipalities depending on covid incidence rates, no town by town list of new restrictions is yet available, only these general rules. I will try to get a more accurate summary in tomorrow’s full issue of DigameXtra. Source, Spanish:

The new measures look like this:

Perimeter closure of Andalusia and the provinces

Perimeter closure of municipalities with an incidence greater than 500 cases

Total closure of non-essential activity in municipalities with more than 1000 incidents and confinement if the Government allows it.  

Throughout Andalusia, shops and hotels close at 6:00 p.m.

Meetings of up to 4 people

Curfew at 8:00 p.m. (recommended but not the norm because the Government does not allow it, so it continues to be, officially from ten at night to six in the morning)

In municipalities with an rate of incidence more than a thousand cases -which occurs in 91 towns in Andalusia-, perimeter closure, closure of non-essential shops and hotels and, if the central government consents, home confinement.