DigameXtra Alert – COVID Restrictions Lifted From Friday in Much of Andalucia


Covid Andalucía Measures- Half of Andalucía removes all Covid restrictions a year and a half after pandemic outbreak: {Translation} Updated: 28/09/2021 21:35
-Half of Andalusia will be in phase 0 alert for Covid from this Friday. These will be the areas that are in phase 0, those with an incidence of less than 50 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants in 14 days. This has been announced by the President of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, who has appeared after the meeting of the committee of experts advising the Andalusian Government in the management of the pandemic. What does this level 0 mean? Normality. The end of restrictions. Of all those that fall within the competence of the autonomous community, not those imposed by the central government.
-According to Moreno, in the level 0 areas there will be no autonomous limitations of any kind. Neither timetables nor capacity beyond those set by municipal ordinances. It would mean returning to the situation prior to the pandemic, something that has not been seen in Andalusia for more than a year and a half, when the Covid health crisis broke out.
-The Andalusian Government points out that they have delayed by one day the meeting of the committees that determine the level of health alert in each area of the community. It was scheduled for this Wednesday but it will be held on Thursday in order to enter the new normality without restrictions in more areas of Andalusia next Friday, October 1.
-According to Moreno “there are less and less contagions and less hospitalized”, so that the situation “has changed a lot”. The improvement, he pointed out, “is notorious throughout Andalusia”.
-For Moreno this improvement in the situation is “a miracle” called “vaccines and public health”. Ninety percent of the target population will already be immunized next week, Moreno recalled.
-With this scenario, all the areas of the health districts that have a rate of less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days will be able to eliminate all the restrictions. In addition, theaters, concerts and sporting events up to the regional level will be able to have one hundred percent capacity. And the return to full presentiality in health centers.
-However, and although the end of the measures has been decreed, it will be necessary to respect certain hygienic and sanitary obligations. Thus, the Junta speaks of frequent hand washing, personal distance and the use of masks indoors as ways of avoiding contagion.
-Andalusia has reached this situation thanks to the good evolution of the pandemic in the last weeks. The community has an incidence rate of around 50 points, where the low danger level begins. In addition, there are 378 patients in hospitals right now, 105 of them in the ICU, when there were 4,800 at the worst moments of the third wave.
-Although Moreno has welcomed the return of normality prior to the pandemic in much of Andalusia, has again urged caution. Because, he explained, there are countries where the population is not vaccinated and, therefore, may be sources of new variants of Covid. That could force to resume the restrictions that are now eliminated. “We are in a pandemic, not an epidemic,” the Andalusian president recalled. Source, Spanish: https://sevilla.abc.es/andalucia/sevi-media-andalucia-elimina-todas-restricciones-covid-y-medio-despues-estallar-pandemia-202109282037_noticia.html