DigameXtra – Amazon.es eGift Card Donation Link Fixed 30/11/22

Holiday Donation Info – eGift Card Link Fixed

Several readers have alerted me they were unable to make eGift card donations. I have now fixed the problem. I had accidently posted the wrong link. -Ed.

All donations are greatly appreciated!
You may drop cash donations off in person and say hello, after 2pm M-F, or place them in my mailbox beside my door anytime. Both the door and the mailbox have the name HARRIS on them.
Alternatively, you may send me an Amazon ES (Spain) eGift card by email. You need to have an Amazon.es account. The only info you need is my name and email address, see those below.
Here is the Amazon.es eGift Card Link, (NOTE: YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY AMOUNT YOU LIKE ON THE FORM, it is set at €30 by default):
NEW, CORRECT LINK THAT WORKS : https://www.amazon.es/Cheques-Regalo-Amazon-es-mail-Amazon/dp/B07SS5PFJK/
Send to-
Name: N.J. Harris
Email: digamextra@protonmail.com

Total Donations Received (Last year = 80, New goal = 100): 7

Sorry for any confusion caused by the incorrect link- Naythan