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Temporary Home Needed for 2 Chihuahuas

Please can someone help me home my 2 adorable Chihuahuas for two weeks.    I had to go to the uk due to my mother’s Alzheimer’s. I will need to stay here to look after her. Sadly my 2 baby boys are in Nerja Police Kennels and need a few weeks homing until I can get them across to the UK. They are very friendly and extremely loving

please email me on clarevolland @ outlook.com     or

call me on 00 44 798 201 8074



Naythan DrLaptop logo 1 smallDoctorLaptops Tips #49 10Mar16

Google’s Chrome web browser auto-checks for updates and silently installs them. These updates are frequent and receive little testing. I’ve seen many reports in recent weeks of failed updates causing Chrome to quit working and deleting user info like favorites/bookmarks, saved passwords, etc. The only solution offered so far: uninstall the broken Chrome, do a “cold boot”, then download and install a fresh copy with an off-line Chrome installer package. A cold boot is when you shutdown the computer, remove the power cable then the battery, hold down the power button for 30 seconds, then re-insert battery and power cable and then re-start. With tower computers skip the remove battery step. An off-line installer package is when you download a complete version of the program which can then be installed without being connected to the Internet. A typical Chrome install is done while connected to the Chrome homepage and installs as it downloads, not what you want in this case. Unfortunately Google makes it difficult to locate the Chrome offline installer. More info and links to the official offline installer can be found here: http://www.quickfever.com/2016/03/chrome-offline-installer.html

doctorlaptop @ gmx.com

Website: http://doctorlaptop-nerja.webnode.com



CAS Needs Committee Members

Are you an animal lover ?,  Costa Animal Society,  established in Nerja for over 30 years,  is looking for two new committee members​ to replace retiring long serving members.

This is  an opportunity to help the charity continue its ongoing work in this area. Being involved is very rewarding !

For more information please  ring Diana the Charity Secretary on 952523985



Help Needed Please –

On the waste ground at the far end of Torre del Mar (opposite Mercadona and the caravan park) we have two strays which have been abandoned, the unusual part is that one of the animals is a small (pet type) Pig, the dog and the pig have obviously been brought up together as where one goes the other follows.

I have tried  contacting a phone No given to me as animal rescue but only ever get an answer phone so in desperation I turn to my fellow Digamites, if you know of any animal rescue that can solve this problem please give them a call and give them this information.

The Pig and the Dog are currently hiding out in the long grass and Bamboos in the section which is nearest to the unfinished building shells.

and finally it only leaves the condemnation of the Bl***dy Spanish who treat their pets as throw away items when they become inconvenient.

Thanks for any assistance

H White-  haydnwhite01 @ gmail.com



Muggings – Question


Can Dave please tell where these muggings are going on?

So people can be extra careful around this area.



Regarding the report by David G.  The information he is giving is incorrect.  This happened to myself and my wife.

We arrived at our urbanisation car park at 9.30 in the evening – in the dark.  I had seen car lights behind me on the road, but the coast road can be busy.

The car park here was almost full and I had to park at the far end where there is very little light.  We did lose passports, etc., and I attempted to retrieve one case from the robbers as they got into their car, they drove off and my wrist was badly sprained as the motion of their car forced me to the ground.  There was no chance of getting the registration of the car.  The local Guardia were called and the following day I had to make a detailed report with them.




Warning – Thief in Motril

First the suggestion – Please be extra aware of who is around you in supermarket car parks, keep your handbags in the foot-well in the front of the car with you, at least until the doors are locked with you safely inside.

The experience – A few days ago my friend and I loaded her car with our shopping and as we chatted cheerfully she placed her handbag onto the back seat and climbed into the driver’s seat as I secured my passenger-side seat-belt.  I heard the driver’s-side back door open and looked around straight into the eyes of a young man whose hand was in my friend’s handbag!  Startled, he slammed the car door and hurried off. I gave chase whilst my friend checked her bag.  Luckily on this occasion he left empty-handed and was clearly unprepared for the pursuit that ensued and was frightened enough by our determination to catch him that he jumped through a broken gate and scrambled desperately over a chain-link fence and on into an olive grove.  We think he ripped his trousers in the process. (bless)

We hope this tale helps to keep you safe.

All the best

The Foxes.



People Sought

I am trying to find Duncan and Varena McKay who were living near Sayalonga.

I have lost contact numbers for them but if anyone knows where they are perhaps they could email me:       ginnie672 @ yahoo.com



Smokey Fire – Why ?

Hi there, with the colder spell we need our log burner on in the evenings. When the wind blows in a certain direction, the house is filled with smoke. Can anyone shed a light on what we are doing wrong? Please contact Digamextra, thanks.




Re Advice needed re Electricity

There are two types of master trip, both of which trip the whole supply. One trips when you take too much current such as having too many appliances on at the same time and the other when it detects earth leakage (this trip usually has a push to test button on it). You don’t say which one is tripping with the wind. Also, it would be useful to know if you have a surge protector fitted and if you have a single or 3 phase supply.
It would not be usual for a Sevillana problem to trip the first type, however the second type is more sensitive and temporary shorts between supply and earth in high winds could cause a trip. My first thoughts though would be a cable short outside the property. Regards, Chris
gladstone.chris  at  gmail.com



Services- Consumer Rights

I bought a E-cig a couple of weeks before Christmas from one of those kiosks in the center of a shopping mall and gave up smoking on New Years Day….. Hooray!  anyway, I only charged the battery once a week and within 8 weeks the battery would not screw into the liquid capsule or the charger…. so I took it back and suddenly the man who sold it me couldn’t speak English! he was able to when he sold it me!  Anyway, he would not exchange it, and translated (using his phone) that ‘it tested alright when it left him’, so I had no option to buy another one… I thought it was 2 years guarantee in Spain and said this to him, which he said he did not understand me!  So can anyone out there please let me know what our Consumers’ Rights are and also where else is there another E-cig outlet so I don’t have to go back to him again (this next battery seems a bit dodgy)… we’re in Torre del Mar.  Answers please to Digame as I am sure a lot of people would be interested in this information.  Thank you in advance.



Services – Loss of BT Sport 1.

Our current TV Supplier  has lost our main source of ‘Rugby Viewing’ with the disappearance of BT Sport 1. Can any Digamite recommend an alternative supplier? Reply to: johnnerding at lawyer.com




Services Available-Translator 

Going to see your doctor can be a worrying time for you, be it for your annual check up, or for something a bit more serious.  It only adds to that worry if you don’t understand what is being said to you.
Let me help you with that.  Fifteen years experience as an interpreter in the hospital allows me to ask the questions you might not have thought of and to explain, in a sensible way, the diagnosis medication or paperwork you need to aid you on the road to recovery.
I don’t charge by the hour and my fee is reasonable.
Do call me if you have any questions.
Pamela Walshe. 609040709
pamelawalshe @ hotmail.com



Services Available – Fully licensed kennels and cattery


with over 25 years experience situated between Torrox and Cómpeta

(Torrox road)

If you are thinking of going away for a short or long period, rest assured that we will take great care of your cat or dog, in the same way as you do.

Warm comfortable kennels, spacious play area, and a warm and cosy cattery. We can be visited by appointment.

We also provide a collection service.

Please feel free to e-mail us on  terrygweston@yahoo.com

or call us on  951 254 134  – mobile:  693 545 989



Services Needed- Carpenter 

CarpenterI need a carpenter to install a dog flap (Staywell make) in this type of door.  Alongside this cat flap.
Puente Don Manuel area.  655640862



Recommendation – Dr. Laptop

On return from a very enjoyable few days in the old roman town at Merida (much to be recommended) I switched on our Toshiba laptop only to find it had taken a turn for the uncooperative. Not only would it not download it’s upgrades (despite the fact that the Internet was working very well) but the anti virus software seemed not to be working and we couldn’t even watch the tele via filmon.
So I took it for an overnight love in with Naythan and picked it up yesterday with everything working again exactly as it should!
For people like me who want to use a computer but are not the least interested in how or why it works Naythan is a godsend.
His contact details are on each daily Digame.



Recommendations –Got a Kindle, you need to update it soon….


Cheers, Keith, 



Recommendation –Easter Eggs


The Dutch owned supermarket in Calle Pintada, Nerja has a good selection of Easter eggs.

It is next door to the farmacia about half way up the street. Joan


There are Easter Eggs Available in the shop called New Allsorts –

at the end of C/ Carabeo  nearest to the town!

Also  Cadbury’s mini Eggs in the Iranzo supermarket.

Good Hunting!    Sue



Recommendation – Podiatrist

podiatristI would like to highly recommend the services of this lovely pleasant and professional lady Laura Rubio, a Poditrist on Torrox Costa.

Her surgery can be found behind the Tourist Office on the back road.

She treated my very painful corn and had me back for a 5 minute follow up

all at a very reasonable cost.    Marj



Recommendation Needed- Optician

Optician needed

Some opticians are better (or more honest?) than others, no matter where you live in the world.

Can anyone give me recommendations for sight testing and fitting in the Velez/Torre del Mar area?

I hope to avoid any optician who slightly ‘modifies’ prescriptions so that

another pair is soon needed.

A pair I bought in UK lasted for ten years, whereas a similar pair bought

locally lasted just six months (with just-noticeable eyestrain)

before a new prescription was necessary.

tony.randall @ hotmail.com



Recommendation –De Oranjerie

I recommend the Dutch-Indonesian sateh with peanut butter sauce at recently opened De Oranjerie along the Paseo Marítimo near the lighthouse.




What’s on Saturday 12th March: The Organic and handicraft market 

Org Mkt

at Garden Centre Viveros El Algarrobo in La Vinuela is on this and every Saturday from 10:00h to 14:30h.
Organic foodstuffs, locally made handicrafts and chemical-free beauty products are all available to buy and include: Cheeses, Eggs, Bread, Vegetables, Fruit, Flour, Rice, Pulses, Cereals, Seeds, Sugar, Kombucha, Beers, Oils, Herbs, Milks, Honey, Chocolate, Sweets, Cakes, Jams, Pickles, Curry Pastes, Hindu Food, Vegan Food, Veggie Burgers, Falafel, Coftas, Hummus, Babagamush, Soaps, Shampoos, Natural and non-toxic Insect Repellents, Face and Body Oils (including Argan for health and beauty and Magnesium to aid sleep and pain) and Creams, Essential Oils, Cleaning Products, Henna Tattoes and much more.
Plus Restorative Yoga in the Well-Being Zone is on from 11.30
Remember to leave time to enjoy a coffee or juice and sample the tapas or great food on offer and a stroll around the garden centre itself.
The next all day event will be the Spring Fest April 2nd with music, workshops and great food – not to be missed!
Garden Centre Viveros El Algarrobo can be found on the A-356 Velez-Malaga to La Vinuela at kilometre 39, opposite Renault Trucks and the Canillas de Aceituno turning. Google link https://goo.gl/nDLk6o
Tel: 655 987 105     Email: mercadoecovivero at gmail.com



What’s onBrass Band Concert, Sunday 13 March,

Walk Larios, Torre del Mar (at the end of the Tram line), 12.30 hours.

Sunday, March 13 at 12:30 pm Concert Municipal Band Paseo de Larios (Torre del Mar)



What’s on Games Afternoon….Fridays

games aftoAt the Asia Fu Restaurant in Algarrobo Costa

….. meeting again at the Asia Fu this Friday… at around 12.30pm….

We are becoming quite a crowd…

Do come along and join us…we would love to meet you all …Ladies and Gents…
We Play Scrabble, Crib, Rummykub Mah Jong and loads more….
Come and enjoy a pleasant afternoon with us…The Asia Fu does a great menu del dia for 6.50 euro…
You don’t have to commit to come every week…just a casual get together of like minded friends…and if you have a game to bring
even better…:0)

For details email madpip@hotmail.co.uk


What’s on Life-Music in Torrox-Costa

Life Music



What’s on Bar Amalia Archez

This week’s Specials are –

to start -Breaded Mushrooms filled with Roquefort Cheese or Garlic Mushrooms with Garlic Bread and

for mains, Entrecote Steak with a Maderia Sauce, Chicken Enchilladas and Baked Courgettes filled with Spinach and Cheese.

Great Selection of Homemade Puddings available.

Saturday 12th March Six Nations Rugby, England -v – Wales starting at 5.00 pm. Come along and enjoy a drink whilst watching the  game.

Friday 18th  March is Curry Night at Bar Amalia, Homemade Chicken, Lamb and Vegetable Curries.

Sunday lunch served from 1.30 – 5.00 pm, choice of Beef, Lamb or Roast Chicken, served with Roast and Mashed Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding and four types of vegetables. 8 euros.

To reserve your table give Dot a call on 634302480.



For sale – Full loaded Quad core android tv box 

loaded01 loaded 02

Fully loaded android tv box, quad core
Bang up to date with the latest Kodi 16 Jarvis and Addons
UK TV with TV Guide and a backup guide as well.
Movies, Box sets, Sports & Music
I’m not going to promise you Sky sports etc because you can’t unless you pay a subscription, but with the right Addons you can always find what you’re looking for,                                                                                                                                                    I’ve never missed a F1 grand prix yet

email: cybermonkeyspain @ gmail.com




Wanted- bunk beds in good condition,.

Prefer pine but would consider others.
Tel 00447973600901 or email jodi1 @ sky.com



Wanted – Low Wattage Kettle

Hope someone can assist, I need a 1.5 or 1.7 litre low wattage electric kettle for camping, have looked in Worten and Eroski  the only one they do is a 0.5 litre that is low wattage and the rest are high wattage, something in the Torre Del Mar region would help.





For Sale –Alfa Romeo 156 jtd 1999 with ITV until October.

car01 car02 car03 car04 car05

Many extras, economical ,new paint.

Enquiries in Nerja

1300 €

my number is 635849919.



For Sale-Various

sofa 01 Sofa 02 sofa 031.Sofa Bed

As good as new sofa bed with tiny little crack

€ 90,-

Snake leather boots.

Size 37

€ 50

  1. Suitcase

sofa case


€ 10

Pick up in Lagos

693 478 470



For Sale– Lenovo 10517 Desk Top Computer and Monitor 

iPad etcGreat condition desktop computer for sale

Lenovo 10517 5g storage. 4GB Ram, Celeron 8.1, comes with 15″ monitor

£200 / 250 Euro

Please contact Adam on

pajones27@hotmail.co.uk OR 0044 7448 545237



 Wanted – Roofrack for a Honda CRV year 1998 – 2002.

Tel. 633661957

Mail: mareljb@live.nl



Wanted –Screens

Does anyone know where I can purchase folding screens  –

wicker or material at a reasonable price ?

cook819  @  btinternet.com. 00447922296446




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