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Advice needed please.
I am thinking of changing my electrical supplier from Endesa to Evergreen-electrica. Over the years I have had many communication problems with Endesa, also the costs for their standing service charges seem to be excessive.
Has anyone any experience of switching to Evergreen and  are you satisfied with their service and charges.
Any information would be appreciated.
Rob8john @ gmail.com



SOS from the Nerja Players.  

We need to use the board game Snakes and Ladders in our next production, Tuesday 15th March, and are having difficulty tracking one down.     Is there anyone in the Nerja area who would be happy to lend us one for the evening.  We wil take good care of it but if you wish to monitor it’s use you are welcome to come along and join us for the evening.  We will be presenting the last dramatised reading of this season and it will be Tony Hancock’s radio play, “The Radio Ham”, adapted for the stage and directed by Penni Wilson.


Those of you over a certain age will remember the popular Hancock series back in the 60’s and this episode is where our lugubrious hero buys a short wave radio and looks forward to a little excitement in his life.  Unfortunately he gets it!

Please ring 952526624 if you can help us.


It will be followed by a session of the ever-popular ” At Your Pleasure”, a long established favourite with The Nerja Players, where members perform an item of their own choice – poem, reading, song, sketch – promising an entertaining evening for all.
The performance is open to the public and will take place at the Nerja Bridge Club ( blue doors set back next to the Cafe Royal at the top of Avda Castilla Perez). PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF START TIME: 7.30 pm for 8pm.
For further information, or to ask about joining the Players, please check the website: nerjaplayers.com – or have a no obligation chat with vice-president, Freda, on

95 252 8868




Thefts from Cars etc

I have a suggestion – keep alert – ladies put handbag in the boot with the groceries AND LOCK THE BOOT -then get into the car (having first looked at all four tyres, some time ago when I was about to drive off a con-man pointed to my rear tyre, but I had checked before getting into the car) and drive off.  Check rear mirror as you leave car park area to see if you have a “tail” and then go home – continue to be alert when unloading because even if you have not been followed these nasty types could be hanging around in the area where you live.  This sort of thing has been going on for years – perhaps it is getting worse but only the police/Guardia can answer that point.





Not about Spanish law, but a word on e-cigarettes. They certainly contain less carcinogens and no carbon monoxide, but there have been reports linking a common flavouring in the fluid to bronchiolitis obliterans – otherwise known as popcorn lung. The evidence is disputed at the moment, much as it was initially with cigarettes (big money rides on the industry), but it would probably be wise to seek out vaping fluids that are diacetyl free. Ideally you should see an e-cigarette as a transition to clean lungs, not as an alternative addiction. Good luck!




Pig & Dog  


My thanks to all who offered help, but I am pleased to say that they are in fact owned by someone, I went to the waste ground to take pictures as request by the animal rescue people and by pure chance ran into one of the locals who live in the shacks opposite the waste ground who was tending his horses that he keeps tethered there, it turns out that he owns the pig.

For those fine English Gentlemen who enquired if I saw the pig before or after visiting the Bar I attach a picture of said Pig

thanks to all. HW



Services Needed – Urgent – Fossa Septica

Can anyone suggest someone to empty our Fosse Septica.

Somewhat of an urgent matter.  

We live near Triana.

Please telephone   :    622125818



Services – Consumer Rights

It should say somewhere in your paperwork, or receipt, how long your warranty is for.  Every business has to have a Complaints Book, Hoja de Reclamaciones.  Insist on signing it.  If all else fails, go to the Consumers Association office in Velez Malaga and fill in the forms there. Sometimes just asking for the book (where you bought your e-cigarette) works wonders!!  Mary



Services –RE:  Advice needed electricity tripping out

In my experience I have been called out for similar situations in the campo and urbinisation.

To find a fault when there isnt one present at the time of call out is like finding a needĺe in a haystack.

When you refer to master switch is that Main switch? Or the rcd 30mA device .

1.Main switch is for isolation and protection and total over load and short circuit of the entire installation.

2.Rcd protection is for fault current to earth protection of life .livestock and fire & equipment

3.Other circuit breakers (mcb’s )are for individual circuit protection of overload and short circuit.

Load discrimination is effective whereby the lesser load device would trip first.That’s protection of load on the design of circuit current of cable.

Ok back to the 30mA tripping .with respect to fellow electricians Spanish or other nationalaties .Did he have a test Meter to actually test the sensitivity of the rcd trip time? Sometimes they can be over sensitive and trip with less than 15mA under the designed 30mA perimeter. these fault currents can fluctuate loss to earth  in the cable  with or without load on them.

There could be an electrical element breaking down be it oven or water heater sometimes these cause intermittent tripping. eventually RCD trip will not reset unless they are totally disconnected or replaced.

Could be cable insulation break down which may not be visible at lighting or power points but can be detected with an insulation test meter.

Condensation drawn through damp walls into connections. can cause corrosion in the back of sockets also having water ingress in outside power points.sockets lights and junction boxes.

Lightning spikes will trip rcd’s even if not evident locally coming through the earth connection ( ground )  over voltage surges from electricity provider.

I cannot envisage Main switch tripping when not under load .most likely see evidence in fuse board of burnt marks of short circuit in the fuse board incoming and that would be expected to  take out the main cartridge fuse at meter in that event.

If any digamites require my services for fault finding or installation work and  price for periodic safety inspection  report which I don’t believe exists here in Spain .added prevention of being inconvenienced is a plus.

C&Gs 2381 & 2391 Testing & Inspection

Contact Sparkinspain based in Competa -Torrox campo

Colin 951 242 449 whatsap 666707297




Services Needed- NatWest bank branch between Torre Del Mar and Nerja

Any one know of a branch of NatWest bank in the Axarquia?
Mary.  655640862.



Services Available- Apartment cleaning and changeovers

Mature lady with 25 years experience of changeovers and cleaning very reliable and honest has various slots available for this year also key holding available.




Responses – Low Wattage Kettle


These are easily bought on Amazon, shipped from the UK,

so no import duty or restrictions – yet….


Aldi’s have a caravan/camping promotion starting 17th March in the UK. Quite often they run the same promotions at the same time here in Spain. K.J.




Response –Smokey Fires


You will need to have one of the shiny metal cowls that spin to eliminate the smokey room. They’re not cheap and you might need to remove the very top of the chimney brickwork in order to fit it.



We had this problem last year, renting by Lake Vinuela. When the wind was coming down the mountain from Zafaraya, the usual direction in winter, we couldn’t light a fire. The owner in the UK was asking if the chimney was blocked! Well if it was blocked, how would wind blow down??
The worst time was when the agent came round to ‘show me how to light a fire’!! The downdraught was so strong the match kept blowing out. He had to light the naptha firelighter in his hand and throw it in. All the naptha then caught light and he shut the door. Flames were coming out of the ashtray access, smoke and fumes everywhere. I had to open the door and douse the flames with water…. very messy! The agent then left.

Long story short now. It transpired that the owner had put too fine a bird mesh on the chimney top and over time the mesh was clogging up, mostly on the side away from the wind direction, so instead of passing through the chimney top and assisting in extraction, the wind was being directed down. Not obvious from the ground until I used borrowed binoculars. The mesh was changed for chicken wire and…. aqui esta!

Cheers, Keith



Recommendation – Buddha House Restaurant
A couple of weeks ago we lunched at Buddha House, and were so
impressed with everything that I wrote a recommendation that was
published in Digame.  But I have many times gone to a new restaurant,
thought it was great, then returned at a later date only to be sadly
Today we went back to Buddha, and were just as impressed as before, if
not more so.  The quality of the food, the clever use of spices, the
breadth of choice on the menu, the presentation, the service, were all
beyond praise.  Totally excellent, I can only say that if you like
quality Indian food, go there, as soon as you are able, and enjoy.
Long may they, and their quality, last.
Oh yes, in case you were wondering, we have no connection with Buddha,
apart from that as highly satisfied clients.
Jeremy & Coral



Recommendation Optician

We can strongly recommend Carlos Pastor of Innova Optics in Calle del Mar, Torre del Mar, closer to the beach tan to the main road.


Speaks English perfectly (German too, cannot evaluate that, though).

Birgit & Mogens



Recommendation – Cattery

Although more than 15 minutes from Competa I can recommend Campo Cats in Canillas de Aceituna – telephone 665510735.

I have no hesitation leaving my cat with Linda the owner, as I know she offers a home from home environment and really cares for her guests.

It is well worth the extra distance.  Linda



Recommendation Needed-House Interior Painter

Would like recommendations for a painter to paint our interior of our house

reply- casaladera3 @ hotmail.com




Recommendation for Garden & Campo Work

I’d like to highly recommend a good Spanish friend who can carry out all aspects of gardening and campo work. From clearing, strimming, spraying, tree felling & pruning and fruit harvesting.

He has all professional equipment,  including strimmers and chainsaws etc, and is an incredibly hard worker at excellent rates.

To contact him direct (Spanish speaking only), call Samuel on 628 441 205 or call/whatsapp Phil (English) on 657 149 712 or emailphillymc  @  fastmail.fm



What’s on – Johnny Q’s Irish Bar

Sunday lunch served from 1.00pm to 4.00pm Choice of Roast Pork or Chicken, served with fresh seasonal veg. Roast and creamed potatoes, homemade yorkshire puddings, homemade stuffing, apple sauce and gravy made from the meat juices. 9 euros, includes glass of wine.  Choice of homemade desserts.

Booking is recommended.  Telephone 634124989

Bloque 9, Costa del Oro, Torrox Costa

(Just behind Jings Chinese Restaurant)


 What’s on St. Patricks Day at Legends Bar, Torre del Mar

Legends Patricks Day

What are your plans for St. Patricks Day?

Contact us on: 952 54 00 80

Email:    info@legendsbar.es




What’s on- St. Patricks Day in Competa


Live Irish music with Mitch France and friends at Casa Paco, main square in Competa on St Patrick’s Night, Thursday March 17th. From 8.30pm in the bar. All welcome to contribute a song, poem, dance, Limerick etc.



What’s on Bhua Luang Thai Restaurant
We shall be closed this Sunday 13th and Monday 14th and re-open Tuesday 15th @ 7:00p.m.
After that our hours return to normal;
Tuesday to Sunday 12:00 to 16:00 & 19:00 to 23:00
Monday 19:00 to 23:00
952 540 254
Av. Andalucia 34B
(Opposite Comisaria De Policia)
Torre Del Mar
Find us online and in “Aktuell”, “Insight”, “La Publi” & “The Sentinella” magazines.


 What’s on Cheltenham week at Silks

Located on paseo maritime just behind the large Chinese clothes shop.


Urb. Costa Del Oro,

Bloque 8,


Thank you from David at Silks


What’s on- Artwalk Wed 23, Thurs 24, Sat 26 & Sun 27 March 2016 Competa

Art walk 02

March 2016, it’s time for the 8th Artwalk. An annual tradition when visitors come to Competa for the Easter period. On Wednesday

23, Thursday 24, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March, 11:00 to 19:00, you will see a wide diversity of art in different locations. Artists and craftsmen will be present and happy to talk about their work, inspiration, vision and techniques. This art walk is growing every year – an event which many people look forward to. Artists living in and near the village take part but also artists from other countries come, especially for this art event.

There is really so much to see and to experience! Paintings, drawings, textile art, ceramic art, bronze and metal sculptures, turned wood and silver jewelry will be shown. Also there are workshops & demonstrations given. If the weather is nice you can enjoy stunning views of the mountains and the sea. There are many restaurants with good quality food, like the Spanish, Moroccan and international cuisine and there are also many lively bars. And one can find local souvenirs & specialties.

A number of artists have given children a creative workshop in February. This year’s theme: “how to deal with animals.” They have worked with the animal rescue organization AAR and the works will be shown at various locations.

This year musicians will perform their live music! On Wednesday at  various locations, each in their own style will show their own sound. In the evening live music by Keith James, English singer-songwriter. On thursday they will come gather to play together. On Sunday evening there is a performance at the Cortijo Paco. Peter Kox a famous Belgium trompettist plays along with two Spanish musicians. It will be a mix of jazz, blues, bosa nova and other latin stuff with fresh improvisations.

If you are looking for good quality arts & crafts & a good atmosphere, the Artwalk is THE place to be! On behalf of the artists and craftsmen of Cómpeta and the guest artists we welcome you to the 8th Art Walk!

Admission is free. The car park in the village will be open.

For more information about the workshops, the music, the artists and the route & flyer of the “Artwalk”

http://www.artcompeta.com / http://www.facebook.com/artcompeta

A short promotional film can be seen on the website & fb.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLznRSXgN8Y


fb: artcompeta





Wanted- Looking for double mattress or 2 single mattresses

Looking for double mattress wide about 160 or more. Or 2 single mattresses. It has to be in the good condition and cheap. if anyone has it ?

Thanks. Inga

bingaxxx  @ gmail.com



Wanted – Chop Saw
Has anyone a chop saw, or similar . To hire or buy.

Please contact me on
Mobile: 677322169

Torrox Campo.



For Sale –Ceiling Light & Table Lamp   pic


Ceiling Light, in good condition,

only 8 Euro!

Table Lamp


Good condition, only 3 Euro!
Competa Road, roadsign 12
952 030 168
For Sale- Indesit Large Larder Fridge  pic

6 shelves and bottom storage box (all removable), colour white,                   adjustable temperature, levelling feet, interchangeable door,                              Height: 176mm (5’9”), Width: 600mm (24”), Depth: 630mm                            (including rear elements).                                                                                                       3 months old, used for medication storage whilst staying in Spain.                       ocation: Plot 105 Camping El Pino, Torrox Park…                                             Purchased new in Spain €344, still under warranty, manual & thermostat included…                                                                                                                          Price: €150 (Pickup Only: (between 12-15th March 2016)…                                     ph. 0044 7977 927515 e. tony @ 57b.uk


For Sale Lumia 640   

Lu,iaLumia 640 dual sim.
Dual sim is very handy! 1 for your Spanish number and 1 for your number from home.
Zo you never need two telephones anymore.    Only 3 months old.
€ 75,00                        sency4you @  gmail.com



For Sale – HP deskjet F2420 colour printer, copier & scanner


Competa area.

679 108 934 or spanishcampions@gmail.com



For Sale – Job lot of fruit pickers

Would suit market trader or car booter

Contact Chris 679 108 934 or spanishcampions@gmail.com



Wanted –Plant Feed, Los Llanos Industrial Estate?

Can anyone tell me where this Industrial Estate is in Torrox Costa, saw an advert here on digame about plant feed available there,.but dont know where the Industrial Estate is.  And maybe the name of the Unit which sells the plant feed.

Replies to Digamextra as others might like this information.




For Sale-Various  pics

linen013 Linen Baskets


linen02Metal bed adjustable with mattress for large heavy person  90€

linen03linen04Computer chair and computer table


linene05Bar equipment (3 bar stools, 5 beer mugs, swivel sticks collection, cocktail shaker and tumbler whisky )


tlf 626 948 615  Torrox



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