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UK Reg RHD car in Spain

Digamites would be interested in my experience of owning and using a UK reg RHD as a non-resident in Spain.

Residency in Spain would require you to exchange your driving Licence for a Spanish one. (As I did in Germany for a German driving licence).

It is mandatory to have :-

1) your car insured as I did, through Spanish Solutions using a Lloyds agent in Gibraltar and

2) Confirmation of road-worthiness. The UK will not accept a Spanish ITV, so I had an pre- ITV maintenance done with Invoice & IVA (excluding emission tests). The Insurance Co did not request one for a claim of €500.

To quote a Spanish Abogado Co, “you are allowed to use a non- Spanish registered car on ‘roads in Spain’ for up to 6 months”.

For the rest of the year I had mine parked privately, under cover & battery disconnected.

A non-resident is not allowed to own a Spanish registered car. Gestors may accept a ‘holiday address’ for their commercial reasons; the policeman in Maro applied the law ‘backwards’ to the Norwegian reader, his Lawyer possibly leading him into a ‘catch 22’ court case.

The non-residency Certificate allows you to own property, telephone connection and takes you out of being a tourist. Your formal address remains that of your tax Residency.

I can claim to have had six years research of Lawyers, Court Cases, Administrators and three bankruptcies in a large Urbanization, and can side with our reader on the quality of professionalism in ‘Digamarea’.

Tony Pulle

Em replies to-  sjc2714 at gmail dot com

(Editor writes – This is the final post I will accept on this subject. Many thanks to all who contributed.  Jane )


Response to Medical Appointments – Good News

Very useful information provided by Rod but sadly no use for those of us who don’t use ‘Apps’.

I can’t believe that I am the only person not to have a Smart Phone and has to rely on using the online Health Service appointment booking service rather than an App.  The new website for making Centro de Salud appointments is

Página de Inicio de InterSAS

As with the old site, this requires foreign residents to use their Tarjeta de Extranjero number rather than their DNI/NIE when filling in their personal details.

I found the new site a bit confusing the first time I used it as it is different from the old one but now find it very simple to use successfully:-

Click on ‘Introduciendo datos personales’ in the top right

Fill in details scrolling down to ‘Tarjeta de Extranjero’ in Documento Indentificativo

Click on ‘Conectar’

Click on ‘Citas en atencion primeria’ at the top of the left hand column then ‘Cita para medicina de familia’

Choose the appointment date and time you want – appointments can be made up to a week in advance.

Print off appointment.

Hope this is of help to the ‘non-techies’ amongst us.



Services Needed-Malaga to Salares ?

We are flying to Malaga shortly and I wondered whether any Digamites know of a cheaper way to get there (with a quick stop off at Lidl to get some supplies!) than the one we used last time.  This was a Spanish taxi from Canillas de Albaida costing 70 euro.   I can’t make head or tail of bus services as it looks like there’s a lot of changes and waiting around and this won’t take us all the way.  Is there a cheaper (English) taxi service that someone can recommend that will drop us at our door?  I’d be most grateful  to hear any recommendations etc. Could you please post on Digamextra.  Lynda


Services Available- Oven cleaning  


Axarquia Oven Cleaning – Allow me to restore your oven, hob or kitchen extractor to its former glory. Reliable and thorough work. See my FB page for examples.

See the May copy of “The Sentinella” on pages 81 (article) and 128 (advert) for more information or contact me for a quote and appointment


Facebook (Axarquia Oven Cleaning) for examples of work carried out. PM me for quote



Services Available-gates, railings, balustrades & security grills.
Also repairs to existing.
35yrs experience
Call Craig 662345194
For free quote




Services Available – Van Deliveries to UK

van to UK

Bookings now being taken for deliveries to UK at the end of May returning to Spain first week of June

This trip we are also going to Belgium

Please contact andrewcorker @ gmail.com for a quote


What’s NOT on – Thursday Afternoon Quiz

Owing to lack of support, I will not be running any more quizes at Bar Ateneo for the near future.

Thanks to Carole and Bernie and the other stalwarts who have come every week for the last month  we have had a friendly small group. Eileen



Whats on- Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar Monday 9th May

 EU Ref. Lux



What’s on SOHA  


Changes to Guardia event……

We have been advised that we are not allowed to charge for the

Guardia talk…… the event will go ahead…..

talk only “FREE” but with meal 8 Euros

However, we are allowed to take donations for SOHA, so hopefully, we will get a

few donations in the “bucket”.



What’s on- Axarquia animal rescue quiz. 

quiz02Its the quiz again this Wednesday 11th May at 3pm at La Tasca cafe in Torre del Mar across from the police station. All proceeds go to help the animals and it’s a fun afternoon. If you would like to reserve a table please phone 634619569 or 952550950.


What’s on –Abbatastic at Los Amigos, Torrox  


Tickets now on sale for this fabulous show.

Reservations: 675 30 17 58



For Sale- Huggies Nappies

1 box of size 5


Puente don Manuel






For Sale –Juicer, Heater & Printer

Juicer etc

Juicer, heater and printer. All for 25€

2 oil heaters 30€.

Diane 666 667 311 Nerja




For Sale –Big Stroller

StrollerPocapecunia, the charity shop in aid of The Love A Child Foundation, sells a big children stroller, perfect condition, 25 euros. Calle Bella Vista in Nerja.                                                       Open Mon.-Sat. 10am – 1.30 pm


For sale – Spanish Dresses Available


Anyone looking for a great dress for the forthcoming feria in Nerja…..then look no further than the Cudeca Charity Shop in Nerja.

They had three available on Thursday 5th May  –

Cost between  20  and 25 euros euros each.

Cudeca Charity  Shop

Calle Almirante Carranza 15

Open Monday to Saturday 10 – 1.30

663 083 503



For Sale – Necchi Lydia 3

Necchi Lydia 3 electric sewing machine. This is old and heavy but a good machine with lots of features. It has several different attachments, needles and original instructions.
It may need some adjustment to the stitch but is in good working order.
Tel 692876858 (collect from Torrox Costa)



For Sale- Junkers Boiler  

Junkers boiler

Brand New Junkers gas hot water boiler.  Model WR11.
For sale complete with fittings.  120€
Torrox Campo.  Phone 677322169.




Wanted- Small motorbike/moped

50 – 100cc, Spanish registered, current ITV

Please contact Rob on 690 076 988

or rtaddison @ gmail.com



For Sale– Bose docking station/ speaker with remote control

Bose Docking Stn

60 euros

Tel Jill 951167685   PIC




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