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German Shepherd Dog seen roaming

A male Alsatian and his black collie dog friend were seen wandering on the mountain track from the helicopter pad towards Acebuchel near the ford  on Saturday afternoon 7 May, around 4pm.

The Alsatian is wearing a leather collar and both dogs seem friendly.

I am guessing they are lost or have been dumped.

If either dog is yours or you can rescue them please recover them soon

as they are obviously hungry.

Diane.   UK mobile number 00447538176620 Competa area.



Yorkshire Terrier Found – Competa Campo  

Yorkie01 yorkie02

We have been handed what appears to be a Yorkshire Terrier that was found in the Campo around the bins at Km 12 on the Torrox to Competa Road a few days ago. Can anyone recognise this dog and maybe put us in touch with it’s owner(s)?

Please reply to simon_hepburn @ hotmail.com



TAIL ( Torrox Animal International League)

Sad Dog

This is a small charity  to help the abandoned dogs in Torrox.

We have a refuge with up to a hundred dogs either in the refuge

or being fostered.

To pay for this we hold fund raising events and have

two shops in Torrox Costa.

We desperately need volunteers to help in our shops for one

Morning a week.

If you think you could

help please phone Jean on  629469445




Elvis Needs a New Home

cat ill

Due to my ill health I am forced to find a new home for my lovely cat “Elvis”.

I wish him to remain in another loving home and owner.

He is quiet and easy going and very friendly with other cats and dogs.

He is 13 years old and castrated. His colour is white and beige.

Please help me.

Landline 952 968 174, Torrox-Costa.



Scary Happening in Competa – Warning
.I wanted to share with everyone what happened last night at our house in the area of Cruz de Zarja, Competa.

We had a friend come for the evening so main gates to our property were open and our car and hers were parked on the drive. Several rooms had lights on.

We had  music playing, and we were talking, so quite obviously someone was in the house

About 9.30pm we heard a noise outside and what sounded like our sun room door opening and closing.

I got up, went into the sun room followed by my husband to see a man outside. He went “BOOO !!” …. to us then ran away very fast.

He was white about 5ft.9, wearing light coloured trousers and a dark hooded top. We found it very frightening and unnerving to say the least.

Was it a potential burglar or what was he up to?

He disappeared into the night.

No sign of anybody else or any car, so please be vigilant and keep your doors locked.

Did anyone else have a similar experience? if so please post on Digamextra


Pavo Real Quiz in aid of Cudeca Cancer Care-Thanks
On Friday, 6th May;  The Pavo Real, Competa held a fun quiz evening where 156.80 euros was raised in aid of Cudeca Cancer Care.
Many thanks to Karina and Paul Watson of Pavo Real for their hospitality together with Liz and Stewart Bland for organising the quiz and everyone for their continued support to Cudeca.   Thank you.   Cindy Jones,  Cudeca Volunteer.


Non Residents & UK Registered Cars
I know that you said that todays’ (Sunday) post would be the last on the matter, however a statement made by Tony Pulle is incorrect, and I do feel that it needs addressing.

He states that a non resident cannot own a Spanish registered car, which is totaly incorrect. Prior to moving out to live in Spain full time, we owned a Spanish registered car which was kept at our holiday home and  used  when we were here. In order to purchase it we needed an NIE and insurance, and it needed to be kept roadworthy and subject to a periodic ITV test.

I hope that you will publish this as many readers will have been mislead.

Best wishes,


(I’m nothing if not Flexible ! but this really is the final entry  Jane)


Fix for recent windows 7 problem

Caused by windows update (red screen on startup.  The fix for the problem caused by windows 7 update which gives you a red screen on start up is here
Thought I’d simplify the answer.        Rep


Puppies need help

pups01 pup04 pup03 pup02

Click to enlarge pics

I have 3 puppies (2 brown male 1 white female) that have been abandoned near my house in the campo (Los Romanes area)….Dad is still about but no sign of Mum. I have put some food and shelter out to tide them over but I am going back to UK in a few days and if no one can take them I dare not think what will become of them whilst I’m away.

There must be someone who can take them PLEASE. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you – Alison      alisonpenn48@yahoo.co.uk


Services Available-Doctors Appointment – Interpreter

The post from Brenda was very helpful .
But….. If you don’t have internet, what can you do ?
If you speak a little Spanish, you can make an appointment by ‘phone.

902 50 50 60
Or….. Call me, And I will make the appointment for you AND come with you when you see the doctor, as you will need to take an interpreter with you .

Some of the doctors speak a little English, but do you really want to take the chance that they don’t?
I charge a flat, reasonable fee, which can include transport.
Give me a call. It will be nice to meet you.
Pamela.  Interpreter
pamelawalshe @ hotmail.com



Recommendation – Namaste

We would just like to say, we were in Nerja earlier this week & came across-

Namaste –  a new Nepalese & Indian Restaurant in Calle Cristo (Post Office Street).

They  have been open a couple of months & the food was excellent,

one of the best on the coast.

Try it, we are sure you will return.

Jules and Jim. Competa



Recommendation- The Orangerie Torrox Costa

Two days ago we sampled the allegedly “Best ribs on the Costa Del Sol.”

Well, don’t know about that, but they were certainly the best we’ve tasted

so far here on the Costa.

Today we went back and tried the Dutch tapas menu, and again we weren’t


The staff were cheery and helpful, and very efficient, and they guided us

through their menu, and advised us what to sample. They couldn’t do enough.

We ate outside, but the restaurant itself was clean, with excellent disabled access and toilets, should it be required.

It is situated near the lighthouse in Torrox, (don’t let the beach works put you off.)

Open every day except Tuesday from 11am – 9.30pm, although this is flexible

depending on the amount of customers left.

Two happy customers.

Geoff and Maria.



Recommendation- Doctor Laptop  

bouq Dog

Can I propose a bouquet for Naythan, Doctorlaptop.   First for his information and warnings to the community.  Secondly for the generous way he is willing to give help and information by email.  I am not even a ‘customer’ yet but his advice has helped me a lot as my technical expertise is fast getting dated.

I know where I will be going with any computer problems

signed – A retired IT director, Margaret



What’s on- Fiesta de San Isidro

Los Amigos has a coach booked to go to the Fiesta de San Isidro on Sunday 15th May 2016.

We have a few seats available for anyone wishing to go on the trip.

Price €5 for association members, €6 for non-members.

Call at the bar on Torrox Park if you wish to purchase tickets.

Coach will leave Torrox Park at 12 noon and return from Maro at 6.00 p.m.



What’s on- CAS BBQ   poster

Barbecue CAS

Please come and Join us for a sizzling afternoon for the Costa Animal Society of Nerja CAS


Wanted- Ukuleles 

Ukulele wanted or 3! In total
Kathrynanndunn @ icloud.com



For Sale-Tower Fan 

tower01 tower02

Tower fan with 3 speeds and timer
610955826 Torrox



Wanted- Free Standing, Moveable Air Con Unit

Phone +447969572709
Email best alixsinclare @ gmail.com




For Sale – Routing Centre  

router01 router02

Complete self contained routing centre on Shopsmith mobile frame.

Bosch round body  11/2 hp overhead router. Freud 21/2 hp variable speed

soft start under router.

1/4 and 1/2 inch collets on both. Included feather boards, push pads,

mitre guide, nvr switch.

Many more detailed photos on request. Excellent condition.

Price €250

Also for sale selection of 1/4 and 1/2 inch router bits, some bearing guided.

For more details contact Mike 952516985 e-mail

mcauliffe99 @ hotmail.com  Competa area.



For Sale – Fun at H2o lounge bar on playa Burriana Nerja.
Summer radio

Live broadcasts from city fm Malaga.
Come along and enjoy the fun.
Charity raffle with some great prizes already donated in aid of local animal charities.



For sale –Children’s Bedroom Furniture 

Kid01 kid02 kid03Single bed with pull out bed underneath.

Maching chest of drawers.

Both are in a very good condition like new and the qualitiy is very good, no ikea.

The price for the bed is 220 and for the drawers 150 euros. If you buy both things the prices is 330.

We can deliver it to your place if needed.

We are in Frigiliana.

Rut 664691515.




For Sale – Breast feeding pillow & Baby sling-baby carrier

pillow01 pillow02 pillow03

Multi-relax pillow in a very good condition. It is made in France,

good quality one. Removable washable cover.

Price 25 euros.


pillow carierCarrier – It is new.

Red color.

100%natural material.

It is from www.crianzanatural.com

Price 25 euros.

We are in Frigiliana. Can be delivered to Nerja and Torrox.

Rut 664691515.



Wanted –3 Doors & Frames

Wanted  3 internal doors plus frames

marktasker @ aol.com

tel 635057354



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