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Winter Time ……You got an extra hour in bed as we put the clocks back! Hope you enjoyed the extra sleep!


Non Spanish Residents – Property Tax   If you are not a Spanish resident but own a property in Spain, you will need to fill out a tax form each year to declare your “imputed” income from your property (even though you do not rent it out). This should not be confused with your IBI which is a council tax and your Basura tax to cover rubbish collections.   You will not necessarily be reminded that you owe Non-Residents’ tax and it is your responsibility to pay it before 31st December each year. Any unpaid tax has to be settled when you sell the property but you may well also be fined and/or be charged late-payment interest. To pay the tax, you need to fill out Modelo 210 which can be downloaded from the Tax Agency’s website (www.agenciatributaria.es).  Many people use a tax adviser or gestor to fill in the form but they charge in the region of 100 euros which is often a lot more than the tax itself.  We charge 30 euros if the property is in one name or 50 euros if it is jointly owned. Please contact us for further details :  nerjalenguas @ yahoo . es (no spaces)


Steven Rowle and the Trouble with Staffys 

I was prompted to write this short piece, after recently being called in to TAIL, the dog recue centre in Torrox Costa, to review a dog called Flower. Flower, as can be seen by her picture is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and had been having some problems. The trouble with Staffys is they are on the dangerous dogs list in Spain and have been since 2008, which means you should have a dangerous dogs licence, know as a PPI licence, to keep one. There are quite a few hoops to jump through to get one, including having no criminal record and a psychological test. There must have been a crack-down of late, as there has been a sudden increase in Staffys being abandoned. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier resembles other tough breeds like the American Staffordshire and Pit Bull, and in certain circles in Spain are obtained for fighting, but these sturdy dogs look a lot tougher than they really are. Staffys would much rather romp around and play all day than fight, or even stand around and look imposing. They have a zest for life and love to be with people and they don’t particularly care what the activity is, watching TV, walking, running or going for a ride in the car, the Stafford just wants to be with the people he or she loves. They also don’t like to make their own choices about what to do, and therefore don’t like being left alone, so Staffordshire Bull Terriers are best suited for active families where someone is always at home with them. Despite their imposing look, Staffys are actually very good with children. Toddlers are not always recommended, but older kids who understand a dog’s boundaries will find that a Stafford will gladly accept the role of best friend and playmate.  Flower is no exception, after a thorough review and socialisation she has proved she is no different to any other Staffy and just wants a home and to be loved. If you think you could be that person, or you know someone who could, even if they live out of this country, then contact Me or TAIL directly for more info.                                           665-235-689      951-209-241  stevenrowle@outlook.com http://www.tailtorrox.org/contact-us


Services Needed- Cat and house sitter needed  We are looking for a friendly and gentle person / couple to spend 2 weeks in our Casa to take care of our cats and plants (end of Nov till beginning of December). We are located in the campo opposite of Frigiliana with a spectacular view on Frigiliana and the mountains behind (good access for normal cars).  We offer a nice place to stay and would like to make sure that our cats have somebody looking after them and providing some company.   Thanks for your help,    michaelareich @ gmx.de


Services Needed- Metal Lathe Operator    somebody with metal lathe to mill down twist drill shanks    currtainjoyce.wilkinson@gmail.com   phone 952558507    eddy


Recommendation Needed a qualified plumber   For a small repair job(?), with a view to further work on a complete bathroom refurbishment.  Property situated in the campo at the base of Fogarate, just off the Archez to Salares road. Please send recommendations and contact details to:  keithrocksue at gmail dot com       Thanks in advance, Keith


Long Term Rental Needed- We are currently renting a cortijo near Nerja, our home for 5 years, but now need to find something similar because the owner is going to sell.  So we are looking for a 2 bed property which is available now or in the near future. My number is 654227547 email nick millsoni @ gmail dot com


What’s on-Workshop- Jams, chutneys & pickling at Casa Montes Negros

Join us for our Cookery Workshop on Preserving the Harvest – jams, chutneys, pickles and salting on Thursday 2nd November at Casa Montes Negros.
We’ll be taking a look at the different ways of preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables through practical recipes and you get to take your finished product home with you at the end.  The workshop starts at 10.30 and finishes at around 3.30 p.m. and includes all the ingredients, lunch at the beautiful mountain finca in the foothills of La Maroma mountain, and your folder of recipes to take home.  Cost 30 euros.   We meet in El Cruce car park, Trapiche at 10.00 a.m.http://www.goo.gl/maps/EOeTXat
From there we take our own cars up to the farm, a further 10 minutes drive away, or if you prefer not to drive, we can offer you a lift from and back to the meeting point for an extra 3 euros per person.   To book your place contact Rachael on casamontesnegros at gmail.com( ring/Whatsapp on 655 987 105 ) with your name and a mobile contact number.   A deposit of 10 euros is payable in advance to secure your booking, through Paypal, bank transfer, or ring us to arrange a cash deposit. Group bookings – if you would like to book any of our workshops for a group including pick up and return from your place of choice for groups of 4 to 8 people for any of our workshops, contact us for prices which include the taxi service. Perfect for a day out which is different and enjoyable and you can enjoy a glass of wine with your meal and not have to worry about driving!  www.casamontesnegros.com


For Sale-Digital Camera

I have a Fujifilm Finepix JV 300 digital camera for sale. 14 megapixel and optical zoom. As new, unwanted gift. Boxed with charger, full instruction Manual and CD. For the price of 25 Euros I will gift an SD card and mini tripod. No offers. Buyer collects. Tel: 680 407 833. Torrox Park area


For Sale-Fitness Equipment, Craft Pump, Wooden Headboard

Fitness equipment: includes work out bench, 2 models of steppers, plus fitness mats.For sale as complete set or will sell individual.

Top Craft Pump. Never been used, stored in garage for years. Make an offer if interested.   wooden headboard €10.    telephone 951067724 or    email helen graziano at outlook dot com


For Sale- mediapad never used with case   

still in box 55€ Competa     phone 0034722147201


For Sale- Dell XPS Desktop computer – excellent condition.  Windows 10 64 bit clean install   Intel core i7-3770 3.4 gigahertz  16 gb memory 2 hard drives 1GB and 2GB      2 cd/dvd optical drives    Nvidia Geforce GT 640 video card     USB 2 and 3  ports    4 card readers   Realtek audio  Microsoft Office installed  Dell keyboard and Logitech wireless mouse   Will deliver and set up if required. 350 Euros. LG 23 inch monitor also available if required.    For further information contact Richard 659458020


For Sale- Console Mirror    Excellent condition, location is Nerja    103×82 cms    must pick up     957833387


For Sale- Keep Warm in Winter   1 large gas fire(Berthen ECR300)    2 Large new style gas bottles – 1 fully loaded, 1 half full       2 small Butsir gas fires , fairly new and 2 gas bottles to fit    1 spare empty gas bottle medium sized suitable for caravan  1 electric oil filled radiator nearly new  total price 150 euros ONO   sold separately or job lot      telephone Alan on 653 101 203


For Sale- Technomate box   This box  gets most free to air programs. Just connect to your satellite dish. 25€ Competa 0034722147201


Wanted- Fencing   Has anyone wire fencing they want to get rid of?  We need approx 10 mt x2 mt high to finish off our fence. Will pay and collect. Contact  John 691973456 or ojr 49@ hotmail.co.uk


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